Declaration of War on American Values: Battalion Commander Tells Troops that Patriots, Christians belong to Hate Groups

A combat battalion commander assigned to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, sent an email out to several dozen subordinate officers and senior noncommissioned officers describing conservatives as members of hate groups.

The senior officer, seen in the YouTube below, apparently decided that his ignorant soldiers needed some political indoctrination regarding the Army’s new values, as decreed by Obama.

So, using the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center as a guide, the lieutenant colonel set out to educate.

Using the subject line of ‘Domestic Hate Groups,’ LTC Jack Rich warned his subordinate leaders that,

Many events have been taking place across the country – just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values.

Before identifying for his troops who the haters in America are, he makes it clear that his email is an action memo:

When we see behaviors that are inconsistent with Army Values – don’t just walk by – do the right thing and address the concern before it becomes a problem.

In other words, this misguided Army ‘leader’ is telling his junior officers that they are to actively intervene with any of their troops that they suspect has ‘hateful’ beliefs.

Once identified, the hater presumably will be forced to recant such beliefs.

Sound familiar? Turn back the clock to the Cold War years and you might mistake LTC Rich with a political commissar, the Soviet ideological officer who guarded military units against “harmful” beliefs.

So who exactly belongs to a hate group? Probably most conservatives. According to Commissar Rich and his communist buddies at the Southern Poverty Law Center, they include:

members of the Christian right (like Focus on the Family’s former leader, James Dobson)

anti-gay groups (those who oppose the “so-called homosexual agenda”)

members of Patriot organizations (those “opposed to the ‘New World Order'”; those who believe that the “‘New World Order’ is imposing a global plan, called Agenda 21, to take away citizens’ property rights”; those who “believe that being well armed is a must”; those who fear “impending gun control or weapons confiscations, either by the government or international agencies”)

anti-Muslim groups (those who “broadly defame Islam”; those who believe the “inherent danger to America posed by its Muslim-American community”, that Muslims are a “fifth column intent on undermining and eventually replacing American democracy and Western civilization with Islamic despotism”; those who “allege that Muslims are trying to subvert the rule of law by imposing on Americans their own Islamic legal system, Shariah law”)

anti-illegal alien groups

Commissar Rich identifies the Family Research Council, American Family Association, United States Justice Foundation, Atlas Shrugs, Sharia Awareness Network, Bare Naked Islam, and many other organizations as hate groups.

Yes, the thought police have infected the U.S. Military. Never mind that troublesome First Amendment. Obama must be proud.

Read Commissar Rich’s complete email HERE.

Here’s a video of Commissar Rich at a live fire exercise at Fort Campbell. Let’s pray he doesn’t make it beyond O-5:

  • hank

    and Hitlers loyal military officers said “I was only following orders when I marched those hateful Jews into the gas chambers” Beyond sad.

    • I completely agree. Ignorance doesn’t excuse war crimes. Hopefully we stop this guy before that point. 🙂

      • Bob2002

        The bad thing is his superiors are all Obama appointed and thus will probably get away with what he is doing.

        • Richard Jefferies

          Not likely. Flag officers have been turning into political apparatchiks for years. They are only concerned about getting out and getting those high paying jobs. Leadership sets the tone from the top down, and the leadership in the US Military has been being scrapped from the moral bottom for a while now. The pyramid shaped single elimination tournament to get to flag officer is so bureaucratic that only the most ruthless political animals survive.

        • Harlan Lee Harmon

          This Lt.Col. is headed down the same road as Lt.Calley!

      • Irish1025

        I hope and pray that we do stop him but I’m not counting on it. He is too well protected It would take a miracle to reach him.

    • Sabata

      None of the defendants at Nuremberg admitted to any part of the holocaust or any direct knowledge of the holocaust, and only one, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, head of the Reich Security Main Office, was charged with having an operational role in the killing of Jews. He testified as follows:

      DR. KAUFFMANN: What attitude did you adopt when you heard about it?

      KALTENBRUNNER: I had no knowledge of Hitler’s order to Heydrich regarding the final solution of the Jewish problem at the time I took up my office. In the summer of 1943 I gathered from the foreign press and through the enemy radio…

      That is, he testified that he had no direct part in the holocaust, and only learned of it via the foreign press and enemy radio..The only man charged at Nuremberg with participation in the holocaust did not plead that he was “Following orders’, he testified that it was “Entirely impossible.”


        That gave me cold chills. That is exactly what most of the Obama administration say when they are forced to testify. They either plead the fifth, state that they are unaware that the problem existed no matter how staggering their ties are to the crimes they have commited, or refuse to step down. I am praying for an end to this Godless regime that have taken over the White House.

        • TwinkleStar2

          It is not going to get better until a rebellion takes place in this country. The pendulum is too far left now and the momentum is too great. Only a rebellion will swing it back to center and stability.

          • Donny Lott

            A rebellion in modern days will destroy the nation. The old system no longer works. it needs to be changed from the inside. The president doesn’t have to have a security clearance or a background check. His staff does. It is true anybody can become president. Even a plant.That selection process needs to change. But it may be too late.

        • Sabata

          My point was The holohoax was a lie and the people lying to us about it control the government and media, While the Zionist Media continues to steer us into their plan of destruction of Free Christian people.

          • Jew

            You are an antisemite.

          • Sabata

            The truth is antisemitic..

        • Irish1025

          Barbara You are not alone, there are many of us praying, keep the faith and prepare.

    • Michigan_REB

      Too bad the military doesn’t march Obama and the rest of his illegal administration aren’t marched off to a gas chamber

    • Bambam

      I have read that Hitler murdered more Christians than he did Jews, not that it matters as Murder is Murder. Following Orders? One thing that I remember from my military service is that, as a soldier are required to follow all “LAWFUL” orders.


      • Donny Lott

        !8 year old soldiers will do what ever they are told. A lesson learned many times over.

    • txcowboyup

      Hank, this is what scares me about our young troops and our city, county, state, and federal police!

    • Mary

      What about what happened to the GERMANS in WW2?? No one ever hears about that. I urge EVERYONE to read the book Hellstorm. You’ll never look at WW2 the same again.

      Gas chambers, hahaha, yeah, good one. We can thank the Khazars, er, I mean…zionist “jews” for that whopper.

      Not trying to be rude Hank, please don’t take my reply that way. I’m not a hateful lady, just simply trying to expand minds of whoever make come across this post.

  • The attrition needed in the U.S. Military, is ALL on the Liberal side!

  • I hate to think ill of any member of the Armed Services, but if this story is true, then THAT guy is just evil and power has gone to his head.

    • He doesn’t have any power. He is just a peon 0-5 who needs his ass jerked back to nothing, court-martialed and sent to Leavenworth for his crimes against AMERICA. TAKE HER TRAITOR obama with you and any of the other slimeballs in DC. Put biden back in diapers and give him his pacifier.

    • texray

      I started thinking ill of the members of the Armed Services when Special Forces took an active role in the gassing and incineration of Americans and their children, at Waco. That’s not to mention all the Veterans in the ATF and FBI troops who lead the assault.
      USMC General Butler remarked that soldiers aren’t thinkers, they are followers.

      • leewacker

        As I recall that situation, NONE of us who were on the perimeters of the entire situation really knew the truth—in fact, I don’t think the truth has ever been learned!
        That was a battle between Billy Bubba and a person he considered an inferior, and the Koresh people paid the price, BUT–there were also four or five good agents of the FBI and others who lost their lives as well!
        I still do not recognize Koresh or any of his teachings to be anything but a wannabe Jim Jones, who was as looney as Jones ever was! That is my greatest complaint about the Christian faith—it does get carried to extremes, and the followers pay the price!

        • carol

          Just want you to know that those extremists are not really Christians, they just have a religion. There have been many throughout history and today who call themselves Christians, but they are not. A Christian is someone who has a relationship, not a religion, with the Lord Jesus Christ and strive to follow His teachings. We do not hate people, we don’t kill people, we don’t try to force people to follow Christ, we invite them to with love and caring. Just look at who built most of the hospitals and orphanages and who is on the front lines when there is a disaster. I could go on and on, but the extremists who do these terrible things are not followers of Jesus Christ. Saying you are a Christian does not make you one any more than sitting in a garage does not make you a car. To be a genuine Christian means that one believes that Jesus died on the cross to pay for his sins, accepts the free gift of salvation, and trusts God to lead and guide him, and begins a wonderful relationship with a wonderful God. Does that mean we are perfect, by no means, but it does mean that we are changed and that, if we sincerely love and follow God, we will change more and more as we are willing to obey our Lord.

          • usmcmailman

            Jesus died on the cross to pay for OUR sins,
            He was sin-less!

          • Evvy J

            I am conservative and agree 100% of what Carol just wrote.

          • nwfultz

            Using the same logic you can say that the islamic terrorists are not muslim. I also personally believe that they are not following a religion of peace.

          • Richie


          • Richie

            OBAMA might not be the anti-christ we have been waiting for BUT he definetly knows who it is.

        • Stoned_Conservative

          Dead Federal Agents don’t bother me.

      • txcowboyup

        When I was a state police officer I had a disagreement with two federal ATF agents who tried to bully me…they lost…lol….one was killed at Waco trying to enter from the roof….these federal officers always think they are so special and better than everyone….

    • leewacker

      I live near Ft. Campbell, and consider the 101st my kids! This “officer” is NOT indicative of the majority of the brave men and women who make up the 101st!
      Bet he can’t even climb a rope for Air Assault!

  • This IS TREASON.

    • cmblake6

      Absolutely. And at what point do we enact our OATH, boys and girls?

    • Anthony Basso

      Treason, like the Republican Doug Lamborn’s attempts to entice generals to commit sedition? 0005ACE4 0005ACED40005ACE4

  • LTC Rich – stay in your pay grade and within your role as an Army officer! Read your Constitution … SIR!! You need to retire (and avoid federal law enforcement service …)
    – Maj (Ret) USMC

    • tiredofthecrap

      Absolutely concur with the Major here but want to add this: LTC Rich, stop drinking the Koolaid and get your head out of your 4th point of contact. You are a disgrace to the uniform you wear and the oath you took upon commissioning. COL (Ret), USA

      • I think you meant his 5th point of contact as you left out his first, his head! (Sorry Ma’am, I dropped your baby!)

        • Rowwdy Colt

          He was right….it is 4th point of contact.

      • David Hack

        No sir! Begging the Colonel’s pardon sir, I think he’s been smoking something that makes him stupid!

    • Dave Clark

      Very definitely concur with the Major. LTC Rich get your head out of Obummers arse. You definitely need to retire

    • Brian

      He’s just following orders Major! I suppose if they tell him to march off a cliff he would do that too! Must have gone ROTC to a liberal college.

      • Chris Good

        We are also told, that if the order is unlawful to use our damn heads. LCpl Veteran USMC

      • freetexas2

        I’m more concerned that if they tell him to attack a peaceful American neighborhood, he’ll do that, too.

      • John Mariner

        brian , just following orders was the excuse of the ss in germany during ww2, after killing how many jews.

      • Jim Ferenzi

        not EVERY ROTC. is that stupid, but if he was, it wouldnt surprise me

    • WhoBeen

      I wouldn’t suggest that he retire…I’d bust him down to buck private and give him a dishonorable discharge.
      He brings disgrace upon himself and the United States Army.

      • cmblake6

        Exactly so.

    • Stoned_Conservative

      Retire Sir, you are a disgrace as an officer. One of my Brigade Commanders would have relieved you on the spot. He was a tough mother, but I knew he was a Patriot. You Sir, are picked up on police call where ever a dog has been. SFC 22 years Infantry.

      • David Hack

        Hell sarge, I would have relieved him on the spot too! Not only that, I would have commenced an article 32 investigation, and then court martialed his ass!

        • David Hack

          You know yourself that if he’s court martialed, he looses EVERYTHING!

          • Stoned_Conservative

            That would be a good thing. He could find a job with DHS.

          • Irish1025

            GOD Help us! we definitely DO NOT need anymore of him in DHS!!

    • David Hack


    • Olsoljer

      I, too, concur Sir. I hate to tell you this, but I have had sons, grandsons, and grandaughters who have served since. Not only the Army but the MC has BS/CS officers throughout. Maybe because most of the commissioned officers attended liberal colleges and buy the crap they put out, (best guess). You wouldn’t like what you see now a day in the military (at least at the commissioned level). Courtmartials are common for offenses that deserve ass chewings (officially) and a pat on the back (unofficially) for the sake of political correctness. How many good soldiers/marines have left the service voluntarily/involuntarily because of it?

  • This ass has to go and go NOW!

  • Cindy

    Kick this SOB out of the Army, then send in the Marines to clean up the Army………………….what the hell is going on in our country..?

    • Jim Ross

      I hope you are leading the charge Cindy. When the Marines come cleaning up the Army. You been Marine Brain Washed I see . It don’t work

    • cuchieddie

      Cindy, you ask what is going on in this country, its simple, we have a white-negro Marxist muslim racist homosexual as CinC. (coward in charge)

    • Alan Brown

      looks like you yanks have a civil war coming, same here in the UK We will win but a lot of good people are going to die good luck to you all

      • Glenn

        They are waiting and it could be stopped NOW and save lives. The constitution was what we all as soldiers swore an oath to defend and they have broken this oath they should be kicked out of the military dishonorable discharge

        • Christopher R Langley

          I swore my oath on January 17, 1987. Today I still stand by that oath to defend my country from all enemies. To rise up with my brothers and sister, to give my life if necessary to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I did not swear allegiance to any person or persons of the government. I take pride in who I am and where I came from. When it is my time, I will go with peace and love in my heart. I will know that I have fought the true and faithful fight. I will go so that others may live free as our forefathers before us.

      • Christopher R Langley

        Ya’ll have a long hard road in the UK…. It is sad any time that good people must die because of their government. But it is time that we all change the direction that we have been forced to travel and return our countries to the right paths. This time, our civil war will not go the way of the last. Peace to ya Alan and to your kin.

    • Jeff Erickson

      Cindy, that’s not cool to say. We’re all one team, one fight, one victory. Our mission as a military is uphold the freedom of our people. Not fight against each other. No service is better than the other, we all have a certain mission in the overall operation to accomplish the mission and keep America and her people free.

      What you said, is a dumb thing to say.

      J Erickson
      SGT, USA
      Veteran/Paratrooper, 82d Airborne Division

  • jandyreid

    Looks like that leaves a hand full of people like him against most of America. I wonder how he thinks that will work out?

    • leewacker

      Wouldn’t be too surprised if the Colonel wasn’t a “victim of an accident on the rifle range or somewhere else!”
      Also, during night LandNav practice, all sorts of things could go wrong!

      • Christopher R Langley

        Kind of like so many other officers of past wars that met an untimely end. American soldiers will see you for what you are and deal with it when the time permits.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Not so good, I think….

  • Well, Mr Commander..for many years I was a Chaplain in the military, and I PREACHED the Gospel over the Intercom and PEOPLE changed because of THA Gospel..Have you ever preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Troops? I’ll bet not! Have you ever seen a company go from reprobate and flesh loving to God fearing? I have, and the WORD of GOD shaped them to conform to HIS Word! Don’t tell me, I’ll tell you! Unless you have experinced a new creature in Christ, don’t tell me what a Christian is or was etc!! Lastl sir, please tell me what you know about Christianity, I have a second, and also tell me, when is the last time a TRUE/REAL Christtian cut off or killed or forced another to beleive what he did or force him to beleive under threat of death? I’ll tell you…NEVER!!! Christians to wittness and warn others and preach the gospel and put out seed, BUT they NEVER do so under threat of death!! Prove what you believe or wait until you do know!!! 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV /1 Peter 3:18 KJV

    • Mike Schmaus

      Thank you Sir!
      Loved having a Chaplain with us as we stepped out of the bird into the darkness on airborne operations!

    • Evvy J

      I have to say AMEN to that. I served in the US Navy and we had the opportunity to have worship services back then and I understand now, all that has changed. I can even understand that the POTUS wants to change these services but what I cannot understand why the most powerful military and American people will allow him to do this without any authority to back him. Congress hasn’t secretly backed him have they? It’s not just that he’s messed with the military but all these scandals and lies that have been spoken him and his cronies and I mean it goes as far back as he has been running for president and the time that he has spent as president. Whats the lowdown on all this does anyone know? In years past his hiney would have been toast but this guy is just like the Teflon man.

    • Billie F Smith

      Thank you Sir! That was brilliant!!

    • Cody

      You said a Christian never killed to get other to accept his views? Yeah it’s not like the crusades ever happened…

      • joe

        People are not educated about the Crusades. Europe was invaded by Muslims three times BEFORE the Crusades, and the Europeans finally reacted with military force. Moreover, the Crusades were a thousand years ago. Let’s end the fable that the “Crusades proves Christians were evil”. No, the Crusades proved Islam was evil, and was a just reaction to Islamic evil

        • Irish1025

          Thank You Joe for speaking the truth!

  • Lawrence Ekdahl


    • leewacker

      He might advocate it, but I know the majority, IF ANY, of the soldiers at Ft. Campbell would follow his command!

      • Christopher R Langley

        Hey Lee, I think there is a typo in what you wrote. I’m pretty sure you meant that they wouldn’t follow his command if he ordered them to fire upon American citizens. I would agree with that. Our soldiers are for the most part patriots just like us. I’m sure there are those amongst the numbers who will follow blindly until they open their eyes and realize they are on the wrong side. Our fears shouldn’t be so much with our brothers and sisters who are serving but with those that they would bring in that they know they can trust to do their bidding for them even if it is wrong.

        • Evvy J

          I didn’t think that the national guard would fire on people back in the 60tys either but they did and people gut hurt and killed.

    • American_Dad

      Not all of us. Most of us are OathKeepers.

      • Terry Cline

        I think the vast majority of non-active duty soldiers are Oath Keepers. (I can’t use the word retired, because I’ve yet to come across a Vet. that wasn’t still ready to serve reguardless of age. Yes, my family is packed with Vet’s.)

  • the thought police have infected the U.S. Military. Never mind that troublesome First Amendment. Obama must be proud.

  • If this is the attitude that any of our military have we are in deep shit. KFC Rich, you sir have a real problem, and I would welcome the chance to personally address this with you, face to face.

  • jdelaney3

    Seig Heil!

  • Deputy068

    Here we go again. Pick military leaders who will follow orders without referring to the oath they swore – support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Soon we’ll replace that oath with a ‘personal loyalty’ oath to “The Leader”. I fear for my country….

    • Ray_Downen

      Every citizen will soon face the choice of Obama or common sense. And all the power will be in the hands of Obama.

  • It would seem to me that this officer is the one WHO HATES, to include our own Government, the most intolerant ones are the ones who are most intolerant towards all others!!…
    God have mercy on the solders under this person’s command/training!…lja/JMJ

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      JMJ, Lou! JMJ!!!

  • C-Christian Soldier

    ARMY-West Point-the main chapel is one of the most outstanding structures on campus- shaped like a CROSS when viewed from an aerial position (plane or helicopter)

    Christianity was the mainstay for the USMA (West Point) – and all of the other Military Academies …

    now-according to FOX (Sunday-April 7) -the Army now labels Christians as right wing extremists…
    C-Christian Soldier

    • Cynthia Nakai


  • Why is the evil in this country so cohesive while we have to use hit & miss methods? We desperately need to stamp all this crap out (obama and congress) and start again. The U.S. has failed, it has fallen to this evil faction represented by people like obama and the democrat party. We may even outnumber them, and I know we’re better armed so long as they don’t “register” us so they can take our weapons…that’s the reason they are so hell bent on registering US under the guise of registering our weapons

    • bodica

      They’ve been working in stealth for decades. According to some, since the first bolsheviks came assure with genuine refugees from Russia and started their quick step into the educational system. This has been too long in the planning; an evil that Christians could not imagine, and are therefore vulnerable. However, our trust is in the Lord, Who made Heaven and Earth and He will haste to help us.

    • Ray_Downen

      Half or so of our qualified voters went to the polls in 2012 and voted to have a Muslim as our President for another 4 years. Did they not realize what they were doing to the U.S.A.? Most of them still do NOT realize, and may not realize until most of us are in concentration (FEMA) camps being re-educated.

      • Silah

        The elections were rigged and the bright side is that the truth is there were not that many who did actually vote for the Fraud

  • Gary

    Get this SOB out of there, he is just as dangerous as the “head kenyan in charge” and stinky harry reid!

  • jsaucer

    Move over Jane. LC Rich wants to us that gun against the US Constitution. It’s obvious he would use his troops against US Citizens in a heat beat. Their last.

  • jsaucer

    Can someone find out if Commisar Rich has had past associations with Major Nidal Hasan? Was Rich in Hasan’s classes at the war college?


    Read your oath of office and doyour sworn duty. Change the camoflage for something more appropriate, like a brownshirt.

  • Tom Dietz

    I am a retired Army LTC. The officer needs to be forced to retire immediately as he has no intention of living up to his oath of protecting the Constitution of the United States. He is the danger to the country and its citizens. Additionally his complete ignorance also warrants his immediate retirement or resignation.

    • Ray_Downen

      Tom, you just don’t understand that the armed forces are now led by a Muslim. When foolish people voted to keep him in office for another four years, they were voting for the downfall of the U.S.A. I just hope some states will secede and set up a government dedicated to restoring what the U.S.A. has been until we put a Muslim in charge. The officer merely speaks what Obama wants said. Obamaland is not a safe place for decent people to live.

      • leewacker

        I do believe Obama is seeing the Handwriting on the Wall, and doesn’t like what he sees!
        Things will get rougher and tougher for him as the summer progresses, and there just might be a day of reckoning in the not so far future!

        • Donna Cox

          I don’t think his biggest problem is the American people. The muslim garbage have not gotten what their money paid for.

          • Robert Ingalls

            Crazy if you think Muslims would benefit from an Obummer WH!! He’s owned by Jews/Zionists!

        • cmblake6

          Let us pray for that day of reckoning. Just remember what God said about those who were lukewarm.

      • Donna Cox

        We did not vote for this trash. This was an election taken from us by fraud, just as 2008 was taken by theft, fraud and deceipt

        • David Hack

          Also Ray, and please excuse the caps but I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE NOR RECOGNIZE BARRAK HUSEIN OBAMA AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Also, as far as I’m concerned there have only been forty three LEGAL presidents, and the last LEGAL president was G. H. W. BUSH!

          • Eldorado Russ

            The last good President we have had was Dwight D. Eisenhower. he understood the truths of war.. I don’t think anyone without Military experience should be allowed to be President and in charge of our Military……

          • Deirdre Campbell

            Reagan ended the cold war without the US ever having to go to war. He bombed Quadaffi into submission. He built the US military into the greatest military ever! God bless the Gipper!

          • Richie


          • txcowboyup

            I agree with prior military experience, I disagree with Eisenhower being the last good President. Gen McArthur would have been a better Presidential choice back then, but that is another story….Both Bushes, Reagan, and even Nixon were all better than Eisenhower.
            Hey Deirdre Campbell, Nixon ended Viet Nam…you’d have to have lived then to appreciate that…lol…and Watergate was about easdropping ….what the hell is NSA and all these drones in American skies? Go back and review history and you’ll discover Nixon was a Patriot !

          • RetiredTpr

            I don’t think that anyone should hold any national office unless they have military service! It is so easy to send young men and women into harms way when you have no idea what you are asking them to do! We see what leadership is being provided to our military by this FOOL that we have occupying the White House. I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps, and I enlisted. I did not run from the draft like many of today’s politicians! I also went and did what I was ordered to do because I trusted and respected my leaders, not like people like Al Gore and John Kerry who had cushy jobs and only spent a couple of months ” in country ” so they could pad their resumes!

          • princesssong

            I agree on that one ..

          • Irish1025

            HERE HERE!!!!

          • Mike11C

            While I agree with what you are saying, G. H. W. Bush is the elder. The last legal President was his son, G. W. Bush.

        • usmcmailman


  • SickofCommies

    You are one lucky fool I’m not still in uniform! You are a disgrace to the U.S. Army AND America!
    What’s more appalling is to not hear that anyone in your chain of command has dressed you down for this.
    What the heck has happened to the Army I love?!?!?!?
    Better make sure you make it to retirement because any military retiree who reads this sure won’t offer you a job. You display incredibly poor judgment, and you’d probably sell out at the first sign of trouble.
    LTC (Ret) USArmy

  • Sensibility

    So what you are saying is you support hate groups Joe Miller? That’s good to know, one less vote. Doesn’t sound very American growing up in a country that tolerates all denominations and those without a denomination.

    BTW Someone from the bible thumping right using the term thought police, i think the irony of that statement is probable too hard to explain to you.

    • joewmiller

      That’s not what the article says. Of course neither I nor Restoring Liberty supports “hate groups.” The problem is that LTC Rich has lumped middle America into his hate group classification. Those fighting the imposition of Sharia law in the US? Conservative Christians? Those opposed to illegal aliens? They’re all hate groups? Not from my perspective.

    • Vincent

      Hey genius, what is it that you don’t understand about “free exercise?” It’s the First Amendment. That would be Christian denominations – that’s how the founders understood it. Having said that, Christians invented tolerance. Most of the original thirteen colonies had instituted State Religions. There weren’t any States that had establishments of religion that were of a different religion. But thanks anyway.

  • How do people like this moron ever get be an officer, what an absolute embarrassment for the United States Military

    • Christopher R Langley

      Well, most officers are morons. I say most because not all are. Those that go through school to get their commission. Tend to read the books and follow the things that look good on paper. The greatest officers from my experience rise through the ranks as enlisted and actually knows that books and all are just opinions and take them for what they are. Not all officers that go to school are bad either. Some have enough common sense about themselves to figure these things out early on and are able to take advice from there NCO’s.

  • to really form an opinion,as to the severity of this revelation,see how this turned out for the german people,from 1932 on,and the marxist & facist purges,1917-1939,basically,this sets the staging for a military dictatorship,to insure the perpetuity of this ever growing marxist-jihadi tyranny,now in absolute control of every aspect of our lives,it is not something anyone wants to explore,however,this will become more than
    real when the private finances,freedom of movement,and availability of
    consumer goods and services become rationed,this is a not so subliminal
    message of submission,before the fact.does anyone find this a reason for
    concern or is it just business as usual?oh well,let’s wait to see what martial-law is like when deployed.has anyone any idea what a rubber bullet looks like? oh but wait,martial-law? i think that means live ammunition.

  • Simply put, if you are a Christain who believes the bible and won’t bow to our muslim dictator you are a hate monger and a terro. how long until they start rounding up Christains to take to the fema camps.

  • Disgusted

    He needs a dishonorable discharge.

  • Barry_Suxx

    Rich, you don’t deserve to wear that uniform. Your head is so far up your arse that you are totally self-blinded. You probably graduated Head-of-your-Class at Adolph Hitler High, didn’t you?

    Have you EVER heard the Words: “We The People Of The United States” before? If you HAVE, then do you have ANY concept of WHAT that phrase REALLY stands for?

    I wish I was close-enough to come give you a giant arse-whoop’n In-Person; you small-minded Tin-Pot Tyrant.

  • seekerisback

    Do these Morons know that after their service they will be labeled as X military Terrorists , that they themselves are destroying their freedoms of Religion and speech. Are these incompetents only able to proceed in life with the Insane Propaganda espoused by the Govt. In All communist takeovers, after they have been used to overthrow the govt, they are themselves killed because they will be of no further use. Do they know they are taking orders from a Shadow govt created to destroy U.S. National Sovereignty . Your traitors meet at Pratt House 58 E. 68th St. at Park Ave. New York, NY. So do the international Terrorists.

    search France to Arm and Fund Al Qaeda in Syria

    List / CFR members in U.S. Govt

    Edward Mandell House

  • Those who give blood for wounded soldiers, those who send care packages, those who visit hospitals, those who contribute to military aid programs are usually Christians. What has anyone done to Mr. Rich for him to be so filled with hate for those who live as examples of God’s love?

    • Ray_Downen

      He is merely repeating what he was told by superior officers to say. Why would anyone suppose the lieutenant would take it on himself to attack Christians? He’s only obeying orders.

  • This is what Obutthole has been working toward, all the upstanding ‘real’ generals and admirals have been discredited and left the military, because they would not order troops to fire on Americans. By refusing that they were set up to be drummed out of the military. Now they have the ‘chosen’ leaders of the military that will fire on the citizens of America! BEWARE!

    • nomidazolam

      My concern about your statement is, “we the people” cannot possibly resist the greatest military on earth should they choose to go rogue and attack our citizens. Will they ask people if they are foreign born and spare them, like the Boston bombers did?

      • Holm Wrecker

        We have more guns and ammo than the government has people to shoot back at us with. Sure they have big guns and modern tech, but the raw number of gun owners makes the governments arsenal look very small.

        • Ray_Downen

          The U.S.A. has atomic bombs. One atomic can take out millions of people with smaller weapons. The military has fighter planes capable of overcoming thousands of armed civilians. The military has drone aircraft which can be used to kill selected individual opponents. I disagree that the government’s arsenals look small. Obama has great power at his disposal. So far he’s been unwilling or unable to use it all. He’s attacking us little by little. One step at a time.

      • guest

        Ask the Viet Cong about that.

        • dontdoitagain

          Well, if I still lived in California I could do just that. I think our government brought a whole lot of the Viet Cong over here at the expense of our Vietnamese allies. Sort of like we bring in terrorists from the middle east and call them refugees too.


  • 1_Eddie_1

    Wow! I never thought I would hear anything like this from a member of our military. This man would fire on American civilians. Hold on boys and girls cause we are about to go for a rough ride.

  • JR De Guelle

    I suspect that if he had included Muslims as part of hate groups in his presentation, he’d be counting his days to retirement.

  • Delores109

    If you would like to keep your teeth, stop teaching EVIL. American Patriots and Christians are outstanding people, and we all shoot straight. I am very capable of shooting each one of your teeth without missing a shot.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • jack

    I kept looking at this picture, the officer is out of uniform, is this something staged? or have have uniform standards changed? or is this all BS?

  • Our son is in the military & he does not agree with this guy at all. There are still some in our military, who would not fire on Americans

  • Gary Hobbs, CAPT USN (ret)

    This nit-wit is obviously trying to make Brig Gen before the messiah leaves office.

  • Easy to brainwash idiots. Those types are the scary ones. Only loyal to their wallets.

  • tbonpc

    That commander is a traitor and traitors should be shot on sight.

  • Marcus127

    Hell NO! Remove him from Command of Troops….and BOOT his PC, Ass kissing, ring knocking butt out of the Army!

  • wwj745

    He is the asshole that does not have Army values.

  • jaxholley

    I remember hearing that during the Viet Nam war officers such LTC Rich were fragged. The first time he tells his soldiers to fire on someone’s grandmother he probably won’t make it another 24 hours.

  • Micheal Brown

    this guys up for being shot by his own men

  • Alicia Poore

    Guess he is Obama’s butt puppet! There is no room in the military for pansies like this!!!

    • Ray_Downen

      Obama is our commander-in-chief. He OWNS the military. Of course they should do as he directs. But it’s only unwise voters who put a Muslim in charge of our military. Are they satisfied now? In my opinion, most unwise were the millions who didn’t vote against Obama in 2012. A vote for anyone but Romney was in effect a vote for Obama.

  • MississippiRebel

    As a Army Vet, this is a disgrace to our Military, we are American Citizens we do not act this way towards our own people, we are not barbarians like the Islamic animals. LTC Rich needs to be relieved of duty immediately

    • Ray_Downen

      The article rightly points out that the officer is only speaking as the commander-in-chief orders. And about half our voters in 2012 were in favor of more of the same after four years of every day being worse than the day before with Obama in charge.

      • Christopher R Langley

        Actually the numbers are only about a third of our voting populace voted for him. a third voted against him and a third did not vote or our government made sure that a portion of those didn’t get their votes counted. If our troops that were overseas at the time of the elections had received their ballots as they should have in time to cast their votes and the government had been forced to count their votes.. The election would have been different. But our government has had their hand in picking our elected officials for some time now. The elections have been rigged for far longer than Obama has been president.


    Funny the Army requires a 3 to 1 ratio when attacking, maybe thats why they never get anywhere…. Marines ratio is 1 against Many, one shot, one kill…. We don’t need 3 Marines to go against 1 person, talk about a waste of firepower…. GO ARMY!!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!! If you want to save tax payers money, instead of doing away with the Marines like rumors have it, do away with the Army that needs 3X the people to get the same mission done as the Marines do!

  • Jurzee JustJurzee

    So this is our new Army??? Court Martial this bastard!!!

    • Ray_Downen

      Of course not. The officers in charge of the trial are also sold out to Obama, so a trial is bound to simply endorse what the lieutenant has understood that Obama wants said and done by the armed forces which formerly were for the U.S.A. Obamaland will have many such surprises for patriots as the days go by.

  • trp878

    Screw You battalion commander. Your the typical a.. that lives for martial law. You should be treated as a Benedict Arnold. If I were POTUS you would be.

  • A warning for you LTC Rich! When you and your troops fire on Christians and American Patriots just make sure you have personal bodybags for yourselves! You are going to need them so that we can send your bodies back to your families!

  • Here is a warning for you LTC Rich. When you and your troops turn your guns on Christians and American Patriots just make sure you suppy yourselves with personal bodybags!…..You’re going to need them so that we can send your bodies home to your families.

  • PaulBrosamJr

    LTC Rich. You know better than to believe all of this bull crap coming from this dictator government under Obama. How can you, with your understanding of US history stand before your fellow soldiers and feed them this crap, endorsed by the Dictator in Chief? Obama has sold out the people of this nation and you are feeding right into it. You senior military leaders are responsible for maintaining high integrity and ethics. You are obligated to do what is morally and ethically right and to disobey unlawful orders of those appointed over you. The majority of the American people are smart enough to notice the warning signs all around us concerning the Muslim religion and those who follow this religion. It is evil and these are the same people that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Koran preaches nothing but hatred and intolerance for all non Muslims, including Christians and Jews. Christians are being murdered all over this world by Muslims, just for being Christians. It was Muslims who knocked down our WTC towers and bombed the underground parking garage prior to 9/11. It is Muslims stoning, hanging and beheading even their own. It was a Muslims that shot those soldiers at Ft. Hood. It was a Muslim that beheaded the British soldier. It is Muslims who are killing Coptic Christians in Egypt. The list goes on and on. When you feed into the lies of this Muslim president, you are no better than him. He is a piece of crap that the American people are determined to bring down. It’s only a matter of time. Don’t let yourself and your career go down with him.

  • BobbyBaxter HCVet&MarihuanaFel

    Confirmed right here, you are all haters, the enemy within.

    You poisoners must every one at long last be stopped for good, before you destroy all Hope.

    It appears that the U.S. Army is now beginning to protect our Constitution, which is all of U.S., not just you sicko perves.

    Bobby Baxter HCVeteran & Marihuana Felon
    United States Army Security Agency 69-72
    Founder Alternative Energy Systems SV.74

  • Betty Jay

    This man is not a real American soldier. My father, two uncles, husband, and two brothers were honored men who served their country and believed in our Freedom. This man should not even be an Army officer, he is a disgrace to our Country. If you are following orders from the White House and those Liberals, you are an idiot. I guess if they told you to jump off a cliff, you would do so.

  • FawnStomper

    Good luck in your endeavors when your supply lines are over run.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Is this the US Army or the UN Army? What the hell is happening to the military I spent 20 years devoting my life to?

  • weisserwolf

    “Against all enemies foreign and domestic”; unfortunately, that might just be the person standing beside you…

  • Yesterday

    It looks like Stupid forgot the KKK, Black Separatist, are Democrats

  • leewacker

    Very sorry, this birdbrain is at Campbell!
    He has been so indoctrinated by the Obama line he is no longer of any use to us as a soldier!
    Time to drum him out of the Army!

  • Stealth

    Disgusting example of what the LIBERAL Colleges and sadly…MILITARY Institutions are now spewing out… LTC Rich…. no matter what- if our illustrious and evil ( small ‘p’ ) president EVER declares martial law.. I look forward to ‘meeting you on the field of battle. 2nd Lt. USSF

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  • Chuck

    If I heard such dribble out of my CO I would retire my commission, then kick some sense into this man.. What he is instructing his staff and following soldiers is treasonous and goes against all foundations of the constitution and the oath he swore. as a former 0-3 in the Marine Corps, I would be embarrassed to deliver such a pussy ass speech to my men. apparently the “New” obozo military has a different agenda. cowardly pacifist… god help us all… this LT COL should pack it up and retire. he obviously does not have the balls to lead men

  • Raiddan


    • AsylumEntertainment

      You may want to take out a dictionary and look up the meaning of bigoted because your comment shows very clearly that you are bigoted.

      “Obstinately convinced of the superiority or correctness of one’s own opinions and prejudiced against those who hold different opinions.”

      You are using all; caps “yelling” so you must have a need to be heard. You are fanatical in your opinion that a male sexual organ has but one place to be stuck when the reality is the only purpose of sticking it in that one place is reproduction. Anyone who is sexually active would be lying if they tried to claim they only have sex for reproduction. Your evidence or basis for your argument is that the vagina creates natural lubricant while you either ignore or unaware of the fact that saliva can also be used as a natural lubricant which makes me question your age though it is very likely that you are grown and are being guided by emotion rather than logic.

      A racist is but one form of bigot whereas you would be another form of bigot. They call this type of bigot a sexist.

  • Michael Bailey

    He needs to get a haircut and button his pocket.

  • Gray Eagle

    all it takes is one (1) rotten apple to ,, you know what I mean,, some one take this bastared out,, for a long on a short,,,,

  • Kurt Cook

    DEATH TO COMMUNISTS! there, now I’m in a hate group.

  • Chris Weaver

    sooo where is the Email? did I miss it?

    • Chris Weaver

      ah there it is….next time hypertext it at first it’s mention!

  • AirSarge

    An absolute disgrace to the uniform you’re wearing

  • Cynthia Nakai


  • Cynthia Nakai

    Very scarey

  • American_Dad

    We got a similar briefing, but it was from an Army Counter Intelligence agent. Some of the examples of “dangerous insiders” consisted of “religious zealots” and Patriot group members. This is dangerous.

    • Cynthia Nakai

      Oh my God

    • Cynthia Nakai

      Really dangerous

    • Cynthia Nakai

      The opposite is true in a way…

    • Cynthia Nakai

      And what exactly constitutes a “religious zealot?”
      I wonder

  • Stoned_Conservative

    If Martial Law is declared, any officer who falls into the hands of a some will enjoy a slow death. Any officer who refuses to enforce Martial Law will be lionized. The time is here to pick sides.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    Well, Obama won’t be having him killed any time soon like he has done to Chris & the other 3 american’s in Benghazi or the whole seal team 6 because he is bowing down to Obomber’s demands….I hope LTC Rich gets his [email protected] head chopped off by some of his muslim brothers for being a big DUMB ASS…He should be on trial NOT Bradley & he should be put to death for going against America & our belief system right along with the Imposters sitting in our White House!
    WAKE UP AMERICA…I hope he hasn’t brainwashed too many of our military into thinking like a lunatic…..

  • Mike Schmaus

    Typical cheese eating-brown nose yes men that the POTUS needs to have.
    He has “No need of men that lead by example” or those who UNDERSTAND the Constitution….
    Time for him to retire!

  • aboutTObegin

    ok ok…I am the first one in line to call out the USURPER that occupies our White House but I saw no where in that video of LTC Rich speaking about hate groups and defining them! Don’t get me wrong, he may have said these things but if you are going to post a video with this article insinuating that it is going to give credibility to the article then it needs to actually back it up and show him saying it…sorry, not buying this.

    Patriot first! Protect the Constitution! Protect the Bill of Rights! Seal the BORDERS! Kick out any person who is not “FOR” America!!!

    Molon Labe

  • Aledo Hardin

    Has anyone thought about putting Oath Keepers Billboards around the military bases?

  • Shutter

    For those thinking the military will protect us against gun grabbers you might want to rethink that idea. The military takes orders and sucks out any conscience. However, what LTC Rich put out is not Army Values, its his values. The Army does not look at the civilian populous they are supposedly serving as the enemy. That’s for the FBI, NSA, DHS, and CIA.

  • Rodney

    Anyone else notice that he has his jacket tucked in? Learn to wear your uniform LTC, what a DISGRACE to the Army… As a Veteran this man is NOT following the Army Values in any way shape or form

  • MajorAV8er

    These kind of nuts have always been present in the military.
    It is just that now they are emboldened by having a nut for CIC.
    The next time we have a President. They will have a hell of a mess to clean-up.

  • pearl87

    The video should not be posted here, as it shows field training and has nothing to do with the topic of anti-Christian bigotry. However, the email is a disgraceful, ignorant and cowardly rant against this serviceman’s fellow countrymen and the taxpayers whom he is sworn to serve. What a pathetic excuse for an American – much less a soldier! The job of our military is NOT to enforce the culture or wishes of the occupant of the White House. They are sworn to defend and protect the United States Constitution.

    The time must come when such as these are exposed and put on trial for
    violations of the Constitution, dereliction of duty, and TREASON.

  • Active Army

    What was the purpose of the video? Anyone?

  • Steven

    Not to be a naysayer – but a friend of mine brought up a valid point:

    How do we know this is real? I hope it’s not, but as Reagan said: “Trust, but verify.”
    I would not want to smear a good officer with bad info.

  • Barack Obama

    LTC Rich is proof that even the US military promotes morons.

  • landman7

    LTC Rich –
    Please remove your head from your butt.
    You need to re-read your oath to defend the constitution. Your troops deserve a better example than yourself.

    1SG (Ret.)

  • kimbo slice

    I’m dry but I hope to God he is not NO SLACK cause if so I have just lost all respect to my old unit but I know a lot of the senior ncos will ignore it out hope they do or our country is already done done and I hate to say it but if it comes down to it I will fight my brothers for my rights

  • Patti Melton

    LTC Rich is a disgrace to his uniform and the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution. If he wants to be a communist, let him move to Cuba

  • geronimo509

    In the slim chance he is ever recommended for a general’s star he should expect this video to be played at his senate confirmation proceeding.

  • greywulf1064

    I’m so glad I retired when I did. I saw the writing on the wall in 2006 with “Consideration of Others” training. It’s because of people like this why I will do everything in my power to keep my kids out of the military.

  • Retired Infantry Major

    May I remind you, Colonel, that it is traditional, and also required by law, that the Army member avoids partisan politics. This is particularly important for the career officer. It could not and must never be otherwise. The armed forces are the final bulwark for the preservation of the Constitution and the security of the nation. We could never tolerate “Republican Officers” and “Democrat Officers.” It would be wise for you to brush up on the UCMJ before further disgracing yourself. (AR 600-50)

    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      Thank you sir.

  • Nick

    I loved the Army but I am glad I retired when I did. I really think having to endure the new Obama Army would be crushing.

  • randy brown


  • Dee Dunbar


  • Dalgast

    Sir, you really worry me. I’m hoping for a revolution, can’t wait. But, God help me the last thing I want to do is shoot down one of our own troops. Their blood is on your head sir. Maj. Bass is right, if you can do your job right and with honor, you have n business there.- OS1 USN Ret

  • FirstSergeant Steven Roth

    Rich needs to be relieved of his duties IMMEDIATELY and tried for subverting the constitution.

  • Sherry Mitchell

    Wonder what Rand Paul has to say about this

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    Thank god for fragging.

  • Miranda Grant

    LTC Rich…I don’t have to be nice like some of the military people here. You’re a moron! Let that sink in to your ignorant head!

  • Aaron Shapiro

    He’s a FRIGGIN Liar, maybe he ought to look at our history before he makes a statement like that, I myself would like to put my foot up his kister (A**) for those that don’t know that! Court Martial that Bastard.

  • Phil Bronner

    A strange signature block, even for an email…from a BN commander to his staff….totally informal…unless the Army has changed a LOT since I was retired….if true…this Colonel needs to be stripped of his commission and drummed out of the Army….and relying on the SPLC…that’s the most racist, hate group in the country…..He is a disgrace to the uniform, and the Constitution….

  • Malcom Treadway

    Our new policy: Don’t ask, just tell.

  • Megalith

    LtC Rich is a progressive “true believer” who has no idea what real Army values are. This college indoctrinated liberal has sold himself out and drank the Obama Koolaid to ensure his continued employment and elevation in rank within Obama’s social engineering program that’s been forced upon the armed forces of the United States. These brainwashed liberals are now the officers in charge while the real soldiers have been drummed out or forced into retirement. It will take a decade or more to reverse this indoctrination of our officers and to correct what Obama has done to turn the militarty against the people of America.

  • Virginian

    wheres the distributed email? nothing in that video outside of SOP. post the email to back up your claims.

    • Virginian

      oops there its is sorry i skimmed past it. being born in America doesnt make someone an American. we will always have domestic enemies. not surprised……..

  • Tired of it

    What a liberal progressive douche bag. The military is struggling with suicides and they think it is because of combat stress. Nope, it is from having to put up with this kind of CRAP from leadership. Yes, I served, 20 years. Combat vet. I am not speaking from a vacuum. I’ve seen it. This mamby pamby BS is literally killing our troops.

  • F2ck SPLC and that @sshole light(dumbass)bird retard!!!

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Marxist Horse Crap through and through. Time to weed out these Libtards who soil the National Mentality of American Exceptionalism.

    Note how the Leftist are Hypocritical by nature and would kill their young to get their agenda embedded. They are inherently Evil driven by Demonic forces.

  • David Hack

    You took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, that means the WHOLE CONSTITUTION and not just the parts that you agree with sir! Yes, I’ve been out for thirteen years, but I still address officers and warrant officers as sir/maam; furthermore, I will continue to uphold my oath, and that means that I will refuse to obey any order that is not Constitutionally lawful.

  • Bratberley

    Good God almost every American could be considered on his list!!! Thats some scary stuff! Glad to see there are some military people here that see just how wrong his statements are!! Hope many serving now see it too or we are all up a creek!

  • Rodney

    I see a fragging in his future. I hope he bleeds out R-E-A-L slow too.

  • vinceinaz

    Extremely disappointing to hear a member of the vastly accomplished 101st talking this way. I refuse to believe that in 1945 there were no patriots in Bastogne, or Christians who never made it past Omaha beach. This poor excuse for an officer is a traitor to the ideals and the history of the 101st. Considering who is in power, he will probably be decorated and promoted, and destroy the military careers of many many good men. The pride our nation should feel for the 101st is gone.

  • Josie

    Why do I have such a difficult time understanding how anyone that hears the word Patriot or conservative and equates that with enemy or hatred. Come on people no matter what your are told by others please think for yourselves. Recognize the real threat and hate.

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  • know the facts

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. This is a non issue since LTC Riich was relieved almost a year ago. Do some research, hell go to the unit’s facebook page and you would realize that he is no longer in Command. Now that you are all armed with this knowledge how does it support your stance on the fall of America. He was actually a good leader. did many tours with Ranger Bat, but let his personal opinions interfere with his military life.

  • BigDogJunction

    Eh… he’ll be one of the first traitors taken out.

    He’s grossly out-numbered.

  • Betty Benghazi

    I just want to let all you service men, active and Retired on this thread that by reading your comments about the Constituion, you have answered a concern of mine. If our president (?) came into office fraudently, do you as Military man have to follow his orders? And if Muslims can adopt a pedophile for their god, why are they not included in hate groups. They speak lies (taqiyya) and are justified by their beliefs ((God help them). If the Military keep getting these official memo from their O bummer in Thief, can we jus ignore them. I mean (taqiyya speaking)
    H ope this does not confuse anyone. Maybe I have been reading too much but I “Trust No Man” that exhibits the vagrant disregard for his oath (did he use Holy Bible or quran)
    Further, I am concerned about my children and grchildren
    Child of God

    Sgt Ret.Fla Dept of Corrections

  • TREP


  • markww


  • WhiteBoy65

    Just because they are in uniform doesn’t mean that they are not our enemy. Hope you spy and read this comment NSA….

  • usmcmailman

    Obviously this Commander is a traitor and backs the Communist cabal
    in Washington !


    This is exactly what you should expect from a spineless wimp that would FIRE ON HIS OWN PEOPLE given the order by a TREASONOUS CIC. I hope his troops remember that ORDERS HAVE TO BE LEGAL in oder to obey. Remember the part about ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  • John Orlick

    Sad. This Commander is a FOOL!
    Another puppet that follows illegal orders.

  • Stepman

    Oath Keepers take heed to this blaspheme that is coming from the top. LTC needs to stand down. Can you believe this guy uses the SPLC as a guide of who is who? SPLC is the most biased of all so-called watchdog. HONOR YOUR OATH LTC Rich or stand down sir!

  • TwinkleStar2

    Wait a minute…LTC Jack Rich would not go out on a limb and send such an email without the knowledge and permission of his superiors. If he sent such a message and his superior(s) were not like-minded, then such a communication could be a career-ending gaffe. I think this goes much deeper than just a wayward Lieutenant Colonel.

    • DRT

      Yes,most likely at least came down from the division level.

  • The oath taken by our military requires them to uphold the Constitution, not the president or his minions. Most “patriot” groups being targeted are concerned citizens who recognize our nation is in clear and present danger and the enemy is within our own government. Proof, the actions of Commissar Rich. The military is charged with protecting American citizens not placing a target on their backs.

  • Olsoljer

    In early 1968 while serving in Vietnam in an infantry unit, we had just returned from a 5 day sweep cleaning up from the Tet 68 offensive. We had returned to our base camp which was little more than a perimeter of dirt bunkers. We had been back a little more than an hour or so when a chopper came in with a new (to the unit) LTC landed. He immediately jumped out and started chewing out troops because they didn’t have fresh haircuts, clean uniforms, shaves, polished boots, etc. He went to the CP and commenced chewing out the CO for his troops appearance. After his departure from the area, the CO informed us the LTC was sending a (Vietnamese) barber out to the area to cut hair and shave us, and for us to get clean uniforms on (we were living out of our packs, what clean uniforms? The LTC was so pissed he scheduled us for another sweep the next morning. We had been out about three hours and were reconning an area by fire when the LTC showed up in his LOACH. I was near an RTO when the LTC started screaming we needed to “dress right dress” our assault line and other idiot orders. His LOACH was above and in front of the assault line – his next screaming over the radio was he was taking fire and to get the chopper higher. Looking down the line, it seems several weapons were pointed at a rather extreme angle for ground fire. The LOACH left the area, and we never saw that POS LTC again. I am sure unit members would like to tender apologies to the LOACH pilot.

  • Arizona

    WHEN any military person is traing the soldiers to attack americans,HES COMMITING TREASON,we don’t have a military,so the latest traitor in the whitehouse can sic the military on the people, like at KENT STATE ,UNIVERSITY IN OHIO,where the national guard joyfully KILLED THE COLLEGE STUDENTS,if most of americas military weren’t cowards,THEY’D PUT A BULLET IN COL.RICHS HEAD…but I don’t see that happening,NO WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT our own military soon,because they’d rather suck their commands ass, then protect america and OBEY THEIR OATH…YOU guys had better wakeup,I talk to these military kids all the time,AND THEY DO PLAN TO KILL YOU,they have been trained,that YOUR THE DOMEST ENEMY,and they will be coming for you and your family……with their russian friends…………..

    • dan

      and they will meet the fate of their ‘free ‘ choice……..Semper Fi

  • John Flickinger

    with all due respect lieutenant colonel. yes sir are a disgrace to your uniform a disgrace to the country a disgrace to this American flag. where I still in the service it would be my duty to arrest you. arrest for Subversion an anti-american sentiments as an army officer.

  • ajackattack

    How about rooting out an unconstitutional President. His values have been un American for some time now and thus anti Military. Holder as well hold him and our Criminal in Chief accountable and remove them for treason.

  • barry oldwater

    You f-ing idiots forgot to mention everyday people who can think for themselves, they are the dangerous ones.

  • jferello311

    We all took that oath as enlisted men and non commissioned officers.
    I believe officers are commissioned by the President and swear to a differently worded oath.
    “all enemies, foreign or domestic”
    I do not believe you will find that in thier oath……just sayin.
    …..”pray for peace, pack for zombies!”

  • 82nd ABN DIV

    This guy is a disgrace to the Uniform, to this Country, and is slapping those who have protected this country with their lives, in the face.

  • Armyguy in your eye

    Who gets this stuff published. 1. Where is the Proof (full email PLEASE) I’m not going to make assumptions based on a random article posted on the internet without the full proof. 2. If he is saying don’t be anti gay and anti muslim how is that a bad thing? Now some person will take this utterly out of hand and say I’m an idiot and a commie or something ridiculous. To that I say your stupidity knows no bounds. If you accept this snippet of info without any other proof you truly are an idiot and the real problem with the military.

    • John Dow

      There is a link connected to his email is an action…..
      You dumbass click that and it gives you the whole thing. thats why its red

      • dennykray

        It’s the blind leading the blind.

  • jerri

    traitors amongst us…….wonder who buys all the Vaseline for the ones greasing Obama?

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  • John Gallion

    The politization and radicalization of the military is SOP for totalitarian regiemes: Soviet Red Army, German Wehrmacht, Chinese Redd Army and now the UNITED STATES ARMY. Pathetic.

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  • Michael Heating

    LTC Rich u are a traitor to ur Country the CONSTITUTION the AMERICAN people ur family all the men u are over and all that died for THE USA

  • Adrish Banerjee

    LTC Rich should retire he has no idea what American Values are.

  • dbsdey

    He is just repeating what Janet Naplitano said in one of her speeches, and she was head of the Department of Homeland Security. You know, the department that has 2 billion rounds of ammo, 2500 personnel carriers and numerous Domestic Tactical Tanks. Our government is no longer OUR government, but is out to destroy our country.

    • M Whit

      I personally think she transferred everything she was hoarding to MB/Al-Qaeda/Syrian Rebels before she left DHS. While America was busy fighting for our Second Amendment rights and dealing with all other BS from COMPLICIT DEFUNCT CONGRESS they caught us off guard again…just like with Gaddafi arsenal of weapons and ammo too!! With Their buttboy Sen. John McCain leading them to victory. Ghaddafi was subdued and NO THREAT TO AMERICA but he had something the MB needed and wanted bad ly

  • disqus_j5cfNDlDMX

    This is all part of the political indoctrination of the Armed Services at the behest of the Traitor-In-Chief. The military is one of the last bastions of belief in American Exceptionalism and in defending the Constitution at all costs. The current regime cannot have it that way. The Armed Services are undergoing an undermining by social justice sappers and Obamanistas.

  • Sam Lynn

    This man is in dire need of a dishonorable discharge……At a mininimum

  • anestat


  • Patriot21

    What a disgrace to the uniform. I pray his subordinates are smart enough to realize he is a traitor.

  • MagenD

    When G-d hands this countries ASS to the Russians, Chinese and Iranians —- when the Nukes are popping off in NY, Chicago and Atlanta —- Thank a Mason. Thank Feminist. Thank a Fag. And Thank a Libtard!!!

  • dan

    If he is a leader of troops..his end will come from behind….Semper Fi

  • JJ0331

    Joe Miller and all you other idiots. The hateful speech and rhetoric you’re posting proves the army LTC was correct. I’ve also researched this a couple years ago and the Southern Poverty Law Center isn’t the only agency stating this truth. The CIA and FBI also state it to be true.

  • Joe

    Why is his ACU top tucked in?

  • Nelford

    I believe the LTC has just violated his enlistment oath. I think a court martial is in order.

  • Allen Ynna Pierce

    I watched the video, when did he say what he has been accuses of saying?

    • dennykray

      Read the email he sent to his subordinates.

  • Tin

    Deserved, yes; long over due, yes. BUT- this in no way makes up for the actual home coming so many Vets received upon return. This in no way makes up for the hate, discrimination, abuse and neglect Nam Vets were subjected to by its own government and people. My opinion is that this is far too little and far too late. You can not take back a bad memory. No amount of sugar can take away a bad taste.

  • Jben

    Is it any wonder we had the tragedy at Ft. Hood with this kind of leadership? It’s people like this Col. that cause such events!

  • genann59

    These are the type officers Obama is using to replace those who take their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution seriously. This is the type who would not hesitate to shoot fellow American citizens who differ with him politically. He represents those we have to be very wary of.

  • old treasonous geezer needs to take a hike……booted out of the military and anyone else who has the same thinking……prosecute Obama who is an illegal alien born in Kenya and moving towards the One World Order/New World Order……all following him also needs to be reviewed, booted, stripped of his grades, etc.

  • Kathleen Craigie

    WHAT HAPPENED TO…..Protect and Defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic…..The FIRST AMENDMENT is PART of the Constitution……It is what all of our Armed Forces are SUPPOSED to be laying down their lives for here at home and around the world….America was founded on FREEDOM…..NOT FASCISM!!!!

  • Reaper6

    As a Army vet it sounds like the Col. does not understand Army Values!

  • darkseider

    Sounds like LTC Jack Rich is a in need of a dishonorable discharge at a minimum or a court martial. This is very disturbing. The DHS, FBI and CIA are also preaching this garbage as well. Looks to me like pre-World War II Germany and the SA doing its’ thing.

  • RetiredTpr

    How about using the UCMJ against him, Conduct unbecoming an officer. He took an oath the defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Now he is spouting this crap? Time for a Court Marshal!

  • dad22

    You should be very very afraid. Not too afraid though because the dopes filling you with dope will always be here for you. Hey, did you know a black family moved into the white house? Be afraid.

  • dennykray

    LTC Jack Rich’s mixing in of a number of certain Christian and Patriotic groups with a large number of obviously hateful or subversive groups
    shows a lack of understanding or possibly bias towards the Christian or Patriotic groups.
    I will inform The 506th Infantry Regiment Association of LTC Rich’s email and ask it to take action through it’s members to inform the army of his misguided email to his officers to take unilateral action against these groups that believe in traditional American values.

  • Citizen60

    Fragging coming back in style?

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  • Carl Stevenson

    The officer in question is obviously one of those who passed Obama’s litmus on “Would you give/follow orders to fire on American citizens.”
    Those guys need to be kept track of so they can be dealt with when the time comes.

  • Truth

    This writer is just stirring the pot to sell ads. You all need to read the actual email. The officer was clearly talking about the idiots in the Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, the skin-heads, etc.

    • EvieRogue

      That is way off the mark. No matter the subject the U.S. Army is not at all supposed to police or even lecture the American people in any way at all. The U.S. military is always subservient to the direction of civilian authority and must not even give the appearance of exceedng that authority. This is TOTALLY WRONG and this officer needs to be relieved of his command.

  • LouisianaPatriot

    This is very troubling. Thank you for posting this information. We must turn this around. The only good news is that at least one soldier was disturbed by this and shared the information.

    The only group that they forgot to include on that list are:
    Anti-SPLC groups. (Groups that see the Southern Poverty Law Center for what it is… an actual Hate Group, bought and paid for by Leftists in this country.)


  • Predicted to destroy our military via stupid leaders in place. This is why Obama is cleaning house of patriot senior officers and NCO’s.. Keep the liars in and let the good guys go. Tyranny is coming. Genocide will follow. If you doubt this then read the history of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Tse-Tung just to name the 3 worst.

  • Glenn P. Kuehner

    This man is bucking for a fast promotion to flag officer to replace all the Christian generals der Fuhrer is relieving of duty.

  • boodiebay

    Makes alot of sense, allow the homosexuals in the military because they are easier to brainwash so they will be able to kill the law biding citizens and christians & round them up for the FEMA CAMPS .

  • Scott Wilson

    I would not lose any sleep if he accidentally got fatally fragged on a training exercise.

  • Jim Ferenzi

    My First Sgt, wouldve taken you out back, talked CALMY to you explaining the error in your thinking and when you told him to back down, he wouldve ended up in the stockade. WTF is wrong with you “SIR”

  • Wilchbla

    He’s trying to get in good with Obama.

  • Audrey Dugas Marks

    HUH I think this guy has his priorities backwards ,
    God save his soul !

  • srirachi

    I hope someone is keeping a list, so that after they try to usurp the Constitution, we know who to hang.

  • bravo1

    to bad he wasent there when some of us older ones was he wouldn’t say crap like that a second time Friendly fire is a itch.

  • Wayne Richard Keeler

    I worked with this guy in Germany… not surprised… he always seemed like a follower…

  • hal

    what bn in the 101st is this very sorry excuse of a officer in also did his boss the brigade commander read his lesion plan before he gave the class. in my day he would be fragged damn friendly fire sorry sir

  • Proudvietvet58

    LTC Rich, Sir, I invite you to go back as soon as possible and review the OATH we ALL took upon being sworn into the Armed Services. Suicide might be a great idea to consider SIR.

    You Sir, are a total disgrace to the 101st., the U.S. Army and, ALL Armed Service Personnel.

    CW-3, Vietnam 1971 – 1973, Helicopter Flight Leader, (Honorable Discharge, Purple Heart W/Cluster), 101st. Airborne Ranger (Air Assault) Ft. Benning, Georgia, USA

  • mcknife

    Hopefully he got busted for this off the reservation issue!

  • GSoros

    Who in this administrtion, that isn’t a communist muslim, can we write to demand this traitor’s court marshall?

  • Don Sebold

    When I was sworn in the oath I took was against all enemies foreign and domestic….well men the domestics have arrived..and my oath still stands…11B10 for ever!

  • Anthony Basso

    Yeah, let’s not focus on the fact he mentions New Black Panthers, Racist Skinheads, neo-Nazis, KKK, and other groups – let’s call him an Obama apologist and communist or whatever the hell else you morons are smoking and say that because he included (legitimately outlandish) groups you’re sympathetic too, he’s a devil.

    And this is why Kissinger said what he said about military men.

  • scpatriot

    I guess LTC Rich can’t get promoted based on his skills as a military leader. So now he is sucking up to our muslim “community organizer” by showing his disregard for the Constitution. He should be tried as a traitor along with his boss.

  • His battalion vehicle better be a tank if hee obeys the order to use federal troops against civilians.

  • Bob2002

    This guy, Lt Col Rich is being political correct because he believes it will ultimately get him promoted. Just look at the senior staff at the Pentagon, they are all the same. Too many people in our society are like this guy.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    The really sad thing is that we already have too many ZIONIST JEWS in CONGRESS, in the IRS, in the NSA and in the DHS!


    “LIBERALISM is based on the PRIMISE of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, which we all know is a LIE!” (TRAINAISM)