Another Baffling DHS Purchase: Over 140,000 Sniper Cartridges

After a report earlier this week about the US Postal Service’s massive ammunition purchase, more eyebrows are being raised over a Department of Homeland Security procurement for tens of thousands of sniper cartridges.

Specifically, the government solicitation seeks to purchase 141,160 rounds of “Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP Ammunition.” One law enforcement supplier describes the cartridge as “a traditional match grade bullet with the performance advantages of a polymer tip. This bullet demonstrates an increase in penetration and retained weight . . . [and] demonstrates controlled and impressive soft tissue expansion.”

Another retailer claims this .308 cartridge is “the best 308 tactical ammo made . . . This load features a 168 grain bullet with a ballistic tip type bullet. TAP (Tactical Application Police) is made for law enforcement use and is loaded to the tightest specs for supreme accuracy and reliability. You will not get better ammo than TAP.”

Of course, some international conventions ban this type of bullet in small arms, given the catastrophic injuries potentially created by non-ball ammo. But that’s apparently not stopping Washington’s DHS.

Although these type of purchases may have been made in the past, the real question that needs to be asked is, “Why are the feds – outside of military units – apparently training sniper teams”? Broader questions might be, “Why are the feds engaged in law enforcement in any significant context outside of border security? What constitutionally enumerated power are they relying on to authorize their sniper teams?”

Please contact your congressional members HERE so that they will demand answers from DHS for why that agency finds it necessary to purchase ammunition designed for long-range, sniper applications.

Here’s a copy of the actual solicitation:

  • farrightextreme

    What’s baffling? They intend to shoot us.

    • pineapple

      And from a long distance if necessary.

    • Fageol

      If Congress had some guts it would mandate that DHS leaders and the politicians, including the idiot residing in the White House, get some sniper practice in Afghanistan. Better yet they should join their DHS friends in an Afghanistan training exercise.

  • bobgreen2009

    Wow, we sure are wasting a lot of tax dollars on our military, national guard and police if they can no longer protect us.

  • SmithWinston6478

    “It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” ~ Adolf Hitler

    • Chester von Doom

      Damn dude! You just made me quiver….

  • howler1968

    To the best of my recollection it is not the Geneva Convention that deals with bullet design. I believe it is the Hague Convention of 1899 (and subsequent gatherings) that dealt with the bullet design to be used against the military forces of “signature” nations. The US (along with some other nations) never signed that pact but does acknowledge and respect the pact.
    So the author is making a statement (“banned by the Geneva Convention”) that is inaccurate and false in order to generate emotion on this topic.
    I believe that both the Hague and Geneva Conventions were about military practices between warring nations and their standing armies.
    Back to the purchase…..TAP-designed bullets are all about controlled expansion within an environment (target mass). In other words,it is a non-ricochet (or extremely low ricochet) type bullet in order to lessen perepherial damage.
    Full metal jacket (FMJ) are more likely to ricochet upping the chances of beyond the initial target damage.

    • Paul Skvorc

      “So the author is making a statement (“banned by the Geneva Convention”) that is inaccurate and false in order to generate emotion on this topic.”

      Increasingly the modus operandi of this site.

      • howler1968

        No more so than MSNBC,CNN,CBS,NBC or the WHITE HOUSE.

        • Paul Skvorc

          And that’s actually my point. I’m sick and tired of “spin” and outright lies. There is a growing trend among “conservatives” to imitate the Socialist sons of bachelors from the sources you list. The “justification” is: “Well, THEY do it.” Human history is replete with admonitions regarding “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. All this sort of crap PROVES is that ALL politicians are liars. They each just find “excuses” when they’re caught, and they rely on their “righteous followers” to defend them.

          • howler1968

            You are so correct,Paul.
            Yet this forum allows us to voice our opinions where the others don’t.
            Reactions may get others to think……including the website owner(s).
            Something sometimes happens to people who achieve positions of power or esteem.

          • Paul Skvorc

            I voted for Joe Miller in his last election. However, I am increasingly disappointed in his willingness to employ the EXACT same “spin” tactics that he so quickly criticizes in the Socialists. As a result, as much as I want to see Murkowski removed, I am quickly losing interest in supporting him again.

          • RLEditor

            Paul, Restoring Liberty has never intentionally deceived its readers, unlike many MSM outlets. Yes, we occassionally make mistakes. It does appear that the Hague Convention (Hague Convention IV of 1907, Article 23(e), Annex: :…it is especially forbidden -To employ arms, projectiles, or material calculated to cause unnecessary suffering”) is relied on for banning many forms of non-ball bullets, but many, including this Major General (, also content that the Geneva Convention bans them. We’ve changed our reference above to “international conventions”.

          • Paul Skvorc

            I wish this was the only example of “spin” or – lack of due diligence if you insist – but it isn’t. This is actually a trivial – but NOT irrelevant – example of the same tactics that the left-wing liberal Press uses, but it is also FAR from the only one or the most grievous one.

            RL has been increasingly employing ‘scare tactics’, ‘mis-direction’, and ‘conveniently’ – oops, I mean “accidentally” – leaving out critical and key details in their “headlines”. I’m simply SICK of having to check every word that comes out of a politicians mouth… ANY POLITICIAN!

      • RLEditor

        See the comment below.

    • DeeBar

      For one thing , bullets when hitting flesh very rarely ricochet . The amount of ammo is not great but when you consider one shot one kill it’s a ton . Do you really think that they’re concerned about collateral damage ? Get real .
      I shot for the Army both rifle and scatter gun and chosen by Col. Peot at Fort Benning for the International Trap and Skeet team . Instead I volunteered for VN . In retrospect I made a mistake but only for what I learned later but that’s another story .

      • howler1968

        DeeBar… reference to ricochet is based upon FMJ’s passing thru soft warm tissue and striking another soft warm tissue. Or encountering bone and veering off and out to dance around til its stopped.
        TAP bullets (as far as i understand them) are designed to dump their energy into a single warm soft target period.
        By Homeland buying TAP ammo the potential for collaterial damage is reduced compared to a FMJ (Ball) bouncing around trying to shed its velocity and energy.
        If Homeland bought the ammo to use against us,Ball ammo would cause greater damage (more wounds and wounded) due to its penetrating capabilities compared to TAP.
        I probably didn’t word my thoughts clearly… apologies.
        After all……i’m a tad dinky dau.
        May ’69 – May ’71
        We did good,DeeBar……thanx for your service.

        • DeeBar

          howler , Thanks for your reply . No apology needed . In mentioning ammo as it pertains to the Gov’t my thoughts are that the powers that be could care less about collateral damage if indeed they plan to take us on .
          I’ve seen the damage first hand of fmj and it’s horrendous and pretty sure you have as well.
          As hard as it is to say I believe we’re had .
          We don’t only have to fight the left , we have to fight the R’s as well and there is little difference between the two .
          We now have a statement by the Bank of England that they want to take us down for the NWO . I’ve known this for many years . The Rothchilds , Rockefellers have a vested interest in the dumbing down of Americans , not just the kids . They operate under the guise of the U.N.
          We beat back the Brits but they knew there was another way to defeat us , loaning us money !
          Dinky dau ! Haven’t heard that for awhile .
          67′ , 68′ , Qui Nhon , An Khe , Pleiku , Dak To.
          Nice to know we’re on the same team and thanks for your service as well brother . By the way I just bought today a 10MM to put along side of my .40 . Just what I need , another gun !
          Having grown up in a gun shop I was fortunate to have a childless boss who along with his wife took me under their wings from the time I was 11 and sponsored me in scatter gun competitions for 8 years until I went to Nam .
          I guess I’ve rambled on for too long so stay safe and hug your loved ones .

          • howler1968

            45’s here…..1911’s and single actions.
            Hey,if you enjoy reading…3 books every Viet Nam veteran should read if not own……
            STOLEN VALOR by BG Burkett
            UNHERALDED VICTORY by Mark Woodruff

            Take care…..and don’t forget that 70’s Paul Simon song……”still dinky dau after all these years”

            And who would buy a car named KIA?
            You will get it……some might…..most haven’t a clue.

          • DeeBar

            I’ve had a couple of 1911’s , a Colt and a Remington R1 and gave both away to a couple of friends . Wanted something that would move the target into the next county and lighter weight to CC .
            Any thoughts on the Connecticut gun registration and civil disobedience ?

          • howler1968

            Re: Conn……..sell and move to a state where your constitutional freedoms are valued and respected.
            If our forefathers could do it,we can too.
            Do it for “the children” as the liberals often chant in their incantations.

          • DeeBar

            howler , I’m not sure if you know what is going on there but with the registration process has created a mess for the state claiming that there are between 50 and 350K guns not being registered . The state has created thousands of felons almost overnight and the citizens aren’t going for it . I believe they were to register before the end of January .
            This could be a landmark decision by the folks and if I were the state officials I’d be a bit leery about carrying out arrests for fear of it exploding nation wide . This will be very interesting to watch .

          • howler1968

            There was a 13 Feb 2014 RL discussion on that subject
            Here is my comment………….

            3 days ago

            “Another reason for Conn citizens to move to a freedom-loving and US Constitution-embracing state.
            RL Editor…..keep an eye on this one.
            Does the State Police of Conn have any MRAPS in their inventory?
            Will the governor send State Police SWAT teams into neighborhoods?
            Will he callout the National Guard to confiscate the firearms?”

            Could this progress to being the first shot fired?
            It happened once before in this region.

          • DeeBar

            howler , These are questions I’ve been thinking about and any one of these would be monumental if enacted by the Gov’t .

            For the Gov’t at this time it would not turn out very well as I think there would be a disruption they wouldn’t know how to handle right now . It could turn a blue state red especially now because of Ocraps popularity and his “Authoritarian Rule” .
            Another reason to fight against this Gov’t takeover I think is this action would have to be sanctioned by the WH . A “Rogue” state would complicate matters for the future takeover as planned by the Feds .

          • DeeBar

            Howler , Sorry , I made a mistake about the Bank of England . It is the Church of England but almost same same to their ends .

  • howler1968

    Also,the part about contacting your representative as to why the purchasing of long range sniper ammo……all these agencies have had access to “sniper” ammo for decades. This TAP is not any better in long range application than the current 308 Win with 168 grain Matchking bullet or any 223 Rem loaded with VLD bullets.
    Probably the military gets first draw on Matchking production.

    • MikeyParks

      I think the question is “why so much?” and “why now?” Somebody knows but they’re not telling us.

      • howler1968

        And i see that point but the author does not provide any info as to previous budget purchases. I’m sure that information is out there somewhere if a reporter would take time to investigate.
        Don’t get me wrong……i’m not a supporter of this administration by any means.
        But when your federal gov is hiring and training thousands of law enforcement agents it is common sense that ammo acquisitions have to increase…..for training and re-certification/practice.
        I live near a FLETC facility and the sound of gun reports are common. In fact when we civilians couldn’t find any ammo,their range time was curtailed due to their own shortages… got quiet.
        Same thinking toward all the supposed FEMA camps. In my state four are listed………..there ain’t sh¡t there. With all the private pilots in this nation we should be seeing thousands of aerial photos and videos of these FEMA camps but all we see are words.

        • DeeBar

          howler , Just a note here concerning the FEMA camps . I belong to a church that Grant and Linda Peterson attend and know them pretty well . They were instrumental in procuring the properties for the camps and policies and worked in the WH for some years .

          By his word there are over 700 sites throughout our country . The biggest so far is in Raleigh . Google Earth has some awesome pictures . I can tell you that most are barren but the plans are in place . Almost all are next door to the railways which makes sense and we have 7 so far in WA .
          He is also the CEO for one of the companies that builds our drones and commutes to DC each week .

          Needless to say he won’t talk a whole lot about these matters .

  • Albert McGraw

    As opposed to the massive ammo purchases submitted in the recent past by the DHS this seems rather routine. 140,000 actually isn’t that much and sounds about right for what their sniper teams would need to have in reserve.

    • RLEditor

      Thanks, Albert. We agree, for military training, this would be a very minimal purchase. The question that needs to be asked is, “Why are the feds – outside of military units – apparently training sniper teams”? Actually, the broader question might be, why are the feds engaged in law enforcement in any significant context outside of border security? What enumerated power are they relying on for their sniper teams?

  • mikecnj

    Duality is the meme of the decade.
    2 uses spring to mind for the ammo in question.
    1) shoot us (obviously)
    2) sell on the black market,
    i.e. gunrunning,
    i.e. Holder’s middle name.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    You don’t suppose that our “want to be dictator” is preparing an army to quell the unruly citizens of the United States, do you? He surely would not use their tax dollars to arm his own private military force. Just because FEMA & DHS are becoming better equipped than our military units, and they are removing the most capable and dedicated members of our military, doesn’t mean that Obama would ever do anything to harm us.

    If the people can’t see by now, just how evil and power hungry this man is, they deserve what they get.s If we can’t stand up and fight back, do something to protect and defend what our Forefathers gave us, then we do not deserve to have it. This is our country, it is our government, and its time we wake up and do something to get rid of Obama. We should know that he is not a friend of the country that he wants to rule, and I, for one, will never understand why he was elected. Once was bad enough, but even seeing what he had in mind, they elected him again. How stupid can we be to have allowed this to happen.

    • Many Americans believe he was not elected the second time. He was appointed. Those Americans had lost hope because his “change” turned out to be massive unemployment and reckless over-spending which resulted in another Depression.

    • Chester von Doom

      We gave women, ignorant minorities, and illegals the right to vote. That’s why he was elected twice…


    Those of us who would not miss this illegal administration if were to be burned in hell tomorrow, have strong suspicions as to why the useless DHS has made this procurement and not notified the public as to why…elitism allows you to snub law and intrude with impugnity….

  • rodulfo-tardo

    S.A.,S.S., S.D., these come to mind.

  • CaptTurbo

    Houston, we have a problem!

  • v steve

    Protect yourself get on welfare or some kind of government assistance that will be the only protection you will have when the time comes.

    They are gearing up to attack we the people and we are in denial as we watch, this happen in German in the late 1930 s to 40s

    It`s time to bring back public hangings for those who wish to do harm to our law-abiding citizens.

    When it`s time the authorities will move against we the people.
    Governments around the world have always attacked their people. The U.S. government is just about ready to attack its people. It`s coming.

    They will make it look like we started it.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.