Why the “most honest 3 minutes on TV ever” is a lie (+video)

Have you seen this video yet?  You’ve got to check out the clip below.  It’s of a new show “The Newsroom”, on HBO, staring Jeff Daniels, and written and directed by the guy who gave us the idealized version of a democratic administration in “The West Wing,” Aaron Sorkin.

I know we are probably of like minds on this, but let me vent here. Indulge me.

In the clip below, the Jeff Daniels character sits on a panel at college event, when a student asks the question: “Why do you think America is great?” The woman to the left of Daniels gives a drab, center-left answer and the man to his right (portrayed as the conservative) simply states, “Freedom and Freedom.”

But then, Jeff Daniel’s character shocks the audience and the moderator by challenging the question itself.  He goes into an aggressive monologue about why America isn’t great anymore.  The audience is left with the choice of the partisan vagaries uttered by the two panelists, or Jeff’s speech on why we are no longer great, but used to be.  Watch the clip (caution: it contains profanity) and then see what your take is:

Ok, did you watch it?  No seriously, watch it now.

So here’s my take.  Firstly, my vote on the best answer goes to the guy who said “Freedom” twice. Simple, and effective, he nailed it.  The problem, as is so often the case, the left, and Sorkin in this case, are so full of themselves, so intent on satisfying their own intellectual ego, that there can be no truth, no solution, no revelation, unless THEY thought of it.

So we get a demeaning of the word “Freedom,” and a lecture from Daniels on, ironically, all things moral?!

Jeff Daniels is woefully ignorant (or rather Aaron Sorkin who apparently wrote the monologue) of what Freedom actually means, and is completely oblivious to things like socialism, government regulation, personal liberty, etc. and what they mean relative to that word “Freedom.”  He also seems blissfully unaware of immigration statistics and the enormous number of people still desperate to come to the US, as opposed to Canada, Belgium, Australia, or other western countries.

“War on Poor People,” that’s what we have? If so, blame the class warfare and welfare state created by those that Sorkin supports and adores as heroes on the left.  You want to start a “War on Poverty,” then deregulate, and reduce the tax burden on those doing the work and those starting the businesses that employ people.  Make a competitive environment for business, instead of casting them as the enemy, and you will have jobs and prosperity, and sense of self worth instilled in your citizenry.

You don’t “fight” poverty anyway, you increase prosperity. There’s a real difference — but the significance of that difference is lost on left wing idealists who live in Hollywood and DC and have no comprehension of starting and running a small business, and don’t have the time in their egocentric lives to even take an academic interest in the beliefs of those who founded, and made this country great, or who fight for its greatness still today.

Sorkin may or may not fit into that category of Hollywood and DC liberal, but his portrayal of folks I know and have worked with — like those in the Tea Party, loving patriots who cherish the Constitution — his assertion that they are the “problem” only serves to point out how truly upside down this line of thinking is.

He uses the language, and speaks of “morality” through his surrogate, Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels’ character), but has no idea what the word means.  There is no morality without God, and yet he scoffs at this notion and implies that America leads the world in ignorance because it has the most citizens per capita that believe in angels.

America may not be the greatest country in the world anymore — after the last presidential election, and in Alaska, the last senatorial election, I certainly have my doubts — but it’s not for any of the reasons that Sorkin sites. If Sorkin really wants to return to American greatness, maybe he should start at the start, and look at the men and words of its foundation, and search for the heart of what made us great, in the words and deeds of the men who fought and died creating and protecting it, instead of plying leftist propaganda in pseudo-intellectual elitist centrist wrapping, and calling it a return to the “good old days.”

The “good old days” weren’t always good, but their core values were: a country that cherished the rights of the individual over the rights of the state, that trusted God, not Government, as their ultimate arbiter of morality.  The people of that era weren’t great because they were informed, per se, as Sorkin asserts, they were great because they read the bible, feared God, and loved liberty.  It was those qualities that drove them to become informed.  But information without the will and the moral wisdom to act on it is useless.

Liberty gave them that will, and God that wisdom.  Sorkin can’t, or rather his intellectual elitist egotism won’t let him see that.

That’s my take. What do you think?


Dr Walter Campbell is a lifelong Alaskan, former Marine, and physician.


  • Dustin Stockton

    Joe this is a home run!

  • Sal

    This show is another subliminal campaign add for Obama,just like the Left Wing was for Hillary..

    • I believe the character in this clip SPAT the term Liberal. Not a leberal attitude in what I watched.

  • Patriot Act

    Of course, in real life, there’s no way a Jeff Daniel’s character spouting a vemomous, Sorkin-penned, anti-American monologue would’ve ever gone unchallenged or uninterrupted like this during an open audience-led panel discussion with conservatives present. (Something this ridiculous can only occur in a left-wingers’ delusional “utopian” fantasy world.) Yet in addition to some of the points that Dr. Campbell, the author of this piece, nicely lays out, I would’ve defied Daniel’s character to name me one country he views as greater than the United States and then I would’ve demanded to know what’s stopping him from packing his bags and moving his pompous socialist-loving a$$ over there? (Leftists can NEVER come up with a good answer to this question!)

    Having said that, the more our federal government continues to push for greater dependency and power over our lives and the longer a despot like Barack Hussein Obama remains in power unilaterally imposing his radical left-wing Marxist tyranny via executive fiat on an unwilling American people and purposefully destroying our economy and individual freedoms in the process, I am terrified that our once great country could indeed soon be considered a thing of the past.

    • wandamurline

      Obama goes unchallenged and uninterrupted in his speeches…want to know why? Because everyone is chosen to attend….they fill out information packets before they are allowed into the closed meeting rooms….that way, he is safe from being rebuted or booed. This was put out on the internet about two years ago when he was pushing Obamacare…..no one got in who would dispose the imposter in chief.

      • conservativecharles

        And if they are elected hispanics they are told to gulp down their food because they aren’t allowed to have cutlery when Obama enters the room.

        • Why do?

          +1 for the liberals with this comment ^

        • Momzor

          You are a moron. Plain and simple. You know when you say things (lie) like that, you do the liberals a HUGE favor. You are dismissed immediately because of the lies you spout!!

      • EchoPoint

        I am so tired of conservatives picking on Obsma. Love him or hate him, but he was duly elected as our president and deserves the respect the office demands. Get over yourself.

        • rhamalhamadingdong

          He might be your president but, he sure isn’t mine.

          • Gazork

            Well dingdong, pack your bags & go find a president that fits your needs.

          • Tyler Paquette

            I love how the #1 response is always pack up and leave if you don’t like it. Always the most idiotic response but I never get tired of hearing it so I know who the real problems with this country are.

          • rhamalhamadingdong ia an idiot

            then what country are you a citizen of, moron?

          • Momzor

            He is yours too. Sorry. 🙂

        • Gazork

          EchoPoint has a valuable point.

        • PeteyK

          So tired of it with Obama….yet everyone did the same with Bush and so many others before him. I’m not a fan of Obama but it isn’t all his fault, nor is it any one presidents fault. People just want to point a finger and stay divided instead of coming together and solving issues like we should.

        • Jim

          Respect doesn’t mean I have to agree.

          • Tyler Paquette

            Why would you respect a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize yet orders the deaths of other people every day?

          • Momzor

            Easy to say with no facts to back it up. Brilliant!

          • Tyler Paquette

            So then throw some facts at me instead if being a troll.

        • Miss Kitty

          He has no respect for America or citizens, unless they are Muslims. Rigged elections have been shown to happen in our country, so you can’t be talking about honest elections. I show him no respect for his lack of it. And that’s the truth!

        • barry

          He’s a terrible president. Get over it.

      • Momzor

        Oh brother. You are a piece of work. Geeez.

    • In real life, the audience would have booed that character off the stage before he finished his third sentence. GREATNESS is not rightness. So the girl asked the wrong question. OUr rightness is determined by the people– as flawed as our system of government is. Obama is in my mind the Manchurean President. If we are not great, it is because he is now our elected leader. Like the British PM Baldwin in 1935, Obama has devised “sanctions [but] kept clear of any that would provoke war.” (Churchill, Gathering Storm, p 175). That Obama’s nerve is not a match for the occassion, as Baldwin’s was not when Italy invaded Etheopia and the Admiralty did not stop the troop ships through the canal, will play lead as it did with Italy “to an infinitely more terrible war” p 177 in Churchill’s words. Then the eyes of Germany and Japan were on the will power of free world. Now the eyes of Iran, Russia, China, and other enemies are upon Obama. And the failure to impose crippling sanctions on Iran now will almost certainly lead to a much greater evil latter. We are great when we rise to the occasion. Obama has dithered far too long deterring us from being great in this perilous fight.

      • The sanctions are causing evils to fester, cut off a society and they’ll follow whomever feeds them and keeps order.

      • Momzor

        This has NOTHING to do with Obama. Good try though.

    • Fantasizer

      You seem a little confused… your opening statement is all against what the monologue talks about. Where as your second paragraph is in agreement with it… the thing about it is, this obviously isn’t realistic. Very few of these political elitists will openly talk against our,do I dare say, social-democratic structure. ‘We the people’ the ones appointed, neigh, challenged by our forefathers to keep this country great are now pressured into fear by the very people sworn into office to protect us and our constitutional rights as citizens of this ‘once great’ country.
      You say “Utopian fantasy” I say Constitutional America! As opposed to the corner that is the corrupt political-dollar driven social-terror filled suck hole our so called “LEADERS” have backed us into.
      And we all know what happens when you back a scared animal into a corner. It is only a matter of time.

    • Patriot Act Is an Idiot

      you’re an idiot.

    • Kyle Roberts

      “I would’ve defied Daniel’s character to name me one country”……???? First of all, you would have metaphorically face planted your own rebuttal almost immediately with bad grammar. Secondly, you would have interrupted him, meaning you would never have realized that he was literally about to name every country that possesses equal or greater freedoms. Thirdly, a patriot doesn’t simply leave his country because it has become plagued by corruption, bureaucracy, invasion of privacy, willful ignorance, broken education, broken judicial systems, a horrifically flawed voting system, a near non-existent healthcare system, a need to establish foreign drug trafficking operations to… Sorry, I digress. That patriot seeks to bring attention to the public, and uses examples from around the world of better things. That patriot loves his country, and wants it to be as great as he believes it can be. Which Daniels’ character clearly does. And by the way, you’re destroying your own argument by saying “If you don’t like it, then get out”, by turning around and calling out our government for taking control of our lives and calling Obama a despot. Also, Karl Marx is man so against any form of tyranny (including the tyranny of capitalism, and the use of currency instead of trade-based economies) that your Marxist statement is thoroughly invalid. Anyone who loathes Socialism doesn’t really understand it. They hate it because they’re told to hate, directly or indirectly. Our economy is broken because it was built to break. It can’t be saved. It won’t be saved. Not by any president. Ever. Unless…. We remove the Federal Reserve. Our country’s greatness IS a thing of the past. Need to know why? Watch the video again. He gives plenty of statistical reasons.

      • kayce

        You are right, he gives plenty of statistical reasons. Too many have turned this comment section into a democrat versus republicans debate, a religous debate or even an abortion debate etc. Fact is, he is right. Does that mean I should leave the country I love just because I acknowledge facts. No. I love my country, I am proud of my country but I will never tell someone I think it is the greatest in the world. Do I know which country is? Nope. Don’t care to, I live here, and I just want to see my country become the great country it used to be.

    • Kyle Roberts

      “I would’ve defied Daniel’s character to name me one country”……????? Your rebuttal would have metaphorically face-planted itself almost immediately due to bad grammar.

    • Tyler Paquette

      I have an answer for you. Any country in Scandinavia. Based on GDP, Average IQ, Income/Debt, household income, life expectancy. The reason I don’t move there, jack-ass, is because I love my country and I want those things for my people as well because they already have enough over there, and because I like my gun. Hows that for an answer?

    • Momzor

      I would recommend that you fact check his entire statement. It’s all TRUE!! We can continue to be ignorant and proclaim that the US is the greatest nation, (it is pretty awesome in a LOT of ways) but to insist that we are superior to all others is just not true.

  • Noah

    Why do you think America is Great? When the vast majority of Americans believed in the Living God we had morals and freedom, liberty and justice for all. Without the God of creation in the picture we lack His wisdom and we have the kind of insane and idiotic acts that are ruining this nation today.

    • Concerned citizen

      really?? insane acts are those who would chose to limit the freedom of their fellow citizens by trying to force your religious zealotry down everyones throats and then calling them inpatriotic when they tell you to stuff it. Please!

      • MrChicken

        Concerned citizen, one day we will all die. Don’t die without Jesus Christ. If you do you will wish you had never been born.

        • Momzor

          Good luck with your delusion. You were probably indoctrinated as a young child into Christianity by your parents, not unlike the Muslim, Jewish, (I could go on) children around the earth. If you were born in Pakistan or Syria you’d probably be a Muslim today. Keep your “beliefs” to yourself. They are yours, not everyone’s. Non believers are not threatened by your words. We know better.

    • rhamalhamadingdong

      There is no god, no heaven or hell, only now.

  • don

    Our Illigitimate President also believes that America is not great and never was. This Fraudulent Socialist fool traveled the entire Globe apologizing for America’s Past and Present Indisgressions and our Pridefulness. He bowed before everyone but our most staunchest Allies, whom he spurned. The destruction of America is the reality of ”HOPE and CHANGE!”

    • EchoPoint

      Seriously? Illegitimate? I bet you did not even vote. He was elected. Your candidate was not. Get over the sour grapes. This makes you look like ridiculous.

    • Gazork

      Oh don, looks like you muffed your chance to make a contribution to the USA.

  • bigdog137

    Typical Liberal T.V.drivel. Why most thinking people don’t bother watching ANY of it anymore.

  • Retired MSG Army Airborne Ranger here, Joe you have nailed it along with the post from Patriot Act. GOOD STUFF!

  • Ann Cornett Anderson

    We have no great leaders. Men or women of wisdom who question. Losing freedoms, morals, conviction and integrity just a wee bit at a time finally adds up. I think we are like the Germans during WWII, they knew Jews were being sent to camps but refused to act. We know we are spending ourselves into oblivion but no one in Congress has the balls to stand up and fight and even if we elected all newcomers, in a few years it would be back to normal. I have lost faith in the America I once knew.

  • Bob

    Jeff, (Dumb or Dumber, I always forget) you could have cut that down to a few sentences by saying, “yep, the guy next to me is right, “freedom.” but what happened, is since the 60’s we’ve been inundated with liberals, commies, marxists, etc. Because we haven’t been exercising due diligence, they’ve snookered us with political correctness and other evils, too many to mention, which has led to Barack Obama and the dismantling of the United States. Now please excuse me, I have to report back to the set where I’m making a sequel of “Dumb and Dumber.” However my solo role (Jim didn’t want to be involved) has grown. In this one I play Dumbest.”

  • pearl87

    I think this program looks like a shameful bashing of America and an exercise in the willful demoralization of our people. I hope this gets the viewership it deserves and is cancelled after 1 show. I am so incensed that these dregs of our society are so emboldened by 3 years of Obama insulting our national identity, that they presume to openly trash the “greatest country on earth” and can actually go out safely in public afterwards.
    BTW, I HATED the West Wing, which was guilty of the same use of straw man reasoning and facile arguments, preached AT their audience with no recognition that anyone could possibly hold another view.

  • texastwister

    The one thing that strikes me about this is …Jeff Daniels dosen’t have enough sense to say all these things all by himself…somebody,a paid screenwriter, wrote the monolog for him to read…and yet he is being hailed by the liberal left as some kind of hero for saying the thoughts of another person…

    • don’t most people who get voted into office have someone write their speeches? and the said people don’t care what there views and morals are, basically it just has to oppose what their opponent is supposedly standing for and they say whatever the writers come up with in hopes of getting more votes than the other guy. if you ask me its all one giant puppet show that nobody really can control and while i worry about my countries future all that i can do is do the right thing by my morals and keep moving forward.

  • Nate

    One of the reasons America is no longer the greatest country in the world is that we have generations of people who were educated by people and crap like this. They are unable to see the bias, the propaganda. So many people will watch this, listen to the warm music at the end, and say, “Wow… he’s right!” I work with so many people like this, 20-30 something-year-old surface thinkers who “react” emotionally rather than intellectually. Maybe I’m too pessimistic these days (for obvious reasons), but I don’t think America stands a chance of ever returning to the great country established by our founders.

    • You sound just like what the character was describing.

  • We still can be the greatest country in the world, after the progressive liberals are exposed as their true self and get out of the way so we can build back up again.

    • Roberta Filzmaier

      I agree – let’s take back our country at the ballot box. Vote out all those who are liberal.

  • Momma against Obama

    We still have a work to become the greatest country again, but to do so we need to get this socialist mentality out of our Whitehouse, Congress and Senate. I’m not saying Romney is all that, but he believes in America and if we all become informed on the real issues, instead of if we should pay for contraception, we can make sure we hold him responsible to carry out the American way and not slack off and pander to people who just want to be taken care of cradle to grave. I want to help the needy, people with real illnesses, but if we keep helping everyone, we will not have money to help people who really need help. We can come up with solutions if we put our heads together because we are the greatest nation. Some of our poorest live better than most of the lower middle class in other countries. If you look at the Van Jones tapes, it is clear that they need and want to tear down our system to build their own. It is not my thinking, it is on tape, there is no doubt. They know they cannot bring other countries up to our standards, so they need to bring us down to other countries. It is a one world belief system. Obama just let the Clinton Welfare Plan laps, secretly and of course it is not getting coverage by the lame media. I really believe that if more of our people were informed they would not agree with half of what is going on. The media seems to be more interested in what Romney did with his own money than Obama is doing with ours. PLEASE we must remember and teach our young people that WE ARE the government and we get exactly what we deserve. If you are more interested in Jersey Shore than getting educated on this administration we will all be lowered to beached bums, or more to the point Chicago mobsters will take over and we will soon all be to scared to fight back.

  • Unchallenged their is no low that a liberal progressive will not sink for the sake of power to the state. The saddest part is they really believe Government does it better and individual rights repress the collective. That is why things like the 2nd amendment get their panties in a bunch. It is proof positive that the founders wanted individuals to have thier own protection from a state gone bad. Truth is most democrats and other supporters of these people don’t understand the progressive vision. It’s the useful idiot syndrome as stated by Lenin (Lenin really did believe he was making a better form of government than all others. Not just the Tzars). A follower of the progressive philospher Marx. They need unchallenged diatribes like this becaused challenged it all falls like a house of cards. It is why the truth about the progressive vision is hidden behind slogans like hope and change. One simple challenge is his education diatribe. The government has had a strangle on education in this country for decades now. They are more places of indocrination now than Schools of learning with costs that are completly insane. All a liberal wants to do is keep throwing money at this problem which only satifiy their teachers union which dutifully comes out to vote for them. Yes it is vote buying. No solution to the problem of accually improving the students ability to score higher of the tests that tell us we need to improve.

  • Ichabod America

    Mr. Miller, I agree with what you said.
    The “good ole days”, the “days of morality” of which he speaks, the days of intelligent students, was this society, when it was mostly Conservative.
    Then came the liberals with their “war on poverty”, “war on “bad” education” etc. Their “War against God”, and therefore morality.
    It is the LIBERALS who came up with the Dept. of Education to “help improve our education system”. Yet, these same liberals wish to blame the Conservatives for the downturn in Academic Achievement of our kids, when it is THEIR policies that did it.
    They talk of morality, yet it is LIBERALS that removed the foundation of morality from our schools, and in just about every public setting possible. The Holy Bible. Which this nation was founded upon.
    It is their “morality” to allow everything under the sun, and condemn those who actually try and show morality (Like the Pro-Life, Pro-Abstinence and anti-homosexual movements) as the immoral, intolerant ones, while they are the “moral” ones(?).

    Now, they want to do it all over again? To “correct societal ills” with their grand schemes and ideas, while they ignore that it was their ideas that messed everything up in the first place.
    And, of course, it is the Conservatives that are responsible for all the ills in the world, heck, the UNIVERSE.

  • Barry_Suxx

    “The West Wing” should be called “The Left Wing”; it has always been perverted-and-presented by rabid idiotic Leftists. The Citizenry of this once Great Country need look no further than their ‘elected liberal-leftists’ and their Rogue Power-Monger Bureaucrats for the Loss of ALL those Freedoms which Our Forefathers earned. We no longer have real Freedoms of the following: Religion (but only if you’re Christian), Personal Expression, Energy, Justice, Social Freedoms, Racism, etc, and this is just a scant few. Btw: when I stated ‘Racism’; I thought that this issue was OVER back in the 60’s. Now our pompous Leader loves using his Race-Card every chance he gets; and NObody had better say anything about it! If THIS isn’t Racism in its Purest Sense, then I don’t know what is. I don’t consider myself a True Racist; I abhor his White-Half Too; he rotten through&through, no matter what he calls himself.

  • Thanks for addressing this Walter, All I could do after viewing the clip is grit my teeth. I was dumbfounded by it’s idiocy.

  • PhantomPhlyer

    I recall reading as a teen-ager a book I probably shouldn’t have been reading (it had sex in it – gasp!). One of the characters in the book was talking about what we now call “American Exceptionalism.” The professor to whom he was speaking said, “Let’s go for a ride.”
    They got into the professor’s car and started driving. After a while, the professor said, “Where are we right now?” The other character said, “I guess we’re in the extreme northern part of the United States.” The professor replied, “No, we passed into Canada about five minutes ago. You see, there’s really no difference.”
    This is the Sorkin mentality, and the mindset of those like him. The reason we’re the greatest country in the world is not found in numbers; it is based in our unique foundation on the principles of liberty and freedom, endowed to all men by our creator. Other countries have come from tyranny and dictatorship to some form of democracy because of our example. Most have done it poorly; some have done it fairly well, but none have done it like America. None have been founded from the first day on those principles other than the United States of America.
    As they say today, it’s in our DNA. American exceptionalism exists not because we emulated another country’s lead. We invented it. Greatness is not in the numbers of our economy, or in our export rate. It’s in our belief that all men should be free, because that’s what God wants for all men. And we have given our blood in treasure around the world to give others the chance at that freedom.
    De Tocqueville said that as long as America is good, America will be great. When we stop being good, which he equated to a belief in a higher moral authority, we will stop being great. What Sorkin’s character was really pointing out, although neither he nor Sorkin knows it, is that our decline in goodness is leading to our decline in greatness.
    That’s pretty much what this election is about. Are we going to continue down the path to marginalization, or once again be that shining city on the hill that the late President Reagan so fervently believed in.
    Only time will open that door and let us see our future. Let us all pray that 2012 will be the year that America began its return to greatness.

    • alterEGO

      You should check your facts buddy. Two words to start with. Magna Carta. We did not invent freedom or liberty. The god-damned statue of liberty is a gift from who? Well of you checked up on your facts you should know this easy one. We, or should I say, our forefathers based the founding of this country on principles first thought of by men who lived long before them. And we did have to forcibly take our “freedom”, ever heard of the revolutionary war? Maybe you should look that one up too. And to all these other people who keep saying “we need god” you’re all crazy. This great country was founded by Masons, these men didn’t believe in organized religion. The fact is more murders have been commited in the names of these so called “gods” than for any other reason in recorded human history. Now do you honestly think a loving god would want people to kill in his name? If ANYONE thinks the answer here is yes, you have some serious reevaluating to do. The truth is, despite the different colored pigment in our skin and the natural evolution (not darwinian bullshit) of our sizes and shapes based on where our ancestors lived for thousands of years, we are all the same. Which means we come from the same thing. Call the creator what you
      will, we will likely
      never know. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the continuation of our species, not our countries or races. We need serious change as human beings.

  • BJanie Campbell

    Dr. Walter Campbell, Yes, you nailed it! You really did! What a
    great article you wrote!! I am so proud that we have young Americans
    like you and Joe that we can put our country, our freedom into your hands. With
    people like you and Joe fighting for us, our Nation will survive. I
    am so proud that I know someone like you. An outstanding citizen, a
    wonderful christian person, a good and faithful husband, a loving and
    much involved Dad, a wonderful brother, A good Doctor, and yes, I am very proud to call you
    son. Great job!! Mom

    • joewmiller

      Yes, Walter absolutely nailed it! I’m proud to carry his piece on this site, and look forward to his other sage postings as well. A true (and articulate) Patriot. You have every right to be proud of your son, a great American. Thank you!

  • Informed American

    I think you have taken the same safe stance that most liberal media people would. You think that there is a simple answer to a very complex problem. America is not great anymore and you are a major part of the reason. The people no longer have any control over what happens in the seat of government. Our elected leaders and career politicians, that I am not sure are actually elected as much as sent back to Washington by apathetic people who don’t even bother to vote and certainly don’t bother to get the real story about the candidates. They are content to accept what they are told, lies or truth, without research or investigation because that is the easy way to go. We have become a pathetic gaggle of followers who believe anything, accept everything and have no objections to law makers who decide that they are exempt from the laws they pass, and therefore consider laws that are risk free for them to present and pass into law. Most of our legislators have no fear and even contempt for the people who elected them. They think that we serve them, not the other way around. Our freedoms are being taken away one by one everyday in Washington DC and we are too stupid to even realize it. We have a president that has hidden his past so effectively that we know absolutely nothing about him, except that which he chooses to allow us to know. I would wager that most of the fabrication that is Barrack Hussein Obama is just that, fabrication, a story that has been woven into a fabric of acceptability. We do know that he is the least qualified person to ever hold political office anywhere in the world. His resume is so short that it doesn’t warrant wasting a single page of paper to print it, yet he has “talked” his way into the highest office in the land. Not with deeds, but with words. He is a public speaker, nothing more. He has no pedigree, no family history, (Please don’t bore me with all the Mom and Dad clap-trap that we have no way of verifying or vetting in any way) and no plan for how to solve the enormous problems that we face today. So far, as president, he has not offered a single solution to the problem at hand. His single claim to fame is the Health Care act, which is not affordable, and for which he has no idea how to fund or how to perpetuate the long term programs it forces on the once free people who are now mandated to accept. No, America is not the greatest nation in the world, anymore. And I for one hold those people who have apathetically stood by and watched our freedoms be legislated away one by one responsible.

    • howe71

      Informed American, Your comments are right on target, but I really worry more about the people who support these sleezy lawyers who have their own socialist agenda to carry out without regard to WE THE PEOPLE. It seems like we have allowed ourselves to be governed by a bunch of power grabbing self centered imbeciles, who worry more about winning an argument on the House or Senate floor to appease their partisan friends than helping the American people. These glorified fools in Congress vote as if there were two different cultures in distant parts of the world, instead of voting for best interest of the American people through compromise. I am a right leaning independent, but its been my observation that democrats primarily spend too much and want to tax too much and want to persue a progressive bigger govt landscape, yet every mothers son of them knows we do not have the money and they doggedly follow the democratic party line to support the President in his amatuerish endeavors to hamper the free market system and create bigger unrestrained govt.

    • Walter Campbell

      Right backatcha brother. I hold you, me, and all of our friends and neighbors responsible. Alas, here we are. We can either point fingers at each other, or rally and get out to make change. Myself, Joe, and my friends in conservative, constitutionalist movements like the Tea Party, are NOT part of the problem. They are part of the solution…and that a group of people, not altogether affiliated with any party, and whom both party establishments fear, can drive national discourse to the extent they do, without huge lobbyist money from big Corporate, big Media, big Hollywood, or big Labor, but with their own time and resources, ought to give one, yourself included, hope, that we can right the ship before it’s too late. Saying America is great, isn’t adding to the problem. If we focus on wherein the greatness lies, we can return to the majesty of its founders original vision, and the glory of its past greatness.

  • alvin691

    I catch the comment/critism where he says how many people believe in Angels. More athiesm.

  • Joe Sprowls

    100% with you. Typical HBO liberal diatribe and rhetoric. HBO has always had a slant in the “left” direction. Besides, we are not only a “GREAT” nation, we are the Greatest Nation that has ever evolved on this planet. We are, as they say in the Navy advertisement: “A force for good.”

    • stinkfist

      booooooo! A force for good would not kill innocent men, women, and children out of fear, now would it? I bet you voted for obama too. Way to close your mind and play into their hand.

    • Jo Sprowls is an idiot

      Oh dear god. Save it for the parade in front of the Reichstag, fraulein.

  • JonM

    Well Joe, here’s my take;
    I can’t speak to Sorkin’s beliefs. Nor can you. Only he can.
    I think you’re reading too much into some of the comments, like the one on angels and the “war on poor people”. Like the speeches of most of our political candidates, especially those made off the cuff, cannot be taken literally, at least not word for word. If they were all taken that way, both Obama and Romney would be regularly crucified by their supports and their detractors. Look at the fuss made over Romney’s “you should be able to get all the education you can afford” gaff a couple of weeks ago. Is that what he really believes, or is that just how he happened to say it?
    And you, like so many Republicans, seem to insist that this is a Christian nation and that only those who believe in God can behave morally. This is patently false. Look within the Republican Party at all of the people who are so “Chrisitan”, yet lie, cheat and steal at the first opportunity.
    The Democrats do it to, and with no greater frequency, so the “Christian” right cannot claim any moral superiority.
    Add in the rest of the various religions, regardless of their “God”, and you find nothing better than what you you get with just the Christians.
    Then look back at all of the wars that have been fought, and non-war violence committed, in the name of “God”, whether it’s Christian, Jewish or Islamic, there has been much violence and none of it moral.
    I and roughly 25% of Americans, who you have just stated cannot have morality, because we do not share YOUR “God”, are well and thoroughly insulted. If you really believe that only Christians can have morals, then I feel sorry for you and I hope you take the time to learn that even your God would say you are wrong.
    I suppose that means that Abraham Lincoln, who was an athiest, had no morals? Did he not behave morally in abolishing slavery? Should we still have slavery? I didn’t think so. And he’s just one of many great men in our history who did not believe in any God.
    Otherwise, I agree with your assessment as far as things that need to change.
    If take a step back and watch this video the way the majority of the population, who won’t read into it, will see it, I’d say it’s a pretty good assessment of how much we’ve lost and how far we’ve strayed from the Constitution and from the path we were set on by the founding fathers.
    I’m sure the majority of replies to my take will be to tell me that I’m wrong or an idiot; save your breath. I don’t really care if you disagree with me. You’re free to express your opinion, as I am to express mine.
    That is one thing about this country that IS still great. At least for the moment.

    • Walter Campbell

      I believe you missed the point. It’s not that Im saying it is, or was a Christian nation per SE, it’s a nation that takes (or took at its founding) its morals from a power higher than man. Even smart, pragmatic, atheists and agnostics get that: you put the endowment of mans liberty in the hands of a higher power, no man or government can take it away. You have a just, “holy” higher power that people look to and fear for their transgressions, then government doesn’t have to do it! Please try to see the forest for the trees..we are not in danger of becoming a theocracy! It’s the other way around: We are in danger of turning government into God!

      • EchoPoint

        God has nothing to do with this. Nothing. Separation of church and state is what keeps us as good as we are. Take God out of government and you have a government that works for everyone. Honestly, I am so tired of religion cropping up in everything that everyone does. Looks what it has done for the Middle East. Yeah, that is something we should all aspire to emulate.

  • toomuchsense

    The Jeff Daniels character is first, not really acting. He’s playing out this real live person’s belief, but in a more stylized method due to this being an act. But that is not my main point here. The main point, is that if you take every issue that this character sprouts, you’ll find false hoods in about half the comments. The rest are debateable. My point on the false hoods. Are like when a person say always, every, never, etc. The Jeff character makes statements that which may be true sometimes, but are also false sometimes. I don’t mean exceptions to the rule. One can jumb out of an airplane with a non-working or even no parachute at all, and live. Not many will. But some will. We could also use other examples in many different disciplines. But exception are usually an option that commonsensical people refuse to rely on in making important decisions.
    So the Jeff character give utopia and other wishful thoughts, that are easily disproven and found to be false. Remember the always or never mistake. Along with the exceptions to the rule, rule.
    Hollywood is entertainment. Sometimes good, sometime not. Actors are usually not one that most mature citizens would rely or trust with important decisions. What with their sheltered lifestyle, their sell out of their independence to maintain their work status by not rocking the Hollywood establishment, and the lack of morality that is the norm in that career field.
    But the Jeff character did a great job of teaching how to shout down the opposition in that scene.



  • Love it…just love it…so much in fact that I watched it 4X. That was a beautiful, high-impact rant in which he really ruthlessly tore into these lobotomy cases on stage and in the audience like a grand piano in Carnegie Hall—good for him…ever stop to think, Joe, that the man was right? You must spend so much of your time in the local Birch Society’s so called “American opinion” bookstore that they will soon start charging you rent. He didn’t say word one about taxing the job producers (of the few that haven’t been annihilated by by this time), now did he?….can you name one speculator on Wallow Street who ever “created a productive job” for anybody? By what school of helicoid logic did you arrive at the conclusion that the stink rich parasites that have turned this country into a dirt hole are “job creators”? There are a number of reasons why America at one time very long ago was the greatest on earth—and a book that has been completely rewritten seventeen times since the alleged Ascension is not one of them as any true patriot would know who has read Thos. Paine’s AGE OF REASON. The current and very ugly—and far from American—- afterbirth of what was once the so called “great American free enterprise system” can be characterized in seven words: HURRAY FOR U$ AND $CREW EVERYBODY EL$E….human freedom or personal liberty as you will, becomes entirely perverted in meaning when you live in a population like America’s which is maggot ridden with sociopaths. You should read Lawrence Dennis’s THE COMING FASCISM IN AMERICA (1936)
    No, America is parsecs removed from great and is anything but what the Founders handed down to us—–as we speak, every person in America —-this very much includes you— can be arrested for a federal felony they didn’t even know existed. Do you have any vague notion how many federal felonies there are, Joe?—–and you a former “judge”?
    Well, if so, then you know more than a team of legal scholars who have been working on the task for years of unearthing all of these “felonies” but a rough estimate by one of them was better than 4500….today there are quite literally more “laws” than there are people—numerically, there are approximately three separate and distinct “laws” for every two people in America.

    No, America is NOT great and as a free country it lies face down dead in the gutter in a pool of blood and with Benjamin Bernanke’s fingerprints all over the knife sticking out of its back …his and those of other financial parasites who take everything yet produce NOTHING—very much including jobs.

    • Walter Campbell

      There’s good passion behind your remarks, but I’m afraid it’s overwhelmed your reason and logic. If there is a country with truly more freedoms..and not the freedom to live off others people’s work, cradle to grave euro-style socialism..but true liberty, name it, and if you like, live there. I would submit, we don’t want to own the system of commerce, just make sure there are rules to play by. That’s a big difference. Those on the left, and in this administration, want to nationalize banks, oil companies, automakers, and now your local family physician. They use alot of your populist rants to make that case. Ask yourself, who would you rather have: a corrupt company, or a corrupt government. Ill take the former, any day. I want a government that is a fair referee, but for the most part lets the players play the game. I certainly don’t want one out there wearing a jersey instead of a striped shirt though.

      • Uruguay, but that’s changing with all the Argentine influx.

  • Steve Ellers

    spot on! i wish they had a charachter there to espouse your valid points. but then, sorkin…and daniels..wouldn’t want that.

  • Dan

    I disagree with your deregulation comment. It is deregulation that has made way for the unarguable fact that over 70% of the food available in our grocery stores contain chemicals known to be toxic by the FDA. With 44 million U.S. citizens on food stamps who do you think eats that cheap food the poor. Doesn’t look like a war on the poor it looks like genocide. 44 million many of whom are destitute by no fault of their own, layoffs lack of work inflation these are problems controlled by our government and our government only. If congress didn’t want inflation we wouldn’t have inflation end of story. Deregulation has also led to allowing gmo foods onto our plate despite every study done by anyone other than the companies that have made them showing conclusively using the same strain of nice and testing methods they do infact cause cancer, birth defects, neurodevelopmental issues and a host of other problems. Despite the fact when these multinationals studies are reproduced no one comes up with the same results as they do. Deregulation has allowed fraking, it has allowed millions of gallons of pesticides to enter our water the list goes on and on. Instead of deregulating why don’t we reguire our elected officials to do the job they are all paid to much to do protect and serve the American people.

    • But regulation is what pushes grocers to favor factory farm over local goods. Regulation is preventing states from requiring GMO labeling. Massive amounts of convoluted regulation have given mega-corporations a very large advantage in marketing their goods, they’re basically firewalls for their industries. At this point removing bad regulation is more important than adding more.

  • Matt L

    It’s quite repulsive to see a bunch of conservatives respond to a litany of jarring factual symptoms of America’s decline by saying, “If you don’t like it here, get out!” Reminds me of another popular clip from this show indicting the Tea Party’s hatred of dissent.

    In that same clip, the Daniels character lists the far right’s resistance to facts. Why give him more ammunition, guys? The author identifies more with the slavish answer of “Freedom and freedom,” are you serious? Most of us Americans will agree that the Constitution sets up a truly great form of government and country: reminding us of this and hitting “period” is not an argument grounded in reality. Saying “because the socialist bad guy won” is not an argument grounded in reality (if you think America is as bad as the actual historical socialist states, congrats for pissing on their memory). If the character’s argument is just so much liberal propaganda, and liberals like to listen to big words and not think, why is NOBODY interested in matching his argument? The closest the author comes is the feeble attempt of “A lot of people want to come here.” I don’t really have any reason to believe this, and I’d be willing to bet that he doesn’t either.

    The problems in our country are real, and the problems in our country are complex. Nothing at the adult table is answered with “freedom and freedom.” Nor with just putting a Republican in office.

    • Aa

      Well put. Thank you!

      • Concerned citizen

        So, true how the right will not even address the facts, only yell louder that if you don’t believe in god and you use facts in your speakin then yur one’ o’ them liberal elite trying to take over my amurika.. Come in, we live in a very difficult time and we have big problems to address, retreating to a belief in religion and and a hatred of anything that is not leave it to Beaver white bread, will not get you very far. come people wake up we are a diverse country that has a history of taking in the tired and weary teaching them to take on the worlds problems and making us a great nation. let’s embrace those values and quit with the hate speech, negativity and the unfounded conspiracy theories!

        • Truthisneeded

          When you separate morals from God, you lose those “values” that you mentioned above. You sir, are correct to say we have big problems to address. A president will never solve those problems and neither will the government. The reason our nation has been one of the greatest in the world is because our nation was founded on biblical principles from God-fearing men. If you doubt that statement, feel free to research it. I’m not here to cram religion down anyone’s throat as so many are saying, but I am here to say as Americans, we ought to take a good look at ourselves as individuals. The government and president simply reflect the current state of the individuals living in that country. No not every individual, but the general population.

          • TheNextGen

            God doesn’t guide anyone’s hand to the trigger and has nothing to do with the direction the country is headed. A teen getting irresponsibly pregnant then getting said pregnancy glorified on network television promoting other teens to get pregnant to get their “shot” to be on the show is just one of the THOUSANDS of problems with our society. The problems in this country are both political and social and until children fear the consequences of their actions American society will continue to raise hand-fed, unchallenged, spoiled adults. I believe the main problem is the low I.Q. of people in charge (once again both political and social). Freedom has taken the back seat as no one can just come in, steal it, then sneak out the back door. It’s all about money. If it doesn’t make someone lots and lots of money no mountains will be moved.

          • Chris

            Really? God has everything to do with where the country is heading. Have you noticed the pattern of the United States? When we had a man who feared God and who had their morals straight leading this country, better things would happen. Look at the mess we are in right now. Obama is leaving God out of the picture. The country is falling to the sharks and God is the only One who can fix it. The main problem isn’t the low I.Q. of people in charge (although I believe it takes a main role). People are not looking to the Creator for help. They think they can do it all by themselves and it’s impossible. My prayers go out to this country, the people leading it, and especially the people living in it. It is only going to get worse before it can get better.

          • Jackson

            You don’t need God to tell you that killing is bad, or that stealing is immoral. You need education and good community to reinforce these natural known behaviors. If you need god to tell you not to lust after your neighbor’s wife, then you sir are not a good person.

          • anthemcrier

            So where do your morals originate?

          • Jackson521

            I guess you didn’t read past “You don’t need God”… Calm down and read the rest (I believe in God, just not all the claimed truths of certain belief systems).

          • Miss Kitty

            If you don’t like it when others steal what is yours, lie constantly, abuse animals, abuse other people, kill indiscriminately, cheat, steal, be disrespectful without cause, rape, and abuse our planet and poison the air, then you start off on the right foot for choices and morals. There are countless other moral issues. If you don’t like it happening to you, then don’t do it to others Really rather easy to realize what you want and don’t want.

          • Keith A. Needham

            Americans don’t believe that killing is bad. 55 million people have been “legally” murdered since Roe V Wade in 1973.

            I don’t think that the knowlege that killing is bad and that stealing is immoral are naturally known behaviors. Take a Sociology class in University. There have been and are societies that accept a far different moral code.

            For example, read “Peace Child”, by Don and Carol Richardson. They lived in a society were treachery, betrayal, and deceit were their highest virtues!

            (Quite some time ago, my husband’s name got attached to my account. I have never figured out how to fix this.)

          • TangoTommy

            God has absolutely nothing to do with the way this country is going. Keep in mind that the way we are going is the result of the choices WE make, not God’s choice. God can provide us with ideas, but if we are not willing to listen, don’t blame our problems on God. If you want to see the ultimate source of our problems , go look in a mirror

          • anthemcrier

            Right back atcha!

          • Kyle Roberts

            When was the last time an apparently god-fearing man led this country? Not even one that led it to prosperity, just led it? Because I’ll show you exactly how that man’s proclaimed “faith” was a farce to snag the votes and adoration of people like you. Name one.

          • anthemcrier

            Ronald Reagan

          • Hereiam247

            You don’t want to “cram your religion down throats” but your very first argument “can’t seperating morals from god” does just that!! My morals do not come from god. They come from within myself. If that is the way it is for you, congrats!! But you do not speak for me…or billions of other people currently inhabit sting this land. Just as you would be taken aback by me saying “god does not control your morals, you do” I am equally taken aback by your all encompassing statements. Hav respect for others and their individual thoughts.

          • Dan

            and my insides are telling me that I can do whatever, whenever I want. I’ll take your car or your significant other. Who’s to say I’m wrong, not me, my morals say it’s OK. Oh, by the way, why are you trying to cram your religion on me by saying I need to respect others? You or god does not control my morals, I do!

          • anthemcrier

            So what exactly are your morals? Child rape, stoning women who don’t conform to your morals, murdering unborn children because they are an inconvenience? Don’t alter your behavior just trash the “baby” You have no morals but those that serve yourself. God”s Will be very real to you when the time is at hand. Play the lottery with this and you will lose for eternity.

          • Ryan Ives

            Well said. I think this argument had derailed from fact. The fact of the matter is if you require religion to be moral you are indeed a sociopath because it doesn’t hinge on right or wrong, it hinges on reward or punishment. All you need to have any sense of morality is empathy. To recognize pain in someone or something else. Why do I need a deity for that to dictate a moral stance?

          • Kyle Roberts

            Our nation was NOT founded on biblical principles. The founding fathers were NOT Christians, though they did believe in a creator that most certainly did not involve himself in the daily lives of his creations. They were deists. The constitution never once says anything about religion or moral principles found through such means. On several instances these men were vocal about their disdain for religion, most notably Benjamin Franklin— “Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.” and “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason” and “I cannot conceive otherwise than that He, the Infinite Father, expects or requires no worship or praise from us, but that He is even infinitely above it.” the last is obviously a statement made by a man who does not consider the words of the bible useful or truthful. Considering their viewpoints for the time, if they had lived after the time of Charles Darwin, they would likely have had more cause to cast aside the belief of a deity altogether. In fact, if they were men of the bible, they would never have led a revolution, because the bible CLEARLY says to accept every human institution—

            1 Peter 2:13: “For the Lord’s sake accept the authority of every human institution, whether of the emperor as supreme, or of governors, as sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to praise those who do right.”

            Romans 13:1: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resist authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.”

            The only founding father that can be linked to any form of organized religion is John Jay, an Orthodox Christian.

            “In God We Trust” was not our national motto until 1956, signed into law by president Eisenhower. This was not printed on our currency until the next year, and the new circulation did not finish integration until 1966.

            I’m sick and tired of the belief that this country was founded as a Christian one built with the bible as a foundation. There is not a single shred of evidence to support this claim.

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            Sorry, but I assert that your absolute and sweeping statement about the founding fathers and their religious beliefs is wildly wrong.
            From Wikipedia:
            “Of the 55 delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, 49 were Protestants, and two were Roman Catholics (D. Carroll, and Fitzsimons). Among the Protestant delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 28 were Church of England (or Episcopalian, after the American Revolutionary War was won), eight were Presbyterians, seven were Congregationalists, two were Lutherans, two were Dutch Reformed, and two were Methodists.

            A few prominent Founding Fathers were anti-clerical Christians, such as Thomas Jefferson[21][22][23] (who created the so-called “Jefferson Bible”) and Benjamin Franklin.[24] Others (most notably Thomas Paine, who authored the religious book The Age of Reason[25]) were deists, or at least held beliefs very similar to those of deists.[26]

            Historian Gregg L. Frazer argues that the leading Founders (Adams,
            Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington)
            were neither Christians nor Deists, but rather supporters of a hybrid “theistic rationalism”.[27]”

            In that sense, you might want to curb the absolutism.

            However, in your support:
            “The Treaty of Tripoli, states that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”[28] and was passed unanimously by the Senate and signed by President John Adams.”

            But it IS obtuse to suggest that the Declaration of Independence is bereft of mentions of God, and to quote 1 Peter in an abbreviated way is intellectually dishonest:

            1 Peter 2:13-17New International Version (NIV) 13 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority, 14 or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. 15 For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. 16 LIVE AS FREE PEOPLE, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves. 17 Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.”

            I’m also pretty sure that your case that the state IS God should be reined in as well. It’s very clear what is commanded in other verses what a Christian will NOT submit to.

            (I think the above is more than a shred of evidence.)
            The Word of God is a clumsy weapon in the hands of one who does not believe it.

            It’s interesting to me that America, which is constitutionally governed BY THE PEOPLE, is being admonished by you to submit to any authority which is not constitutionally authorized (so long as you’re Christian, anyway — all others may dissent, right?)
            And you use the argument that the nation was not based on Biblical beliefs, but attempt to use a Biblical belief to shackle people to it in all circumstances.

            Tsk tsk.

          • Kyle Roberts

            First, I was speaking about the “key” founding fathers, which I guess I should have clarified. Secondly, I was showing the hypocrisy behind painting these men as Christians when the bible tells you to accept government institutions nearly unconditionally. I was most assuredly not trying to shackle anyone. I was stating that if you believe these passages, then it is you who have shackled yourself to whatever government counts you as citizen. The rest of the passages you quoted didn’t seem relevant to me at the time, considering they are contradictory to themselves. They tell you to submit yourself to whatever institution, and then tell you to live as free men under the rule of God. That’s why I didn’t include those. Thirdly, you have constructed an eloquent rebuttal for someone who quotes from Wikipedia. I congratulate you.

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            Well, if you wish to move the goalposts to some nebulous ‘key’ founding fathers, it’s much more like you had a point.

            Secondly, the context of those biblical passages was lost on yourself, as those were specific instructions to specific churches in a time where being Christian just might get you killed. Making them sweeping statements to serve the twofold purpose of, yes, shackling people to your interpretation of them, and making remonstrations for hypocrisy was a sporting attempt. Perhaps you might use a tool you understand better.

            Wikipedia was the easiest. Generally, recommending a lengthy discourse of actual American history is wasted on those whose soundbyte summation of it is ideological and inaccurate. I would point out I wasn’t shooting for eloquent.
            I simply went to a quick and easy source, and if you had done so to begin with, I could have saved myself a tiny callous from two clicks and a copy-paste of common knowledge.

            To me, my post had the literary eloquence of taking out the trash. Shall I go for eloquent?

          • Sorry but not really

            Whether they believed in a deity or not does not matter. Freedom of religion is in the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. Do you even know why? It’s because kings like King George III were chosen by one religion. They did not base the constitution on a religion of the king they were rebelling.

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            Actually, it does. If they had all uniformly been atheists or far worse anti-theists, the First Amendment would look significantly different.

            Do you really think you’re EDUCATING me about the reasons for the first amendment?
            And are you really so uninformed that you think English kings were chosen/appointed by a religion?
            It’s an INHERITED title, genius.

          • Jen

            Who made Benjamin Franklin the god of everyone. He is certainly not my god and what makes you so sure he was right about what he had to say. That’s the whole problem, most people have lost respect for what’s right and have no morals. If we did the world would be a better place. Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God. God is the only authority not the government. He is the almighty and there is no higher than he. God does not approve of the government, therefore whoever resist God’s laws resist him and will incur judgement including the governments.

          • barry

            Why so scared?

          • Sorry but not really

            Anyone can lie to get into office, as long as they have a pin that says Vote for me I’m Democrat or Republican using the money of that party has funded to them. They will always act on their own self interests, and as proof of this is that they would only make a decision if it keeps them in their chair, or if it increases their own paycheck. No one would sacrifice themselves for their own party. Example Richard Nixon. Morals disappear if they can get enough money to ignore it. If they even had any at all in the first place.

          • Drew Baye

            Nonsense. Our nation was founded by men with religious belief, but they had the good sense to keep it separate and found the government on secular principles.

          • Wild Bill The Texan

            God fearing men. Lets think about that statement for a minute. You’re telling me that the only thing that makes you a good person is the fear of consequences from god if you are not? So if, hypothetically, god didn’t exist then you would have nothing to fear and could go rape and pillage as much as you want. Someone that needs the fear of consequences in order to be a good person is, by definition, an immoral person. Truth has nothing to do with religion. Religion is an answer in the absence of truth.

        • doug

          May God have mercy on your soul!

    • free thinker

      It is so nice to read input from someone intelligent on the matter of politics in our country. The only thing I would add is that it is not only republicans that are the problem. It is the system of the elitist club that is the political/judicial system in this country that is much of the problem. But, that is just my opinion.

    • Larry McInnis

      Whatever but are the statistics that he stated true or false? Our we the leader in education, no. In economy? No, not any longer. God is slowly removed from classrooms, from currency and our rights are being slowly taken from us via the bill (patriot act) passed on 9/11. This country is going to hell in a handbasket! Its scary and to deny that anythings wrong and America is the greatest country in the world is dumb.. We need some of those good ol strong men of years past like Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan.

      • Momzor

        God has no place in the classroom or on our currency. Keep your god in your church where it belongs.

        • Christopher Lee Hartsock

          Our currency is issued by a private bank. Keep your totalitarianism out of private business.
          Oh, and you dictate WHERE people may express their religion?
          Not on my watch.

        • barry

          Why not? Do you teach your kids to date the same sex? Or do you want them to learn to hate their parents? That’s what liberalism is about.

    • Christopher Lee Hartsock

      Putting a Democrat in office, which we’ve also done, has produced EXACTLY the same results.
      In fact, a qualified constitutional professor has no moral qualms with presidential kill lists, indefinite detention without trial or charges, and massive spying. There’s no need to MATCH his argument, if one agrees with what he says, unless someone is suggesting that it’s somehow the fault of one party. It’s not. Dems and Reps have pretended to hate each other while they vary only by whiskers in actual policy.

      The problems in our country are real, and they are BIPARTISAN.

      Although I disagree with the author on many points, I think it’s mystifying that anyone, especially a liberal, in this immigration reform environment, would take exception to the idea that loads of people want to come here. If you don’t have any reason to believe this, then you don’t have any qualms about closing the borders, right? I have plenty of reasons to believe that particular fact, and they can be measured with hard science…like counting expired Visas, and illegal border crossings.

    • greatjoy

      If you look back in history, many of the problems of America are created by the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party has to fight apathy and educate constantly so that some will know our history and be able to respond. But, since we are the product of our education most of us don’t know our history.
      Think of almost anything the left accuses us of or that we are not proud of and it’s difficult to not find a Democrat behind it. Think of things you are proud of and the people who have done those things are usually Republican. It was George Wallace who started saying there’s no difference between the two.
      Who was Wallace? Ran several campaigns on
      segregation, was KKK and supportive of the Democrat Party segregation efforts. I recently took 7 pages off the interne,t of events and shortened it down to 2 1/2 so that I had room to add a blurb about Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project–and the fact that Pelosi received the Margaret Sanger Award this year. Educate yourself on the aspects of The Negro Project and this will make perfect sense. Obamacare is the new Jim Crow law I have been trying to get this congressional record of the fight against jim crow laws into as many hands as possible. (UPS Store has a package where you can make 1000 copies for $35. Wish I could get it shorter, but I just can’t seem to. We need to teach history.
      Obama is a case. In 1992 Democrats controlled the govt. Passed legislation that eventually caused the collapse in 2008. Obama ran around suing banks to force them to go along with the plan. Then they blamed the Republicans and George Bush.

    • TrueGrit

      150 years of Republican and Democratic…it does’t matter, they BOTH have a gun pointed to their heads because they signed on. Politicians are useless when money, at this point in time, is involved. Politicians are elected because of laws like…”We consider private entities as humans”, so therefore, the companies (private entities), have every right to contribute to political parties. Just with that one law, we, the people lose and our way of life is changed as our nation turns fascist. DAMN!

    • barry

      Funny, where did that idiot Daniels or Carey make their millions? In Canaduh?? Where they take 60% of your paycheck to pay for your “free” healthcare??

  • JustaThought

    This video clip is circulating again and it has my curiosity peaked about the message being extracted and argued here. I have not seen the show, I have never seen anything more of it than this clip here. Somehow I have come away with a different message though. I am aware of Sorkin’s background. I agree that the Obama administration is an horrific machine consuming liberties, not freedom as it is defined here. In that I agree they are one and the same. Daniel’s character sights many more socialist nations than our own and defines them as free. My confusion comes from this identification of a liberal agenda in this clip. I see him referencing a time when community action was dictated by an individual’s good will toward others, not the coercion of government. The “good old days” contained the ups and downs of any society, but they were a time when we had less regulation and the people and nation appeared to be driven by this morality you regard as God given. I care not where your morality is born so long as it causes you to make a decision that befits the life you would have for yourself and others. The Bible speaks often of your behavior toward others so please take this as a responsible position of action toward your community and not an endorsement of Government programs that encourage dependency on the good working people of this nation. You obviously cannot openly trust any form of media anymore, and the reference to informed peoples I feel was directed toward a greater good and more transparency from the media with less agenda lead propaganda fomenting the heard mentality that drives politics today. I honestly think PhantomPhyler said it right, this clip isn’t an encouragement of socialism, it’s not an endorsement of the leftist agenda. It is a statement of the thought that no longer drives government of any kind in this nation. Edmund Burke has been quoted over and over in every context to push every type of position, but it is my impression this clip is meant to highlight the failing of good men in doing nothing. The machine of our government is out of control and nothing is being done to stop this marginalization of its people to do great things. Perhaps I am applying my own bias, but that is the message I see in this clip.

  • Yeah right. 🙁 More deregulation to let the self-serving elitists continue to manipulate and machinate has really helped the poor and reinforced the moral fiber of this country. You are so lost. Please watch and listen to the video again. Maybe, just maybe something will penetrate.

  • joe w

    eh it doesnt change the fact that we are not the Same country .

    we are still the greatest but have fallen far

  • Ludo

    You’re speaking through your buttocks LOL. Good job helping deceive the people of America stating they have freedom. Pretty soon the federal Gov will control us all because of people pushing their propaganda on us like you sir. Disarm the US? I bet you don’t want us to have guns either? You want us to drink fluoridated water? Even though its poison byproducts from large corporations and not naturally occurring fluoride? Both candidates on our most recent election were funded by the same people, so no matter who won the same laws would be pushed on us right now. We had no real choice. Just wait till RFID chips and drones in the US used to wipe out peaceful protests based on past and prior police records. What about Obama dropping our southern defense systems ? What is he doing that for? Why is our government not going after the bankers that steal from the every day person, and locking them up like Iceland? There are many more questions you should be asking other then ” How bad is this that they bashed the US on TV ? ” People spend all day talking about the truth behind the politics, and people like you push garbage onto the masses so the REAL news is ignored. If you ever want to be a real journalist, and not some bullshit artist start posting things of significance. Like how vaccinations cause Autism, diseases, and are full of formaldehyde and mercury. Aborted fetal cells? Just to grow flu strains to inject ourself with poisons, yet its clear only 1.5% of vaccines prevent the flu? Meaning 98.5% of people that get the shot will still get the flu? People depend on journalists for news, and all of you are lying or reporting on kim kardashian. Anything to keep people from the truth.

  • Ludo

    You’re speaking through your buttocks LOL. Good job helping deceive the people of America stating they have freedom. Pretty soon the federal Gov will control us all because of people pushing their propaganda on us like you sir. Disarm the US? I bet you don’t want us to have guns either? You want us to drink fluoridated water? Even though its poison byproducts from large corporations and not naturally occurring fluoride? Both candidates on our most recent election were funded by the same people, so no matter who won the same laws would be pushed on us right now. We had no real choice. Just wait till RFID chips and drones in the US used to wipe out peaceful protests based on past and prior police records. What about Obama dropping our southern defense systems ? What is he doing that for? Why is our government not going after the bankers that steal from the every day person, and locking them up like Iceland? There are many more questions you should be asking other then ” How bad is this that they bashed the US on TV ? ” People spend all day talking about the truth behind the politics, and people like you push garbage onto the masses so the REAL news is ignored. If you ever want to be a real journalist, and not some bullshit artist start posting things of significance. Like how vaccinations cause Autism, diseases, and are full of formaldehyde and mercury. Aborted fetal cells? Just to grow flu strains to inject ourself with poisons, yet its clear only 1.5% of vaccines prevent the flu? Meaning 98.5% of people that get the shot will still get the flu? People depend on journalists for news, and all of you are lying or reporting on kim kardashian. Anything to keep people from the truth.

    STOP DELETING MY COMMENT MR.”I love to censor the truth “

    • All American

      Haha, They deleted my comment as well.

  • Jon

    Mmmm….more right wing ignorance. Go back to sleep trash

  • Jon

    The left leftist left. The left thinks this. The left is socialist. Nice buzzwords rednecks. So predictable

  • JeremiahT

    Dr. Campbell and most of the other people who have left comments here have missed the point. It’s to bad after watching the clip the first thing I though was ” We are all wrong!” Lets clarify a few things.
    1. Tea Party might have members who truly love America, I don’t doubt that for a second. The Tea Party was created by lobbyists for the soul purpose of lowering taxes and cutting spending: especially the tax rates for their supporters, read corporate America NoT the middle class.

    2. It is absolutely essential that there is some sort of regulation in the financial sector, the current regulation is a joke as was the ridiculous idea that it be unregulated.
    3. THE MOST IMPORTANT! Americans are lagging behind in education, that is why more of us are in jail, per capita, and why we are second in believing in angles. Faith is your right and your business and as a soldier I will gladly fight for ALL of your rights guaranteed by the constitution. But, as a Liberal I trust the opinion of somebody who understands the logic of the Scientific process over a person who bases judgement on scripture not history.

    The truth is the perception of our value systems are skewed because of the extreme message that many pundits are spreading (left and right). Because of the skew we elect leaders who are apposed to compromise and use a social agenda to cover up their ineffective performance in Government. Our Countries Government makes decisions based on fear not reason. That is why guns and their owners are in the spotlight instead of the ability of mentally deranged people getting a hold of them.

    This is not a partisan issue or veiled liberal agenda, this is America.

  • Vivian Celt

    Why all the harping on God? The US was founded on the idea of separation of church and state. And how about the first ammendment? If there is freedom of religion, then which god are you talking about anyway? People who are true believers in a god? The men who took down the World Trade Center were true believers. Teh man who decided to invade Iraq based on a pack of lies claims to be a true believer. Was that such a stellar idea? Yes, the Jeff Daniels character would never have been allowed to say all those things. So much for our vaunted “freedom of speech”. Oh, right, we have “freedom and freedom”. Teh US is not the greatest nation in the world. And, before someone gets around to suggesting I leave it… I left it 35 years ago becuase it is not a good place to be!

  • Bobbi

    Lighten up it is a tv show. Meant to inspire not be correct in everything. Just like when I took my hubby to see ET. I got the “word on how phoney” the take off of the space ship was at the end –can’t really have a rainbow. Sometimes you just suppose to enjoy the show!!

  • Denise

    Canada takes in more refugees, including American soldiers, than any countries in the world! His stats are on target!

  • Larry

    To make America great you say to look to the great men of the past and their words and deeds that made it great. I disagree. America is different now. While some of the skills and attitudes still apply, much of it is different. We need to be smarter, more thoughtful, better creators. How much of that is emphasized in society today? Ask an average American who is one our great thinkers of our time. Ask kids who their role models are. There is little emphasis or interest on becoming someone intelligent who does something wonderful for society. America is not the best nation. The facts prove it. So what are we going to do about it?

  • Concerned citizen

    It very hard to understand how those of you bashing this video, see no pangs of truth in the content. You like to claim that America is the best country in the world, for so many reasons that are simply not true. There are a lot of great things about the US, but come on You do realize that the facts stated in the monologue are true right? Add to that list a huge extended list on abuses of the pursuit of life liberty and happiness by a large part of the populace because they don’t fit into whatever clique you associate yourself with. Hate and bigotry, fear of the unknown, complete ignorance of fact, and complete belief in the blatant hate speech spouted from the mouths of louts like rush,beck, bachman and the rest of those who would destroy this country rather than accept the fact that we have big problems to address in our time ,and we can just look back on the glory days and try to relive that. Those days are gone, we have to make new glory days and we will not do that when the conservative right sees education, information and facts as the enemy and those with education as thinking that they are elites. Come on your not going to solve the problems of the day by trumping up conspiracy theories and listening to those who would encourage you to hate others and blame them for all your problems.

  • gelias

    Aaron Sorkin was and is spot on.

  • gail

    I believe in the USA. It is the best and unless obama takes our freedoms away we will heal again and be strong. Long live the USA. good take on the subject

  • g

    I don’t like it when people like Joe claim that someone who is speaking the truth is actually ignorant, when in fact, he is ignorant of reality.

  • Andrew

    Im right wing but I thought he made some great points when you look at it without political bias. America has fallen behind in so many areas and we need a call to action…dont let a party dictate how you think. I am republican but he made a hell of a lot of good points.

  • Please think

    I think your take is highly reactionary and doesn’t show any command of the issues he presents in this piece. As long as everything is seen as liberal/conservative you are no better than the one you are trying to blast. Real progress doesn’t come from blame.

  • hopefordemocracy

    so, like, “we acted like men”??? in 2013, Jeff? i have lots of thoughts, but that one jumps out at me.

  • Not so much informed as not misinformed, there’s millions of more times information as in the past, the problem is 99.9% of it is wrong.

  • Adam Goodman

    I tend to lean right but the second you mention God, I’m done. Religion should play no role whatsoever in the direction, laws, or government of our nation

  • SS

    This is the most hard hitting three minutes that I have heard for a long time. They are the most honest as well. It got me thinking and I have nothing against the rhetoric. Food for thought and action.

  • JoseM

    Just a thought, but one doesn’t need god to have morality, for fear of a higher power should not dictate why a person does good things. People should act on the principle of having faith in humanity rather than placing faith that you’ll be rewarded or punished after you die. I’m not saying that I’m against religion or anything, freedom of religion is an inalienable right, I just don’t believe that people necessarily need god to have morality. One can pursue intelligence and enlightenment so long as they want to, not because they are forced to. Anyway that’s just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

    • Jen

      I don’t do good things because I fear God. I do them because I know that is what I am supposed to do. I’m not FORCED to do anything because of my belief in my higher power. I use my God-given free will and make those choices out of love for God and others. I don’t believe that I must live a certain way or face eternal damnation, I believe that God loves me, loves everyone, and he doesn’t waste people. I don’t know who inspires your moral code, but mine comes straight from a loving, compassionate being who only wants what’s best for us.

  • EchoPoint

    I am a liberal democrat. I live in NJ. I am part of the 1%. And I totally agree that the U.S. is far from the greatest country n the world. I have been everywhere and while the U.S. has superiority in many things, there is much that others can claim is far better. There is no greatest country in the world nor should there be. America should be about equality and opportunity, but is it really? No. I do not think so. Jeff Daniels’ character is absolutely right.

  • I did watch the video and I wholeheartedly agree with it. Only a Liberal would take offense and disagree. Welfare is not a conservative creation, it is a liberal one. As far as immigration goes, America is the one they choose because we have the most LIBERAL ways in. We should tighten it up.

  • swed

    His facts were correct, The NEA has done extensive damage.
    The electorate / Citizens dumbed down to the point where trash like Reid, Pelosi and Obama can even be considered for public office.
    He is also right, America used to be Free, we are rapidly becoming a bigger police state than any European nation. All of his points are correct and factual. Sitting around and blaming the Republicans, democrats, tea party, whatever party is a ruse. Take responsibility for your self. Get educated, check your facts, read, learn. Then speak.

  • dinges

    the honest 3 minute,s are right hitting the nail, the us is not free, and putting god in youre argument is inmoral as statement 9 god doesn,t exist, and a fictious person cant be responsible for moral guidance.. so no, youre argument has head not tail

  • zs

    Facts are facts. Opinions are the interpretation of these facts, or more often “facts,” nowadays and what they mean when applied to trends that occur in the world. If America isn’t on a downward spiral with our ever increasing debt, reluctance to cut military spending, and lack of any meaningful legislature getting passed because of something as stupid as a party line, then please, someone, tell me what it is, because I don’t see anything but that every time I turn the news on. Politcal parties have completely destroyed this country because it divides it into two nice little halves that wax and wayne and love to do the exact opposite of each other. If you don’t make six figures a year, you are constantly losing nowadays in this world because the system is fixed against you. We have enough resources in the world to supply everyone with everything they could ever want, and we have the technology to do so, but politics will NEVER let that happen because there is always power to be gained and lost.And who is in power? Only those who have the millions to run television ads and smear campaigns against their opponents. What are they fighting for? Not you, not me, just for their own re-election and the only way to do that this day and age is to strictly adhere to party lines OR ELSE. If people were as informed as they should be, something like a background check law that was supported by 90% of the public wouldn’t be shot down by the NRA. Do some research before you walk into a voting booth or leave that section blank.

  • Andrew Kirk

    who’s paying you? or better yet are these your own personal thought or the thoughts of those you represent

  • Nathan Carlson

    I agree with what you said to a great degree, enough so that I believe someone would have to purposefully and with malice misinterpret it to come away without being enlightened as to the nature of this diatribe. There are some things I do agree with in the video. Not the statistics, I’m well aware of the way the Chinese stack their testing to include only their most intelligent candidates, and also that an index of education can be taken many ways. Perhaps we have the greatest number of educated adults, or the highest percentage of educated adults (which would be more difficult for a large country), or perhaps our adults are more educated…
    The point that I agree with, is that we are mired right now. And I do not place this in conservative laps (my own included). The President represents his party, his voting base, and ignores the 49.9% of voters who didn’t vote for him. He doesn’t realise that his job is to “preside” not to rule or lead. He is an arbiter, and the executor of congresses will, something that has been lost on the general populace who look for presidents to lead them. George Washington if he foresaw this would have been in anguish about the creation of the office.
    The problem that follows from this video is that, like you said leftist intellectual elitists will doubtless use the series to push liberal values, a decentralized morality, and the damnation and destruction of values based on the conservation of what was written in “The Book”. (I will use this broadly to define established religion, from the Judeo-Christian and yes Muslim as they hold with several of the early books of the Bible.) These religions are edifices of established absolute morality, and absolute morality makes the intellectual exclusivist pursuits of the left inconvenient to pursue, as “abortion is not murder” might make sense in their moral universe where you isolate the possibility of the growing child as being a separate individual from conception. A belief in the soul makes them have to cope with questions like when is this living mass alive?

    So yes, the video was stirring, and yes a lot of what he said is how Americans feel, and is their subjective reality; but the greater reality is that the principles of freedom, liberty, the valuing of our diverse opinions without acting on the temptation to have government enforce our views on others (Also known as tyranny) were and are recognized in the founding documents and the hearts of people in our nation. While it is easy to be a liberal, and cheer as the party roots in the dirt and finds more causes in the form of pearls; It is hard to be a conservative, and to be called insensitive, bigoted, and to watch the constitution twisted as we watch the government tell children they can’t pray in school or say the pledge of allegiance because “God” might be offensive to some people. The declaration of independence and constitution do not recognize any in-alienable right to not be offended, they simply state our faith that in the respect of our lives, liberty, and through the natural pursuit of happiness we can acknowledge that offense, and it will prove no barrier to the continuation of a well-regulated nation of free people.

    That said, Amen
    Nathan Carlson

  • Nathan Carlson

    I agree with what you said to a great degree, enough so that I believe
    someone would have to purposefully and with malice misinterpret it to
    come away without being enlightened as to the nature of this diatribe.
    There are some things I do agree with in the video. Not the statistics,
    I’m well aware of the way the Chinese stack their testing to include
    only their most intelligent candidates, and also that an index of
    education can be taken many ways. Perhaps we have the greatest number
    of educated adults, or the highest percentage of educated adults (which
    would be more difficult for a large country), or perhaps our adults are
    more educated…
    The point that I agree with, is that we are mired
    right now. And I do not place this in conservative laps (my own
    included). The President represents his party, his voting base, and
    ignores the 49.9% of voters who didn’t vote for him. He doesn’t realise
    that his job is to “preside” not to rule or lead. He is an arbiter,
    and the executor of congresses will, something that has been lost on the
    general populace who look for presidents to lead them. George
    Washington if he foresaw this would have been in anguish about the
    creation of the office.
    The problem that follows from this video is
    that, like you said leftist intellectual elitists will doubtless use the
    series to push liberal values, a decentralized morality, and the
    damnation and destruction of values based on the conservation of what
    was written in “The Book”. (I will use this broadly to define
    established religion, from the Judeo-Christian and yes Muslim as they
    hold with several of the early books of the Bible.) These religions are
    edifices of established absolute morality, and absolute morality makes
    the intellectual exclusivist pursuits of the left inconvenient to
    pursue, as “abortion is not murder” might make sense in their moral
    universe where you isolate the possibility of the growing child as being
    a separate individual from conception. A belief in the soul makes them
    have to cope with questions like when is this living mass alive?

    yes, the video was stirring, and yes a lot of what he said is how
    Americans feel, and is their subjective reality; but the greater
    reality is that the principles of freedom, liberty, the valuing of our
    diverse opinions without acting on the temptation to have government
    enforce our views on others (Also known as tyranny) were and are
    recognized in the founding documents and the hearts of people in our
    nation. While it is easy to be a liberal, and cheer as the party roots
    in the dirt and finds more causes in the form of pearls; It is hard to
    be a conservative, and to be called insensitive, bigoted, and to watch
    the constitution twisted as we watch the government tell children they
    can’t pray in school or say the pledge of allegiance because “God” might
    be offensive to some people. The declaration of independence and
    constitution do not recognize any in-alienable right to not be offended,
    they simply state our faith that in the respect of our lives, liberty,
    and through the natural pursuit of happiness we can acknowledge that
    offense, and it will prove no barrier to the continuation of a
    well-regulated nation of free people.

    That said, Amen
    Nathan Carlson

  • Cody

    Morality is a social adaptation, Mr. Lawyer.

  • AndyD

    The fact that you state the bible and fear of God as a reason for America’s greatness shows how backwards you are. The answers to improving the quality of living lie in learning lessons from past mistakes and how to improve going forward, not clinging on to ideals that were created in a time and context that is no longer relevant today. Of course the fundamentals of freedom and equality hold true but fear of God? I pity your ignorance.

    • mariah100

      This made absolutely no sense.

  • Klaus

    There was a time during my young days when I envied the US. As mentioned in the video you were free, creative, friendly … optimistic. Just great.

    And then came 9/11. Ever since you are scared … on all levels. You have the biggest military budget, the biggest budget for secret services and on a personal level you have an ever increasing obsession with weapons and religion. You trust nobody anymore and are afraid of everything. The loss of freedom can’t be more obvious than that. The truth is that Al Qaida won the war. It poisoned your hearts.
    You are ruining your country.

    Just to mention – my company gave me the freedom to move to the US or Australia for some years (or forever).

    Greetings from … Sydney

    • mariah100

      Glad you’re not here. I’ll keep my religion and my guns, thank you. You can kiss my rear end. And when Al-Qaida takes over Sydney, don’t come crying to America.

  • Jackson

    Congratulations, Joe Miller from Alaska: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • Jackson

    Haha: you have a quick moderator, doesn’t change the fact that you are everything that is keeping this country down.

  • lambert

    the reasons that Sorkin sites -> the reasons that Sorkin cites

    Proving Sorkin’s point, in a way.

  • Stormy Weather

    Sorry but i must disagree with the author of this article in almost every aspect written. The speech was more spot on than anything this author tried to change any opinions with.

  • Rennyrij

    I think this Sorkin fellow hit the nail on the head! Mr. Miller is wrong, and I wouldn’t vote for him for dog-catcher.
    “Socialism” should not be considered a dirty word or a bad thing any more. We need to study up on the “buzz words” of the recent and not-so-recent past, and start paying attention to their real meanings. Even “communism” does not really mean what it came to mean during the early part of the 20th century. Socialism centers on society, and communism centers on community – which are highly commendable subjects to be concerned about. We have many societies, which cater to particular elements of our population, and we have many communities, which cater to the well-being of all members of a populated area. If socialized medicine provides for everyone to have a right to at least basic health care, what’s wrong with that? Other countries have it, as a basic right. Why are we falling behind? Because of “buzz words”? Because of the cheapness of certain factions of our government? Community colleges were originally designed to be affordable extensions of high school, so that most students could get some decent measure of the college experience. Some community colleges have outgrown their beginnings, and are competitive, nowadays, with the “name” colleges in this country – and the costs are going up.
    We need to get back to that sense of community, to extending education to those who are willing to do the work required, for the betterment of our American society. And in order to compete in the World, which is becoming more and more necessary in this day and age, we need to KEEP UP. We are so behind, in so many subjects, it is embarrassing to call oneself “American”. We should not be sitting on our (by now) laurels-in-memory-only, and get the job done that needs to be done. And we don’t need to be “God” to the world. We do need to shape up and be something like evenly balanced participants!

    • mariah100

      You’re a socialist idiot. EX: Obamacare. Crap. My family is going from $160 a month to $400 a month. Going from zero deductible to $6000 – that six THOUSAND! deductible and less benefits. Obamacare helps the poor, and hurts the middle class. I’m not even sure it helps the poor. I’ve heard differently. But I can say it is NOT helping the middle class.

      So you can take your socialism and ‘spread the wealth’ crap and stick it up your ass.

  • Agarciak

    Your take might be true in part, but the fact that today 1 out of every 5 children is hungry in this great country of ours speaks for itself while we spend billions in playing good “samaritan” (more of a world cop) elsewhere, trying to fix the world to what we believe the standard should be. Really? Who in the world gave us the right to decide on other people’s, cultures’, nations’ standards, lifes and future? I just ask a simple question: would we appreciate (LIKE) some other country telling us what to do or invade our great nation to solve our issues?
    Think about it. I most certainly don’t and don’t intend to leave but rather help improve as our forefathers did to build our nation.

  • Tom

    Why FEAR God?

  • djstucrew

    I’m a data picker. I just wrote a book on guns and the politics swirling around them called “Knowing Guns.” (Yup — available at the usual places.) Anyway, I had to really nail my statistics, which have the annoying habit of changing over time without notice. So anyway, when I first saw this, my reaction was, “Who has this kind of information in their melons ready to spew on a moments notice?” Nobody I know, with the possible exception of an OCD Asberger’s friend, speaks that fast and has that level of recall ability.

    Still, he did say a lot of interesting things. So I checked. At first I was shocked — while the overall points were still valid, the numbers were off! How could that be? Ah… wailt… the episode was a flashback! So, going back to the date shown on the show, I re-checked. Apparently somebody at HBO did their homework, because the numbers were dead on. (One interesting thing: they went to various sources for them. My guess: take the one that looked worse, which seems to be the case. Still, none of the sources were invalid. No George Soros/Joyce Foundation crapola; and no extreme right Koch Brothers/Tea Party stuff either. Good so far…

    So my only real nit to pick is when he rattles off all of the countries that “have freedom.” One can argue that he’s also right, and even forgot a few, but the salient point here seems to be the DEGREE of freedom. NO country has ABSOLUTE freedom! (And what a nightmare if it did! Can you imagine being free to shoot somebody because you don’t like them, or run your sewer line into a neighbor’s cattle pond? Not all “regulation” is evil. The Bill of Rights is not only regulation on government, but interpersonal as well. As the old saying goes; your rights end where mine begin.) So Canadians are pretty damned free… unless they stop paying the outrageous taxes to support their “socialized” health care system or want to own a semi-auto pistol. Yet we smug Americans think we’re so free, until somebody disappears from the street without charge, warrant or legal counsel — we lost that one a while ago, a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. We no longer have anything like a right to privacy, which despite the naysayers has been a traditionally recognized right. (See the 4th and 9th Amendments.) Our freedoms are being eroded daily; the onslaught is endless. Yet we permit it. Some even encourage it.

    Yeah, Sorkin is a left-winger, but I think he’s sincere. He didn’t fudge the data in any meaningful way. I think he’d really like to see America be #1 again, too. He just differs in his opinion of how to get there. I’ll tell you this: it WON’T happen by fighting with ourselves.

  • jnorm0324

    Sad, pathetic, dumb, content for America? Words written by screen writers, but what about the truth behind them? What about this “content” for America that has become a reality? You all sit here and spew hatred toward a certain political agenda, yet, you have no idea that you are the majority of the problem. No not republicans, not democrats, the 2 party system has and is continuing to ruin our so called GREAT country. You straight line voters “wonder into a polling station” and chalk it up for your political affiliation and most of you have not a damn clue who they are or what their agenda is! We have a duty to be informed, and to vote for the candidates in America, and when you make an uninformed VOTE, you cause these issues by placing the wrong people in office, based on a letter beside their name. GET INFORMED AND WAKE UP!

  • alan_1969

    In the movie, “Pale Rider”, with Clint Eastwood, a gun slinger ghost preacher, who had died in the past while a sheriff; the bad guy in the movie became upset when he discovered that a preacher was let into the area, because the spirit of the people was almost broken, but having a preacher around can give the people hope and people with hope are difficult to break. I mention this because the Christian organizations are under attack and if they can break our spirit, we will be defeated, but Christ came to give us hope and we must cling to that hope. In the video, I have to agree with what Jeff said to this audience. We are not the same country we once were. Our representatives don’t defend the constitution, the man in the white house does all he can to circumvent the constitution. Their agenda and ours are not in line with each other. We care about this country as a whole, while they only care about themselves. Until we get back to the constitutional ways as our forefathers have intended, this once great country will be destroyed.

  • Luke

    I think your a moron.

  • Joe Miller is a Douchebag

    This author is an idiot. He can’t even get the quote in the beginning of the video correct. He also writes, “America may not be the greatest country in the world anymore — after the last presidential election, and in Alaska, the last senatorial election, I certainly have my doubts -“. What a sore loser, as evidenced by the fact that Miller did not concede the race and instead filed legal challenges which stopped the Alaska Division of Elections from certifying Murkowski as the winner. Perhaps he should not have hitched his wagon to that idot Sarah Palin and the Teatards. This guy is a waste of space.

  • Edy Benjamin

    Three Minutes” – 1) Freedom – the main reason people want to immigrate
    to America is financial first, and at least up until now, this was
    realized by them. 2) Deregulate businesses. I am old enough to remember
    the struggle my own father went through during the great depression.
    When he did get a job he wasn’t paid enough to feed us adequately and he
    was treated like he was worthless. Then he worked to start a union –
    that is what gave us a middle class. 3) Sorkin – have you seen the movie
    “The West Wing”? He became my personal hero with that one. 4) “No
    morality without God.” Therein lies one of our biggest problem. I can
    tell you in truth…I was a practicing Catholic the first 33 years of my
    life. The last 46 years as a non believer I am a better person morally
    that I ever was as a believer, and view morality as a growing thing –
    not something set in stone. – I began by questioning everything.

  • ann

    I think the author is the one who is deluding himself on what freedom and greatness means- Jeff Daniel’s character hits the nail on the head- this country is in a sorry state- as witnessed by the latest tea party orchestrated disaster where they were willing to bring the country to financial ruin because they couldn’t get their way on one piece of legislation- they somehow so loathe the idea of affordable health care for all americans they are willing to wreak havoc on the lives of ordinary citizens to make their pathetic and ideological point- their diatribes against obamacare are so divorced from reality they betray their ignorance and fanaticism- I hope they all get tossed out of office the next election- it would help the country no end

    • vietnam6871

      Whoa, another Obamabot speaks. Wake up. Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare, it has to do with control. It comes from those who are pushing the US into authoritarian socialism. Do yourself a favor and read Cloward and Piven. In a nutshell, the object is the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to
      the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by
      nationalizing as many private institutions as possible. Single payer system, anyone? Obama has said it is his goal and Harry just confirmed it is his. C&P had the same Marxist guide as does our woeful president, Saul Alinski. Obama knows both entities extremely well. (As does Hillary Clinton whose thesis was on Alinski.) I will admit O is only a player, the global push comes from bankers and elitist families worldwide, but it exists, it is not something I dreamed up and Obama is an active participant in making it happen. Common Core and Agenda 21 are part of this movement.

      Now I know you were assisted in your left-wing philosophy since you were taught exclusively by left-wing teachers. But, don’t you think it is time to find out the big picture and not what you were (apparently) successfully indoctrinated into? If you don’t, (and it has been well stated) you will continue to give up a little liberty for a little more security – until you have neither.

  • Lady Squash

    Go Joe!

  • Cj

    When compared to other countries we’ve been losing ground for years, there r statistics to prove it. Sure if u compare us to 3 world countries were gonna win, but when compared to everyone, we don’t measure up anymore. Its not a bad place to live, its just not as good as it used to be, that’s his point. It’s a simple point with indisputable stats that prove it. Wake up America, stop watching the news and find a non gov controlled source for your information

  • Paul Prochaska

    I think it doesn’t matter at all what we the people think.

  • JavaMan

    Are you sure that wasn’t Jack Daniels speaking?

  • RustyRowel

    I think it’s TELEVISION! It’s not real. It is scripted for entertainment. If it was meant to be taken seriously, then so would The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

  • The_Ostrich

    There is only one point to take away from all of this; that until we admit we have problems and make the commitment to solving them, our country will continue to decline. You can thank both parties, parents, schools, the courts and generally apathetic citizens who continue to vote for losers. Societal classes moving too far apart always results in a revolution. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent. We need to make the tough choices or accept the inevitable. Sorry America.

  • optimusprimerib

    “There is no morality without God.” As a self disciplined atheist, I find this statement false and, frankly, offensive. You need to realize that there are good people out here, who do good things simply because it feels right, not in fear of punishment, or in hopes of a reward.

  • Kelly Sparks

    The video takes the question of “Why is American the greatest nation in the world” and flips it to what made America the greatest nation in the world?
    One can argue what is said, implied, or not said in this video; which is apparently made for entertainment, but does touch on our reality today. None the less, I believe there to be two important points: a nations relationship with God and personal responsibility.
    First we must acknowledge Deuteronomy 28 and it is very clear: a nation that follows the ways of God will be blessed, and a nation that does not follow His ways will be cursed. Argue what you like, but the text is clear.
    Secondly, each person needs to be personally responsible to themselves and others. When each person is growing and striving to be the best that they can be, are we all not better for it. And when we care for ourselves and others, helping them as we have ability for them to grow and mature, is not our society better.
    Deuteronomy 6:5/Mathew 22:37/ Mark all say, “Love The Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength”. Mathew and Mark both quote Jesus Himself, who says, “…and love your neighbor as your self”. By doing these things, how can we not become a great nation again?
    So I start with myself every dayto be the best I can be, to help others, and to love The Lord my God with all that I am and have; because I am ultimately responsible to Him.
    As for me and my house, we will serve Jehovah.

  • Nivrad

    It should be noted that this is FICTION and may or may not represent the actors, writers, or directors opinion. It was made for entertainment purposes and should be taken as such.

    If you actually do watch the clip makes a number of points in slamming both the left and the right for the current situation.

    We are no longer tops in education, life expectancy, prosperity, home ownership, exports, and even technology….

    Many other countries are free. The reasons people and people do try to immigrate to those countries as well but for various reasons are not as popular mainly because they have barriers that are not easily overcome. Most are not located next to improvised nations and many surrounded by oceans.

    It is true that we incarcerate, per capita, more of our civilians than any other country, including Russia and China. We spend a VAST amount of our national resources on our military. Much more than the next 25 wealthiest countries combined. We provide military protection to countries that have no military at all.

    The very best thing we can do is to educate our young, help our fellow citizens in becoming wealthy, build up our infrastructure, spend less on military and more on sciences, technologies and the welfare of the country as a whole.

    But the worst comment you make is that there is no morality without God and since you mention the Bible you must mean a Christian God. Morality is a human issue alone. Set and enforced by society at any given time and taught to younger generations and through personal experience by their parents and governments.

  • Newticle

    You watched that clip and your takehome was the “Freedom!” idiot was right? Jesus, are you ever what’s wrong with America.

  • Sad citizen

    Sounds like a pot calling a kettle… well.. you know

  • andyman

    “There is no morality without God, and yet he scoffs at this notion and implies that America leads the world in ignorance because it has the most citizens per capita that believe in angels”.
    If you believe that you need god to have morality, then you have clearly not read your bible. That book is quite possibly the most bloodthirsty, racist, homophobic, vindictive and sadomasochistic piece of fiction that I have ever had the displeasure of reading.
    And given that a very large number of Americans “believe in Angels”, they are, by definition, delusional and therefore ignorant.

  • andyman

    To Kelly Sparks, who seems to think that “…we must acknoledge Deuteronomy 28…”
    I presume you have read all your bible and believe it to be god’s word and therefore true….. in which case (just to stay with Deuteronomy) how about we acknoledge 20: 10-14.
    Read it, and then tell me we should engage in murder, rape and slavery!
    You christians (all religious people) are pathetic.
    There is no god, grow up.

  • Kevin P

    Joe, You missed the mark… again. Saying Freedom twice is NOT an answer. This is a serious issue and Daniels character hits it right on the head. Joe, you speak of immigration statistic, well we have the most illegal immigrants in the world and we pay for their every need.. The reason people want to come here is because we (I mean the American government) will provide a free ride to most of them. The overarching reason is because our poor have it better that the poor in other countries.
    We now have a smaller tax paying core than we did in the past, having to support more people (legal and illegal). And this living off the government has become a standard of life being passed from generation to generation, and they refuse to go earn a living.
    Joe, you are a lawyer and a ‘want to be’ politician who obviously doesn’t understand. It must be a political thing.

  • Ryan

    I was almost with you until you said “there is no morality without god.”

  • LostEuropean

    Wow… I needed a few minutes to let all this sink in… Do most conservatives live in the same dream world you do? Is this you being brainwashed or trying to brainwash?

    Freedom. It is beyond me how people consider themselves free in the US considering how there is no integrity, how the state supervises anyone in the country and where the police take liberties while walking all over yours at the same time.

    You use words like socialism. Do you understand what it means? Do you realize that some of your country’s closest allies are “socialists”? Or are you just stuck in a post cold war era where you can’t differentiate between socialism, stalinist communism or marxism (it’s left, it’s all the same, is that it?).

    And please keep on telling me how well deregulation is helping poor americans become richer. Tell me more about how increasing corporations profit margins is making the American middle class Strong and Richer, how deregulation is there so that Adam Smiths bloody invisible hand will go and make everything better and sweeter!

    No morality without religion? Please tell me more how over 75% of everyone living in scandinavia, the UK or Japan are unable to behave morally! Tell me more how you need a book that has been rewritten, misinterpreted and mistranslated, a book which forbids you for moral reasons to wear different fabrics together, which objectifies women more than modern society could ever dream of doing (and that’s saying something), which… oh dear, I’ve actually studied the bible and if I continue there won’t be any end to it.

    Perhaps the United States of America was the greatest nation at some point. Perhaps it was linked to the ideals of the founding fathers (and you need to go back to your history book, seems like you missed out on what they were saying). But you’ve lost it, just like you’ve lost most american ideals in every part of your society outside political rhetorical mumbojumbo.

    No wonder we’re losing the will to live.

  • Frank


  • thenewgeneration

    This video, which I’ll admit I viewed out of context, rang with a note of truth- America is not the best place in the world anymore. And maybe it never was. We are unintentionally biased when it comes to judging the place we call home, and as a result we tend to ignore our weaknesses. I think it is important to look at this clip objectively, and not let where one stands on the political spectrum interfere.
    The good old days were not always good, that is true, but that is not an excuse to simply overlook the problems the United States faces today.

  • SockMonkey

    Yeah, um Joe, Aaron Sorkin is a genius and you are wrong. That’s my take.

  • joe

    We are not free! We are brain washed into a certain way we have to live. Everythings about money and this country in mega debt. Prisons are the biggest industry in this country. Open your eyes people an take a stand. My generation will not stand to be taken advantage of. Sucks that a group of 20 year olds are able to see this. We will fight for our true freedom!

  • Becca

    We allow immigration in a way. Instead of putting up a forceful fight immigrants always leak their way in and our government just gives in and helps them more than our actual citizens…other countries don’t tolerate that and most of our immigratants are from a natural enemy located beneath the state I live in

  • Andrew Bliven

    Just kind of feel the need to tell you this. You’re a puppet and a fool. You’ve not the slightest idea of what true inspired thought is. You yourself are an instrument of the government derivative morality you so readily attack. And if a person is making almost no money, was poorly educated, and isn’t healthy enough to truly enjoy, understand, preserve their freedoms, then why does it matter to have them. But no you’re definitely right, it is best that we rest our laurels on the three we take first in. Because feeding people that we incarcerate for drug offenses is cheap, paying to secure our allies borders is effective for our protection, oh and angels crap bread to feed our poor enfeebled ‘free and liberated’ citizens.

  • Anonymous

    “There is no morality without God”.

    Maybe to you, America is a land of Christians, but a real American is open to all ways of life and thinking.

  • Don

    Unfortunately neither you nor Sorkin have any substantial comments to bring America back to its greatness. Let me mention that the Tea Party involvement at the Bundy Ranch is very frightening to me. Violence begets violence.

  • Ronald Yunis

    Love the opinions expressed in your piece but, like the average dentist or chiropractic, please don’t refer to yourself as “Doctor,” it makes you appear desperate and significantly lessens your legitimacy among the literate.

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    My take?
    “Freedom and Freedom”?
    Words. Empty words.
    We could go down the Bill of Rights like a checklist, much as the bipartisan freedom-HATERS in power have done, and started crossing them off with each new term.
    “First Amendment Areas.”
    “Designated Protest Areas.”
    “Felony charges for protesting within a thousand feet of someone under Secret Service protection.”

    Do I really need to go down the list?
    Indefinite detention without charges or trials.
    Massive domestic spying programs.
    Presidential kill lists.
    Warrantless wiretapping and home searches.
    Gun control.
    Groped at airports.
    Removal of net neutrality.
    Border patrol stops a hundred miles from any border.
    Corporate ‘personhood’ and money as speech.

    At every corner where this false dichotomy of ‘left-right’ sees freedom, there they go, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, piling up to erase those freedoms.

    He lists other countries that are free, and does so for precisely one purpose:
    to strike down the notion that we’re some monopoly on freedom, when much of the free world is begging the citizenry to wake up to what we’re losing every day. That’s why it’s a vapid answer. It’s there to avoid thought and get easy applause.
    Freedom FROM WHAT?

    What made America great, pure and simple, was a willingness to embrace self-sacrifice for higher principles. I don’t care if someone’s propensity for selflessness comes from above, or within. If they have it, they are the answer. If they lack it, they are the problem.

    Personally, I’d like freedom from the entrenched dogma of an outdated and out-of-touch bipartisan government which has married Big Gov/Big Biz to the point where terms like ‘Fascism’ are mud that can be hurled, and stick.

    Being told straightforward truths about where we rank in things that MATTER to everyday people isn’t some left-wing rant, even if that slant is ham-fisted at points. If it’s the truth, embrace it where it’s good, and sacrifice something to change it where it’s bad.
    That’s what makes AMERICANS great. It has so little to do with the government, who should be shaking in their boots if we stop soaking up their divisive rhetoric and start cleaning up our country.
    Iceland did it. We can’t?

    If someone can echo ‘Freedom and Freedom’ in full view of the undisputed fact that America DOES in fact have a higher per capita prison population than ANY NATION IN THE WORLD, they need a reality check.

    ‘Diversity’? Yay. Everyone’s different.
    Why not list a VIRTUE, instead of a genetic inevitability?

    I love America. It’s gorgeous.
    I love Americans. We have it in us. Greatness…because we’re HUMANS. Greatness isn’t a product of birthplace. It’s a reward for choices made under adversity.

    That’s why I despise our government. I wish more people did.

    • Gabriele Jerousek

      best answer ever. thank you Christopher Lee

  • Fury

    I have watched the clip and agree totally with what he said, even as i read these comments i have to shake my head at how on any given topic the majority of americans will always revert to fighting left vs right, all the while both parties are sitting together and laughing while screwing america over. Both parties have trampled the constitution, stolen our bill of rights, destroyed our economy by sending it over seas with their policies and gave us back nothing but fear mongering and war after way because its profitable for them, yet they dangle political rhetoric at the american people to keep them infighting amoung themselves over party lines all the while they laugh all the way to the bank. hoping in my lifetime to see america wake up and take back the great nation we once had

  • cdog

    My take? Your an idiot…

    Can you disprove any of those statistics? Or is it your learned opinion that those who study stuff know even less than you…

    We USED to admire education… We really don’t anymore…it boils down to who’s got the biggest flag, not in who REALLY gives a damn…that’s why our country is circling the drain…

    Used to be all for one and one for all…

    Now it’s just me, me, me…..

    • CharlesHouston

      As a confirmed moderate, my abilities to recognize inaccurate statistics is undimmed. America is far from perfect but many of Jeff’s statistics are wrong. Does America have a large percentage of people who are incarcerated? In almost all totalitarian countries the entire population is effectively incarcerated. China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Iran, etc – the US is way down on that list. Those people cannot leave without permission, they cannot read or worship in freedom.

      Certainly the US has a bloated defense budget but when there is a hurricane in the Philippines the US Navy is the first to arrive. A tsunami in Indonesia and the US Navy is the first to arrive. A famine in Africa and US Air Force aircraft bring supplies. A lot of our “defense” budget is spent on disaster relief around the world. Now we do need to retire our missile defense system!


  • keegan

    what do I think? I think you are stupid that is what I think.

  • Anonymous

    You’re an idiot. The rebuttals you have for every statement Daniels’ character made were to create solutions for the problems he stated. He merely stated that they were problems and obviously you agree. And as for your unneeded opinion on the fact that the last election made “America not the greatest country anymore”, it’s ignorant statements like that that give right-wing politicians like you zero ammunition to even make a difference in today’s society.

    Daniels’ character also had a HUGE point. This country is number one at most incarcerated people per capita. Maybe the government should loosen its leash on the idiotic war on drugs and actually focus on rehabilitation, not incarceration.

  • reality

    The video is on target and why isn’t America great? Because of people like Joe Miller. Because of failed conservative ideas like ‘trickle down’ and conservatives pushing bigotry, ideological purity, extremism, anti-intellectualism, attacks on higher ed, and creationist fundamentalist christianity into our schools, laws and gov’t. No wonder our youth is falling behind the rest of the world in math and science.

  • Andrew Coleman

    Jeff Daniels character is correct. If you don’t believe it then you need to spend some time outside the US with members of other Nations and take a look into America while you are out there. You will not see the same Country that you used to know.

  • Flea

    If you think you can only have morals from a deity, then you are a problem.

  • pinkiew

    what the actor said is all true and more. For instance, USA is the only country in the world with Papua Guinea that does not give paid maternity leave. there’s none so blind as those who will not see.

    • His opening statement is an opinion, and the statements he uses to support it are simply false. Ironic, isn’t it, that this would be featured on the “Most Truthful Moment in Television.”

      “We lead the world in three things” False. We lead the world in dozens, if not hundreds of significant categories. GDP, Nobel laureates, number of patents, cancer survival rates, number of immigrants, foreign aid donations, et al. I could go on for quite a while.

      “We no longer build great things” False. The Freedom Tower, the Global Positioning System, The Hubble and the VLA Observatory, just off the top of my head, were massive projects combining engineering and/or scientific breakthroughs.

      “We no longer explore the universe.” False. Just the fact that we’re – at this very moment – driving a rover on Mars should give this one away. The fact that most people don’t pay attention to the things we’re learning about space doesn’t mean we aren’t learning.

      “We no longer make technological advances.” False. Amazon, Ebay, Google, iphones, the Cloud and Facebook are all American achievements. The 787 and the F-35 are extraordinary for their technical advances even as the programs are horrendously mismanaged. 3-D printers, private space exploration and the Tesla automobile are also new, American advances.

      “We no longer cure diseases.” False. US pharmaceutical companies have created treatments for Hepatitis C which are so effective, the disease is effectively cured. It’s expensive, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that radical breakthroughs have been made. I could go on, but only one example is needed to disprove the original statement.

      Daniels’ character is portrayed as smart and well-informed, and so are his co-workers. The various producers, assistants, and anchors are – almost without exception – nearly as savvy as he is. And this is what makes their reaction to his rant so confusing. He’s chastised, but only for
      being a big meanie and telling America the hard truths it doesn’t want to hear.

      No one bothers to point out that he’s – you know – wrong.

  • Rob Brown

    Errr. I think it’s a TV program and you need to take a break

  • psittacid

    That is the lamest response I have ever heard, The problem is with anyone, Democrat or Republican, whose only answer to any challenge is to blame someone else or insist on doing less, which is all you have done in this rant that you call an article. Address the issues that were brought up in the film or shut up. Quit being part of the problem and taking no personal responsibility.
    In case you’re wondering…yes, I post this sort of response on left wing sites, though their crime is complacency and ineptitude rather than ill will and arrogance. I don’t know which is worse.

  • Lay

    Technical aspects and summary of the season were forced to be highlighted in the 3 minutes. These includes the character portray, such as the “debate” nature of McAvoy, the love story in it, “trying to see different point of view”, being ignorant and many more. Those were the focus points. I guess it reflects a child shouting during an argument. The point is, shouting to get attention. But the words used to shout, I’m not sure if that’s the main point. Cos after all, it did capture the public’s attention that this drama exist.

  • JoeMillerIsAnIdiot

    Joe Miller is an idiot. Period. ‘merica.

  • John

    NOT WELL PUT. Everything Daniels said was true. You’ve has no rebuttals on any of them, truly. People don’t go to Belgium Canada etc etc cuz the USA IS THE easiest most popular first pick. Stop putting down the truth of America!! Duh! What did Daniels say!? We have to admit there is a problem. If your such a patriot then THAT should be important to you! Admit we suck now so we can fix it. Don’t say we’re so great through all your bullshit. The only reason why you tried to write an eloquent article drake bing Daniels speech is because your a West Point graduate and a decorated war vet. You could NEVER agree with Daniels because it’s in your blood NOT TOO. Even if he’s right! You should have left your bio out of your signature because it proves your just brainwashed by the system that fed you, trained you, have you brothers and a place to sleep while fighting for …”freedom” admit there’s a problem. Oh..AND your a politician. All you guys do is LIE!!!! And the people below who agrees with you…are all SHEEp. BAHHH BAHHHH!!!

  • bois234

    I’d like to hear Jeff Daniels be thankful to America that his comments are still protected by the First Amendment.

  • Wake the flock UP!

    Good grief. The comments on this post went from discussing America’s very real problems to soap-box strutting religious crazies in 3 seconds flat. I don’t know about any of you, but my morals do not come from a flesh eating, blood drinking zombie in the sky (and before you all get started, please let me remind you that your Jesus is quoted as saying “This is my blood- drink it. This is my body- eat it” and rose from the dead 3 days after he was crucified and had spears shoved through his sides- if all of that doesn’t qualify him as a zombie I don’t know what does.) Religion, like politics, is a tool the elite use to pacify the masses- ever heard of divide and conquer? If you keep the little people busy enough, they won’t pay attention to you poisoning their water with fluoride, or turning their children into mindless nitwits with standardized testing. Get real, people. Before it’s too late.

  • Gary Davidson

    “There is no morality without God”, says Mr. Miller. Of course, I would almost bet that by “God”, what he really means is “Jesus”…

  • Jay Hall

    The writer begins with an incorrect premise. He reports the first question in the video incorrectly. The questioner did NOT ask “Why America is great”. She asked the panel to state “Why America is THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD”. A VERY different meaning. “No morality without God”. What nonsense!

  • Davest010

    “There is no morality without God”

    It’s sad that so many people need to rely on their imaginary friends to give them a reason to be decent, moral people.

  • rich

    That speech kicked us all off our high horse and instead of thinking about it u just jumped right back on it and proclaim there’s nothing wrong with the way we do things and the way we act as Americans. YOU DO NOT INSPIRE THE CHANGE THE COUNTRY NEEDS.

  • Donald

    Plenty of people want to move to Australia rather than the US. You are wrong about that…

  • jozseffrd

    It’s 100% true !America isn’t the Greatest Country Anymore!And every half sane person in America and outside America,knows it! It’s also true that America is only #1 in People Incarcerated,Adults who believe Angels are real and Military “Defense” Spending! These are the hard facts! You might think it’s “Un-American” to admit all this,but if you’re keep lying to yourself it’ll only make it worst! American is full of Racial hate,1 out of every 7 American is on Food stamps,One of the Highest murder and violent Crime rates in the World,Education and Healthcare going downhill.The Constitution is getting abused every

  • dave

    Unfortunately this response saddened me… first the author brings forth the classic conservative argument… here specifically is what I am addressing…the argument is give tax breaks to businesses, give incentives to wealthy business people and they will build more business and create more jobs…. the problem with that scenario is it relies on these big business folks making decisions to take the tax break money and use it to create jobs and build new business…. reality check …look at the statistics.. most big business does not do that…they simply pocket the tax break money, continue to move jobs over seas, and continue to grow a larger bigger profit margin for themselves… this is not true for all of them..but most…and so essentially that argument is very flawed..and think about has not worked for years but is a argument that continues to be put forth…..

    secondly… the author above ignores all the states that Sorkin …displays through Daniels character in terms of where the USA stands by percentages in comparison to other countries…why ignore? Because they are true… let me give one example health care… people consistently say we have the best health care… reality we don’t ..look at the WHO and other such stats..we rank far from umber 1…..

    .BTW ironically under George Bush Jr. we had an entirely republican house, senate, and president…and umm what changes did they make that caused Job growth to soar, unemployment to be lower, poverty to be less..and prosperity to rise…answer very little..compare stats of that 8 year period in relation to job growth, unemployment, poverty, and growth of the middle class to the same stats of Bill Clintons presidency….really take the time to look at those stats I have… un biased stats btw not ones put out by organizations that support your particular political party or agenda ….

    Now having said all that I still am very happy to be an american and feel very blessed to be here….I do think we have a great country…largely because we can have discussions like this and can actually have conversation and elect folks to make changes. ..The truth I would guess lies somewhere in the middle…but typically you can’t get hard core conservatives and hard core liberals to talk and work together ..because their agendas get in the way of being humble enough to admit that maybe the other side has a good idea and to work with them on it….thus this register democrat votes based on issues and has voted for and supported…moderates, republicans, and democrats….Working on issues should always trump political party agenda and politics based on dollars rather the the common good of the people…..

    Thanks for reading …onward

  • moeji

    Cites, not “sites.”

  • Michael Weston

    My take is this:

    How is the reader supposed to take an article seriously if the author can’t take the time to use spell-check before posting his rebuttal?

  • Uncle Sam

    Your article is crap. Thumbs down. That was the most accurate and honest speech describing this country that we’ve heard in a long time. Politics are to blame. Politicians are dogs.

  • Tom

    As that Conservative icon Ronald Reagan once said “facts are funny things”.

  • Rich

    Got about halfway through and couldn’t stand the hypocracy any more…

  • John S.

    This article is a complete joke! You literally spun the words spoken in the video into something completely unrelated by asserting your own “opinionated” definition of words like “freedom”. If your intent was to get ignorant people to agree with you then judging by the comments left below, you succeeded. So in that case, well done. Beyond that, total nonsense. And to Matt L. Republicans actually get it, When Jeff Daniels talked about people being uniformed, he was talking about democrats. That is all!

  • Kirk Kirkpatrick

    You’re missing the “D’ooh” at the front of the Article.

    Freedom and Freedom and lets keep it that way.

    Tell you what “Joe Miller” (I’ll call you slick from now on since that is what I call provincials) What freedom do you have Slick, that Germans do not have?

    The TEA PARTY huh. A Tax protest party in the country with the lowest tax burden in the world. Like having a “not cold enough” party in Barrow. You wonder about Mr. Miller’s definition of Patriot. Being stupid is not patriotic.

    Let the Founding father’s speak: (i’ll bet Slick HATES those Liberals)

    “The Remissness of our People in Paying Taxes is highly blameable; the Unwillingness to pay them is still more so. I see, in some Resolutions of Town Meetings, a Remonstrance against giving Congress a Power to take, as they call it, the People’s Money out of their Pockets, tho’ only to pay the Interest and Principal of Debts duly contracted. They seem to mistake the Point. Money, justly due from the People, is their Creditors’ Money, and no longer the Money of the People, who, if they withold it, should be compell’d to pay by some Law.

    All Property, indeed, except the Savage’s temporary Cabin, his Bow, his Matchcoat, and other little Acquisitions, absolutely necessary for his Subsistence, seems to me to be the Creature of public Convention. Hence the Public has the Right of Regulating Descents, and all other Conveyances of Property, and even of limiting the Quantity and the Uses of it. All the Property that is necessary to a Man, for the Conservation of the Individual and the Propagation of the Species, is his natural Right, which none can justly deprive him of: But all Property superfluous to such purposes is the Property of the Publick, who, by their Laws, have created it, and who may therefore by other Laws dispose of it, whenever the Welfare of the Publick shall demand such Disposition. He that does not like civil Society on these Terms, let him retire and live among Savages. He can have no right to the benefits of Society, who will not pay his Club towards the Support of it.

    Benjamin Franklin – 1783


    Im curious why you didnt attack the statistics he was espousing. Why not disprove his “proof”?

  • Kenttaki

    LOL, “Dr Walter Campbell”, I watched the clip, several times now over the last few days. I am a 61YO widow who lived for 9 years in AK, had a child there when my husband was a logger, 3rd generation from OR. My take on the clip is that the writer, Sorkin, NAILED SQUARE ON THE HEAD, despite how you twisted and turned what he said!! More could have been added, but I don’t think anything could have been taken away.

  • bob

    Debating about bible passages is comparable to the lord of the rings which is far more interesting. I find it curious that most people would hold the bible/ religion in such high regard when it comes to morals. I’d rather my children didn’t live their lives based on a book that supports human sacrifice, cannibalism, xenocide and slavery just to name a few. Religion has been used in the past as a form of social glue so to speak but surely there have never been more educated people in the world as there are today. Religion is no longer needed. Science and reason has taken its place. I believe it was Socrates that stated knowledge is the only good and lack of knowledge the only evil. I could care less about finger pointing to the left wing or right wing. There are complex issues with our nation, is that blame to fall on one person?party? If the issues are known then find a solution and fix it, its very simple but we make life more difficult than it needs to be. Personally I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, I like it here in America. Personally I think America needs to take some time and work on itself before we reach out to help others. Issues that I find troubling: 1.kids going hungry in America, this is something that shouldn’t happen. Our country produces quite a bit of food. 2. An infrastructure that is in need of repair, roads, power grids etc. 3. A vast number of Americans on food stamps, these people have worth and value give them jobs(referring to #2^). 4. Americans hard earned social security money being used inappropriately. Just off the top of my head these are a few things I find concerning. I don’t claim a political party of any sort, I am an American concerned with our future. Seriously people need to let go of petty titles and work towards solutions.

  • Jonathan D Saunders

    We are not free.
    Rain Water. NO
    Plants. MAYBE
    Raw Milk. NO
    Marrying who I want. NO
    Laws not rooted in religion. NO.


  • The kicker is when the bozo in the video – liberal douchebag Aaron Sorkin’s puppet – starts talking about when the US used to be the greatest country in the world and how it stood up for what was right. NO IT DIDN’T! It was NEVER the greatest country in the world – tell the American Indians that the US used to fight for “moral reasons” and then watch as they laugh (if they can laugh rather than cry about it). Tell the Japanese that were placed in concentration camps that the US had morality as its driving force: tell Gordon Hirabayashi and Fred Korematsu that the US passes moral laws. Tell it to the slaves that lived in the US for 75 years while slavery in the south was defended by almost every politician who stood for election and by every law that was put on the books.

    Americans think their country is great because Americans get to vote once every couple of years on representatives and issues that an elite few put forward for consideration. That’s not great – it’s EMBARRASSING. True democracy involves CONSTANT involvement in the political process and it institutes laws and a society that is beneficial to the people. American democracy – CONSERVATISM AND LIBERALISM – institutes laws and a society that benefits the rich and their corporations.

    The truth is, Democrats AND Republicans are BOTH guilty of crushing true democracy. Deal with it!

  • David

    I can debunk your Immigration portion of your Argument with one sentence, having experienced this first hand.

    “People still come to America for one reason, the Welfare System.” So you’re going to revise this article, right?

    Fix the Welfare System, Fix America. Take Germany’s approach.

  • Me

    I realize that this is an old thread, but it amazes me – the arguing which is taking place here.

    This was not a documentary. This was not a news report.

    Politics and religion have been brought into arguments over a monologue spoken by an ACTOR. A monologue written in someone else’s words – a WRITER whose only job is to stir up the tards.

    Well… SUCCESS there, huh?

  • Thisstuffmakesmecrazy

    I think you’re an idiot that is blinded by your own flag-waving.

  • barry

    Hey Daniels, which country IS the greatest in the world? Can’t answer that, then you’re talking out of your azz.

  • Jay

    I think Daniels characters diatribe is pretty accurate. You mentioned immigration…do you know the stats for Belgium, and Canada? I don’t, but I’m willing to bet that if an unemployed immigrant went to Canada or Belgium and remained so he or she wouldn’t be supported by the indiginous population, they will be in America though. With that in mind where would you go? I doubt their coming to America out of a love for freedom over a love for gluttony. And get this, Im an independent and serve in the US military! No…this tirade hit the nail on the head.

  • B McD

    You want to start a “War on Poverty,” then deregulate, and reduce the tax burden on those doing the work and those starting the businesses that employ people.>>>> Excuse me but REGULATIONS help staunch MONOPOLIES and help keep economies vibrant and help us to avoid ‘too big to fail scenarios’…Reduce tax on WORKERS and NEW businesses YES, but the op 1% needs to pay SOMETHING for God’s sake!!!

    Make a competitive environment for business, instead of casting them as the enemy, and you will have jobs and prosperity, and sense of self worth instilled in your citizenry.>>> It is the MONOPOLIES ans SUPER PAC’s that are no longer competitive and harming not only the diversity a healthy economy needs, but now they are trying to forever be a RULING CLASS through a NOT aptly named law called CITIZEN’S UNITED! Taking the ability to elect by controlling the campaigns. If these giant monolithic companies would lift their FAIR SHARE of economic burden, instead of subsisting on ‘Corporate Welfare’ that they don’t need while denying welfare to their WORKERS through stacked elections, if they would do that, then maybe start up businesses like mine and my own struggling family wouldn’t have to worry constantly about our next meal!

  • Karm

    I will say, as someone who doesn’t have a side in political matters, the clip may be a “lie” but it’s also true. Biased opinions shouldn’t be the right way to answer things. Sorry but the facts are there. I understand that can be debatable. You mean ruined that his debate on this was “ignorant”, but choosing a side e.i “liberal” is ignorant and very close minded. I’m not trying to bash your thoughts I’m simply stipulating that you just completely burned the statement made without having an open mind. Society has made you think that way. There, freedom has been lost. The freedom of our minds has been gone. It has nothing to do with government and political views, if you really understood the video it has to do with greed and society changing young minds on how to think, on how to be ignorant. We don’t think for ourselves. Like he said, we label ourselves on who we vote for… But who we vote for is not who we truly are. People in general have lost that along the way. And that’s what the video is about.

  • Kelvin Dixon

    Why are you trying to make this all about the little things that you can pick apart? America started down this spiral after the assassination of JFK and has never stopped to think about where will we be in 50 years. In all fairness, this thing we call freedom or lack of freedom is about only one thing, power. The root of all of America’s problems is power. First, there is no real freedom when all people are not equally able to to pursue the same dreams in life. Killing people that only want to try and level the playing field for an oppressed group of people is not freedom, nor is a country’s acceptance of these acts. Manipulation of laws, regulations, and policies at the federal, state, and local levels has been the first way to create rules to tilt the playing field for the less fortunate. When that was not enough, social entities pick up and carry out the extra push, when necessary, to get the job done. If these facts don’t seem real to you, the groups of oppressed citizens doesn’t include you. Now that the this has become part of the social fabric and the oppressed groups have been ostrichsized, now people are wondering why the U.S. is in such a state of decay. A country is a group of many people that must work together to benefit mutually. When individual entities sabotage the group for the purpose of gaining control by any means possible to obtain power over the group, the group will eventually fail as a whole, sooner or later. We are and always have been a group. If the group is suppose to be successful, how are we suppose to do that when only individual entities can run the race? If we don’t cross the finish line together, the group loses the race until the playing field is balanced again. This is the message of the speech you are all talking about and don’t lose sight of it. If you don’t get it, keep watching it until you do. Forest for the trees…

  • Hank VanBaalen

    I understand that the rant by Jeff Daniels may have taken some poetic license and the facts may be somewhat less than accurate, but the message is clear and TRUE. America is NOT the greatest country in the world anymore. Congress is inept and unproductive. Crime is rampant throughout the US. Racism is still a major problem. There is no clear path to resolving the immigration issue and several religious and ethnic groups still suffer. The chasm between the rich and the working class is getting deeper. Our President has failed with his health care reform and we have a deficit of over $17 trillion dollars and counting. You can pick apart the facts and figures spewed by Jeff’s character, Will McAvoy, but the premise is still valid. Waving the American flag and cheering that the USA is the greatest country in the world may make one feel better, but, sadly, it is no longer true. That being said, I have no intention of leaving. My vote and my opinions are the only tools I have to effect change. To leave or become apathetic is unthinkable.

  • Joe Radgowski

    I liked your take but not your title, you did not clearly state why it was it lie? So I read it again, Nope although the rant was shocking, it would have been nice to say he lied about this, or made that statistic up, Oh well you got your 2 cents in and so did Jeff, Before you call someone a liar, please very clear, IT IS A LIE – because…

  • Drew Baye

    Other than the religious silliness, I completely agree with this. Morality does not require a supernatural source, as secular philosophies like Objectivism have shown.

  • Justin

    Couldn’t even take your post seriously because it focused too much on how “stupid” Liberals are. No rational points, just opinion-based nonsense. Your country’s so called ‘rights of the individual over the rights of the state’ didn’t matter so much when the state was murdering Natives for land, in the name of the god you claim is moral. And the founding Fathers were either atheists or deists, so your claim about their Bible thumping is illegitimate.

  • Ryan Ives

    My take: you mention the immigration statistics. Have you considered that as a nation we are simply easier to get to? Why would someone emigrate from Denmark to Belgium? Maybe because that were offered a cushy job because they probably weren’t too bad off in Denmark. Why not Canada? Maybe because there isn’t a poor country bordering it and it is one of the hardest countries to legally immigrate to in the world. Meanwhile we are next to Mexico and we as a nation have covertly dominated the politics of every nation to the soulth of us for a century. As a result capitalist dictators purge 1/6 of their country on suspicion of communism and people have nowhere to run but here because any other requires paperwork and money.
    As to his elitism, sure I’m willing to cede a point. Perhaps there is something to that, but can’t you see you are doing the same thing? To be blindly patriotic is the lowest form of character in my humble opinion. Freedom and Freedom. Great what does that mean? Freedom to go to school where the funding is so low that a teacher won’t stay and get better at his or her job? Teachers can’t flea Arizona fast enough. And under a poor family with no ability to pay to move to a better district how is this kid supposed to make a life for his or herself? Sorry not everyone is Bill Gates or Odell Beckham Jr. Honestly there isn’t enough room in the high stakes world for everyone to be one of them to begin with. The lottery of birth is real, and though escpable, it becomes less and less so every year. Why do you consider Sweden’s Freedom to be lesser? Because of higher taxes? Fun fact on every measurable metric Scandinavia is a happier place than the US. Sure you can’t be a multibillionare there. You can still be a multimillionaire. Wait, can you really be a rich dude sipping 30 yr old scotch and a private jet with a high paid doctor to go to in a democratic socialist country? YES YOU CAN! SI SE PUEDE! In fact the GDP per capita in every Scandinavian nation (all democratic socialist) exceeds our own. You can still buy an XBox, you can still make more than your neighbors but the reasons have less to do with birth, and more to do with effort

  • randy4662

    The author states all the solutions to rebut what the video says, so why have those solutions not been enacted? if it is so cut-and-dry, whats the hold up? Your pompous rear end cannot fathom you might be wrong. that is the single most damaging trait of the republican party. They are self righteous, pompous people that are completely out of touch with real life people, and real life problems. The solution i see is for all congressmen to drop their salary to 40k a year, and not get ANY perks at all. When they learn how to live like the rest of us do, maybe then they will start voting in a way that helps MOST americans, not just their wealthy partners.

  • Paul

    Since humanity has not sufficiently developed to live in peace among ourselves, we have a need for government to maintain order and security. Government does serve a purpose but it can only exist/survive if we restrict them. Government IS a powerful force and can be completely destructive if left unchecked. It is the VERY NATURE of government to grow and secure more and more power over us; the final result is full and total control over us and our world. It is up to the people to restrict them and keep them on check. That is what America is about and how it was created. Instead, we see it happening over and over again in our history and we are currently facing the same dangers as the people faced during the Roman empire and many more times since then.
    People want and strive for freedom and peace for the entire world while government strives for full power and control over the world.
    The solution to the issue is simple. Only God can provide us with both freedom and peace. No other human being is capable of doing both. And that my friends is the simple truth.

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  • daniel badrul

    Are you stupid “there is no morality without god”. What the hell? So basically atheists and agnostics have no morality whatsoever and it’s only law keeping them from going on a killing spree? What the hell is this?

  • Alan Myron

    Typical. The title says that the clip is a lie. For a TV show, heck, for a news report it is incredibly factual. If you are going to say that there are lies and not provide any back up, and instead going on a tangent about how bad the liberals are, you really have to look rethink the title of the piece.

  • Kirsten R. Billingsley

    An ironically written piece that is as ego-ridden as the monologue is claimed to be. I agree that we should stop trying to validate ourselves by puffing out our chests over supposed superiority based on situations of which we had no control (where we were born, the color of our skin, physical attributes…). It is as embarrassing and undeserved as benefiting a group that was marginalized over 150 years ago by punishing ancestors who fixed the mess. Which is where we should be placing our efforts again – rebuild this messed up country again, based on integrity and, yes, morality. Think for yourself and stop lazily buying biased crap spoon fed by media, advertising and television programming – where the real lies exist. They have financed agendas – not aimed at improving the lives of the general public. It is deplorable that, in order to validate laziness, education and intellect have become seen as undesirable, Good has become bad and bad good because doing good, being socially conscious and aspiring to greatness takes work with often little financial reward. It is work and not greed that made this country great. The lack of work, the lack of intellectually-driven aspirations and rather the ultimate Machiavellian perfect existence of living off of other’s labors by overly taxing the 99% while the 1% loop hole their way to being seen as royalty, since money is power and absolute power corrupts absolutely – has destroyed us.

  • bigmyc

    Spin away, Dr. Conservative Knows Better. Look, by calling Sorkin out as ill informed and misguided, you are merely adhering to the conservative playbook. How original is this? Exactly…and that’s the point I’m trying to make. Not that you’d care, but I will tell you without equivocation that the left can spin on what you did just as easily and probably a lot more impressively as well…but this is not what matters. Your insensitivity to any thing NOT right wing is so transparent that it doesn’t even pass the smell test regarding your argument’s efficacy. Your failure to acknowledge that Sorkin concedes much of the traditional left criticisms only serves to further render your view point selfish and irrelevant. You see, your commentary here is the exact form of hypocrisy of which you accuse Sorkin and his “leftist comrades.” You, sir, are the one who can’t lend any credibility to any idea that doesn’t have your stamp upon it. Funny how that works in partisan politics…..