Look: The Bizarre Image of ‘Donald Trump’ That’s Taking the Internet by Storm

The “Trumpkin” has become a novelty hit for front porch decorating this Halloween season, with the largest known one sitting outside the home of an Ohio woman.

Jeanette Paras, of Dublin, Ohio, is a pumpkin artist who tries to come up with a clever pop culture idea to use every Halloween. She has “pumpkinized” singer Miley Cyrus, Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, Lady Gaga and Monica Lewinsky. Last year, she painted the face of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on a pumpkin.

She’s also painted the faces of politicians, including Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, on pumpkins for her display at various times in the past. This year, Paras opted to paint the face of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Paras went huge for the project and used a 374-pound pumpkin, according to WJW in Cleveland. It was a tedious job, with Paras describing how she first sketched the design on paper and then transferred it to the pumpkin. The famous Trump hairstyle wasn’t easy to achieve either, she said.

“He required six, 38-inch blond wings,” Paras said. (Read more from “Look: The Bizarre Image of ‘Donald Trump’ That’s Taking the Internet by Storm” HERE)

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