Obama Wants 100,000 American Students to Study in Communist China

(CNSNews.com) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday will celebrate the launch of a newly rebranded organization called the “100,000 Strong Foundation,” which aims to have 100,000 American students studying in China by 2014.

Thursday’s event will “underscore the importance of study abroad in China and the benefits to our strategic relationship with China as well as the personal benefits individuals receive through these exciting experiences,” the news release said.

Until now, the 100,000 Strong Initiative — announced by President Obama on his trip to China in 2009 — has operated inside the State Department. Thursday’s 1 p.m. ceremony marks its transition to a non-profit, nongovernmental organization operating independently.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton officially launched the Obama initiative in May 2010 in Beijing. “China has established dozens of Confucius Institutes across the United States that offer Chinese language instruction and cultural programs to help Americans better understand China,” Clinton said at the time. “We would like to see similar American language and culture centers on the campuses of Chinese universities.”

According to State Department statistics, in the 2010/11 academic year, 14,596 U.S. students were studying in China, which was number five on the list of study-abroad destinations, behind the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France.

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  • Barry_Suxx

    Hey barry: Time to Put Up or SHUT UP. Send YOUR %&*# little girls over to Commie China for School’n before you suggest this kind of blathering crap for anyone else!

  • Bruce Feher

    Are you kidding, this is great news! Send all the Occupy Wall Street druggies to China and let’s bump the number to a million. How long do you think they would last?

  • Wayright2

    Let me quote Hilary, “What difference does it make?” Those kids would get just as thorough a communistic education going to college here as they would in China.

  • Capt.America

    Let me pick the students.

  • Guest

    That’s OK. Sherrod Brown majored in Soviet Union/Russian studies back in the 70s at Harvard, and look how he turned out.

  • exposeObama

    This is the classic communist operation they raid a country and kidnap the children and send them to reeducation camps. When adults they send them back as media reps and politicians to subvert a nation. Obama Clinton and Reid Pelosi are treasonious and I hope America can wake up. George Soros is the puppet master and Obama and him are under the KGB masters.

  • Linda

    Again I say when BO sets the example of giving up his guns around him. He should also send his daughters to study in China first. Don’t PREACH your garbage to me BO, step up and live the way you want all of us to live.

  • Send them the 80,000 Muslim’s and 20,000 Illegal Alien’s !

  • Jben

    Great idea! Lets send our mush for brains kids, who have already been propagandized by communist professors, to China for further indoctrination! They should come back as well rounded little commies and future leaders of the dimocrat party!