‘The Silence Is Deafening, Mr. President’: Obama Has Yet To Acknowledge Death Of Legendary Seal Sniper Chris Kyle

Photo Credit: The BlazeIt has been about 10 days since legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was tragically gunned down in Texas, and the president of the United States has yet to address his death.

President Barack Obama has not made a public statement regarding Kyle’s murder and his extraordinary service to his county, nor has the White House issued an official press release. Messages left by TheBlaze were not immediately returned by the White House.

Several Blaze readers have also suggested that the White House should have ordered flags be flown at half mast to honor Kyle. You may recall, Obama issued such orders to honor the late Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, the victims of Sandy Hook, and in honor of Arlen Specter, Neil Armstrong and Army Cpl. Frank W. Buckles, as well as others.

While those proclamations were more than necessary, many would argue an American hero like Chris Kyle — the “American Sniper” — undoubtedly deserves the same respect.

However, the most glaring oversight is still the fact that President Obama hasn’t so much as offered a public statement paying his respects to Kyle and his family.

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  • gwedem5995

    No but when Sandra Fluke was slammed by Rush, he called her in two days to see how she was doing and give his support. It is evident to me that Obama does not like America and blames it for all of the ills of the world and is trying to destroy it. Shame on him.

    • Kent2012

      probably sent a package of trojans, sort of a support kinda thing. I hope that a statue of kenyan boy is erected and within a week a veteran wipes it out with a LAW…..

    • Barbaree

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Linda

    obama is a Royal Jack-ass !