Campaign Newsletter #3


Joe Rides a Wave of National Press Coverage July 3, 2010 “The message [Joe Miller] conveys…is straight from the Tea Party script: He fears the nation is veering toward…insolvency…. To Miller, Alaska’s senior senator [Lisa Murkowski] is complicit in the ballooning U.S. debt….”

Joe Signs No Climate Tax Pledge
He calls calls Murkowski’s decision to meet with President Obama and the Democrats regarding moving this legislation forward, “Exhibit ‘A’ for why Senator Murkowski needs to go….”

Murkowski Votes 300+ Times with the Dems – RINO!
Senator Murkowski tries to gloss over 300+ floor votes with the Democrats saying they must have been mainly committee or near unanimous bipartisan votes. Not true!

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Upcoming Events

From the Trail
The Independence Day Parades were a resounding success! We had people in North Pole, Wasilla, Seward, McCarthy, and in Anchorage walking and supporting Joe. Over 100 supporters marched with Joe helping hand out thousands of candidate compare cards at Eagle River’s Bear Paw parade, too!