Halloween Horror: Family Finds Basement Filled with Blood (VIDEO)

Many Americans look forward to Halloween, but this season one family got enough scares to last a lifetime as their basement filled with blood.

Nick Lestina, his wife and their 5 children have lived peacefully for 10 years in their Bagley, Iowa home. Earlier this month, however, Lestina discovered his basement floor covered by 5 inches of blood and animal fat. . .

The animal byproduct ended up in Lestina’s house via a drain at Dahl’s Custom Meat Locker, which is right next door. The home and the locker share a common tile line, which is usually used to dispose of waste water, the Register reports. However, after the meat locker disposed of animal blood and fat down their drain, the tile line became clogged, forcing gallons of gore into Lestina’s basement.

Right now, the Lestina family cannot safely reside in their home. Instead, they’re staying with relatives until the biohazardous mess can be cleaned up. (Read more from “Halloween Horror: Family Finds Basement Filled with Blood” HERE)

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