Hannity Foresees States Leaving Union If Federal Government Continues ‘Radicalized, Abusive’ Pattern (+Audio)

On his Friday radio show, conservative talker and Fox News host Sean Hannity warned that the United States may fall apart if tax rates remain high.

“The states are now fighting and battling against their own federal government,” Hannity said. ”Same thing with individuals. If you live in a state like New York, New Jersey, California [or] one of these high-tax states [where] 60-plus cents of every dollar goes to taxes, you’ll say, ‘What the hell am I doing this for?’”

“A lot of people have told me that,” Hannity continued. “A lot of people are moving. … I noticed that Bobby Jindal moved to remove his state income tax. He’s not stupid. You know what’s going to happen in Louisiana? The same thing that is happening in Texas and Florida — their populations are soaring. They’re doing a lot better. State governments are fine. They’re surviving. They don’t have the property taxes they do in New York, which is obscene. In New York, you just pay and pay and pay and pay.”

States with lower taxes may soon decide they want to stop shouldering the burden of states with higher taxes, Hannity warned.

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  • Frank629

    1000% spot on Sean .

  • I see this too. But Im finished with asking permission from the “king” to do squat.

  • DrAnalog

    The only problem with people moving to States with low taxes is that they are the same fools that voted in people that wrecked their own States, as in Californians moving to Texas.

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      just like the illegals who move here from a cesspool country and do everything in their power to turn the usa into the same socialist cesspoole they left

    • jdelaney3

      You’re right, cockroaches always move where there’s sustenance, then slowly devour it. Liberalism is a contagion. I can only hope that most of the folks migrating toward sanity are not libs, but hard-working workers and businessmen.

    • henryknox

      Yes, I think we have all realized that Progressivism is a disease and it has been growing like an epidemic for the last 100 years. Either we wipe it out or it kills it’s host. The other option is we leave the hive.

  • David Muzzatti

    If your plan is to create a North American Union, why not have the states lay the foundation for it by incrementally breaking up the Republic?

    • R. J. Loewenberg

      IASPS, the Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies has completed a series of essays and videos. It is called A Four or More States Solution for US. It is being turned into a book, and will be ready in the coming months. The United States is plainly not a nation. You may not find our solutions to your liking. I am not prepared to attempt any fixing of what the US is. Multiculturalism is a poisonous means of human order, without precedence and without hope.

  • TexRanger

    I truly hate to see Californians moving to Texas because they bring with them their socialist political philosophy. It is way past time for Texas and the surrounding states to secede from the Union. I don’t care what Justice Scalia and Barack Hussein Obama think, say or do. This liberal scum cannot control us and the remaining U.S. would be thrilled to do business with us. The only thing that will save freedom is leaving the U.S. union which is now mostly comprised of mooches, maggots, and freeloaders as we saw in the 2012 presidential election.

    • jdelaney3

      I believe it’s coming to that,a nd soon. If nullification doesn’t work it’s magic, then watch Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, among others, seceding. Bastions of constitutional order and traditional American values. Progressivism and Patriotism are like oil and water.

  • Akjustice

    Leaving the Union has its problems. But the benefits of States going it alone in today’s world could be very good for their citizens after an adjustment period. I can see Alaska becoming a Nation with 4 or 5 states within it’s borders. I like the idea…

    • jdelaney3

      The Founders, asttute historians, believed disunion was inevitable. Like on most other political and economic subjects, they were dead on.

    • keepersleeper

      I like the idea, as well. I’m very concerned for the future of my children…America is not friendly to them anymore and secession may be a fruitful alternative to the MISERY we’re all suffering now. I mean, how much worse could it be to be FREE from an oppressive, uncaring, deceitful, money-grabbing federal gov’t? I’m confident many states would be willing to chance the extrication from tyranny we’re now experiencing. I think pushing the reset button on implementing our constitution as it should be, has legs…We, the people, have to make it happen.

    • keepersleeper

      I wonder how much of the military would support secession? I know that a majority of the military does NOT like Obama.

    • Dr. Bill

      why would a nation with 725,000 need states?

  • jdelaney3

    Well, well, well. Hannity is finally stepping up. Glad he’s reading the Constitution. Hope more talking heads do the same. I am encouraged.

    • CSN

      Mark Levin is pulling at his coat tails. He’s the strength behind Hannity.

      • keepersleeper

        …And I hope Sean stops referring to Karl Rove as the “architect.” You will NEVER hear Mark Levin use that terminology for Rove. Sean still has some “growing up” to do, politically and constitutionally speaking.

  • CSN

    Sean said he’s going to have Mark Levin on his program to talk about the Constitution and what our rights are with regard to 1st and 2nd Amendment, and how they fashioned the wording in those “Bill of Rights” so we would not be subject to the Government if it becomes tyrannical. I see Tyranny running first in this country, as the tail is now wagging the dog, rather than the dog wagging the tail. For God and Country we Pledge Allegiance to a Flag which protects it’s citizens from unjust tyranny, but since Roe vs. Wade we’ve allowed tyranny to reign for the unborn, and now it is our turn to lose our rights if we don’t do something fast. If we don’t vow to defend all human beings in all stages of life, our lives will be at stake and we’ll see how vulnerable we are to attacks by unjust Governments.

  • Disgusted

    I agree with Sean 100%. If Texas or any other state wants to secede from the Union, I want to move there! I’m sick, sick, sick of what is happening to America. Impeach Obama and vote out all the congress and senate and start all over.

    • keepersleeper

      I agree! I’m miserable, not only for myself, but for my children, who have to be assaulted by a government that doesn’t give a damn about them…AND NEVER HAS!

  • keepersleeper

    We have the hateful Obama administration to thank for all the dissension that’s occurring in our nation. NEVER, in the history of our country, have we had a president who so despises us…NEVER! We’ve had presidents who’ve angered us and given us pause, but all presidents before Obama had one common thread: THEY LOVED AMERICA!

  • David in MA

    Someone with the ability and the means to organize should set in place a “crisis government” and have elections for all elected positions, a organizational chart for all appointed positions, military (militia) rosters, police rosters, etc. for the entire country, right down to the city & town level, to be ready to step in, in the event of a crisis like obozo’s agenda, cessasion or invasion. Post positions online for every area of America and have people “sign-up” and be ready to respond when called to do so.

  • Dr. Bill

    I am delivering a paper on secession to the Midwest Political Science Association in April of this year. My research indicates that Alaska is more probable a candidate than is Texas or any other state.

  • charlesclloyd

    I have been arguing for Texas’ secession since 2009. We’ve been far too patient. Its time for a divorce.

  • The people choose what they get. They apparently weren’t fed up they voted for those in office in November. The people can change it back to the Republic as it was, so near yet so far away. A lot of people are sick of this, but apparently not enough to give lip service, call your Senators, call your Representatives, call your state government, visit your local government, succession is not the answer – You, Mr. & Mrs. America must get involved. PERIOD!