Control This: Gun Parts Store Registers, Uses It to Promote Gun Rights

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein — a staunch supporter of gun control — may soon regret not registering her own domain name, since will now be run by a firearm parts and accessories store that will use the site to promote gun rights.

“COMING SOON! Senator Feinstein’s Biggest Fan Page,” reads the title of the new pro-gun site, “Someone didnt [sic] register their own name… This should be fun. Thats right Dianne your biggest fan site is going to be run by…”

The domain name was created by California resident Dimitrios Karras on Jan. 4, 2013, according to Karros is the CEO of the gun parts and accessories store Ares Armor, which will now run the site.

“It’s funny,” Karras told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding that his company was not very good at political correctness. “This is going to be an entertaining thing.”

Karras said that he was frustrated when he saw how Feinstein and other members of Congress managed the commenters that criticize them on their Facebook pages, and that he wanted to have platform where people could say whatever they wanted.

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  • joebideau

    Whats rong with this woman? finally some thing useful out of it eh? Seriously, her name is Jewish, and if Obama and his Marxist plan goes through,, whom will be first to go to the gulag, Right on, us Jews and Catholics, right? Why do the Jews vote democrat party? Why did Obama get the Catholic vote both elections? What about the Media, and Hollywood? Go figure, eh? Country is selfish , fat and asleep!

    • AZ BOB

      They have been lied too so long they do not give a S*#T.

  • H.M.Stumpf

    This once fair politician has turned puppet for the anti-American president. She has proven herself unfit to be in public office.
    She is the poster child for term limits.

  • mike grunewald

    look at this Hag California has it’s share,Pelosi ,Mayor LA,Mayor SF and all city officials all freaks

  • Bob

    touche, my friends….touche…this is as good as it gets. Maybe there is hope for America when patriotic minds can come up with coups like this.

    Be inventive, stop at nothing…..they haven’t

  • Robert Hauser

    A face like Swinestein’s could stop an express train on a dime….her presence in the senate constitutes proof positive that last November was most assuredly a Diebold moment. I would like to pull Diane Swinestein’s face inside out, pump it full of helium and see what altitude it reached before it exploded in all its subversive inglory.

    • frawgeyz

      roflm(you know what)off!!!!!!!”Swinesteins face could stop an express on a dime”………………….You are very funny Robert Hauser!

  • dempseycoleman

    Who knows we can all start gun fun sites with a lot of these left wing nuts
    like the rat face gun page for whats his name


    Senator Feinstein took an oath when she was sworn in as a Senator. In that oath, she swore to defend the constitution of the Unite States. The Second Amendment is part of that constitution. Senator Feinstein clearly LIED when she took that oath. No, you cannot invoke, “KINGS-X” or cross your fingers. Californians, if you are Americans, you have a job to do on the next Senotorial election.

    • Charles

      When is she going to give up her “right to carry” and her armed guards? HIPOCRITE

  • rodulfo-tardo

    grape leaves,feta cheese, and some retsina to karras. just make sure she pays a premium for stupidity and marxist-jihadi shariah like demagoguery.

  • brabbie2002

    I can tell you what is wrong with her along with what is wrong with the rest of our so called elected officials. She thinks herself above the law and the people that elected her…After all – she is a senator from the district of corruption and should have the right to pass any law she choses, but doesn’t have to follow. This is true about most of them – not all – but at least 90% with Dirty Dog Reid topping the list of corruption and greed in said senate. But they are only surpassed by that illegal twit with the “magic pen” and muslim brotherhood friends in our white house – oblowhole!

  • Nellie CA

    The Democrats sign abortions, the tax payers pay for the abortions. Abortions kills more kids than gun will every kill. I am glad to see some of the states allowing teachers to carry. The kids will be safe. The Littleton, CO shooting was at least 16 years ago and I don’t know of anything the government has done to protect the schools.