White House Website Deluged With Secession Petitions From 19 States

photo credit: beverly and packHow would Old Glory look with 31 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by its own rules to examine the question.

On Nov.7, the day after President Barack Obama was re-elected, the White House’s website received a petition asking the administration to allow Louisiana to secede.

If 25,000 people sign the petition by Dec. 7, it will “require a response” from the Obama administration, according to published rules of the White House’s online “We the People” program.

The Louisiana petition has collected more than 12,000 signatures in four days. A separate effort from Texas has 14,000 supporters.

Similar petitions from 17 other states began arriving Nov. 9, bringing the total to 19.

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  • jammer

    The jellyfish in congress will not do anything, so the States are playing the last cards they have. More power to them. It will never happen in the Socialist’s paradise of CA, but I could always get a passport and move, if The Gestapo does not stop me, or put me in a concentration camp.

  • CSN

    I’ll move to whatever state secedes from the Union…yes…we are divided but for major reasons.

  • watchdogbill

    Leaving/moving may not be an option in months ahead. THEY may make it impossible to do that. Communists usually prevent movement. I have been considering leaving the Socialist state of New York for either Oklahoma or Montana so I am interested in which states filed…I know LA & TX so I will read the rest of the article.

    • jammer


      There are in excess of 20 states with petitions in the works. Good point on The Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall.

  • YES! Maine next.

    • watchdogbill

      Are there enough REAL people in Maine to do that? Maine reminds me of VT, taken over by Liberals!

  • watchdogbill

    Republicans? It’s hard to compete when they are clueless. Even harder when DEMONcrats can BUY votes at the expense of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the best interest of America. Come one, come all and bring your diseases!

  • My wish is that my State (ARIZONA) would add our state to the list, We are just fed up with Obama and his determination to destroy our country. If we don’t do something to seperate us from this destruction. What surprises me is that there are not 50 states on that list.

    • ginger

      write to Jan Brewer, she has more guts than most of the men in this country.

      • watchdogbill

        Amen to that!!!!

        • ginger

          Time for strong knowledgable women to stand up and lead…we don’t need the Rinos and the “establisment ” Reps..we need a true conservative , reasonable movement and it will be up to women to lead.

    • reggiec

      There are 13 counties in Southern and Eastern California that would probably go along. How about Louisana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and South Eastern California for a start?

      • california? thats a state that loves OBAMA, why add to the list when they voted this man in? is the country that retarted?

    • whats funny, the democrat states are on that list!

  • robarsan

    Where do we sign on? I would be privileged to be an instrument for creation of a truly Constitutional governing process to restore sanity and respect for life and the individual accordingly. And in the process develop our natural resources, while using the ones that provide work and independence to so many.
    Here, here for God, family and the American way…as founded and declared by our forefathers.


    If at first you don’t SECEDE, try, try again.

  • Stan Williams

    Hey !! According to the Confderate State’s Newsletter, We are Stii Succeeded ! This was never Nullified in 1865. All we have to do is Restore Our Status ! Comgress out=lawed succession, but did NOT change Our Status as being Succeeded ! Semper Fidelis

  • Paul Revere II

    I agree with CSN below!! I will do this move to another state, preferably, Texas, as that is only way a State has to do..

  • Lovely22

    What a bunch of cry babies, get over it sore losers, Obama won! So many ignorant Americans, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for some states to break away and form different nations. Good riddance!

    • watchdogbill

      Cry babies eh! We are ALL going to be crying ultimately from what this guy really has planned for America! The real problems are politically bankrupt people who do not understand what the man is saying and what he really has planned. People with your notions are ” in the tank ” as they say, drinkin’ the Kool Aid! Rev. wrong was right about one thing by accident…the chicks ARE indeed coming home to roost. America has turned it’s back on God and God will not be mocked. As a nation, we are now subject to His judgement. He tried to warn us but the stiff necked think it’s global warming nonsense. God is now going to use Obama to punish this nation exactly as he has with other fallen nations that did the same thing. Scoff now, but you won’t be laughing long. Sooner or later, those with their hands in my pocket will also be big loosers. Report back in 2 years and tell me how you feel things are going…unless you are already a Communist, you will hate the swirling sewer drain America has disappeared to!
      We agree on one big thing though, I would like to separate this nation and let the lemmings dive off the pier with their Pied Piper, while the real Americans with brains still functioning prosper!

    • dss

      You do know who will be left to support the 47 million on welfare and foodstamps don’t you? Good luck with that! All the working people will be gone!

      • Yep, that’s right dss and that will be what makes them fight any succession. And Lovely22 just called us cry babies. LOL

    • watchdogbill

      Consider this facts just as a couple fo examples…108 districts in Chicago voted 100% Obama. 39 in Philly, 100% Obama votes. That’s utterly impossible. Some districts turned in more votes than they have voters and coincidentally, they’re all Democrat votes for Obama. Tell me about cry babies. The only reason they get away with this is beacuse the Republican leadership also take their marching orders from the CFR…as well as Obama and his gang. And guess who owns the Spanish company that tallied the presidential votes electronically…George Soros! Does that tell you anything? This nations people are sick and neither Romney nor Obama has the cure!

    • We are NOT sore losers….. We want the OLD United States back where the government doesn’t control and run your whole life… We support working not dependency We will be glad to leave all of you with Obama and see how long it takes before all the users take the country down to a third world country…. We want all our freedoms back and if we can’t get them, we’ll be glad to leave you. P.S. I don’t think Obama won fairly, I think he stole it with fraudulent votes. That many people can’t be stupiid enough to vote him back in. Just wait and see what is coming with him in office.

  • caiusKeys

    The red states can’t leave — who will Obama have to tax? From whom will he redistribute?

    • caiusKeys

      And why, pray tell, are the Republicans red, since most of the Democrats are socialists? I guess the MSM did its part for rebranding, for telling the voters, “remain calm, all is well.”

  • caiusKeys

    Great idea! I’m totally up for succeeding! I’m going to write my new senator Elizabeth Warren… uh-oh.

  • caiusKeys

    I’d like to see the liberal troops that the DNC would put together to keep the NRA-equipped red states from leaving. I can already envision Holder passing out the rifles to, well, you know, everybody with a pulse.

    • Have fun with that, here in the south they would have to have 3 rifles each to match what they are headed to.

  • Someone tell me where the Ohio petition is and I’ll go sign it immediately!! I have been calling for all the “conservative” states to secede from the USSA (United Socialist States of America) when I thought the murdering coward muzzie commie socialist pigshit4brains scumbag was going to win the election, actually beforehand as well. The RINO’s have got to go as well, as represented by Boehner, McCain, and that gang. I still think it’s going to take a violent revolution to actually get control of our government back.

  • caiusKeys

    Molon Labe

  • To coin a phrase from Mitt Romeny, “Self Deport”. Don’t let the popular vote and the electoral college force you into self imploding.
    I understand the disappointment. Many felt the same way about Bush; But were not so UNPatriotic to threaten to secede. Please grow up We lost fair and square. Retool the party to it’s once great “inclusive” history. Democrats need a counter weigh ; Not the current dead weight that is the Republican Congress. BTW I’m a registered Republican. I’m just waiting for the party to swing back to sanity & science. Peace

    • watchdogbill

      It’s not unpatriotic to fight against Communism, the New World Order and One World Bank! What is unpatriotic are people who discard and disregard the Constitution and Bill of Rights! That’s not DISAPPOINTMENT, that’s our freedom and prosperity going down the swirling sewer. If you think this election was fair, then you are listening to people who are outrightling to you. Both parties are involved in our destruction because the CFR and Tri-Lateral Commission gangs are pulling the strings in both parties…and that included Bush! A good retool would be to fire Boehner to start with! He has already sold out the party and is giving in to Obama. Right now, the Republican party has the votes to kill Obamacare, but the CFR controlled Republcan party will not do that (despite them promising they would) because the left and right are both on board. One big problem is that Americans still trust media and guess who owns ALL media way deep behind the scenes and dictates what can and cannot be spoon fed to us? CFR members! Think Marco Rubio is an answer? Think again…he has already been selected for 2016 by the CFR! The same gang that selected Obama! Wake up America, stop trusting those who lie to us. Stop voting for CFR members of Congress and Senate.

  • bobmann101

    Everyone who signs a secession petition could be put on a list by Obama and called terrorists and dealt with accordingly!

    • Yes, that is true, however if you have a strong love for Jesus you are already on his list. If you have a strong belief for the constitution you are already on the list. So what makes us think we are not on that list. Oh wait, if you are old and white you are on the list as well.

    • watchdogbill

      I’ve been on his list for quite some time: speak out against his plans, former infantry, possess guns, anti-abortion, anti-gay movement and worst of all…a Christian! Yep, I’m a candidate for the internment camp! But more than that …I am a proud American that does not want freedom taken away by Communist bunch of thugs. Americans did not shed their blood in wars by being cowardly. Good men did not die to see their nation given to Marxist Commie’s. Stand up and be counted!

  • gracentruth

    So who is going to start a petition here in Alaska to secede from USA? Seriously! I will be one of the first signers.

  • Cheeses K. Rice

    Good riddance.

  • Cheeses K. Rice

    I hope y’all find that perfect place. Haw haw!!

    • watchdogbill

      The only perfect place is the one God has made for the followers of Christ, something tells me we won’t be seeing you there?

  • RockEm Sock Em

    I am delighted that so many REAL AMERICANS are stepping up and doing what has to be done. I am trying to find the one that TX has running around and sign it. I am thrilled about it.

    • watchdogbill

      sign onto the site and it automatically goes to your state by it’s zip code that you submit

  • what are the democrat states signing this petition when they put the idiot in? wtf is wrong with america?

    • Barry_Suxx

      Hi’ya Maryann,
      Confusing at first glance, yes. But it’s really quite explainable.
      I’ll use Oregon as an example: Ya’see not All Oregonians are screwed-up and Brain-Damaged from drinking the Ocean Water and Commie-KoolAid like Portland. Most All of the rest of Oregon’s (approx 99%) total Area isn’t Polluted; thus their voting reflected Red-State Voting. However, Most of the Densest Population lives smack-dab in Portland. So,,,, Dense-Metro-Populous, Polluted WaterFront for KoolAid Drinkers, TONS of Union Perks, TONS of Welfare Perks = ‘Solid Blue’ Political ideology. The ‘other 99%’ of the rest of the State (Red) doesn’t count anymore because of ‘redistricting’ and DemonRat tactics like these.

  • Nate

    This is the only Alaska Petition to Seceed I have found.


    Needs 5 votes as of 8:40pm AK time in order to be posted publicly.

  • Me_Happening

    Let me know where i can sign