Alaskan Files Suit Against Presidential Candidates, Cites Miller & Obama Senate Cases

Photo credit: Mihai Bojin Citing case law in both California and Alaska, Anchorage Resident Thomas A. Lamb has filed suit in the Superior Court of Alaska for access to private records for both President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Lamb believes that precedent created by a 2004 California case instigated by Obama insiders requiring Illinois US Senate candidate Jack Ryan’s divorce records to be made public, and a 2010 Alaska case requiring personnel files for Alaska US Senate Candidate Joe Miller to be released, constitute grounds for further public disclosure of private documents for both major party’s presidential candidates.

Alaska Dispatch columnist Craig Medred appears to share Lamb’s sentiment, stating in correspondence earlier this year that the ruling in the Miller case “set a meaningful legal precedent that hopefully will be uniformly applied to everyone from here on.” It is unclear why the Alaska Dispatch and other media outlets who relentlessly pursued confidential information in the Miller case lack a similar level of intellectual curiosity when it pertains to the President of the United States.

Judge Winston Burbank’s edict in the Fairbanks North Star Borough case that the there is a compelling public interest in the voters “right to know” will be used to test the limits of Alaska’s explicit Constitutional “right to privacy.” Lamb hopes to compel the disclosure of school records, personnel files, medical information, and tax returns.

The suit stems from a request submitted to both candidates for the information in question. To date, there is evidence that both campaigns received the records requests, but neither has been forthcoming with information.

The impetus behind the inquiry? Among other things, Lamb cites suggestions from Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that Romney “manipulated” his tax returns, and the allegation that Barack Obama may have committed fraud by accessing financial assistance, purportedly as a foreign student. Sources for the claim against Obama include US and Indonesian law, the president’s own writings, and sworn affidavits.

If Lamb’s material claims are substantiated, it appears the president may have fraudulently received student aid from the federal government by making false claims about his legal status.

It is unlikely the case will get traction. But if it does, it is sure to draw national attention.

  • Obama is in deep doo doo if this goes to Court quickly
    Obama has vaulted all his College Transcripts and College Applications off limits to US Citizens.

    • CaptTurbo

      No, some leftist hack, Commie judge will just say that the Alaskan has no standing to challenge the King.

      • don

        Obama use his stealth breaking of the law concerning even sealed COURT documents from his opponents. His trail to the presidency is laced with poison. It is about time someone broke into his SELF sealed documents. Judges including most of the supreme court are in the tank for obama, just as the press puppets are.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier


  • RonMar

    Obama is a fraud. Case closed.

  • Our last 2 elections were full of fraud by the Damocrats and rinos. I dont for one second believe Murkowski or Obumer won the election. I also dont believe Begitch won. When the Conservatives retake our government in Nov. I hope and pray the laws will be changed to demand proof of citizenship and picture Id when you vote. Then get rid of electronic voting machines, stuck chad paper ballots. Control the ballots from the box to the Judges so none disapear or get replaced. If we have an honest election the damocrats and rinos are gone. Then we can bring back our country from the brink and restore it to the greatest country on earth!!!!!!!

    • Joe;
      We are still behind you. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

    • don

      Frankenstien got his own seat from voter fraud by finding extra phony ballots everywhere (trunks of cars, etc.) This one was paid for by soros.

  • CSN

    If these are the same Judges who allowed the Alaskan Law to be manipulated on Vote Counting for Wirte-In Ballots in the Joe Miller case, I don’t see it becoming a reality, even though what’s good for the Goose should be good for the Gander, so to speak.

  • gracentruth

    Great news and great lawsuit. Can I join? Can it become a class action? Peace,

  • gracentruth

    Great news and great lawsuit. Can I join? Can it become a class action? Peace,

  • Barry_Suxx

    While I agree that there is great merit in what Alaska is trying to do here, I have to tell’ya There’s no way in hell that our usurper-dictator is ever gunna ever allow anything to come out of it. His bought&paid-for Judges have buried hundreds of Law-Suits like these over the past few years; and they were rewarded for their “assistance” by being promoted to ‘Supreme Court Justices’, by the usurper himself. (Clever huh?)

  • Mark Brickey

    This could be a FUN case, but it’s WAY too late in the game!?!?! what they gonna do stop the election until it’s settled? That would keep Obama in OFFICE!!!

  • Mark Brickey

    This could be a FUN case, but it’s WAY too late in the game!?!?! what they gonna do stop the election until it’s settled? That would keep Obama in OFFICE!!!

  • WVF

    This is a waste of time and money. BHO, fraud in chief, will be on the ballot, and no one can stop that. We have to vote this pathological liar and Muslim plant out of office.

  • seekerisback

    All you need to know about the Election is that Every candidate in the election is a Council on Foreign Relations Member! Who Is the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, Who are the members on those committees.

  • seekerisback

    All you need to know is that all of the Presidential contenders are Council on Foreign Relations Members. The C.F.R. is the RNC and the DNC. I hope you will take time to read this.
    list so you can see your shadow govt.

  • marineh2ominer

    Every judge that says that any American citizen does not have standing in suing Obamss for his records is a lying bastard . Every citizen of the United States has standing when it comes to the President of the United States and anyone that stands against that right is a traitor to the United States constitution . No standing in personal knowledge about the life of my president , absolutely ridiculas. If everyone knew of his communist background , affiliation , and intentions for this country he NEVER would have been elected in the first place .

  • Because the Alaska lamestream media is in bed with the Rinos, they are not going to go after them. Kudos to Tom Lamb.

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  • Not just the tax records for rombama but it is not clear that he is constitutional eligible either. There is no record of his father being naturalized before rombama was born so we have the same situation with rombama as we do with rubio, jindle, and obomney.

  • I agree. In my on Georgia case, judicial notice, the probative value of the evidence presented, should have been set very, very low for two reasons, one: we were trying to prove a positive, and two: the voters “right to know”.

    ex animo

  • ExRepug

    Gee, Joe, please inform us what authority an Alaskan state court has to compel the President of the United States to cough up his personal records.