“Unruly” Pro-Abortionists in Texas Capitol Chant “Hail Satan” (+video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

Governor Rick Perry’s special session concerning pro-life legislation adjourned today for Independence Day and will reconvene on July 9, 2013.

Despite the adjournment, pro-life and pro-abortion groups have continued to face off in the rotunda. Earlier, a pro-life contingent was singing “Amazing Grace” while pro-abortion protesters tried to drown them out with their own shouts, whistling, and screams.

Toward the end of the song, a group of protesters began yelling, “Hail Satan” over and over. According to one pro-life participant, pro-abortionists were chanting “Hail Satan” throughout the day.

Here’s a video of the singing pro-lifers versus the chanting pro-abortionists:

  • indyted

    WHY would they chant that unless there is truth to it? It shows who they are aligned with.

  • Mari

    God help is all. What have we become???????????

  • JPinBJ77

    Their true colors shining through? satan would like nothing better than for more and more abortions to happen.

  • vietnamvet1971

    At least the Liberal Looneys KNOW their god they serve is Satan the god of this present EVIL world.

  • BryBaby59

    I have friends that are down in Austin as we speak and the reports of the behavior on the “choice” side is typical “Occupy Wall Street” behavior: Disruptive, loud, rude and insulting.

    I’m ill and have been unable to go. But, what is typically happening: conservatives, as usual, are bitching and moaning, but not yet willing to get their hands dirty. The attendance on the side of Satan has been many times greater than on God’s side. You can’t win or make much of a difference, “preaching to the choir” on a blog everyday. Our mouths are the only weapons we have. The voting booth is basically obsolete. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    • CSN

      I heard “Occupy Wall Street” were being paid to go to this Protest. Seems they couldn’t find enough Pro-choicers to really make a stink.

      • BryBaby59

        Actually, You are correct. I found that out after I wrote this post, and that by calling back some traced phone numbers, the payments originated with, none other than, Plan Parenthood. Perhaps, I was too harsh. Sorry. The group from my sister’s church was the group leading “Amazing Grace,” I found out. God bless them for being on the front lines.

  • patriotchip

    We all know who the Satan is that they Hail…who else but the creep in the WH!

    • RobertLaity

      Obama is a fraud and a criminal deviant who has usurped the Presidency during time of war. Obama is an evil degenerate Muslim Supremacist and bottom feeding scumbag.

  • Devasahayam

    I guess because most of them don’t know the word “Moloch” or “Molech” (but in any case, they DO worship Old Nick)!

  • CSN

    …Satan requires Human Sacrifice if you get any favors from him, so yes, that is quite appropriate for the Witches in the Brew here.

  • CSN

    Abortion is not a RIGHT, it is LICENSE! The United States never protected the right to engage in evil conduct or murder. People went to jail for Abortion, and rightly so, before 1973. Women need to keep their pants zipped and their priorities higher. These Sex Education classes obviously have only given them more reason to practice overt sex and think they’re entitled to Abortion because they’re giving into every desire without consequence.

  • Lilu Kanine

    They made their choice.

  • amiciLatinae

    Austin, Texas, is a very liberal place, but Gov. Perry is correct that 2/3 of Texans are in favor of not allowing abortions after the 5th month. This is not a bill that prevents abortion, it is a bill that prevents murder. The bussed-in satanists and Texas Democrats have made this a good vs evil scenario, and the Windy woman has embeded herself 100% with evil.

  • John Hartley

    “Satan” does exist! People that support abortion are if fact worshipping Satan, through their beliefs, actions or even in-action. It sends a chill through me they called him by name in a chant. Look at Biblical history. This is worship of satan, whether intend or not and yes, Satan does require human sacrifice. IMHO

  • RobertLaity

    Abortion is Murder.