Sen. Vitter Labels Justice Dept. ‘Campaign Arm’ for Obama, Demands Deportation of Illegals Who Vote

photo credit: nflravensIllegal aliens and noncitizens who vote in U.S. elections would be put on an accelerated path toward deportation under new legislation introduced by Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.

While this is a “seemingly common sense proposition” there is currently no law on the books that would make voter fraud a deportable offense for foreign nationals, Vitter told the Daily Caller in an interview.

“While this may sound bizarre to a lot of folks in Washington D.C., illegal aliens and noncitizens have no constitutional right to vote in American elections,” he added in an emailed statement. “And they certainly shouldn’t influence the outcomes.”

“My bill injects some of that common sense and puts teeth into voter laws so we can uphold the integrity of American elections. Of course we want immigrants to become voters once they become citizens, but our election system and our right to vote are being taken advantage of because of weak enforcement.”

Alleging that President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to enforce a key provision of federal law that directs state officials to purge dead and ineligible voters from their rolls, Vitter says he sees a strong potential for voter fraud to occur in states that could help decide both the presidential election, and control of the U.S Senate.

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  • CSN

    They probably pay these poor souls to vote. I’d say fine them at least, and get out their ballots before it’s too late.

  • gvhparkridge

    If they voted give them a bus ride back to the border..if they are from other countries send them to Gitmo and let them escape in Cuba.

  • reggiec

    The whole concept of our Democratic Republic is based on the integrity of the election of those who represent us in government at every level. If the integrity of the election process is not held to the highest standards possible; our whole system of government is at serious risk.
    First there is a need to guarantee that everyone who is entitled to vote gets to vote but also that they only vote once. As it stands at present there is no way to prevent a voter from voting in multiple states or in different voting districts. All they need to do is use a fake address confirmed by fake documents to register in different locations. Election fraud in the form of intentionally accepting illegal campaign funds should be included in the following penalties.
    Every US citizen is issued a social security number. Require that number to be used to register. Then before the election; require registrars to confirm their voting rolls through the SS Admin. When a person signs in to vote the SS# is entered into a data base. If that number is used more than once it is flagged and investigated. When a death certificate is issued that person’s SS # will be entered in the data base as deceased.
    Election fraud shall be a felony!
    In addition to any fines or prison sentence; the following should also be included in election fraud convictions.
    If anyone is convicted of intentional election fraud or promoting election fraud they shall be banned from voting for life.
    If anyone is convicted of intentional election fraud or promoting election fraud they shall be banned from employment in any governmental employment or elected position for life.
    If any non-citizen of the US attempts to vote or votes they will be deported and banned from entering the US for life.

  • BayouCoyote

    Don’t agree…min 5 years then deport the scum.

  • You can’t cut out illegals, felons, and dead people from voting. In some places that might take 25% of the Dems votes away. The can’t win elections anymore if you expect them to follow the law! Wait a minute……. they can still get Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Adolf Hitler to vote for them. They’ll be ok.

  • Nellie CA

    The voting documents are a mess. My neighbor moved and she was still receiving absentee voting documents for 3 years. They still owned the house but was voting in another county. She phoned, mailed the documents back to county, and still received the ballot the next year. No wonder our country is a mess., GOVERNMENT DON’T DO THEIR JOB.
    The media and Obama wants the eyes off the immigration bill and Obamacare so they have another big blow up about Syria. This has been going on for decades and it will keep going on and we don’t need to get into another war. We can stop them by not allowing food stamp money to go to terrors, no more refugees and illegals, stop all money from Welfare from being sent to foreign countries. Our government needs to take care of our country and get out of debt.