State of Alaska Ignores Voter Fraud…Again: Illegal Alien Cop Skates on 41 Felonies

Alaska No IDRecords from the Alaska Division of Elections reveal that a former Anchorage Police Officer convicted on federal charges for false claims of citizenship and passport fraud has voted repeatedly in federal, state, and local elections in Alaska dating back to 1991. Raphael Mora-Lopez – a.k.a. Raphael A. Espinoza – voted most recently in 2010, casting ballots in the local municipal elections as well as both primary and general state-wide elections. In all he voted no less than 41 times over a 20-year period.

Though the State pressed charges relating to $27,000 fraudulently obtained by Mora-Lopez from Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend payouts, he was sentenced to only 24 months in jail with all 24 months suspended. State prosecutors subsequently declined to press charges on at least 41 counts of voter misconduct in the first degree, a class C felony in the State of Alaska.

This new information raises grave concerns about elections integrity in Alaska, and about the level of seriousness among State officials with respect to voter fraud. One might view the State’s inaction as an oversight had the Associated Press not reported the fact as early as June 2011, ostensibly citing federal court records. But given that the Alaska Division of Elections has since purged Mora-Lopez from the voter rolls, it is certain that State officials were not in the dark.

The fact that State prosecutors would turn a blind eye to such an egregious case not only casts doubt upon the integrity of the Department of Law, but makes a mockery of Alaska’s election laws.

In 2010, US Senate candidate Joe Miller raised similar concerns only to have them summarily dismissed by State officials. The fact that the charges against Raphael Mora-Lopez in April 2011 came on the heels of the State’s internal investigation of the 2010 general election in which the State denied having a problem with illegal felon voters may account for the State’s reticence to raise the profile of this case by pressing charges.

However, such a scenario offers little comfort for concerned citizens. For if the State would sweep 41 felonies under the rug to protect a local police officer, or perhaps just to save face, what might it cover up to protect a United States Senator?


Photo credit:  Joe Miller, All Rights Reserved

  • Jeffrey

    Corruption is now the norm, as our political systems moral ineptitude is about to meet ground zero. “Man proposes, God disposes” Thomas a Kempis

  • jimbo124816

    How much would you bet that he voted for Democrats every time?

    • Frankly I don’t give a damn if he voted for the ghost of Christmas past …he voted illegally. he was in this country illegally and he impersonated a law enforcement officer quite feloniously. He should hang for it. This country has clearly eaten dirt and gone to Hell.

    • John Nevin

      My wife and I have just recently returned from our third visitation to the state of Alaska. If we had known that the state judiciary and the political parties allow this kind crappy trash to exist in the state we would have cancelled out trip. Rest assured, we shall never return to Alaska under any circumstances and this email shall be circulated to all of our friends as well.

      • John Nevin

        Please excuse the English mistake. The sentence should have read “this kind of crappy trash.”

      • Paul Deason

        The Alaska Court “System” is known nationally to be in the top 7 of the most corrupt Judicial Systems in the US. No due process even allowed at these courts…. the entire system is based upon fraud. It is a mockery for them to post the Constitution in the foyer, when that document is not allowed to be admitted in the courtrooms. They are functioning off of secret hidden adhesion contracts rather than Natural rights based upon a Constitution. It is all “legal” as long as you don’ object, if you do, they will go ahead and cheat. The law be damned. It is a pirates court where the laws are mere suggestions.

  • Harold

    Would this happen to be in Micowski’s district?

    • frawgeyz

      My thoughts exactly! Wonder why Joe lost?
      Heck I always believed that this was why
      Oslimo won!

  • “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the
    national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian
    national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as
    well-funded.”: Barrack Hussein Obama II in 2008. Will you ask your opponent about this statement?

    • unwillingvictime

      Problem with that logic is the military carries out policies set by those same corrupt elected officials. The military hierarchy also has to deal with some orders that skirt their oath to defend the Constitution and enforce policies that actually defy that precious document. Talk about well funded, how do you rate one that has spent millions on hiding his true identity from the very ones who hired him? No one, and I mean no one with any sanity would spend that much money to hide something if it wasn’t important.

    • Ever heard of Oath Keepers?

  • this is why we need to get rid of the good ole boy’s that’s been in our gov. for over four years if you can’t get it done in two terms then you won’t get it done in four or five terms

  • “Voter fraud”….uh, gee….you mean like the kind that put Sarah Palin in office?….and Geo Bush?…..and LBJ? and Barak Oblahblah? You mean that stuff that has been pandemic throughout the United States for decades now?

    • Give it a rest. Repeating history is singing to the choir!
      I can see November from my house!

    • frawgeyz

      Now you Louis I meant to flag down.
      Nice of you to include the real cheat in your rogue gallery!
      As for Bush,the fraud did not work for Kerry!
      There are things I am not happy about regarding W’s policies.
      That being said…………he never bowed at the knee to the commies!

  • Carol

    This is no surprise. Seems the only ones that refuse to face the facts is government. Globalist government. Open borders government paid off by the Chamber of Commerce . Its that wonderful marriage created in Hell in the book of revelations to make up Babylon.

  • I have had family there for decades and planned to go some day. All those plans just went down the drain until I hear they have changed their Patriotic opinion of the Lower 48. That is disrespectful to a nation that took them in 53 years ago.

  • the judicial system in Alaska, and almost every other state, makes up it’s own rules as they see fit to make their own lives easier and profitable. This man obviously didn’t have any money for them to take, so why prosecute?
    All in the interest of the almighty dollar!

  • bobmann101

    Sarah, Where are you???

    • frawgeyz

      Sorry bobmann,
      Meant to give you flag up but gave you a down instead.
      Again, I thought the same thing!!!
      In fact it made me very angry.

  • Sam

    He should get The Chair

  • jeaniero

    I feel like I am living in an Isabella Allende novel, this country is behaving just like a backassward southamerican fascist state. And unfortunately we cant blame it all on President F.u.b.a.r. either. When are we going to wake up? When are we going to say enough is enough? When are we going remember it’s our children who will have to pay bill. There wont be any; thing, chance, time, place, opportunity or nothin left for them to make a life with. Is this what the Bible means when it says “truth has stumbled in the streets”? I am going to go read JRR for some inspiration.

  • Carol D

    Remember all of you who say you won’t come back here because of the crooks in our government and city officials…we’re not a part of them! The people here for the most part are hard working members of society that had we known of this crooked scheme no doubt someone would be screaming. We want the crooks out of office more so than you do!! These kind of people only make Alaskans look bad AND Alaska and we are a greater state than these scum!! It’s time that the officials in this state start cleaning out the trash where ever they may be! This is pathetic and disgusting and makes me madder than hell! No doubt Murkowski has something hidden!! How can these people do this and go home and sleep at night!! What goes around comes around!!!

    • This goes all over the country Carol. The ones who managed to get themselves planted at the top and even federally are bought off. I guess if you sit in poop long enough you will smell just like poop. We cant give up trying to get our nation back. For me the logical beginning is throw out the federal reserve and strip everything (all laws passed) back to the constitution. Im all for starting over.

      • I keep getting warnings locally also they have already implimented agenda 21 locally here. Im sick of our so called leaders just opening the door for money.