FCC Contemplating Full Frontal Nudity, Use of the F-Word on Broadcast TV

In a Public Notice this past week, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it is considering relaxing its indecency standards to allow broadcast of the F-word, as well as other presently-banned profanity, and full frontal nudity.

You can see the FCC’s Public Notice HERE.

The FCC’s purported excuse for rethinking its indecency standards is compliance with “vital First Amendment principles” as established by recent Supreme Court cases. It also wants to reduce its backlog of thousands of indecency complaints.

Essentially, the FCC is contemplating allowing pretty much any profanity as long as it is “isolated”; in other words, it can’t be “repetitive” or “use[d] in a patently offensive manner…”

Similarly, for nudity, as long as it’s isolated and “non-sexual,” the FCC is contemplating allowing it on the airwaves.

To add injury to insult, the FCC doesn’t seem to mind that the new indecency standards would be applied to all hours of broadcasting, even those most frequently watched by children.

As this is not a final decision, please submit your comments on these proposed changes to the FCC HERE. Enter 13-86 as the Proceeding Number and submit your comments.

UPDATE: Former FCC Commissioners Believe that the Use of ‘Redskins’ is Obscene and Should be Prohibited by the Agency

By Brooks Boliek. The Washington Redskins name, long accused by many of being an offensive moniker to Native Americans, may also be flat-out indecent, according to some former FCC officials and public interest advocates.

In a letter to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, former Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Nicholas Johnson, and others contend that an indecency case could be made against broadcasters who air the offensive name.

“It is impermissible under law that the FCC would condone, or that broadcasters would use, obscene pornographic language on live television,” they write. “This medium uses government owned airwaves in exchange for an understanding that it will promote the public interest. Similarly, it is inappropriate for broadcasters to use racial epithets as part of normal, everyday reporting.”

Never using the team’s name, they chastise broadcasters for using a name that is equivalent to the “n-word.”

“XXXskin is the most derogatory name a Native American can be called. It is an unequivocal racial slur,” they write. “As The Washington Post’s Mike Wise pointed out, ‘America wouldn’t stand for a team called the Blackskins — or the Mandingos, the Brothers, the Yellowskins, insert your ethnic minority here.’” Read more from this story HERE.

  • Is there no honor, morality or decency left in our nation? So the FCC would rather inflict absolute utter filth and great harm on the minds and well being of vulnerable children as well as aduts, then to just do its job and crack down on law breakers of decency laws. That is unacceptable, shameful, and reprehensible to the highest degree. If you won’t do your job, get out and let others will.
    Anyone who loves their families, our beloved country, and has a Godly moral code, PLEASE call the FCC to account immediately by clicking on the link in the story above.
    Americans must not let our nation become nothing but a stinking sewer and a rotting garbage dump.

    • god didn,t put close on us when he made us

    • morality doesn,t come from god it,s man made thing like organised religion mostly bogus

      • GOD is the basis for morality & civil law. That is why binding oaths are made on the Bible and on GOD because there is no higher authority.

        People may say they don’t believe in GOD or His authority, but that is the same as saying you don’t believe in or agree with the law of gravity. Your believe does nothing to change the facts about it. The Sovereign LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is the highest authority and His moral law is sovereign whether you agree or not.

        Let this mind be in you, which was also in CHRIST JESUS: Therefore GOD also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, to the glory of GOD the Father.—Philippians 2:5,9-11

        • Calm down, Amy. You can always change the channel or watch something else.

          I am a diabetic, but if you want to have candy, that’s okay with me.

          Also, correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t God supposed to be omnipotent? If he wants us not to have profanity and nudity on TV, he does not need your help. Stop hiding behind your god and just say it’s you who thinks it’s icky.

          Finally, let’s not be hypocrites here.

          You say “Your believe does nothing to change the facts about it”.

          That applies to your “belief” also.

          • Thankfully, my belief is based on the Creator of the universe, the Sovereign LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. I am very thankfull indeed to hide behind my GOD, LORD and Savior. So I have nothing to fear on Judgment Day.

            You O GOD, are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah
            I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.
            Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.
            Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he who trusts in the LORD, mercy shall surround him.
            Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous; And shout for joy, all you upright in heart!
            —Psalm 32:7-11

            Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on His law day and night.
            That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.
            Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away.
            Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.
            For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.— Psalm 1

        • Theodore Athanas

          So the human body is shameful and perverted? You’re as ignorant as every other bible loving christian. I studied catholicism for 14 years (probably 13 longer than you have) and I completely disagree with you. Laws of morality were in place way before christianity was even thought of. Do some research next time you think you’re so educated on the Catholic faith.

          • I never said the human body is shameful and perverted. What is shameful and perverted is that people have rejected the Sovereign LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and thus have gone after behaviors that are immoral, unnatural, and indecent.
            Furthermore, I have never said anything in regards to Catholicism or the Catholic beliefs.
            My statements reflect only the truth of what is written in the Holy Scriptures ordained by GOD in the Holy Bible.

            1Corinthians 2:4-5 My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the SPIRIT’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on GOD’s power.
            1 Corinthians 8:6 Yet for us there is one GOD, the Father, of whom are all things, and we for Him; and one LORD JESUS CHRIST, through whom are all things, and through whom we live.
            2 Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be to GOD who always leads us in triumph in CHRIST, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place, like a sweet perfume.
            2 Corinthians 4:6 For GOD, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of GOD in the face of CHRIST.

          • Theodore Athanas

            Quoting bible verses has nothing to do with the Catholic faith? Are you not reading what you are writing? These verses aren’t even relevant. Why don’t you understand that some people do not share the same beliefs you have? Stop being so condescending and quoting the bible as if you understand what you are talking about. I could quote it all day till I’m blue in the face, doesn’t make any difference nor does it get any point across. I am having trouble understanding your intelligence if all you can do is preach about God and copy/paste bible quotes that have no place in this discussion.

            Just because someone doesn’t follow a belief that you have does not make them shameful and perverted people. You’re going against your own faith of “Love and be kind to all” by saying such things. I had the chance to speak to a Cardinal once, and you know what he told me? “The bible is meant to be taken as an interpretation, to show those how to live their lives to the best of their being. God does not hate, God does not exclude. People who persecute those in the name of Jesus because they do not believe are mislead. Only fools take a book written thousands of years ago literally.”

    • Nudity is garbage?

      • Public nudity is shameful and perverted. That is why it is called indecency. That is why as a nation who used to be concerned with morality, modesty, and decency.

        • Why is public nudity shameful and perverted?

          • Doug

            How about it is offensive and against the law, moron.

          • FatherTime

            You have no right to not be offended and the law can be changed. Illegal is not the same as immoral.

          • Doug

            Your freedom stops where mine starts. Go change the law if you think you can, dipstick.

          • FatherTime

            Not how it goes. You have no right to not be offended, period. Learn how to use a remote if the things on TV bother you. Or just unplug it.

          • We already are, Doug. Did you know that it is legal for women in New York to go topless?

            Also, why do you end all of your comments with insults? Why can’t you just be civil?

          • Kent2012

            of course not….christian conservatives have no rights in a communist inspired administration…..

          • Theodore Athanas

            Actually, indecency isn’t against the law, obscenity is. And the only thing defined as actual obscenity by the courts is child pornography. Try learning the laws before you pretend to know them.

          • Doug

            Teddy, Obscenity is verbal and indecency is action, such as indecent exposure. States differ on laws if your weren’t aware. In the state where I live those are the laws. And I am well aware of them. I enforce them. You don’t know jack.

          • Theodore Athanas

            Indecency and indecent exposure are completely different. One deals with broadcast, the other deals with criminality. “The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as “language or material that,
            in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as
            measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium,
            sexual or excretory organs or activities.”

            So no, indecency in broadcast is not in any way the same as indecent exposure.

          • a

            Are you a real law enforcer? Thank you for keeping us hard-working, red blooded Americans safe from those sicko criminals who think it’s they can go around and uncover themselves in the sight of The Public. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night just imaging how it could happen to me (I’ll admit it there have been tears). You make me feel much safer, and clearly they need to learn that such immodesty will be swiftly met with an escalation of powerful government force. Ha!

            I only pray to you, give these evil miscreants a good roughing up before hauling them off to a cell where they can expose their dirty backsides all they want to the other sickos and contract the sickness they deserve. And if your boots get dirty in the process, don’t worry I’ve got a reputation for making them spotless.

            God bless.

        • Public nudity is perverted in the minds of perverted people. It isn’t shameful and perverted in the minds of mature people

    • FatherTime

      I’d rather stand up for free speech then take a stand with people unwilling to control what their kids see.

    • Sebass

      So you are calling the human body (God’s creation) indecent? That’s what it seems like because to me, it is beautiful masterpiece and if you say that it isn’t indecent then why not show the masterpiece to everyone. You are acting like they are legalizing porn on TV when the specifically state (“Isolated and non-sexual”) Just remember that if it they decide to keep it the way it is and your child never knows what the female body looks like, he might end up sticking his penis in her ear while having intercourse and think he is doing it correctly

  • mrbp

    This is ll part of the obama plan. I wonder if the broadcast stations will allow it themselves.

    • Ben Harrison

      You make no sense.

  • Doug

    For what purpose? To anger decent moral people? I’ve about had it with the idiots in this country of mine!

  • CaptTurbo

    Just another part of this mis-administration’s manifest to destroy this nation’s morality.

    • Clinton Collins

      and if the “mis-adminstration” tried to censor more things, you would cry nazi…. regulations – i guess sometimes they do work. .when I care about them

    • Kent2012

      it would seem that the mental midgets from newser have jumped on this issue Capt. I replied to one, but it seems as though we are in the middle of an “infestation”…time to start the extermination of the communists and their idiot followers………..

  • BCase

    good thing we have channel locks!

  • ONE MORE reason that I do NOT have Paid TV. I have NO hook-up to cable or paid TV! I do NOT need filth and garbage. This is the way the country is going and the sled of this nation is headed down a 45 degree slope, and it is getting worse! So, stand fast and be prepared!

    • Hesster

      FCC regulations do not affect paid TV, only broadcast TV. The cable and satellite networks can show whatever they want.

  • raynbene

    Just more reason and proof that the concerned citizens of this country must be involved with it, and react accordingly, either by phone call ,sign a petition, or cancel your cable tv account ! ! I have not watched commercial tv for years now, and I have not missed a thing ! ! In fact, about the only thing we use the tv for is to watch movies, or maybe get the weather report ! Hit ’em in the pocketbook !

    • That’s what we do, and we don’t miss the stupid programs at all!
      For myself, I despise sitcoms, news and most other programs. Therefore, the TV companies would lose a lot just trying to get me to watch.

    • FatherTime

      Wait if you don’t watch TV why do you give a damn what’s on it?

      • Susan

        Because we have to live in a world of idiots that do watch T.V.

  • Lizelot

    Why keep such institutions as the FCC if they simply follow trends and rubber stamp anything that crosses their desk? That’s where sequestration could have come in handy, abolish the FCC in toto, lots of money saved. How do all these morally challenged persons get elected or appointed to these boards?

    But this actually confirms the old adage : “Give them 1 finger, and they will take the whole hand!” The so-called rules were “relaxed” a while ago, and the media paid lip service to attempts at decency. But we seem to insist on bottom feeding as a society.
    It’ll be interesting to see where this will end. Back to cavemen days? Will head hunting and cannibalism follow? Putting out our useless elderly to starve to death perhaps? Too bad PETA won’t allow real fur to be worn anymore, that seems to fit this trend better.

    • because they are supposed to reflect the will of the moral majority

    • FatherTime

      Yes it starts with saying profanity and the next thing you know society’s collapsed. Give me a break.

  • wrongheifer

    If I disconnect the satellite…I’ll save $75 a month and I’ll read my Bible more…Win-Win!

    • Cool, please make yourselves less relevant.

    • Hesster

      Uh, you are aware that FCC regulations do not affect satellite or cable television, right? They only regulate public broadcast networks that use the airwaves.

      You might as well say you’re going to cancel your Netflix subscription for all the relevance it would have.

  • RLM357

    DAMN! How the heck can a parent stop this abuse of decency via TV when you have people of questionable ethics and perversionuarding the proverbial Hen House? I will not watch this crap nor do I desire to listen to it ! Believe you me, I can hold my own when it comes to using profanities. I just do not do it intentionally in public or nmixed companies. More Dumbing down of our morals and Society. What’s next,
    live videos of Obama and his male trainer going at it? ~Rick Magee, FL

    • Maybe has a parent you can actually parent your child and don’t depend on TV and the Government to do it for you?

  • Fidelio

    Further attempts to erode the remnants of civilization. Moral chaos would suit the Obama administration just fine. Our children and grandchildren will need an abundance of grace to survive such assaults on virtue.

    • Then, take time to teach them, be ready to talk about things. Kids are a whole lot smarter than adults give them credit for.

    • FatherTime

      Yes nudity and profanity will certainly erode civilization because … help me out here will you?

      • 33rd

        Because children exposed to nudity and profanity emulate what they see. Destroying all morals the previous generation had and creating a lack of care and compassion in the world for our fellow humans. Instead replacing it with want and desire. Atheism will be the logical conclusion. Followed by the doctrine of Lucifer. This is what we want and where we will take you. But you of course have no idea what I’m saying do you.

        • FatherTime

          Children will not run around naked just because they saw something on TV, and if you don’t want your children swearing you can make them to stop.

        • Hesster

          Dude, children run around naked even without seeing it on TV. When I was a kid I had a friend with a toddler brother who would shuck his clothes off and run through the neighbors’ yards, and this was back in the 80s.

  • James

    Don’t like it, change the channel

    • Kent2012

      no, this is another attempt to destroy values that are uniquely christian and for so long defined who America is and what the majority believe, not the small minded, communist loving minority…

      • Guest

        Keep your religion to yourself. No one cares.

        • Kent2012

          up yours pu$$y boy….

          • Brandy

            SO CHRISTIAN OF YOU! lol

      • Brandy

        Keep your religion to yourself and stop trying to censor everyone based on it. Fascist christians crack me up

        • Kent2012

          so do commie $luts…..

          • Brandy

            Your mother.

    • merritt

      it will be on every channel

  • gracentruth

    We do not need the FCC or any other federal government except the narrow authority given by the constitution. It is God, the creator, not government who is really in charge. Peace,

  • And these fools wonder why Americans are turning off their TVs and going completely without?
    I remember when TV first started in the 1940s, and a big push was made to keep the new venue clean and free of sex because Hollywood had gone over the edge as far as most people were concerned. Unfortunately, honesty, decency, respect and dignity don’t sell products, so, all the good intentions went out the window.

    • kaisawheel

      Americans aren’t going without TV because of profanity, they are going without because it’s easier and cheaper online.

      If you’re offended, change the channel. Most of us manage to get through a day without mental anguish every time we hear a “bad” word.

    • Sex and profanity on TV has nothing to do with my not wanting to pay for TV. If anything it’s censorship that will drive me away. I’m tired of classic movies and good shows being visually and audibly butchered because someone else’s grandparents don’t like four-letter words or skin.

    • Eric

      I don’t PAY for cable TV because the prices are to high for what I get. I can’t stand it when I watch a gang banger and they talk as if their grandma is in the room with them. Teens cuss and cuss well. Why would they say Forget You instead of F U?

  • The rest of the world sees what comes out of Hollywood, what’s on TV including the sordid news and stuff like gay marriage and racism and the self hatred and guilt we’re always being taught that we should feel…… Why wouldn’t they hate us and want to see us disintegrate when it seems we already hate ourselves?

  • Tosheba

    Who is in charge? His name is Barrack Obama.

    • The FCC is an independent institution and does not take orders from the POTUS. Nice try, though.

      • FatherTime

        Serious Question: Could the president give an executive order to make them change the rules, or does it need to be something passed by Congress?

        • I actually don’t know that. However, I did learn from googling that the President cannot use an executive order to create or alter laws. The President can only issue an executive order to enforce or clarify an existing law. That’s all I could find.

          All that aside, I think it’s highly unlikely that Obama would issue a top-secret executive order with the sole intention of relaxing television censors. That would be both absurd and a waste of his valuable time.

  • dog

    FCC seems too busy to investigate the backlog of complaints. What’s the solution? Relax and eliminate the standards, of course.

  • I support this 100%. Let’s see how low we can go and make every single member of another country hate us. TV is for idiots, only the most feeble minded, brain dead people even watch it.

  • cody

    It doesn’t matter what we think anymore. The reality is, the culture creators are hell bent on shifting society towards a new world order of perversion. Its a coordinated attack on family values. Through the education system, entertainment industry and fashion culture. They will over time subvert the current culture and replace it with one where the family no longer controls anything. This will force the State to take over all aspects of family life from cradle to grave. In this aspect 20-50 years the world will be totally different. Because our leaders believe the idea As above so below.

    • FatherTime

      “Its a coordinated attack on family values.”
      AKA ‘an attack on MY values, which I want to pretend every family shares’. Listen if you don’t your kids watching bad things, don’t let them. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. But don’t keep the rest of us from watching.

      • cody

        Fathertime, your missing the point. Instead you are taking offense when there was no offense. I am not the one degenerating society through all these different venues. I could care less what you or your family watches. The fact of the matter is the family is a endangered species. Soon it will be extinct. The state will rule all aspects of our life eventually.
        On another note I doubt you even know who or what father time is. It is a Masonic identity created to explain the broken column carefully laid on the third step of the base completing the symbolic legend of the Third Degree in Freemasonry. Or are you a widow’s son? Educate yourself instead of watching T.V. you tool…

        • FatherTime

          How is it an endangered species and how the hell is profanity on TV going to effect that? You can have a family without TV.

    • I get really offended when you let your wife and daughters out showing skin. I think it should be a law that makes women dress in some sort of full covering so my morals are not endangered.

      I’m also upset that apparently I will no longer be able to control turning on my tv, what show I watch, or if I should let my kids watch TV.

  • Kuerno

    Why don’t they quit worrying about trying to get porn on public TV and spend some time figuring out how to open up the airwaves to the public? I mean how hard can it be to set aside a few frequencies on both bands for true unlicensed community radio? – instead of the farce that was LPFM. What a waste of tax dollars! Man I am just sick and tired of this useless agency!

    Meanwhile Viva The Pirates and Micro Radio Stations! – There WILL be freedom of speech so long as there are those that are willing to speak!

  • Donna

    13-86 No No No. There is way too much offensive language now. We need to clean up television not relax the standards. I’m absolutely offended by all the viagara, cialis etc. ads now on tv. I often think
    I am so glad I am not raising children in this day and age. It’s just awful.

    • FDA-approved drug advertisements are not “offensive language”.

  • ferratus

    I think its fine. It falls on parents to control what their kids see/hear.

  • MotherOf4

    This is ridiculous. I can only imagine what my children will see on TV while I’m busy not being a good parent. Honestly, what kind of a world are we living in where I can’t trust the government to raise my children with morals that I should be imposing? How irresponsible of them.

  • letlooseforonce

    I say let them. I don’t see any harm to it. The only reason people have a problem with cuss words and nudity is because they are taught that it is bad. Cuss words are just words…I don’t see a problem…. And everyone has seen themselves naked, so why are we all embarrassed to see naked bodies? Come on now, people!

    • And God forbid a few parents have to take the time to explain the facts of life to their children.

    • Ben Harrison

      You’re right. I have seen myself naked and I do not recommend it to anyone.

  • Doug

    Well, Raymond, I guess you’re one of the idiots. Free expression gives some boob the right to offend whom ever he decides? The free airways are not the place for your idiotic experiments.

    • FatherTime

      “Free expression gives some boob the right to offend whom ever he decides?”

      YES. That’s why we have free speech. It was designed to protect offensive speech. Unoffensive speech doesn’t need protection. Don’t like what’s on TV change the channel or turn it off.

      • Doug

        Better read up on Supreme Court rulings on the 1st Amend. No, you don’t get to say whatever you want. There are restrictions on free speech. Ever heard of “fighting words” or “captive audience”.
        Before you start vomiting blather find out what you’re talking about. Your ignorance is showing.

        • FatherTime

          Fighting words does not cover profanity and someone watching TV is not a captive audience. A T-shirt that said “Fuck the Draft” was ruled to be free speech by the Supreme Court.

        • How does an actor on television reciting lines constitute “fighting words”? Who is forcing you to watch that television?

          And why are you so hostile?! Doug, you complain that society is becoming course and immoral, yet you have come here and called us morons, dipsticks, boobs, ignoramuses, and idiots. Is it so difficult to hold a conversation without hurling childish insults?

  • Doug

    Lord, Father time, you need some schooling. I DO have a right not to be offended hence “fighting words” test. I didn’t say anything about TV. I pointed out restrictions to the First Amendment of which there are many more. I’m sorry you are stupid and don’t know what you are talking about. Oh, yea, fuck you!

    • FatherTime

      ” I DO have a right not to be offended hence “fighting words” test.”

      Nope. That was never what fighting rules ruling meant. And even if the ruling that made it illegal to ban flag burning made it very clear that offensive speech is covered by the first. And that came after the fighting rules one, so it applies.

      • You missed the irony of him dropping an F-bomb in a public setting to argue against the use of profanity on television.

        • FatherTime

          Yeah I did. Thanks

  • Wow. I love this. A blog, with the name ‘Restoring Liberty’ and his loyal followers upset at the idea of the government allowing private companies the freedom to show what they want on TV only hindered by public consumption (sorta like Capitalism).

    The outrage over this makes it abundantly clear that none of you give a damn about freedom. You just want to impose Sharia Law (I mean Christian Morals) on everyone else.

    Places like this are like those countries or groups that name themselves the Democratic Union of Freedom Fighters for Justice and Liberty and Peace. They are none of those things, simply thugs trying to rule over others.

  • lumberjackdan

    You know who doesnt care about the rules changing………the networks themselves. They dont care about your morals, so why care about them, either change the channel or cost them money by not watching.

  • I find it ironic that a blog about “restoring liberty” has a problem with more liberty in the FCCs standards.

  • The FERAL government is more worthless than… a bird dropping on a manure pile!

  • Eric

    So I can use “F you!” on TV, but I better not call you a Redskin? Get the Fk out of here! All of my BLACK friends don’t mind being called black; most prefer it, when it is used to describe someone of their race. Why is black ok, but not red? I can understand Asians not wanting to be called yellow. That is associated with being a chicken, but red? Are they afraid someone will think they are hot, or that we’ll compare them to a stop light. PETTY PETTY whining from the LIBERAL BASTARDS in this country!

  • Dowhatsright

    Well they have to do something. No one is
    watching TV anymore the programming is so bad that everyone is going to
    streaming movies. When you have a bunch of no talent individual’s nudity is all
    that is left. Look at the singers now
    days. Every one of them dresses in the barest of costumes and gyrates around
    the stage because they can not hold the audience with their singing. As soon as nudity becomes common they will be
    showing sex scenes

  • dufus

    This country has gone completely nuts.

  • gwedem5995

    Isn’t the FCC governed by the federal government. They should not get one more cent of taxpayer money as they certainly haven’t been doing their job for a long time and this is the outrageous thing I have heard.
    America is in such moral decline, I doubt it will ever come back.

  • Disgusted

    Keep your naked body in your own house. I don’t want to see it.

  • The wicked prowl on every side, when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.—Psalm 12:8

    • a

      Preach it Sister Amy! Such vileness should be met swiftly with the Holy Force of Government Power!

      For those who are not fortunate enough to be moral as us we must increasingly apply threats of force until they see the light.

  • a

    What is this country coming to!!!!! This is disgusting!!!! why can’t we be more like the Islamic countries that stone people for this kind of thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wake up America

    The simplest of all solutions is to promote Liberty by excluding big government from our everyday lives. We do not need big government assistance in our local public schools, why should the dictatorship impose regulations on what/how we teach our children, no child left behind….dumb down those that have potential to excel so that those that are a little slower or those that do not have the intestinal fortitude to strive for excellence can be brainwashed into the belief that the government will take care of them. We the people must rise; these donkey government agencies are strangling the freedom out of our lives because we grant them the ability to do so. Day to day life is so expensive only because the government makes it so. USDA, FDA….if these governments shut down….where will you get your food? Be a parent, be an American, fight for liberty! Wake up America!

  • S A Reinhardt

    A woman can walk topless legally in 23 states, (or all 50 if the 14th amendment is used successfully) but a TV station can be fined if a topless woman walks behind a reporter during a live news feed in Times Square? We see sex-under-the-covers all day long on TV with no complaints, but brief non-sexual nudity is indecent?

  • anonymous

    the bible talks about sex and female and male bodies and either way kids are still going to go on the internet to look up pornography….i dont see any harm done

  • Brandy

    Bring on the beef! Women are adults and it’s about time we have some equality with the nudity with all the t&a we have to sit through. I’d like to see some hot guys fully naked without it being funny!