President Obama Would Get 3 Terms Under Pending House Resolution

Americans around the nation were shocked Friday as they heard about H.J.Res. 15. H.J.Res 15 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment. This would remove the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. Rep. José Serrano (D- NY15) introduced the controversial joint resolution on Friday, the second day of the 2013 legislative session…

The last President to serve more than two terms was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt served three full terms as President and was elected to a fourth term. Roosevelt died 83 days into his fourth term in office.

Congress passed the Twenty-second Amendment on March 21, 1947. The required number of states ratified it in 1951.

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  • ihatelibs

    This should not even be voted on.

    • My Lord ! Evidently the Idiot that proposed this, can’t see what this Jerk has already done to America.

      • Vernon Davis

        Louis, I think by looking at his name he is probably one of the illegals
        that Obama has let sneak in.

        • :D

          I think by looking at your comment, you are probably one of those ignorant, racist assholes.

          • RWFG

            You must be an out-of-work fortune teller.

            You drew all that because Vernon wants to uphold the laws of the nation.

            The only person demonstrating ignorance is you.

        • Really Vern? This is bigger than immigration, grow up and help us save our country.

      • they know exactly what they’re doing, it has been a plan since the 40’s. the only way to get rid of them, is to get rid of them!

      • fatman45

        @facebook-1210553835:disqus Yes, he knows exactly what Obama has done to the country, and he wants him to continue it until it is completed. “It” being the “fundamental transformation” of the United States into a communist dictatorship!

        • jlf0210

          It’s gonna be a street war and I’ll put my money that the White’s will win.

        • phukk rightwing trash

          KEEP WATCHING FOX “news” AND GET BACK TO CHURCH AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY— oh nooooooooooo– communism!!! I thought Obama was socialist?? pleeeeeeeez make up your small dicked minds,,,ok rightwing trash???

          • RWFG

            Church only asks for 10% – Obama wants 50% to 70% of income just to buy votes for the libtard party. It is the Chavez Model of government. I don’t expect you to understand. Chances are, you never graduated High School, but still you get a vote. LOL that’s irony.

          • phukk rightwing trash

            funny,,,I guess my college and going to real estate school and several stock/option/commodity classes ( paid by me; around 45 K for all) doesn’t qualify me to be in your incredible intellect “league”…..nonetheless: I cleared 88K last yr as a self employed chef; and I pay very small taxes as I am “stupid” enough to know how to (A) write everything off (B) 85% of my business is CASH,,,(C) Im sooooo stoooopid I don’t BUY anything I don’t need; ergo my investments pay me handsomely while cretins such as U pay bigger taxes then cry about it–

          • RWFG

            So in other words you;

            A) write everything off so you can skip out on taxes

            B) deal in cash to evade taxes

            C) let other contribute while you skirt the system with tax evasion

            Standard “progressive” baboon behavior.

            In fact, a monkey could cook a good meal – you should ask for a refund from your “school.”

            Didn’t know they teach grilled cheese “arts” in “real estate school.”


            You win joker of the day.

          • phukk rightwing trash

            awwwww–the rightwing puddy cat: he fall down and go BOOM!!! poor lil rightwing trash,,,,,,having a BLACK president!!! ,,,and a baboon can cook? Funny- U cant ( mean REAL cooking / garnishing/ owning a profitable business) sounds like U are another “tommy timecard/larry lunchbucket” ,,,and skirt taxes? dat beeee what the wealthy REPUBS do!!! yep- I keep as much as I can; whereas YOUR beggar job LETS U HAVE SOME OF WHAT U “WORKED” FOR— but when pee holes such as your idols ( see: MASSIVE corporations ET AL) pay NO taxes,,,, in your fractured mirror mind its OK— HEY!!! hows that working for U mr “work for someone else”??? I win JOKER as that –in my hand– trumps your 2pair of 2’s. Im a well off athletic JOKER who knows how to LIVE delightfully with NO fiscal worries— U are a decaying proletariat crybaby who can only WISH he had what it takes to run a successful business- keep on snding that which is evident of your bavardage

      • everyone can see what is happening but can’t resist the money that is being put in their pockets

      • He knows…and he is all in favor of it!

      • phukk rightwing trash

        yep– he got us out of the TWO wars your white texas boy dragged us into,,, he got equal pay for women,,, he got equal rights for ALL americans,,–not just decaying atavistic white trash such as you– ( NOTE: Im white),,,,,he got better benefits for US veterans,,, stopped us from going into a republican engendered depression,,,,, saved OUR US auto industry ….has us relying on LESS foreign oil than good ol boy BUSH,,, but the pooooor white trash in America simply cannot handle a black man as leader!!! KEEP WATCHING FOX “news” AND KEEP LISTENING TO PALIN,,,,BACHMANN,,,,HANNITY,,,, MALKIN,,,,, ROVE— great choices there!!!

    • jkpalmdale

      It has never even made out of Committee the other dozen times this Rep proposed it under Bush and Clinton

    • it wont, this is the same thing this rep has done since 01, never before has it gotten a committee hearing or vote

      • Bob2002

        Yea, that is because (unlike Reid in the Senate) Boehner let it come up for review. This clearly shows where Boehner’s loyalties lie. He is an Obama OBOT and needs to be defeated in 2016. Are you listening Ohio?

        • Actually, since he is in the House, he is up for re-election in 2014! Even better! And, are you listening Ohio?

      • Why is this rep still a rep?

    • But it must be and has to be stopped, at all costs.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        so go ahead and TRY 2 stop him,,,,, I want to see the secret service visit u just as they did that idiot ted nugent—

  • The fools who proposed this disgusting idea should be dragged out and horse-whipped in front of everyone on the street! This would not only open the door to a life-time presidency of the worst, most evil person this country has ever sent to Washington, but it would definitely mean the end of our magnificent country! One thing we do NOT need is a third term for Obama! It is bad enough to look forward to 2016 with the possibility of having Hillary run–again–but the very thought of Obama gaining a third term chills one to the bone! Anyone, but ANYONE, in either the House or the Senate,who tries to change the Constitution to pander their ideas to someone, should be summarily removed from their position and sent away in disgrace!
    The Constitution is the ALL, the ONLY law this nation needs, and it must not be touched unless the intent is to confirm its wisdom further, and further strengthen it!

    • Chuck

      Unless you do more than talk, such amendment to the Constitution has a real chance of being approved by the states. You and everyone you can muster had better start rattling cages and letting state governments know you strongly disapprove of such an amendment.

      • jkpalmdale

        It would never be ratified by the states. and this guy has introduced this about a dozen times even under Bush and Clinton

        • sam

          Yes, but the demographics have and are changing fast, as Hispanics are becoming a major voting force.

        • Yeah and everyone said he would never be re-elected. As long as he continues to make promises to the gravy train crowd/free ride crowd, he will absolutely get re-elected if this repeal happens.

          • jkpalmdale

            It has to pass both houses by 2/3 and 2/3 States have to ratify it. It wont happen

          • does the word steal come to mind

          • jkpalmdale

            They will not be able to steal this.

          • Debbie Lass

            please stop trying to educate stupidity that refuses to even do a LITTLE research themselves to be informed…for god sakes…its a losing battle for you…..let them have their insane fear without factual basis and conspiracy theories their fauz news has fed them like lemmings who cant think for themselves! they will be happier than when you try to change their false reality to true reality….

          • It should, do you seem to remember that Obama is still the president.

          • subvet

            no 75% of the states must pass it

          • Actually, it’s 3/4 of the State legislatures that have to approve it after 2/3 of both houses of Congress. Even better!

          • jlf0210

            but if we lose the house in 2014, because he is gonna steal it through his election committee he is putting together, must not be left to chance,…because we know what he is trying to do

          • samhille

            Thank you for knowing FACTS. Most folks don’t.

          • Tim

            the gravy train is two sides. there are entitlements as the GOP calls them for the poor, and there are “TAX CODES” that are nothing more than entitlements for the GOP’s rich friends which actually cost us more in taxes lost than the entitlements cost in spending

          • RWFG

            So a small business is the GOP’s “rich friends?” – or you must be speaking about the mega corps that donated millions to Obama…

            Look at it this way; if regressive dems weren’t so busy spending other people’s money, we wouldn’t need tax-breaks because taxes would be far lower.

            Shush yourself, MSDNC…I mean MSNBC parrot. You’re embarrassing your propagandist.

          • simmy1029

            The problem with comments is so many people think they know something when they really don’t.
            You better check out how the “rich” are making out under the Oblamer. Think you might be surprised.

        • Don’t fool yourself, it will be ratified, and you will pay. But the problem is that I will too.

        • need you be reminded that he can declare marshall law in a state of emergency, and the amount of executive orders hes pushed. North Korea would be a perfect example of this.

        • jkpalmdale

          From my friend Neil

          the 22nd Amendment CANNOT …
          I repeat CANNOT
          be repealed by a simple House Resolution …

          the Constitution allows Amending through a few processes …

          Let me break it down for you

          There are essentially two ways spelled out in the Constitution for how to propose an amendment. One has never been used.

          The first method is for a bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority in each. Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes on to the states. This is the route taken by all current amendments. Because of some long outstanding amendments, such as the 27th, Congress will normally put a time limit (typically seven years) for the bill to be approved as an amendment (for example, see the 21st and 22nd).

          The second method prescribed is for a Constitutional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislatures of the States, and for that Convention to propose one or more amendments. These amendments are then sent to the states to be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures or conventions. This route has never been taken, and there is discussion in political science circles about just how such a convention would be convened, and what kind of changes it would bring about.

          Regardless of which of the two proposal routes is taken, the amendment must be ratified, or approved, by three-fourths of states. There are two ways to do this, too. The text of the amendment may specify whether the bill must be passed by the state legislatures or by a state convention. Amendments are sent to the legislatures of the states by default. Only one amendment, the 21st, specified a convention. In any case, passage by the legislature or convention is by simple majority.

          The Constitution, then, spells out four paths for an amendment:

          Proposal by convention of states, ratification by state conventions (never used)
          Proposal by convention of states, ratification by state legislatures (never used)
          Proposal by Congress, ratification by state conventions (used once)
          Proposal by Congress, ratification by state legislatures (used all other times)

          It is interesting to note that at no point does the President have a role in the formal amendment process (though he would be free to make his opinion known). He cannot veto an amendment proposal, nor a ratification. This point is clear in Article 5, and was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in Hollingsworth v Virginia (3 US 378 [1798]):

          Now to put things even simpler …
          will the Bill garner 2/3 support in the House … NO
          will the Bill garner 2/3 support in the Senate … NO

          the fact this gentleman has introduced this very same Resolution under the previous 2 Presidents NUMEROUS TIMES …
          and he could NOT even get a co sponsor to help it get it out of committee …
          (( pretty much dead on arrival ))

          • Johee Hynes

            I like how you shut down everyones argument here, thank you

          • jkpalmdale

            Thanks. Not to mention this guy has been trying to pass this bill under several previous Presidents.

          • Susanm

            We the People will never let this happen. There will be a war, and it won’t look good. Who does Obama think he is. No way in hell would this happen.

        • he will just buy it like he did his election

        • Debbie Lass

          there was an attempt to repeal the amendment during reagans terms also so he could have a thrid term…

      • We won’t ratify an amendment in NC. I know too many of the Senators well enough to know they won’t go for such a thing…especially not for Obama to be able to run again.

    • Ryan

      It should be noted that fair portions of the Constitution are dedicated to explaining the process of changing the Constitution. “Confirm its wisdom” is entirely subjective. It didn’t originally address the prohibition of slavery, universal suffrage, or a term limit for president.

    • The remedy for the destruction of our magnificent Country is nowhere in sight. And the fact that people are shocked about this proves no one comprehends the gravity of our situation.The action necessary for the salvation of our Country will not be taken, or if it is, it will be way too late!

    • EAC

      No, they and all the other leftist elitist liberal politicians with their enabling media collaborators should be crucified upside down on a desert mountaintops in southern Arizona during July when it’s 120+ degrees!

      • EAC…No, really make ’em suffer…force them to watch hours of the “Rosie O’Donnell” show! That will make them lose their wills to live!

    • America is gone!!

    • I am quite sure this will pass and Obama is the man of lawlessness spoken of in scripture. the antichrist. America is finished.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        yes,,,America is finished with small dicked LOSER policies of idiots such as Reagan/ both bushes,,,,who sold our debt to asia; outsourced our jobs overseas,,,,,,put us MORE wars we don’t need and sent us from surplus to deficit,,,,lets hear it for the Christian rightwing idiots!!

        • Hey Moron, who do you think did more for the funding of the Islamist left wing terrorists, namely BinLaden, than Clinton. Silly Billy funded the training camps of the Bin Laden regime, causing the first attack on US Soil since Pearl Harbor. SO before you go spitting your anti – Republican rhetoric, get some facts straight. Idiot

          • RWFG

            He’s just a MSNBC parrot. He probably thinks Meatface Maddow tells the truth.

            There’s no arguing or reasoning with a liberal, particularly the neo-soviet progressives.

        • You can thank Clinton for NAFTA, which is what sent most of theose jobs packing. Last time I checked, he was a Democrat.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        antichrist?anti dead jewish carpenter????????? wow— seems you combine chritian church with Hollywood movies quite adroitly!

    • Agreed, but they should be hung and horse whipped at the same time.

    • phukk rightwing trash

      hey scumbag,,,,,, since U claim to be a constitution fan,,,,how about the small dicked rightwing trash making illegal “laws” ( against constitution) barring abortion???? cant wait 2 hear your shitbag answer here– U f*cking scumbag— U probably think BUSH was great president,,,,,, OHWAIT– hes white!

      • Just like a baby killer lover to respond here with nothing more than pre-teen trashy mouth colorful language…grow up

        • phukk rightwing trash

          yes—- kill unwanted babies— we have enough people on the planet— but U john birch idiots keep living in the past— do U think I care about unborn babies? why don’t U help those WHO ARE ALREADY HERE????

          • RWFG

            lol we can tell you voted for OBama.

          • phukk rightwing trash

            should I have voted for MR FLIP FLOP?

          • Too bad you couldn’t have been the first one aborted?? Why do you keep referring to “small dicks”? Projecting much? Moron!

          • phukk rightwing trash

            yep,,,aborting be would’ve meant trash like U wouldn’t be upset with me,,,,,,,,,,,my “small dick” comments are euphamisms for U clowns with small brains,,,,,, my giflfriend like my analogy of U idiots

          • jlf0210

            blow up dolls don’t really count.

          • phukk rightwing trash

            I fucked hundreds of great looking live women,,,,the way I look and sound? its soooooo easy!

          • jlf0210

            obviously socially retarded , language of a person with no breeding, like Obama

          • .Why don’t you get your DAM ASS off wellfare Jack Ass. Go back to your on country and live your kind of life and leave ours alone. You Damned Free Loader

          • phukk rightwing trash

            hey littledick rightwing trash—im a self employed chef who CLEARED 88K last yr,,,,,,, so sorry!!! go to your disgusting church and pray,,,,,tithe and pray— U stupid redneck trash ( NOTE: IM Caucasian born in south FLA)

          • jlf0210

            doubt it, you have no class and you talk like a hillbilly

      • When all else fails lets call in the color card!!!

      • Hey Dickwad, Tell me….WHERE in the Constitution does it say that killing the unborn is a “right”!? Go ahead…look it up! Read it with your lips moving until you locate it. We’re all waiting for your answer. Well, I’ll check back in a couple of weeks to see if you even bothered to admit that it isn’t in there!

        • phukk rightwing trash

          ummmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,geee— “row VS wade” so check back with your retort OK small dicked loser rightwing cretin?? larry G is busy in church– giving his MONEY to the shitbag business (tax exempt of course) whicj makes me laugh my secular agnostic ass off— PRAYING!!! ” praying”,,,,which is just ” please give me what I WANT”

      • jlf0210


        • phukk rightwing trash

          ok,,,,so roe VS wade has been overturned??? and if MURDER aint constitutional; explain the deaths of over 4000 americans in foreign wars your Christian BUSH president got us in?? or maybe Lawrence tillers death? rightwing hypoctitical trash— still “tithing” to the phony GOD U made out of some dead jewsish carpenter— LETS HEAR IT FOR SUPERSTITION!!

          • jlf0210

            You’re making alot of assumptions and one HATED FILLED angry ass. One of those 4000 deaths included my adopted son. Bush was only one of many presidents that was involved in war.THERE were WMD’s. Dont contribute to murder,…. don’t get pregnant. It’s not birth control you dumb idiot. You better wake up, our liberty’s are being wiped out on a daily basis. YOUR COUNTRY….Obeyme is the biggest liar…4 dead Americans he left to die. Fast and Furious, HE STATED with his own mouth and even put in print he is Kenyan. HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN… your own research. You think O gives a rats rump about this country/….why has he lied and hid his background???? WHY….?? THOSE 4000 soldiers died to protect this country…they chose to go…as did my son…you won’t have the right to speak like this for long if you keep supporting Obama. I feel sorry for you….everything that is happening was fore told many many years ago….We are well aware of the horrors that await..What was the thing that O said about O care…..he wasn’t going to sign anything that would add ONE RED CENT to the deficeit…..wake up to the lies….he is not concerned about our welfare…he is destroying everything…..One great thing about BUSH…he kept us safe and he went after the ones that did it…and he brought us together….YOU ARE ONE HATE FILLED person….maybe you should be an abortionist since you see no wrong in killing babies. You like paying all the new taxes coming and the price of food doubling,….thank your president, the hell has just begun…Hide and watch!

          • phukk rightwing trash

            please chronicle the wmd which were located,,,,,as none were found ( gas doesn’t count) all I can say is keep watching fox news u blithering hate monger

    • I now remember, almost nostalgically, back in early 2008, when our main fear was that Hillary would take the White House! I didn’t like Obama, but thought he had no real chance against her. Didn’t realize he was Soros’ hired choreboy! Now we have to possibly fear him or her again in 2016!

    • bogie7129

      I used your exact comments in an email to my Congressman. Thanks for putting these words together.

    • Debbie Lass

      do you even realize what this country was founded on and what freedom means and the constitution of the united states? we dont advocate bringing someone out into the street and punishing them or killing them for merely proposing something you dont like! thats why we are a country of freedom, to be free from that sort of thing done! get a dman grip….and learn what the heck you are suppose to be advocating for regarding this country and what makes this country great. He cant run, win and serve a third term without congress passing the bill that allows for the amendment…do you know how many amendments have been made since the original constitution? so it isnt the supremeness never to be added to law of the land….they have added amendments before to it, but if you knew history you would know this….in FACT the very amendment…the 22nd one that this article claims someone is trying to amend or overturn was passed after 1945 and is WHY we have it in the first place…what a dumbass you look like ranting how the constitution is THE law of the land not to be changed when the very amendment your bitching to maintain was a change to the constitution after 1945…good lord is any conservative educated anymore???

    • me

      You’re an idiot. You actually think that this is a new concept? Certain presidents and congressmen have being trying the get the 22nd amendment repealed since George W was in office. Get you facts straight.

    • Steven Nottingham

      22nd amendment is not part of the constitution, but a very important amendment. Obama already thinks he’s King.. Yes he would destroy what is left. I hope it is a joke. No way he get elected again..

    • Guest

      I don’t think it’s going to be lifetime. Remember, if _the people_ want the same president again because looking back at how GOOD THE PRESIDENT IS, they should be allowed to have the decision of reelecting him. Keeping in mind being president isn’t easy and causes stress, so if it’s stressful, why keep going for it?

  • They are proposing a change to the Constitution!!! Call your friends and family!!! Call your Congress!!!

    • use your breath on other important things.
      Serrano has done this every two years since 2001 and its never gotten a committee hearing or vote, so dont expect it now

      • And the minute everyone lies down and says or does nothing anymore ’cause “it won’t happen” is the minute it WILL happen. @Whisper Atnight: Yes, DO call Congress and make your voice heard.

  • denray35

    Not NO but Hell NO!!! If the R’s don’t get their act together for the mid-term elections and at least keep the House, it might be considered more strongly. I don’t understand the absolute adoring of the obamabots, it’s as if he has cast a “spell” over these people!! Disgusting.

    • Bob2002

      He has something on everyone. Remember how J.Edgar Hoover had a file on all politicians. George Soros has deep pockets and Obama is his favorite politician.

  • michael lawless

    the muslims are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the muslims are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob2002

      They are not coming, they are already here, serving in the Obama Administration.

      • (r) (d) both crooked

        Wrong don’t forget about 2004 when Florida was recounted 3 times so that would make this whole century full of fixed elections. Idiots!

        • Bob2002

          Believe you have the wrong election. Wasn’t it the 2000 election when Al Gore tried to steal the election (like a typical Democrat)? 2004 was a relatively smooth election.

  • Harold

    Any representitive who votes for this should be recalled now! We don’t need a dic-tator!

    • Chuck

      This is an amendment to the Constitution and must be voted on by the states, not the Democrat controlled Congress.

  • If that POS Resolution passes, we ought to secede or expel the jerk!

    • Chuck

      Can’t, the Constitution prohibits secession.

  • jpeters3270

    I checked on this resolution. It has been proposed every congress since Ronald Reagan. It has been proposed by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell as well. Another reason to drum McConnell out of his seat.

    • Yep. And Serrano has proposed this about every year since 1997. It has less chance of passing as Paul Ryan’s Budget passing in the Senate.

      • Bob2002

        We can not take the chance on this happening. We were also told Romney was going to win the 2012 election and look at what happened. Stop this kind of useless legislature before it get started.

        • getalife82

          Who told u Romney was gonna win the election oh was it fox ‘news’ and then when he didn’t they moved onto the whole fixed election. Right then Sarah Palin was the smartest women in politics. LOL. They’re funny aren’t they.

  • Marc Goldstone

    Obama is apparently above the Constitution as evidenced by his sitting inthe Oval Office. So why bother repealing the 22’nd amendment as he can get away with violating it also.

    • Chuck

      You are correct, Marc. He has said in many different ways, the Constittution is irrelevant and does not apply to him. As it niow stands he does as he likes, so if he wants to run again he will. Whose to stop him? “The Republicans don’t have the guts to try stopping me” he says often and todate he is right.

      • Well Done

        always the biggest braggart is the most full of sheet. obama would get beat up in a schoolyard today if he started servin’

  • texasconstitutionista

    If the GOP allows this damn them all to hell

  • dharris23451

    I definitely don’t want Obummer in the WH now let alone another term. But then I wouldn’t want any president serving longer than two terms. Oh – but if a Republican or Independent was in the WH then the Dems would want to go and repeal this ammendment and reinstitue the 22nd. A$$holes

    • dtw1982

      Well smart Guy it was proposed for the first time in1985 by a Republican in fact 7 times by the same Republican until 92. 26 times since he started this bill to be exact never once making it to the floor. Republican or Democrat it doesn’t really matter its not gonna make it far.

  • Jim

    oh no…oh no….oh no

  • Three terms! they act like they know without a doubt that he will be reelected, how can that be so, unless it is fixed to make it happen that way, like i believe the second election had been done.

    • EaglemanGT

      it was fixed once, it can be fixed again.

      • Bob2002

        Wrong, it was fixed twice. In 2008 and again in 2012.

  • Vernon Davis

    Most Americans don’t want Obama to finish his second term. He should be impeached quickly. If a Republican President had done half of the corrupt and illegal stuff that Obama has done they would have been put in jail.
    America can not survive another 3 1/2 yrs of Obama let alone another four more after this term.

    • Awakened Patriot

      Obama should most definitely be impeached , but for you to suggest that Bush wasn’t guilty of treason as well demonstrates that you’re not seeing the big picture. Bush and Obama and every president since JFK , and most of them before , have been nothing but puppets to the same bankers that own the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. You need to wake up and realize that partisan politics is just part of the strategy to keep us from seeing the whole truth , that nearly all of our politicians have sold us out , democrat and republican . Until you realize this fact you’re part of the problem , just the blind followers of Obama.

    • He should have been impeached in his first term. Pick a scandal… SSN faked, B/C Faked, Not a natural born citizen? Property and tax fraud? Lying to the People? Abuse of power? Giving Foreign aid to our not so friendly “friends”? I could go on all day. Clinton was impeached/left office for what? Oh yeah getting a BJ and lying about it on camera. Hmmm Looking back, I would say that’s pretty small potatoes compared to this. He is a criminal of the worst kind, it doesn’t even matter who did or did not vote for him anymore. What matters is that he should have never been allowed to start this term yet have access to another. Stop this NOW!!

  • There’s no way 38 states would ratify it

  • Well Done

    Not sure about the history of such resolutions, but it does seem odd this would be proposed just as the Obama administration is finding serious pushback for its anti-gun, pro-gay, anti-American agenda.

    • I don’t know if you’re implying anti-gun and pro-gay equals anti-American, but either way, it’s wrong.

  • JaniceSix

    Obviously they believe that an additional term of Obama will most certainly finish off America! This is just horrendous and stunningly sickening!!

  • CincinnatiRIck

    Well there’s no need for a repeal of the Term Limit Amendment. Obama can just have Michelle run. Like Bill pushed Hilary to run. It’s worked elsewhere. Argentina’s dictators do it all the time…both Peron and Kirchner.

  • I knew they were going to try to pull some sleezy deal!!!

  • So this is where all the Obama haters gather.
    Good to know this is where I come when I want to experience pure, unfounded hatred.

    • oh, and idiocy, don’t forget that.

    • EaglemanGT

      Hey look everyone! A low information voter has found their way to the chat, unfortunatly they must be illiterate as well as uninformed and can only degrade everybody here. Spoken like a true uninformed liberal democrat Alyson Mercer-Gandor. I bet this person think Guns kill people too. hahahhaha

      • Disgusted

        But she’s all about equality… She can’t be all bad…

  • Mr_Massa

    Please get out of the people’s office, we really don’t like what you’ve done to this country. Please feel free to drag other bought and paid for scum from both sides of the aisle as you leave…

  • Lizelot

    Hv we lost all common sense at last? Shows how desperately we need to reconsider our current voting system that allows the likes of congressman Serrano to get elected. Plus, how does this kind of foolishness get put on the agenda for “discussion”? Based on the name Serrano perhaps? Here we are with a multi trillion Ntl debt and rising, an uptick in foodstamp recipients, a stagnant economy, waning respect around the globe, and somebody wants to extend this misery?!

  • marylou

    Why would anyone want THIRD TERM for the worst president ever?
    Beware the fools that are promoting this…because it is unbelievable…they have deceived us before…fraud voting at work can accomplish additional disasters!

  • Disgusted

    Not only no, but hell no! Look at the damage he has done in one term and plans to do in this current term. NO! What idiot is purposing this, probably Mr O himself. Mr O who wants to be king. NO! Mr O should be IMPEACHED for what he has already done to this great country.

  • dz

    Bills like this have been proposed a bunch of times over the last couple decades, and always failed. Do you really think it would be different THIS time? Also, even if it DID pass, the president must still be elected every four years.

  • MrChicken

    Are you kidding. Obama doesn’t need to repeal the 22nd amendment, he is going to declare Martial law.

  • C’mon people this has been proposed in every congress since 1986 and that proposal came from a Republican trying to make it possible for Reagan to get a 3rd term and although it has been proposed more times since by Democrats the latest and longest by José Serrano it has never made it past the proposition phase and has never even made it to committee and isn’t really worth our time and wont ever get voted on and Joe Miller should know this and most likely does. This type of fear mongering serves no purpose other than to derail us from what is more important.

  • Stardust1k

    Serrano has introduced the very same proposal to Congress every two
    years since 1997 (a total of nine times), regardless of which party was
    currently occupying the White House and starting well before Barack
    Obama became involved in national politics.
    On the first two occasions (in 1997 and 1999) the incumbent president
    was a Democrat (Bill Clinton); the next four occasions (2001, 2003,
    2005, and again in 2007), were after the election of a Republican
    (George W. Bush). Rep. Serrano’s 2013 bill is the third time he has
    proposed that same legislation to Congress since the election of Barack
    Obama, following similar efforts in 2009 and 2011.

    • getalife4real

      it was first proposed in 80s during the Reagan and bush administrations.26 times since 1985 its not Republican Democrat issue it’s running out of issues to cry about. The bill was proposed 4months ago on January 4th and has never made it to the floor anytime it was proposed and won’t again.

  • Actually this is kind of a play. The guy pushing the 3rd term knows full well that it will never happen… or is betting on the court shooting it down. SO that it will be on the books saying that it is illegal and can never happen. Even if Obama and party try to mess with the law.

  • LOL…we KNEW this imbecile idea would come about an open borders left-wing PRO Chavez butt hole, excuse me, nut case…

  • It is astonishing beyond belief how stupid people are! Why would this shock anyone? I would be shocked if it hadn’t happened. Isn’t anyone aware of what’s going on?

    • Nothing is “going on.” The Representative who proposed this first did it in 1997. I doubt he knew anything about Obama then. This will not happen, so quit getting your panties in a twist.

  • Maybe Jose doesn’t know WHY terms were limited. The 22nd ammendment is too important to treat so lightly. Would he be as enthusiastic about someone like President Rand Paul having 3 terms?.

  • wrongheifer

    Absolutely NOT!

  • Fubarjoe

    Oh so Monkeyboy wants another 4 years. He wants another chance to steal another election. He is an illegal alien, and shouldn’t be in the white house to begin with. His puppet masters must want him to finish what the communist FDR started. FDR did not do anything but institute socialist programs. His white house, cabinet and political appointments where infested with communist agents. “I never met a communist, I didn’t like”. Was his saying. He did nothing to get America out of the depression, that was caused by the Federal Reserve System. His secret policies led us to war. He knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. He instigated it, by his backdoor deals, he knew the Japanese would never accept. He murdered 2400 men at Pearl. This, so he and Winston could have another war with Germany. What did it cost the United States, 460,000 dead. A debt that still has not been paid off. Only bankers benefit. Their sons and daughters do not have to do the bleeding. Aren’t we all tired of foreign involvements in Iraq, Afghanistan, and it looks like Iran, and North Korea next. How come the “axis” of evil is all countries that appose the New World Order”, or who do not want to hold US dollars as oil reserve currency to buy oil? Are we going to let this criminal government shove a NWO down our throats, or are we going to fight back. Obamination is going to finish what FDR started. I live in Connecticut and my state Representatives along with the Governor just passed a strict Unconstitutional gun grabbing, anti 2nd amendment laws. These traitors everyone should be hung by their arrogant necks until dead. Local, state and Fed Government are becoming the real enemies and terrorists of the United States. They say we are the domestic terrorists, I say they are. Our blood will not be the only blood flowing in the streets of this late great country. Push back when pushed, and send them all to hell!!

    • Questionman2

      Damn, whoever wrote this is a disgsuting hateful demeanted racist piece of crap!

      The GOP has done NOTHING but obstruct every attempt at repairing the damage THEY did to the economy.

      They will happily destroy the middle class in order to make President Obama look bad.

      You don’t have actual concrete evidence that Obama is trying to destroy America and help Islamists! The world is fine! France is fine, Japan is fine, Germany is Fine. You are a idgsuting a-hole to claim Obama has destroyed this world when nothing he’s done affected other countries. Just joining the bandwagon of blaming everything on the black man in office!

      I don’t believe he’s a narcissist or evil, or gay (but judging by michelle’s shoulders he may well be haha), he’s definitely not a marxist/communist tho he’s slightly more left wing than previous US presidents have been, that I admit! He’s definitely not ‘illegal’, he’s a natural born US citizen. He’s not a dictator, he hasn’t managed to achieve much because he doesn’t have much power, checks and balances, you know, He’s not a muslim, he’s just not particularly anti-islam!
      He is not an actual Muslim, he won the election fair and square. There is NO case of voter fraud

      • mosin tom

        There’s plenty of evidence that the economy IS being destroyed under the Obama administration. I don’t think it’s so much design as it is incompetence.

      • Disgusted

        You might want to check your sources for your “facts”. I also find it funny that he’s a “black man” in office. He could be a purple man in office and that doesn’t change a thing about what he has done (or not done) for this country. I love how liberals make it seem that any time someone says something bad about obama it is because they are a racist. Because all you people see is color

        • Sick of this Bullsh%t

          The word “racism” has become a word of convenience.People love to throw it out there when someone’s viewpoint doesn’t match theirs to try and negate what that person has to say from the start – eve when it has merit.

  • But But But what about poor Hillary???????

  • Even if this passed it would not give Obama a third term unless a miracle occurs. It requires 75% of the States to ratify it within 7 years. Prior to its complete ratification it can not be implemented which puts it outside the 2016 elections.

  • Tired

    José Serrano has purposes this before and it didn’t pass. I don’t see any republicans voting for it anyway. But I will be calling my reps none the les!

  • wlllbjr5

    The reason we are where we are at now is because Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected as President to “4” terms. Fortunately he died early in his 4th term or we would be going thru what we are going thru now many, many, many years ago with his “New Deal” Plan. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that the only way we are going to get our country back to America’s Constitutional Value’s is to elect a fully Conservative President to “Four Full Terms” followed by a “two term” fully conservative President. Electing ” ‘ Fraud prez bam ‘ ” to another term would cause “outright denigration” of America as our “Founding Fathers” framed our Constitution!

  • I had heard about this idea years ago that I believe it was Bush, Sr who thought it would be a good idea. But even he knew that there should never be more than two terms allowed for a President. This just makes me sick to think that this could happen.
    For once I am supporting all Republicans in getting this stopped.

  • pmshop

    Quit freaking people out Joe. Serrano has proposed this every two years since 1997 and has failed.

  • Come on, people! This would take a 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress and THEN would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures BEFORE it could take effect. It’s never going to happen. Please learn how your government works!

  • What… the… hell…

  • Regardless of whether it’s a good or bad idea in a vacuum, if it passes, it certainly won’t help Obama any like the supporters think – he has less than zero chance of a third term, the way the economy is headed. We’ll be in another great depression by 2016.

  • Representative Serrano must be targeted for defeat in 2014, we can not afford to allow this Communist to return to office.

  • jkpalmdale

    This Rep has introduced this many times even under Pres Bush an Clinton. It wont pass just like it has not passed the other ten times or so he has introduced it.

  • SanityFeeder

    Um. Rep Serrano has proposed this resolution every 2 years since 1997. Which would have made Bill Clinton, and George W Bush “President for Life” (NOT) under those circumstanced. Nobody bought it. Nobody blinked. But now that the Big Scary Black Man is in the White House you think it’s some kind of freakin conspiracy? Slow news day?

  • Ugashik

    I knew this b…..d was going to try and do this!! NO WAY! If anyone in the Congress goes along with this there is going to be more trouble than they bargained for I believe! By the time that son of a gun gets done with 8 years we will be lucky to have a country left! The liberals need to be hit more in the pocket book by him soon in order for them to even attempt to wake up! People need to start writing letters to their elected officials and let them know what they think about this and keep writing them! There is no way they can let this go through!!! We are doomed the way it is with the way Obama is destroying this nation right now!!

  • Jose Serrano has done this every two years since he first got into office in 2001. It has never gone anywhere before and never will go anywhere this time, too. it will never have a committee hearing or a vote. i guess its his way of telling the people he serves that he actually did something in dc

  • This is news only to those who do not read beyond what is posted on their opening page of FaceBook. There are numerous stories about the man who entered the bill last year, and Obama’s third term is spoken derisively in several articles I have saved to my computer. The chances of it happening are slim to none, as I did some searching as soon as I stopped screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Anadara

    Rep. José Serrano (D- NY15) … Just another Marxist from the occupied territories.

  • ObamasHotFlies

    I would hope that if it came to Obama and a 3rd term that we Constitutional Conservatives would make sure it would never happen. It’s time to stop what Congress won’t stop. We the people just may need to follow in our forefathers footsteps. Congress isn’t working for us. Our forefathers would have been in war by now and we sit idly by like fools. Obama is stealing everything he can from us we let him. It’s a sad time for man.

  • AkBlue

    For all the negative commentators- News websites, like Restoring Liberty, are simply there to spread word of what’s currently happening in the US/World. Regardless of whether this will pass, or how many times it has tried to pass in the past- it’s once again, currently being brought forward. The article is there simply to inform. America has successfully given Obama the two terms he’s gotten thus far, if the resolution were to pass what’s stopping those voters from doing it again?

  • Nonkoolaid Drinker

    Has anyone here bothered to verify this claim? Do a web search for H.J.Res 15…and on a government website, I find the summary of the bill, proposed by Rep Dana Rohrabacher…A REPUBLICAN…to amend the constitution to allow a person who wasn’t naturally born here but has been a citizen for 20 years minimum to run for President. As predicted the article is bullshit. You are being sold a lie…a blatant lie. Now ask yourself who would just make up such stupid crap and if they would make up something so easily refuted, what else do you believe that is just as untrue? Skepticism is your friend.

  • KennethDeWitJr


  • BenDoubleCrossed

    Normally, doesn’t an Amendment to the Constitution take years to accomplish? Hopefully more than four!

  • HELL NO!!!!!

  • I do not believe Obama wants a 3rd term. I believe he wants to select his successor, so he/she will ‘owe’ Obama and nominate him to the UN, where Obama will seek to be the President of the UN… President of the World!!

  • It isn’t going to make it through the House, and it didn’t when he proposed the same thing after Obama was elected in 2008. IF Obliviama finds a way to get around the 22nd amendment, it won’t be through this Congress. However, he did hand carry the papers to be on the ballot (third term) last week, supposedly. Don’t you know…that is why they have to take our guns and put regulations on them allowing them to call you insane, or mental… They know what is coming if he runs again. Talk about revolution.

  • This would require 3/4 of the states approving it with 3/4 majorities in all houses. Changing the constitution is next to impossible.

  • This Statist President who is using his Color coded messages to get his Blind following of Racist Black people that have supported this man no matter what he is doing to the country. This Administration has been operating like a Maffia stong arming anyone and everyone into doing thing’s by hook or crook. I for one don’t give a shit about his Fubu Following.

  • Max Law

    WAKE UP AMERICA !! Need to get rid of this “Lying, poor excuse-of-a-human-being”. IMPEACEMENT is the only way to go.

  • whatever preserves the status quo will be the norm for the next few years … they be frightened

  • Someone needs to take this fool Sen Rep. José Serrano (D-) out- and at the same time take out Obongo to make sure !

  • Dmc3217

    this is fake

  • dtree

    do we only have idiots running our country or did they fall out of the stupid tree and say lets fuck up america more, and see what happens. (impeachment??? why isnt it getting talked about more and why are we waiting around for him to turn us into a 3rd world country??)

  • dtw1982

    To be exact its a bill that’s been proposed 26 times since 1986 and was proposed on January 4th so I guess he’s running out of junk to spat about. Its never made it to the floor

  • Constitutionalist101

    Its funny reading all these people talk about “you cant change the constitution” blah blah blah, when it was a change to the constitution that set the 2 term limit to begin with. It was never a part of the constitution until 60 years ago.. In no way do I want Obama for another term, and I like the 2 term thing, Its just an FYI..

  • Whats weird is how you say people were shocked. I mean really how were people shocked when its by the same guy who tried to pass this 5 other times with 4 of them being during the Bush era. no not blaming Bush so dont get all crazy for the reference. This guy could care less about it being a democrat or republican. if anyone was shocked it means they dont follow politics as much as they think they do.

  • Steve

    …I believe Obama has earned one more term… I think life without possibility of parole, at hard labor, would be appropriate…

  • russkaya

    I wish they would have the same drive to repeal the 17th



  • Make phone calls, send emails, use your voices and stop this action NOW!!! Don’t stand by the wayside and watch it and complain about it when this country burns. Things can get worse than they are and they will do exactly that if this criminal is allowed to sit another term. The first term was his deceit, second term was our collective stupidity, a third term is frightening (more than this second term has been).

  • This is a resolution, not a bill, and this same moron has proposed it every stinking year since sometime in the Bush administration if not longer. It has all the importance of dog poop and apparently, is being noticed and written about for no reason at all, as it made the rounds about three months ago as well. It must be a very slow news cycle for Joe Miller. Note the date, please. January 21, 2013. My question becomes what is being hidden?

  • littlepat

    That is the stupidest thing I’ver ever heard. That n-g-er is lucky he lived through the first 30 days let alone get re-elected. If he tries for a 3rd term he is really pushing his luck! We are not going to stand for it. This will definitely start a revolution!

  • Obama is Hitler’s understudy

    Why are they shocked? Because none of the News (term used loosely) broadcasts have covered Obama’s efforts to have the Amendment repealed…those of us that can read have known it since he first started the paper rolling.

  • Patrick McKinnion

    Joe Miller didn’t bother to notice that Rep. Serrano has introduced the same bill in 1997 [HJR 19], 1999 [HJR 17], 2001 [HJR 4], 2003 [HJR 11], 2005 [HJR 9], 2007 [HJR 8], 2009 [HJR 5], and 2011 [HJR 17].

    So why the freakout now?

  • Its a shame that even now in the 11th hour The american people are so duped and ignorant . Folks for the last 4 plus years America has watched dictator obama do what ever he wants and NO ONE CHALLENGES him. with the exception of Rand Paul. and a couple others. Sorry but 90 percent of the senators and reps are licking the democrats boots for a few crumbs of bread. Now there are still some who think they will stand up to obama, Well sir/maam, The congress had their chance and they chose to screw their constituents over. Remember this, govt will always protect themselves no matter what party. We the people are still the ultimate power and untill we act like americans with balls get this. NOTHING WILL BE DONE except more slavery and oppressions. Republicans aint done shit and for sure the democrooks havent either. Yet the sheep keep voting for them because theyre to scared to be real americans with a backbone. I challenge anyone here to prove me wrong. Because the evidence shows otherwise.

  • too bad obama didn’t die 83 days into his term. We can only hope.

  • Of course another liberal wnats to kill this country, I never would have guessed.

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  • OH HELL NO! Who in their right mind would want this total wonderfucktard of a person for 12 years!! These people MUST be on crack or some other Dope weed to even think of doin’ something as RE-TARD like this. If that clown is re-elected yet AGAIN, you can kiss this Nation goodbye..for good.

  • Sam

    Obama got by ramming his health care crap down our throat he pretty much does whatever he wants with or without approval of Congress. If there ever was a president who would try to do this it will be this idiot we have in there now. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it happen.

  • Get Educated

    Totally BS article. Look on Snopes. Rep Serrano has been bringing this up every 2 years since 1997, no matter if a democrat is in the white house, or a republican. This is such non-news.

  • duke

    I highly doubt if this was real it would even make a difference. If this country wanted to reelect obombya it would be the end of America. I doubt this will happen

  • Nothing will come of this. Never has, (probably)never will. Even if they could get it thru AND ratified by the states Obama would be long out of office. But the article isn’t really BS; Serrano keeps bringing it up and it was depressing enough during Clinton and Bush. With Obama it’s simply horrifying.

  • North Korea may speed this process up…

  • OH HELL NO!!! The guy who thought of this ought to be run out of the nation!!! Obie has ruined this country already. I’m not sure we can survive another 3 years without blood in our streeets and a burned homeland much less 7 years!. We can NOT let this happen!

  • “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

  • scheemena Ramdolus

    I don’t think the people will stand for a 3rd term. I don’t think Hillary will allow it either!

  • RightUnite

    Bring on the WAR!! MoFo’s!!

  • U guys are being ridiculous. You seem to forget…. He’d still have to be voted in. He doesn’t just GET 3 terms. And if that is what the people want, so be it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Would u be complaining if it were bush?

  • PS. Ur a fine man, Joe miller. Look me up if u visit LA. ;D I bet we could find better outlets for your frustration


    Unreal ! I have no idea whats up with Barry but I get sick thinking about his real goals. He is out to destroy my country and yours and people actually support him ! Sad.

  • READ THIS………………this is what it is about. “Non-natural citizen for president”. Why?

    Latest Title: Proposing an amendment to the
    Constitution of the United States to make eligible for the Office of President a
    person who is not a natural born citizen of the United States but has been a
    United States citizen for at least 20 years.
    Sponsor: Rep
    Rohrabacher, Dana [CA-46] (introduced 2/1/2005) Cosponsors (None)

    Latest Major Action: 3/2/2005 Referred to House subcommittee. Status:
    Referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution.

  • There was such a resolution up there months ago.

  • Guest

    Don’t worry this won’t happen, because there is gonna be a 3rd World War soon and we will all be dead before 2016.

  • Don’t worry this won’t happen, because there is gonna be a 3rd world war soon and we will all be dead if we’re lucky.

  • The US of Cuba….just like Hugo did!

  • that would be insane! What we need to do is implement term limits for all elected officials, especially congress!

  • krmike

    There are 300million of us and only this one Marxist idiot why are we putting up with his crap !!!!!!!

  • There is no way he will get the votes required from the states. After screwing them for over 4 years why would they give this Muslim a chance for a 3rd term. I’m pretty sure he has lost most every Southern state at least Texas and Florida anyway.also the states with a large retired population. He has stolen there retirement money ever since he got in office.

  • Rep. Sarrano has introduced this same proposal every two years since 1997. In 1997 and 99, Bill Clinton was President, In 2001, 2003,2005 and 2007 George Bush was President, in 2007 and 20011 Barack Obama was President. So before you all jump to the conclusion that this is some kind of conspiracy to keep Barack Obama a President for life, so some research. You all might be surprised how many times this has been proposed since 1951 when Presidential terms were limited to two terms, until then there was no limits on number of terms a President could serve, only that each term would last 4 years before another election was held. It would take a full bipartisan support for this resolution to pass, do you all really think in this political arena it would even make it to a vote? So get real people quit making conspiracies out of everything and stop being so reactionary, just calm down.

  • Winona your comment is hilarious! Scary & true, a 3rd term will be the death of us!

  • Wayne Leach

    We have a multitude of domestic enemies among us – and the highest percentage within any specific group is in our central government.

  • Larry

    @phukk rightwing trash…let me see where do I begin…..hmmmmm you are obvious the smartest man on the planet. Since you say you are self employed and make $88,000 a year you must be pretty well off and a Ladies man to boot well should we be impressed….NOT ON YOUR FUCKING LIFE. If you were so well off and educated you would understand how our political system works and realize the Whole political scene in Washington is crooked on both sides of the fence. Personally I don’t care if you are purple and want to be President, if you do not meet the requirements ( and it has been proven time and time again Obama is not) then get out of our white house. You obviously are more learned than the rest of us about Obama……. share with us the real truth about this individual….like why was he given the chance to resign from the law firm him and Michele worked for before they pressed charges against him for extortion and various other crimes. Before you start slinging crap every where you need to plant a garden because what you are raising does not smell like a bed of roses. And oh by the way…you having the freedom to say what you want to whomever you want is a freedom I spent 20 years defending just so you could make a jackass out of your ignorant self…. and your welcome. So tuck your ass under the rock you crawled out of and shut your pie hole.

  • i really don’t think it will pass- too many senators and congressmen want to keep their jobs.

  • aaheart

    They must first repeal the Titles of Nobility Amendment that was ratified by Virginia in 1819 making it the 13th Amendment by a majority of the states in the union at the time it was passed by Congress. The Titles of Nobility Amendment stated that titles conferred, such as “your honor” and “esquire” would deny citizenship and eligibility for public office. That would eliminate Obama from the Presidency…he could still be the CEO of the Federal Territories, but at least the facade would be lifted.

    It would also eliminate most of the Congress and possibly the Supreme Court so a total shake up of government in the US would be possible. It would also excise many of the repressive laws that have taken the united States of America into a Federal dictatorship and remove subsequent amendments that have served to diminish State Sovereignty to less that that of the Federal Government. New amendments would have to be passed and ratified to replace useful amendments but the 14th Amendment which established citizenship of Federal Territories under occupation of Federal Troops would be gone, Federal Reserve would be gone, debts incurred under the repressive Federal regime would be gone as illegal and under duress.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    The idiot proposes this every couple of years. And even if it made it through supermajorities in House and Senate, it would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states to be an Amendment. Which will never happen.

    “Resolution” means dick.

  • Smith

    NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! He’s going out sooner than later, preferably sooner! All he does is lie! Is this what we want for our country? WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!

  • jkpalmdale

    The guy that has introduced this bill has been doing it for a long time. Under Clinton and Bush

  • Tashimee

    The “man” has a 43% approval rating, do you think the states would really radify it? It wouldn’t suprise me if O didn’t try to say it was radified after a vote in congress, forget the states. That’s if congress passes it. I’m not so sure that would happen.

  • Funny to look at the conspiracy theorists saying Obama wanted a 3rd term … and wouldn’t ya know it, he didn’t.