Last week’s Rio+20 Conference about “shackling the planet under a global government”

Lord Christopher Monckton told The New American in an exclusive interview Saturday that the United Nations’ Rio+20 conference that concluded the day before was not about saving the planet from environmental devastation or about eradicating poverty. Instead, he said, it was about shackling the planet under a global government. He also optimistically stressed that the “pointy heads here in Rio” have failed despite their declaration of success and that “the game is up.”

Lord Monckton served as science advisor to Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister of Great Britain. He heads the policy unit of the UK Independent Party and is chief policy advisor to the Washington, D.C.-based Science and Public Policy Institute. He has spoken widely and written extensively to expose the alarmism used to justify global government, saying that the controls envisioned by the UN are unnecessary.

In his interview with The New American, Monckton noted that climate-change alarmism no longer has the appeal it once did, and that the alarmists have therefore backed away from it. “This whole conference right from the start has had the stink of death upon it,” he observed. “The environment is no longer cool. It’s no longer green. It’s no longer fashionable.” He added: “They realized they could no longer bring forward the climate as an excuse, and you barely heard climate change mentioned here. Oh it’s still in the text. It’s still there, but it’s no longer the number one issue.”

But if the discredited climate-change alarmism is no longer the number one issue, what is? Monckton noted: “The beginning paragraph of this [Rio+20] document said that the worst problem facing the world was not climate change but poverty.” He added: “Now that I find myself in agreement with. Poverty is completely unnecessary. It arises almost exclusively from socialism.”

Ironically, though, global socialism is exactly what the would-be managers of the world are offering as the means to end poverty. Of course, global socialism would result in more poverty, not less; and it would also result in the loss of freedom. At Rio+20, Monckton noted, “They were still effectively talking about a mechanization for setting up a global government so that they could shut down the West, shut down democracy, and bring freedom to an end worldwide.”

Read more at the New American HERE.

  • CaptTurbo

    I think the USA will be in a better to repel this garbage after we get rid of our own Marxist Commie in November.

    Please Congress, don’t ratify any Treaties that these knuckleheads have gotten us entangled in!

  • Rev.13 the first Beast has seven heads; which are the continents. He will be “political” and this is the one world system. The second Beast will the #1Anti-Christ and will be “religious”. The globalist should be taken serious. Their platform is peace and security which many will accept, because they will be equall, equally poor. Christ Jesus is the Answer.

  • Buck Crosby

    Any one surprised by that expose’ is a head in the sand ostrich or even worse are complicit in the socialist enslavement of the planet by the United Nations or some other global ” authority ” . The United States need to get out of the United Nations and restore her sovereignty, by distancing ourselves from them .

  • terry

    capitalism is what is destroying the eco-systems of the planet not socialism, super greedy corporations with no morals or conscience

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