Andrew Breitbart’s Last Interview Was With Sheriff Joe Arpaio About Obama Eligibility

The news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate yielded one fascinating back story. This is a story which has received no media coverage, but it deserves to get out.

We are all still dealing with the shock of our friend and Patriot Andrew Breitbart’s sudden death. Andrew was, as Rush Limbaugh say, a bulldog for the truth.

This back story is about Andrew’s last hours. In those last hours he was working with Sheriff Arpaio to get the truth about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate out to a wider audience.

We filmed this amazing clip of Dr Jerome Corsi talking about Andrew’s last interview before his tragic death. It show’s he was in the fight until his last breath. We admire this man more than we can express.

For the full video of the press conference go HERE.

See video regarding Mr. Breitbart’s last interview at the Center for Western Journalism HERE.

  • Thanks Joe for the truth

  • Martha

    Joe, it’s nice to see you again. Today is a very sad day losing Andrew, a true patriot. The gentleman who directed the Sarah Palin film had been working with Andrew on the video that exposes Obama’s radical past. He said tonight on Hannity that he will be showing this video on Fox very soon. If you recall Andrew mentioned at the CPAC that he had a film about Obama. Let’s hope that Fox will allow this to go through! ~~

  • Beverly G.

    Ye This is MUCH HUGE News! I don’t have T.V. but Doubt it’s getting any coverage (I hope I’m Wrong!) But it should be MASSIVE! I see alot of mentioning here in cyberspace tho! I just wonder two things now (Well MANY MANY More but for the sake of brevity, two) #1 What happened to the College vids Andrew had of Obama and are they going to be released? and #2. much talk ABOUT Andrews “Last Interview” but again, where is it? We would LOVE to see it!

  • siteunseen

    I still don’t like the fact Andrew died so suddenly. Did you know some types of poisonings can feign heart attack? Are they going to do an autopsy?

  • siteunseen

    I believe Andrew Breitbart WAS poisoned. He was sipping Red Wine at a bar just shortly before his death, at a bar called the “Brentwood”. See this article: Also, the Los Angeles Coroners Office have refused to confirm anything until an autopsy is performed. Just my thoughts above. Also shows CPAC Video. Coincidence? NOT!

  • Jerry

    I don`t really think Barry would allow Facebook,or,youtube to show the video`s.The little punk that has facebook has been – Talked To – I`m sure.Just like that ***hole that has Microsoft…Bill Gates,and Google for sure! has been told how to act.

  • Jerry

    I think the video`s should be mass produced,and mass mailed.Ain`t now way they could stop them from being seen by millions.The won`t know who has them,and they couldn`t find all of them no matter how they try.

  • Brian

    Arpaio was not interviewed by Andrew Breitbart on February 29, 2012. I was called by the man who claims he made the call. Even Dr. Corsi expressed doubts about the alleged Breitbart call.