Campaign Update #5

Joe on Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson Tomorrow!

Laura Ingraham Show

Joe will be on the nationally syndicated Laura Ingraham Show tomorrow live at 6:35am local time (10:35am Eastern). Laura has one of the highest rated radio shows in the nation, reaching millions each week. She is also a New York Times bestselling author. Her current book, The Obama Diaries, is currently in the top 20 on

Lars Larson Show

Joe is also on the nationally syndicated Lars Larson Show at 2:45pm local time (3:45pm Pacific). Lars is a well known conservative talk radio show host. He is a strong advocate for repealing ObamaCare and securing our borders.
Two great shows all in the same day! Joe looks forward to talking about the crucial issues facing our country including a big government run amuck and the need to get back to our nation’s founding principles.
Hope you can tune in.
34 Days to victory!