Mass Media Silent As Federal Government Prepares for War With the People?!?

photo credit: muffetLast September, in “The government’s war at home,” St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner looked at some ominous developments that seem to indicate preparation on the government’s part for domestic warfare. The enemy? Oh, the usual suspects in these times of fear mongering about “right-wing violence”–“anti-federalists,” “Tea Party insurgents,” militias, etc.

The newest “enemy” (theoretically, of course–at the moment), according to authorities in Ohio, is “Second Amendment activists,” who are so angry about federal “gun control” laws that they use chemical, biological and radiological weapons against . . . someone–who that would be is not very clear.

Meanwhile, with retailers struggling to meet the demand for ammunition, and government agencies buying it up by the hundreds of millions of rounds (thus both further exacerbating private citizens’ difficulty in procuring ammo, and boosting these agencies’ own supplies to levels more than adequate to kill the entire citizenry), there are alarming indications that the military is further choking off citizens’ supply, by (illegally) destroying used cartridge brass that would otherwise be sold back to the civilian market and reloaded for inexpensive ammo.

Even far more chilling, if true, are allegations that the Obama administration has imposed a “litmus test” on senior military leaders, with an unwillingness to order troops to fire on American citizens being disqualifying for command. Stewart Rhodes, veteran paratrooper and founder of the Oath Keepers, told St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner that this claim, while deeply disturbing, is not in the least implausible:

“I find it very plausible. Frankly, I would be shocked if it were not happening. Now, I have no “smoking gun” confirmation of that, but let’s just say that it fits like a glove with all that we do know is fully confirmed.”

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  • 1_Eddie_1

    The media reports will be that conservatives will be the instigators and will stand behind the oppressors of liberty. Meanwhile it is our form of government which has been hijacked through fraud and usurpation.

  • Dempseycoleman

    This is the Threat George Washington worried about over 200 Years ago.
    King George in in the White House

    • Bob

      King Kong, you mean? King Geo at least had something called Western Hemisphere culture.

      • Dempseycoleman

        I ment King George of England

      • rhcrest

        LOL! Yeah definitely more like King Kong than King George

  • Douglas

    When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature, and the nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

    Our history through out our limited time has shown us what having the wrong leaders can do, to harm our freedoms. We had been warned and yet we allowed an elite group to find more interest in personal gain than the welfare of our nation…and if it should come to that day when we must decide Our freedom or Theirs…then I will be on the side of Ours! Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!

  • Bob

    If all out revolution is to devolve upon us in this country, it will at least be the light of my life to see every stink rich lame stream media maggot get shoved bodily and head first right into their own printing presses just to see what they looked like coming out the far end.

    • Rocky Mountain

      So much for ‘Freedom of Speech’ then?

      • Rob1911a1

        Freedom of speech is NOT without limits: one cannot cry ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre, or incite a riot (as Al Shalatan did, a riot in which seven people were killed, and he of course skated free). Treasonous speech – as most of the major news outlets produce daily – is NOT covered by ‘Freedom of Speech’; also, Freedom of Speech means the GOVERNMENT cannot control it; that does not mean outraged citizens cannot control it. (Just think of your employer; there are certainly rules at work as to what you can and cannot say or express; that is not a violation of rights, since it is NOT the Government doing it).

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Does anyone honestly believe the government would ANNOUNCE they’re planning to go to war against the citizens of this nation??? Get real! Did Hitler announce he was going to war against the Jews in Germany before he did so? Did Stalin? No, they just showed up at the doors and did their things. SO will this regime, since it’s orchestrated by the same author and his minions, with the SAME intention!

    • Rob

      But it seems like frogs in boiling water, the American people will die before they realize or wake up.

    • rhcrest

      The gov’t could announce anything they want and people couldn’t care less and won’t pay attention. Even with 9/11 they only woke up briefly but then were lulled back to sleep to the sounds of Islam is a Religion of Peace. They would barely look up from their iphones or watching the next episode of American Idol. Most people are just brain dead.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        There are enough who are at least semi-awake these days, and those are the TARGETS in such an attack; so the very people O would NOT want to alert, and such a warning would be noticed.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Re: Hitler. I think it was pretty clear to most thinking people what was coming.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        The German people as a group, in the ’30s, were very well educated and enlightened, yet the majority fell for Hitler; only a small percentage saw what he was and what was coming, before he had power, and silenced them, one way or another… most of them “disappeared” never to be seen or heard from again. Some simply died, by assassination/murder, or in concentration camps with the other undesirables. Do you think that can’t/won’t happen here too? The bulk of the American population under 45 are ill educated at best, and very under-informed, at worst they’re thoroughly indoctrinated by the propaganda machine euphemistically called “media”!

        • Rob1911a1

          Indeed, in the earliest elections, the NAZIs won only ~3% of the vote; yet five years later, Hitler was made Chancellor!

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Remind you of anyone?

      • Rob1911a1

        Actually, no; Sir Winston Chuchill was one of the only ones who saw it and spoke out about it, and he was considered a dotty old fool – until it actually happened, just as he had predicted, and they made him Prime Minister, and he saved England almost single handedly, by pure strength of will. The English didn’t consider him quite so dotty during the war!!

    • Rob1911a1

      Someone once noted how different history would have been if every Jew in Europe had had a rifle and 100 rounds of ammo. That is the difference between us and Nazi Germany; better than 1 in 4 Americans DOES have at least a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        They did have, before Hitler confiscated their guns, very like what we see happening here now. Likewise the Russian peoples before Stalin’s gun grab, where more millions were massacred, after being disarmed, and to think the same intention is not what’s driving this would be folly!

  • The system of the west is now implicitly Anti-White. The social, political, media, and educational brainwashing that is taking place is Anti-White.

    It has now got to the point where some White people have begun hating their own race!

    The educational system is Anti-White, The media is Anti-White, The political ideology of the west is Anti-White.

    Popular opinion is Anti-White.

    Anti-Racism is a CODEWORD for Anti-White.

  • Discordian

    That’s true about the used brass, and has been true for perhaps 2 years now. Georgia Arms, the biggest and best reload manufacturer I’ve ever known, affirmed this in an old press release. What’s more, the empty brass is packaged up and sold to China.

    I’d rather bury it in the backyard that let that happen. Or sell it to a private individual who is skilled enough to repack their own ammo.

  • Capt.America

    Would you expect less from the state run media?

  • bouboulina

    The mainstream media will not be able to ignore the massive 23 Feb. manifestation that will reflect the conservative beliefs of the majority of Americans. Solution? Scare people into not going. Best example, the SE Houston military operation that scared the pants off people. This is step 3 folks–it’s getting really bad fast.

  • Rocky Mountain

    “.. far more chilling, IF TRUE, are allegations…” Joe has some impressive credentials IF TRUE.

  • SLAVEfreer

    Typical double speak. The tyrants are the terrorists.