Miller Campaign Calls Bogus Polling a Political Stunt

Today the Joe Miller for US Senate Campaign repudiated Democratic pollster Ivan Moore’s assertion that Senator Murkowski has a significant lead in the race. “We are well aware that there is an unholy alliance between the Murkowski camp and the Democrats,” campaign manager Paul Bauer said. He added, “A recent poll indicated that half of Democrats approve of Senator Murkowski’s job performance. I think that is very telling. Moore’s poll is nothing more than a political stunt.”

Campaign internal polling among likely Republican primary voters indicates a far different story. In fact, the race was significantly closer than Moore’s “findings” almost two months ago, and Miller has clearly been gaining ground in subsequent weeks. The campaign would like to see Mr. Moore’s sampling and how he arrived at such disparate numbers.

Even if Moore’s poll were taken at face value, it indicates that 54% of respondents had not yet heard of Miller. Miller polled at 65% among the 46% that did. Bauer pointed out as the election draws near and voters focus in on the election, Joe’s name recognition will continue to grow. “The campaign rolled out statewide ads a few weeks ago. We believe as voters learn about Joe and his positions and how their ‘Republican’ Senator Murkowski has been voting in Washington, the ranks of our supporters will continue to swell. Joe is being well received all over the state.”

It is for good reason that Murkowski has been voted one of the top RINOs in the Senate and has in fact voted over 300 times with Democrats against the Republicans (see Human Events, Top Ten Senate RINOs, March 11, 2009). She has been part of the big spending problem in Washington over the last eight years that she has held office. She supports cap and trade and just last month refused to support a bill offered by her fellow Republican senators calling for the repeal of ObamaCare. Additionally, her views are outside of the mainstream regarding some of the most important social issues of our day.

It is interesting that a prominent Democrat running for governor commissioned an Ivan Moore poll on his race during the same time-frame that Moore says he piggy-backed off of other work he was doing for unnamed clients to come up with numbers for the Republican primary race. If our sources are correct, it is not surprising that Murkowski would have a 30-point lead over Miller among Democrats and left-leaning independents. The Miller Campaign categorically rejects Moore’s suggestion that his numbers are indicative of the actual Republican Primary race. It is sad that the media feels compelled to report on un-scientific findings. The Anchorage Daily News, The Los Angeles Times, and any other outlet that picked up this non-story should immediately print a retraction.

Mr. Moore’s work has a definite objective: to promote the agenda of his client. The Miller Campaign is asking Mr. Moore to fully disclose his methodology, sampling, and objectives. Until he does so, it is irresponsible for the media to engage in idle chatter about rigged results. Without knowing Moore’s methodology, it may be no more scientific than an online statewide poll taken this past weekend by the Alaska ABC News affiliate showing Miller over Murkowski 72% to 28%. At least those who responded probably have a strong interest in the race and a good likelihood of voting.

Bauer stated, “We are confident in upcoming weeks when more accurate polling data becomes available, it will accurately reflect the race is close and getting closer; and when the most important poll is taken among Alaskans on Election Day, Joe will come out on top.”


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Murkowski Backs Out of Wasilla-Palmer Chambers Forum

Anchorage, Alaska–The Joe Miller for U.S. Senate Campaign was surprised to learn yesterday that Senator Lisa Murkowski will not be participating in the Wasilla/Palmer Chambers Forum scheduled for today. Earlier this month, Senator Murkowski chose to duck the Forum by not responding to their invitation. The Chambers sent out invitations in early June for a July 8th forum, to which Miller committed. The Murkowski Campaign requested a new date, Thursday, July 22nd. The Miller campaign contends that Murkowski purposely requested the date with the Chambers knowing it conflicted with the Second Amendment Task Force Forum, to which Miller committed, to avoid debating him at that Second Amendment Forum.

According to Chamber reports, Senator Murkowski will not even be attending the rescheduled Chambers Forum on the date she chose, but is sending a member of her staff to debate for her. Miller had coordinated with the Second Amendment Task Force, so it would be possible for him to attend at least part of both the Chambers and Second Amendment Forums. Because the Senator has chosen to back out of the Chambers Forum, Miller has decided to participate in the Chambers Meet and Greet event from 4 to 5pm, and then attend the entire Second Amendment Forum.
Murkowski must stand up for herself and defend her voting record in an open and public dialogue so Alaskans can decide whether she has been voting their values in Washington.

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Register to Vote

Alaska law allows you to cast an absentee ballot from the convenience of your home or work place so you do not need to go to the polls on August 24.


Complete your absentee ballot application online today. Print and sign your completed application and mail it to the address below. When the ballot arrives, cast your vote and mail your ballot immediately.


Division of Elections
Absentee & Petition Office
619 E. Ship Creek Ave., Suite 329
Anchorage, AK 99501-1677

Or Fax your application to (907) 677-9943.

Or Email your PDF file to [email protected]


The Division of Elections will begin mailing absentee ballots on August 1. When your ballot arrives, cast your vote and mail your ballot immediately.

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Campaign Update #5

Joe on Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson Tomorrow!

Laura Ingraham Show

Joe will be on the nationally syndicated Laura Ingraham Show tomorrow live at 6:35am local time (10:35am Eastern). Laura has one of the highest rated radio shows in the nation, reaching millions each week. She is also a New York Times bestselling author. Her current book, The Obama Diaries, is currently in the top 20 on

Lars Larson Show

Joe is also on the nationally syndicated Lars Larson Show at 2:45pm local time (3:45pm Pacific). Lars is a well known conservative talk radio show host. He is a strong advocate for repealing ObamaCare and securing our borders.
Two great shows all in the same day! Joe looks forward to talking about the crucial issues facing our country including a big government run amuck and the need to get back to our nation’s founding principles.
Hope you can tune in.
34 Days to victory!

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Campaign Update #4

Joe Wins Poll; Will be on Mark Levin Show


Joe Wins Alaska Superstation Poll

Joe won big in an online poll conducted by the Alaska Superstation over the weekend! Murkowski jumped into an early lead on Friday night, but Joe surged ahead over the next two days to a landslide victory by Sunday night!


Joe Will Be a Guest on Nationally Syndicated Mark Levin Show This Friday, July 23!

Mark endorsed Joe, and now he’s having him on his radio program. Joe is scheduled to be on the show this Friday, July 23rd, at 4:30pm local, 8:30pm Eastern. The Mark Levin Show is the #4 ranked talk radio show in the nation, tied with Laura Ingraham, reaching 5.5 million listeners per week. Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny, was #1 on the New York Times bestselling list last year and #2 on Amazon’s best selling books of 2009. In the book, Levin calls on America to turn away from big government, statist solutions and return to its constitutional moorings: a message right up Joe’s alley. Another feather in Levin’s cap is that he served in various roles in the Reagan Administration.


Listen online


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Campaign Press Conference

On Monday, July 19, 2010 at 3 p.m. at the campaign office of Joe Miller for U.S. Senate; 401 Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 202, the campaign for Joe Miller will be making a statement about the release of Joe Miller’s employment records pertaining to his departure from the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) in 2009.


In the past few weeks, vicious attacks on social network sites, stemming from accusations that Joe Miller was fired to character assassinations on campaign staff from a radio talk show host, the Miller campaign will make a statement followed by questions and answers.

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Miller Speaks To Murkowski’s Reversal On TARP

Anchorage, Alaska — Joe Miller, candidate for the United States Senate from Alaska, believes Senator Lisa Murkowski is part of the big-government problem in Washington.  Murkowski, in a recent interview with the Anchorage Daily News, said she regrets her vote to bail out the big banks and Wall Street. Following the passage of TARP in the Senate, she said, “I believe this bill puts us on the right track.” She now sees things differently. Just this week she rolled out a new radio ad touting her failed attempt to recall the TARP funds as evidence that she is standing up to the President’s big-government, big-spending agenda.
A key component of leadership is being able to see the implications of the choices we make. “We all have 20-20 hindsight,” Miller said. He continued, “The real question comes down to political philosophy. When you act based on the belief that more government is the solution to almost any problem, TARP and most any other program government can conceive follows from that belief.” Miller, who has a master’s degree in economics, stated, “I am a free-market conservative. I believe in limited government, personal liberty, and personal responsibility. It’s really that simple. I would not have voted for TARP. It is imperative that we get it right the first time.”
Despite the Senator’s new-found “conservatism,” Miller is not ready to buy into the rhetoric. After all, TARP is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the $700 billion TARP bill, Murkowski has voted for:
  • The bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ($160B) – which Bloomberg News Service says could ultimately cost up to $1 trillion. Many economists believe these government subsidized entities, by creating a false market for sub-prime loans, did much to cause the mortgage meltdown that led to the financial crisis in 2008.
  • A $108 billion slush fund for the IMF to help bail out Europe;
  • The creation and expansion of entitlement programs running in the hundreds of billions over the next decade;
  • Seven of President Obama’s major appropriations bills that her Republican colleagues voted against, including Obama’s second stimulus package ($149B).
In addition she co-sponsored cap and trade legislation that, according to Fox News would have cost us $1 trillion over the first ten years; refused specific provisions to curb wasteful government spending; and aided and abetted illegal aliens by refusing support for a physical barrier across the southern border (estimated cost of illegal presence in the US is $113 billion annually).
“If that’s what she calls standing up to Obama’s reckless spending, I’d hate to see her when she’s reaching out to the President and Congressional Democrats,” Miller said. He added, “The claim that Senator Murkowski is standing up against wasteful government spending just doesn’t pass the red face test.”

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Murkowski Ducks Real Debates

US Senate candidate Joe Miller is requesting four debates with first-term incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. The proposed debates would include both town hall and formal style debate and cover issues including the national budget, defense, health care, illegal immigration, Alaska’s natural resources, and social topics. They would allow Senator Murkowski to defend her eight-year voting record and afford Alaskans the opportunity to make an informed decision in the primary election. Republicans, non-partisans, and undeclared voters are eligible for early voting beginning August 9, with the Republican primary on August 24.

Miller approached Murkowski during the Anchorage Republican Women’s luncheon at former Governor Sheffield’s house on July 8th and challenged her for the second time to multiple debates. Murkowski mentioned a busy schedule, but that weekends would be best. The next day, the Murkowski campaign issued a press release with three “scheduled” debates, without any coordination with the Miller campaign. According to the Miller campaign, these debates are pre-scheduled “soft” forums, with no real interchange between the candidates, and they do not present the time, nor allow for broad public exposure. Further, the Murkowski Campaign did not schedule any debates in Anchorage. Miller believes that Anchorage voters deserve to hear from the candidates and seeks two debates there.

The Miller campaign also believes that Murkowski is purposely trying to limit the time window for debates to the closing weeks before the election. Miller believes it would be a disservice to all Alaska primary voters, especially active duty personnel who will begin voting absentee August 9, if Senator Murkowski ducks real debates and is unwilling to discuss the issues in advance of absentee voting. Earlier this month, she chose to duck even the “soft” Wasilla and Palmer Chambers of Commerce debate by not responding to their invitation. The Chambers sent out invitations in early June for a July 8th forum, to which Miller committed. The Murkowski Campaign requested a new date, Thursday, July 22nd. The Miller campaign contends that Murkowski purposely requested the date with the Chambers knowing it conflicted with the 2nd Amendment Task Force Forum, to which Miller committed, to avoid debating him at that 2nd Amendment Forum.

Alaskans deserve better than these sorts of games and evasion from their elected representative. Senator Murkowski must stand up and take ownership of her votes in a true debate, readily accessible to the public and make the case that she has been voting Alaskans’ values.


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Campaign Newsletter #3


Joe Rides a Wave of National Press Coverage July 3, 2010 “The message [Joe Miller] conveys…is straight from the Tea Party script: He fears the nation is veering toward…insolvency…. To Miller, Alaska’s senior senator [Lisa Murkowski] is complicit in the ballooning U.S. debt….”

Joe Signs No Climate Tax Pledge
He calls calls Murkowski’s decision to meet with President Obama and the Democrats regarding moving this legislation forward, “Exhibit ‘A’ for why Senator Murkowski needs to go….”

Murkowski Votes 300+ Times with the Dems – RINO!
Senator Murkowski tries to gloss over 300+ floor votes with the Democrats saying they must have been mainly committee or near unanimous bipartisan votes. Not true!

Joe’s on Twitter! Follow @JoeWMiller and join his recent surge of followers from across Alaska and the U.S.A.

Upcoming Events

From the Trail
The Independence Day Parades were a resounding success! We had people in North Pole, Wasilla, Seward, McCarthy, and in Anchorage walking and supporting Joe. Over 100 supporters marched with Joe helping hand out thousands of candidate compare cards at Eagle River’s Bear Paw parade, too!

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Miller Responds to Murkowski Endorsements

Anchorage Alaska–Joe Miller, candidate for United State Senate, believes many in Alaska’s Republican Party old guard have lost their way. Nothing exemplifies this more than the state legislators who stepped forward yesterday to endorse Senator Murkowski and her big spending, big government agenda. “They are symptomatic of the pervasive problems facing our Republican Party,” Miller said. He added, “Now more than ever we need new leadership that understands the seriousness of the times, and is willing to act boldly on behalf of Alaskans with commonsense conservative values.”


It is not surprising that this group chose to stand by a Senator who voted against her Party on more than 300 occasions, earning her the ignoble distinction of being named in the top RINOs in Congress. (See Human Events, “Top 10 Senate RINOs,” March 3, 2009). They are, with a few exceptions, the same group that supported Obama’s stimulus package in the Alaska state legislature, voting to override the Governor’s veto and accept 100% of the stimulus funds. These legislators, by and large, were also responsible for increasing the state operating budget by almost 40% over the last four years, even as the state faced declining oil production.


“This is no time for ‘Good old boy’ politics. Our country is in peril. Let us be an example to those willing to step out boldly and end the ‘politics as usual, don’t rock the boat’ game,” Miller said.



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