Miller Campaign Calls Bogus Polling a Political Stunt

Today the Joe Miller for US Senate Campaign repudiated Democratic pollster Ivan Moore’s assertion that Senator Murkowski has a significant lead in the race. “We are well aware that there is an unholy alliance between the Murkowski camp and the Democrats,” campaign manager Paul Bauer said. He added, “A recent poll indicated that half of Democrats approve of Senator Murkowski’s job performance. I think that is very telling. Moore’s poll is nothing more than a political stunt.”

Campaign internal polling among likely Republican primary voters indicates a far different story. In fact, the race was significantly closer than Moore’s “findings” almost two months ago, and Miller has clearly been gaining ground in subsequent weeks. The campaign would like to see Mr. Moore’s sampling and how he arrived at such disparate numbers.

Even if Moore’s poll were taken at face value, it indicates that 54% of respondents had not yet heard of Miller. Miller polled at 65% among the 46% that did. Bauer pointed out as the election draws near and voters focus in on the election, Joe’s name recognition will continue to grow. “The campaign rolled out statewide ads a few weeks ago. We believe as voters learn about Joe and his positions and how their ‘Republican’ Senator Murkowski has been voting in Washington, the ranks of our supporters will continue to swell. Joe is being well received all over the state.”

It is for good reason that Murkowski has been voted one of the top RINOs in the Senate and has in fact voted over 300 times with Democrats against the Republicans (see Human Events, Top Ten Senate RINOs, March 11, 2009). She has been part of the big spending problem in Washington over the last eight years that she has held office. She supports cap and trade and just last month refused to support a bill offered by her fellow Republican senators calling for the repeal of ObamaCare. Additionally, her views are outside of the mainstream regarding some of the most important social issues of our day.

It is interesting that a prominent Democrat running for governor commissioned an Ivan Moore poll on his race during the same time-frame that Moore says he piggy-backed off of other work he was doing for unnamed clients to come up with numbers for the Republican primary race. If our sources are correct, it is not surprising that Murkowski would have a 30-point lead over Miller among Democrats and left-leaning independents. The Miller Campaign categorically rejects Moore’s suggestion that his numbers are indicative of the actual Republican Primary race. It is sad that the media feels compelled to report on un-scientific findings. The Anchorage Daily News, The Los Angeles Times, and any other outlet that picked up this non-story should immediately print a retraction.

Mr. Moore’s work has a definite objective: to promote the agenda of his client. The Miller Campaign is asking Mr. Moore to fully disclose his methodology, sampling, and objectives. Until he does so, it is irresponsible for the media to engage in idle chatter about rigged results. Without knowing Moore’s methodology, it may be no more scientific than an online statewide poll taken this past weekend by the Alaska ABC News affiliate showing Miller over Murkowski 72% to 28%. At least those who responded probably have a strong interest in the race and a good likelihood of voting.

Bauer stated, “We are confident in upcoming weeks when more accurate polling data becomes available, it will accurately reflect the race is close and getting closer; and when the most important poll is taken among Alaskans on Election Day, Joe will come out on top.”