Outrage: Alaska’s Senators Support Transfer of F-16’s and M1 Tanks to Muslim Brotherhood Government in Egypt

While Egypt burned, Alaska’s United States Senators voted yesterday to table an amendment that would have blocked the sale of advanced military weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egyptian Government whose leader has recently made headlines for calling the Jews “bloodsuckers” and “descendants of apes and pigs.”

Apparently our delegation is impervious to the fact that the very organization that spawned Osama Bin Laden, and the terrorist organization Hamas, will be the recipients of US arms. The goal of these dangerous extremists is a global caliphate.

One has to wonder how putting such dangerous weapons in the hands of an anti-Semite whose credo calls for jihad and martyrdom will help to stabilize a region that is already in turmoil.

In case you’re wondering, the Muslim Brotherhood’s creed reads as follows: “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

The amendment in question was put forward by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

See video below:

  • gailfilerino0403

    I don’t understand why any American would send these weapons to Eypt under the leadship on Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood. In Afghanistan & Iraq before we gave them anything we worked with them. Our Military trained them and we had commitments from their government to protect American interest. Their doesn’t seem to be anything in place that would protect American interest as well as Israel’s interest. I don’t recognize this regimes policies. The middleast is in shambles since the obama regime got in.

    • RonMar

      That was in the excellent presidency of GWB. We are now under the oppressive, tyrannical, despotic, evil Marxist, Islamic Obama regime.
      Obama is the greatest danger to the US and the world since WWII.
      There has never been a time in US history when the 2d Amdt and a fully-armed, prepared citizenry was more necessary than it is now.

      • chris scott

        Eygpt was the peacemaker of the ME when Bush was involved. BO and Hillary ochestrated this takeover in Eygpt by the brotherhood who is now burning Coptic Christian churches and persecuting Christians.

      • mjrak47

        Your ” excellent presidency of GWB” gave us ‘Homeland Security’ and the TSA under which we have lost many personal Freedoms and are no safer than before 9/11!!

        • RonMar

          Thank you for your half-vast opinions. Now please prove your assertions about loss of personal freedoms and no safer than before 9/11.
          You’re going to have a tough time proving the latter since there have not been any such large scale terror attacks or aircraft hijackings in the US since 9/11.

          Attacks on 9/11 costing the lives of 3K+ human lives, three major structures and significant damage to another, plus the loss of four hijacked aircraft gave us Homeland Security and TSA.

          Only a Dem Lib Obamaniac or some other kind of special idiot would blame any of that including Homeland Security and TSA on GWB.

    • ginger

      And we all know how well that works out with lying muslims and wannabe dictators don’t we.?

  • Patrick Henry

    Is EVERYONE in washington DC mentally retarded??? Dont give these pinheads any guns…they will give them to our enemies. What am I saying..they just did!!! IDIOTS!!!!

    • ginger

      No, they are retarded..they know exactly what they are doing…at the orders of the fraudlent “government” in D.C. today…and they think somehow they will be exempt from the consequences…they will not.

  • I’m wondering why all of a sudden Egypt needs F-16 aircraft and tanks. Do they have plans to invade Israel? Seems very suspicious and also suspicious as to why Comrade Obama is so anxious for them to have these weapons…

  • RonMar

    Murkowski must be a RINO. Begich is a Dem Lib. Both are idiots. Alaska has a responsibility to the nation to get those two twits out of office ASAP, hopefully by legal means.

    • CSN

      Amen to that one. People of Alaska wake up before it’s too late.

  • cherokee_warrior

    It is my opinion, and I hope that the other readers will agree, is that
    ‘bama and the Dems are guilty of Collaborationism which is cooperation with enemy forces against one’s country. The committing of this act is, by definition, a treasonist act, and as such is TREASON. In the past, acts of treason were punihable by Death to those who committed such acts.
    So why is not there an Outcry against this? It is a known fact, as recorded by the media, both Liberal and Conservative, that the Egyptians have been, for some time, crying out words such as ‘death to the Americans’ Death to the Jews. Those elected officers of the ‘new’ Egyptian government are very open in their wanting jihad against all who do not bow to Allah and the Prophet. Is not being warned a need to be forearmed, and to change the course that is being taken? Is ‘bama really concerned about the well-being of the citizens of these United States, or is he more concerned with his standing with Allah and the Prophet? Your call.

  • Stealth

    Of course…what ELSE is new??? It is like the Sci-Fi movie from I believe the 1970’s.. “Day of the TRIFFADS’ where these alien FLOWERS that have inundated earth, spew forth a ‘fog’ that STEALS people BRAINS! I swear- it MUST be near the end time because it appears a HUGE percentage of people have lost ALL semblance of common-sense or reasoning abilities!

  • conservativeBYchoice

    Why are these self serving politicians not in prison where they belong?It is all like a hollywood horror movie.No hope but plenty of bad changes..

  • Lloyd

    Recipe for domination of superpower; articulate lawyer politicians, racism, terrorism, diversified widespread population, chaos; obscure untracable personality of “oppressed race”, money, expensive high tech weapons, hostile opposing etity.
    Stir up mouthy politicians with already biased “oppressed race” till foaming at the mouth, spread heavily throughout widespread population to prevent gathering of said population, season with confusion of chaos and obscure personality,.Garnish with expensive high tech weapons and money to opposing entity. Results; overnight dictatorship.
    Sound familiar?

    • Lloyd

      BTW, add anything else you can come up with for desired effect.

    • Lloyd

      you should also season with lamestream media.

  • Lemrob

    There are only 19 Senators in Washington that understand what is really going on here. All the others; as Rand stated, “are out of touch.” I think they are out of their minds and need to be replaced.

    • Flayer

      Let’t make that a majority. There are 30 Dems up for reelection in 2014 . Plus draft Sista Sarah!

  • simpletony1

    No shortage of fools in Alaska either

  • retired vet

    sent dozens of letters to senate saying its a bad idea, polls said majority of people were against it yet the idiots still vote against the peoples wishes,when will we vote them out or impeach them for treason, my fear is that our own, including my son that is now serving, will have to face our own advanced weapons. I used to train troops on the Abrams and sure as [email protected]@@ dont want my boy to face one, or a F16, its the samething our politicians did in WWII, kept on selling iron to Japan after they started invading China, then Japan made bombs out of the same iron to drop on Peal Harbor. Stupid is as stupid does

    • Flayer

      The majority of Americans didn’t and still don’t want Obamacare. Yet we have it. What gives?

      • Skip

        What do expect from a bunch of criminals and Traitors!!!

    • Glockmod23

      Well Said, and your 100% Right about all the letters send to these fools! / Also, you can Bet the Farm on “Our Boys having to face these weapons” These Alaska Senators should be “In Jail, Not In Office”

  • bigdog137

    These Senators need to be targeted for removal from their position. They are obviously incapable of making responsible decisions & therefore are unfit for office! Demonstrates the need for term limits, BIG TIME!

    • Flayer

      Draft Sista Sarah

      • bigdog137

        Absolutely correct!
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        Flayer (unregistered) wrote, in response to bigdog137:

        Draft Sista Sarah

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    • Skip

      They’re all a bunch of TRAITORS and what do you normally do with traitors!

      • bigdog137

        Right on! THIS “administration” rewards them & promotes them.
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        Skip wrote, in response to bigdog137:

        They’re all a bunch of TRAITORS and what do you normally do with traitors!
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  • Greg S.

    Lisa – Mark, your names are virtually identical. Same number of letters, same votes to undermine US sovereignty. Sad that the R’s and D’s have become identical in what once was the great state of Alaska!!

  • exile

    after extensive research,it is my belief,the brotherhood is in control of this administration,only other explanation, is that this president was placed in power by the mo-bro’s backing,and is a more than willing member of this marxist-jihadi organization,which has,in turn,delivered this country to
    become a part of the captive nations,that undermine secular governments
    that will establish sharia,once israel is no more,and the final solution is

  • cmdorsey

    Lisa M. defeated Joe Miller in 2008 by write-in vote. Wow, nothing suspicious about that.

  • CaptTurbo

    You might expect common sense and American Patriotism to be more prevalent in an outlying state such as Alaska. Weird times.

  • Nellie CA

    These guns should be on our borders and we need to stop supplying the terrors with guns and tanks to kill their own people. These guns and tanks could end up in Mexico. We don’t know what is going on with all the illegals coming across the borders from the Middle East and Africa! Obama wants to take away the security of the guns the citizens owns. Castro took the Cuban people’s guns, Hitler took the guns from the Citizens, the only people who had guns was Hitler’s army. Listen to the Sheriff, arm yourself and make sure you know how to use the gun. If Feinstein can carry a gun, every woman in CA should be able to have the same protection.

    • Poppo

      If the present admin put these guns on the border, they would be pointed inwards.

  • CSN

    Rand Paul is the only one truly fighting this outrage, and the rest are sitting on their hands, as well as complicit to this extremism in the worst degree. You send those military weapons to Egypt and they’ll come Home to Roost, but I hope it’s at the White House and not the rest of the Nation. This whole thing is a “Trojan Horse” and either our leaders are extremely STUPID, or extremely EVIL. Maybe a little bit of both. We’ll be seeing the demise of Christians and Jews in the Middle East due to this heinous act of giving weapons to the enemies of God.

  • gracentruth

    Keep praying – God is in charge of Alaska – and the nation. We have failed in the past, but now we are awake. Peace,

  • Alaska needs to get their act together and throw out these RINO’s at the next opportunity. Rand Paul is trying but he needs more Conservatives in the Senate to help correct the problems in DC.

  • Flayer

    Sarah, Sarah! Will you run for Senate, please!

  • Because the military vote is not counted, because the adreneline of power rules the brain, because of greed the mistakes Alaskan officials make will have irreparable consequences. Welcome to the lower 48. Semper Fi.

  • Both Begich and Murkowski must be thrown out of office for turning a blind eye to arming Jew haters in Egypt with the latest US tank and F 16 technologies. They are no better than Chuck duh Hagal

  • 4USA2

    Our tax dollars are paying to put weapons in the hands of Al Quida in Egypt. Swell, huh? And Democrats want to raise taxes to “spread the wealth” meaning more planes and tanks for them while our own military is reduced to the nub. You people who voted for Democrats, have you lost your minds? Here’s a another good one for you; it’s called “fair share”…. all congresses’ kids get free college on YOUR tax dollars while YOUR OWN kids have student loans to pay back until they are 50 years old. This BS can’t stop until you vote to stop it! Government needs to spend LESS, NOT MORE!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    This SO Californian wants to thank the NRSC and the other R elites fro ‘helping’ little –l i s a — get back into the Senate…

  • bobmann101

    The only reason Obama is sending planes, tanks and ammo to the Middle East is to help wipe Israel off the map. The US is also on the list.

  • Barry_Suxx

    This is an act of Treason, against the Citizens of This Country; pure and simple. Time to Hang’em!

  • NikVa

    Hey, let’s not forget that Hilary’s chief of staff’s family members were members of the MB. When Sarah and others mentioned this they were shouted down as boobs and idiots.

    All that I’m going to say is when we get a handle on this we will have to sanitize all of these tards from they’re safe positions in government as well as other public trusts.. As it turns out, McArthey was correct, the government was infiltrated with commies. It is now and has radical Islamist in with them as well.

  • raynbene

    I heard this deal was approved back in 2010, but does that mean they can’t stop it because of that ?? When has a previous agreement meant anything in politics ? Why, it’s because of our oh-so pragmatic POTUS, and his advisors in the muslim ‘brotherhood’, cair, hamas, hezbollah . . .
    When will we have people in the US government who can stand up for OUR security and rights, and not worry about what these tyrants think ??

  • Skip

    Obama continues to help his muslim brothers,why is anyone surprised!!

  • AK grandma

    This would never have happened with “uncle” Ted or Lisa’s father. We (Alaskans) have lost our voice. I can see how Lisa got in. (Her father appointed her when he was governor, and then she sweet talked and slandered to get re-elected.) But how people turned against Stevens during that phony scandal and put Begich in I will never understand! I have written to Lisa over many issues and she just goes along with the Dems anyway and ignores our letters.

    • Poppo

      She is as much a republican as the senators from my state (CO) – Udall and Bennett.

    • mjrak47

      The “phony scandal” was ‘hatched’ to make ALL who’s political careers were ruined, appear tainted by greed. If ONLY Ted had been targeted…they would not have been able to pull it off. He was too powerful and they wanted him replaced. The whole ‘scandal’ was ALL about getting Ted out!! The others involved were merely ‘collateral damage’, which is sad because reputations and lives were ruined beyond repair.

  • Debra

    They should be shunned and never would have gotten into office if they had not had a devilish hand in getting elected, disgusted with them both a bunch of kiss assing bitches

  • exile

    the u.s. is building a coalition to remove all secular governments from the middle east, and africa, have any of these fine members of government
    taken into account the fact that the muslim-brotherhood, is who is behind all the “foreign fighters” that killed our military in iraq, and afghanistan ? well i guess it makes sense, being that this enemy combatant in the white house has placed them into most branches of his caliphate. one little detail
    that may escape the frozen politicos is that once an infidel, always one,
    no fast track here.

  • Poppo

    Arm the terrorists, disarm the patriots. What else did you expect of the hemorrhoid with ears and all the a$$holes around him?

  • Here is a message that is appropriate for every Senator that voted to send F-16’s to the Muslim Brotherhood:
    “Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are sabateurs and should arrested, exiled, or hanged.” — Abraham Lincoln 1863

  • mjrak47

    BOTH Begich AND Lisa have abysmal voting records. They need to be replaced!! They obviously are NOT voting for the best interests of Aalaskan/American Citizens. Lisa IS a RINO and Begich has an F- grade through Numbers USA. Lisa’s is a D-. Because we DO have a Great Congressman in Don Young, who’s voting record is an A-…I do not support ‘term limits’. The same goes for our Great Ted Stevens. If ‘term limits’ were in place, they would not have had the long careers that they have had. If an ’employee’ does a great job…why replace them?? We have the ‘ballot box’ for a reason. USE IT!!!

  • fourr


  • fourr

    MILLER must run again,,,,common sense,,,,,STOP unfair free Trade….Red China is our #1 enemy.