Video: Sarah Palin Hammers Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Obama

Sarah Palin appeared on the last “On the Record” to break down simply and aggressively the Obama administration’s missteps, especially its lack of transparency.

Palin also discusses the impending “fiscal cliff” and Newt Gingrich’s recent criticism of Obama’s approach to the impending deadline.

She also criticizes the use of the term “fiscal cliff,” stating that the United States has already gone over the cliff, long ago. The only question is “how hard are we going to thump” at the bottom of the cliff:

  • Let’s face it…Obama is not going to tell the American people the truth about Benghazi, I mean how do you tell the people that you allowed this to happen by calling a ‘Stand Down’ on those ready and willing to put a stop to the killing…and had they been allowed to act (hours before), then they would have gotten to the zone before anyone got killed! So what would Obama say??? Say folks I’m a muslim and to gain more power for the Muslims and to enlist more they needed this PR, so rather you like it or not and since you’ll never be able to prove it one way or other…I watched it all happen and went to bed in prayer for Muslims and to acknowledge “God Is Great”! I don’t think he’ll do that?

    No what he will do is to tell anyone he wants that I will tear you down and shame your name and family if you fail to do what I want…and you and your family will not get any retirement and be completely cut off from retirement benefits!!

    Now since most of what I say is simply opinions and not facts…one can’t help but wonder!

    Ironically, I recently purchased a movie I wanted to see and it only cost $5….called Lions for Lambs. Interesting fictional movie that had an element of truth of News Reporting, and how those in Office twist the truth to suit their objectives and power grab…the movie was fiction, because we actually need Honest Reporters. I guess since Obama had gotten the noble prize handed to him for nothing…Reporters no longer seek to win such foolish prizes for out standing Reporting or stories!!

  • Vincent

    “Obama’s failed socialist policies” – that’s what I love about this woman, calling a spade a spade. Too bad she didn’t run for president.

  • CSN

    When the Liberals have nothing to say in defense of their Candidates or appointees they scream Racism, Sexism, Botulism…whatever they can think of at the given time. What we have is lack of transparency and a bunch of lunatics running the White House, or rather wrecking the White House. In 4 years will this be the USA or Divided States of America. No more 57 States for Obama….it will probably be 20 States left after they divide us with their rhetoric and lies. Seceding from the Union looks better and better, and perhaps if enough States Secede, we can revamp it to USA Constitutional States of America and get rid of Obama and elect a REAL PRESIDENT who isn’t beholden to the Federal Reserve Bankrupters who are calling all the shots and destroying our economy through money manipulation and bankrupting us completely and totally, until we’ll become the next Greece. Foreign banks are controlling us, and we let them do it when Wilson was President. No one raised a cry or tried to stop them. This has been a plan in the making for close to 100 years.

  • Jimmy long

    Hillary speaks with the tongue of Satan, I’m surprised no one has noticed! The President wants to be the Monarch! He is gathering his forces around him. All the people in DC do is Talk! Doesn’t anyone have any Idea’s on how to stop this from happening?

  • xthred

    I support Sarah but I don’t support Miller. Get a real job, Joe.

  • Ray Downen

    If the House actually COULD rein in the overspending, that would be in our favor. But their hands are tied as long as the President wants to ruin us, he can do so despite any attempts to block him by the Congress. Is there any real possible solution other than secession?

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