Voters abandoning Republicans, Democrats in record numbers

Party affiliation may be losing its appeal.

More and more voters are registering as independents while the number of Democratic and Republican voters declines, according to a new study by USA Today.

The analysis found that since the 2008 elections, more than 2.5 million voters left both the major parties. Democrats lost the bulk of that, with 1.7 million people leaving the party since 2008.

Meanwhile, the number of independents has grown by 400,000 in that time.

The figures are a potential boost to anybody thinking of running as a third-party candidate. But independents are still a minority in the 28 states that register by party — there are 24 million independents, compared with 30 million Republicans and 42 million Democrats.

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  • doc

    I see the Democrat plan is working. Almost All the Republican pundits, Mark Levin, Rush, Sean and the crew have spent the last 2 years trashing the Republican Party when they should be unifying around the Party in order to beat Obama. If only these dolts would obey Reagans admonition not to trash your fellow Republicans. I notice that most of the talk show pundits I mentioned proudly shout that they are not Republicans but independents. A really bad thing for beating Obummer.
    NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizelot

    I don’t believe Dr. Ron Paul is the answer to our society’s problems, even if he may have some reasonable sounding positions. I repeat, some. In the main, he’s is far too radical as well as ideological. Have you ever compared his general positions to those espoused by Soros? I was shocked to find they were quite similar. Imagine that. Also, he has been a fixture in Congress, yet has consistently failed to convince his colleagues to follow his lead. What would induce them to follow him now or in future? Then we would get a stalemate. Is that what we need or want?
    We need two things: to get rid of Obama and his cronies, and to get our society turned around the right way, which means unity and focus. Is Dr. Paul the right person to achieve both?

    • wethepeople58

      Soro’s and Paul want Communism? Soro’s and Paul want Government to run our lives? Soro’s and Paul want Government to take our food away, and starve us to death? Soro’s and Paul want to end the Federal Reserve Bankrupters, the CFR and the Bilderbergers who control our money and our markets? Soros wants to end Abortion, keep and support Home schooling and give Tax deductions for medical expenses. Soros wants to stop Obamacare? I don’t think you’re right about what you ascertain about Ron Paul. I don’t agree with him 100% on everything, but if you look at how he views it, it isn’t that he wants to overturn anything, he just wants Government out of our regular business. Perhaps too much in some degrees, but everything else would fall in line. Rand Paul is his son, and he’s running his FAther’s campaign. Do you know of ANY politician more conservative than Rand Paul? Please stop comparing Lead to Gold. Soros being the Lead, Paul being the Gold. You think Soros want the Gold standard back too? Please…he’s one of the CFR and he’s buying up all our crops so they can control us with money and food. You’ve got Ron Paul figured out all wrong.

    • Cyn

      Nothing can be turned around with any of the leaders in the GOP! They enable the socialist agenda!

      The left has never compromised! The GOP is complicit with the left!

      Think carefully Lizlot! We have a chance to obliterate the nasty socialist’s in both parties!

      If the people believe the lies and do not take this opportunity then we all deserve what we now have!

  • Cyn
    • Cyn

      Sorry I meant AJ! UK and Canada free press seem to know more than we do!