McConnell Wants No Nominees From Tea Party: Establishment “Going to Crush Them Everywhere”

Photo Credit: AP/J. Scott ApplewhiteSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) didn’t merely say Tea Party candidates challenging him and other established Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections don’t pose much of a threat.

McConnell’s prediction is arguably more along the lines of fighting words.

“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” McConnell told the New York Times. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

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  • BetterDeadThenRed

    Those kind of words sound like words coming from a senile old fart who’s whistling past his own grave.

    • Charles

      He is afraid of losing his cushy job with all the perk’s.

      • Joe1938

        All of the old blueblood stoneless GOP rethread RINOs have been around long enough that they will retire with a yearly pension at the American Taxpayers’ expense that will be equal to their salaries. They know that and that is exactly why they could care less about the American Taxpayer and continue to perpetrate carnage. Also, unfortunately for the United States of America, there is not a penny’s difference between the old stoneless blueblood GOP rethread RINOs and the socialist-communist-marxist-islamofascist-racist donkey “leaders”. Their objectives are the same and have been for decades. That is why the United States of America is in grave danger of tumbling into the dustbowl of history to join all the other great nations and civilizations that had their turn at greatness.

        • Tim

          how about a platform of “we will stop stealing from you and wasting it. We will stop lying to you” think that will attract anyone ? Coming from D.C. who would believe it now ?

          • Libtardharvestor

            I contacted Sen. McConnell through

        • Libtardharvestor

          This post is absolutely accurate. The “Old Guard” has become the haven of “moderate” Republicans. Moderate as in “democrat lite” where the difference is, at least for now, a matter of degrees and not beliefs or goals. The number of true Conservative GOP members can be counted on your hands with fingers left over. The only groups that speak for Conservative patriots in America

    • jrm55

      Would love to see him in that grave real soon.

      • Tim

        with about 530 others from the District of Corruption

        • Daddy Kickass

          Amen especially Ophony.

  • c69101

    Arrogant jerk!

  • TrapRat

    Old foul mouth Mitchie better look over his shoulder! Conservatives and Tea Party aligned Americans will trample right over the likes of Mitchie, Johnnie and Rover. Their mirror(s) might reflect how closely aligned they are with the Harrys, Nancys, and Schmucky Schumers. We as conservatives, Will be a very large part of the Nov. elections but more so in 2016. Run for cover Mitchie you ain’t gonna be around long. Oh and please let the door hit you in the A..

    • Tim

      bitch mcconnell

  • ijohnc1

    We as independents and non affiliate’s of the so called grand old party have just had this arrogant ass Mitch McConnell stick his middle finger up and stick in in our eye.
    No one including the narcissistic guy in the white house needs to tell us how to vote.
    Look at the influence of those the Tea party elected, they talk the talk and walk the walk, as opposed to Boehner and McConnell who fold on every issue, they have been obamaised.
    November comes a rolling, win lose or draw we as Americans who love our country need to rise up and those old senile bastards under the bus.
    We survived five years of the worst president this country has ever seen, another three will be painful, but our country is stronger than the likes of McConnell, Boehner, and the guy in the whitehouse.

    • Tim

      this pride in the Evil Empire we have become is just amazing to me. What will it take to wake you fools UP ? You ain’t free. You love supporting this crap. You hate your offspring. Don’t despise what this coun EVIL EMPIRE has become. Happy slaves to the most idiotic, stupid sissies on the earth. Perverts numbskulls of the worst sort…….where are the real men? right there, in front of a screen with a controller in hand. Imaginary world. Reality will not be kind to you. Neither will I.

  • Daninfla

    As much as I disagree with this arrogant ass, I want to remind everyone that he is part of the “establishment” and that THEY count the votes!
    Keep your eyes open and BACK your candidates, both financially and with prayer.

    • usncb

      Mitch can’t count, It is like 2 for me 1 for you, 2 for me ,,,none for you……

  • Lance Stinson

    Then millions of us will stay home.. we will NO longer vote for establisment GOP RINOS,, Our vote goes to true constitutionalists or no one at all. If the GOP keeps running this kind of trash, they will never win again. You either support and follow the constitution, and founding principles or you dont , you either support ALL the Bill Of Rights including the 4th 5th 9th 10th , or you dont. Its time we tell the establishment GOP and Rinos in no uncertian terms that WHEN not if but WHEN they lose big its because they did not listen to the American people, that THEY left the countries founding ideals, that THEY, are the cause of the progressives taking over and distroying the USA and the futures of my kids and yours. Yes a new revolution needs to happen, a revolution back to our core values, limited gov, pro freedom, pro liberty, the constitution and those in washington realizing they work for US and we can and will fire them. On a local note, Rick Scott needs to understand this as well, i know many many voters that feel betrayed by him, and if he dont start voting per the constitution, Adrian Wiley gets our votes.
    Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

    • jrm55

      Staying home is the same as saying “you win, I lose”. Vote straight Tea Party, but don’t stay home! You do have a choice but staying home is not one of them!

      • Joe1938

        Better to go to the poll and vote than stay home and not vote. If an old blueblood stoneless GOP rethread RINO is on the ticket, write in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, anything but don’t stay home!

        • Tim

          I thought “WE” were going to rebel tea party. Start shooting… is rigged

    • MudEngineer

      The most important election that you can vote in would be the primary to determine which Tea Party candidate will be running for Senator instead of total airheads like McConnell who refuse to represent the people. Make sure you get out there and vote and then vote again in November.

    • Robert Courtney

      That is LaLaLand thinking my friend.
      Taking your balls and going home in the General because your guy didn’t win the primary is plain STUPID!!
      Vote for the most Conservative candidate in the Primary, vote GOP in the General is the only way things will change.
      The primaries are to get rid of RINOs, the General is to get rid of Democrats.
      I don’t care what anyone says, not ONE Republican is worse for the Country or State, than a Democrat. (ex: Scott Brown, a RINO, but he MADE Harry Reid pass Obamacare without one GOP vote, and possibly an Unconstitutional bill as it IS a tax originated in the Senate. We’ll see about that as the lawsuit heads to SCOTUS).
      There are NO moderate Democrats anymore. If they say they are, in the Campaigns, they are lying. Recent history backs that up.
      A 3rd party is fantasy. At this time that we HAVE to take our Country back NOW, taking 50 years to build up a viable 3rd party is idiocy.

      The Country will be destroyed by Democrats LONG before that.

      • Its not dem vs rep anymore its progressives ( of both parties ) vs liberty. Go anhead elect another establisment rep… and ill show you the same path.. either way too mcuh damage has been done the world crash is coming and soon. amybe 50 years ago it could have been stopped , not now… all you can to now is prepare .

        safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

        Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his
        friends. John 15:13 Between natural disasters
        , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages (
        due to colder than normal weather , and
        transportation problems ) then the
        fuel and food riots… time is almost up
        to get even your basic supplies
        ready and a plan of action. Equally as
        important is finding other like
        minded people you trust as close as possible
        to you. There is strength and
        safety in numbers. So check the below links to
        find those close to you and

        by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just
        survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

        food, water, clothing (especially
        for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs &
        medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run
        out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your
        skills honed, so buy plenty),(gold & silver), and other essentials. If you
        have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other

        Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare
        temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God
        will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!
        All you can to is hope for the best
        but prepare for the worst. Of course
        putting your trust and faith in

        Good people, families , moms, dads, grandparents, normal
        people, just
        preparing for what we see is coming. We are willing to help
        others, in our
        communities but we have to work together. Preparing both
        spiritually and
        phsyically. “Every Race, Every Tribe,

        If you havent prepared for yourself and your family yet…
        do something
        now… time is up!

        • Tim

          Good man Lance ! The coup should have been stopped Nov. 24th & 25th 1963. There were protest in New Orleans for a day & a half. That was it ! OH the unGREATful SOCIETY.

        • dharris23451

          So what are you going to do Lance? Live in a bomb shelter with all your canned goods? C’Mon … we have to do something and that something is getting off your righteous butt and voting – even it’s just to vote against a Dem

          • Bomb shelter no… we are building communities. Not just a couple people, but hundreds. Not just one community but many . All over. Doctors, mechanics, farmers, etc etc. Private communities going galt so to speak. Ready to survive and then rebuild after the coming crash. Didnt say i wouldnt vote, said i would only vote for constitutionalist. Voting for a progressive rep is the same as voting for a dem. We have gotten off our butts and are preparing to take care of our families , friends, and communities. What is coming has zero to do with voting. We are doing what really matters now and what will mean even more after the STHF. what do
            you think will happen when the financial systems crash world wide? Will there be
            riots? will there be starvation? will there be chaos? Will there be possible
            martial law in major cities? Yes my friends all of these things intertwine. One
            event leads to another etc etc… and due to that reality, all things from
            Climate, to economics, to world geo politics etc etc do have a major effect on
            who we are and what we do, and how we prepare and teach others. If any one wants to learn more look at my profile and follow the links.

      • Tim

        lala land is also thinking your liberty will ever come from a man. Only GOD grants liberty. Man can only take it away. And that only from a coward. Only brave men are free. They know the cost of freedom. The tyrant must die.


      Those that stayed home last time elected Obama, don’t do it twice.

      • If Rom was elected we would be in almost the same place we are now. He was a progressive republican. if we keep electing the lesser of two evils we will always get evil. Both will take us to the same place , just one does it faster than the other. No id rather a enemy we KNOW is a enemy , than a enemy that says he is on our side.

        • Tim

          IF putting up weak candidates keeps the money rolling into the coffers of the RNC….they will keep putting them up. To hell if the country goes to sour! “We got cash !” traitors supported by fools (happy slaves) will die. end result of socialism

      • Tim

        “all we have to fear is cowards itself”

    • Tim

      RINO successes like Bob Dole. John McCain’t. Mitt the drip. Great record for the stupid party. Thanks a lot Kentucky & Arizona. Nothing good can come from Taxechusettes.

    • reggiec

      If a RINO wins the primary vote for the RINO and then try to take the RINO out the next time.
      Why? see my post below.

  • PatriotInk

    Looks like the TEA parties are flushing out the sewage as it were…

  • Patrick Henry

    Time for the old man to go to the nearest retirement home that he can find. It is so obvious that he cares nothing for the little man out here who is working!!!! Time for Americans to take back our country!!!

    • Tim

      Thanks a lot Pat. I need more stupid bills for incompetent fools.

  • usncb

    To McConnell just get the hell out of dodge before you are a victim of the knock out game. QUIT WHILE YOU ARE A HEAD.

    • IVDAD

      He is a head. Figure out which one.

      • jrm55

        I think the blood has drained from his head because someone is giving him head

        • Tim

          I vote to ventilate the head. Maybe .22 of an inch or 9mm.

  • Michael J. Fell

    McConnell’s remarks embody exactly what is decidedly wrong with the “establishment” GOP mindset. He pisses in the punch bowl now and will later wonder why nobody wants to drink what he’s serving.

  • Willy D

    How can KY have a true patriot like Paul, and a scum sucking politician like McConnell for senators?

    • Joe1938

      For ever, I have wondered the same thing about Arizona! How th’ell is that dog McCain still an AZ senator?!!

  • brabbie2002

    I hope he gets crushed like the bug he is! And if the votes are not “cooked” like in the prez election, he probably will!

  • barn owl

    Time to Crush McConnell….

  • James

    Well it is guys like him, those want to be power brokers that wan to run the party their way like they always have that are killing the GOP. Well those days are over. This nitwit has not done anything but sell out
    the policies of the GOP for political gain. He and his kind have to go.

  • reggiec

    A true sign of fear on the part of an individual is singling out others specifically for criticism.

    • Tim

      this is D.C. stupidity, clueless, out of touch, out of their mind. Thus the stupid party vs the evil party.


    Senator, you are a has-been. I think you must have damaged your brain when you choked on the famous Kentucky Jelly. KY Jelly, I think it’s called.

  • akprayingmom

    So why are Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul supporting RINO Thug Mitch McConnell?

    • Daninfla

      Huck is a GOOD man, but he is trying to build a coalition and he needs the moderates;
      As for Paul, a VERY GOOD man – unfortunately he is the JUNIOR senator and he absolutely must “support” the thug if he has any hope of running for POTUS.
      If you want TRUTH – look to Texas or Utah.

      • Tim

        “good men” don’t pardon 206 felons back into our society to continue their life of crime. Same good men make laws that when I put this animal down I become the felon for DARING to protect my life & property. stupid men like this give Christianity a bad name too! read your Bible moron. hillbilly hick

  • worktogether

    some of you guys are not pragmatic… Yes, I’m all for a primary challenge…..I do not hate my fellow American….just because he is a moderate…..It sounds like Democrat Plants are running this Blog….

  • dufus

    The Republican Party better wake up. If they ever expect to win anymore elections they better starting uniting and the establishment better wake up as they had their day in the sun and blew it!


    McConnell is Harry Reid and is the ultimate RINO elite. Donate to
    your candidate BEFORE the primary, the true term limits.

  • MrChicken

    Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever noticed how much McConnell looks like Harry Reid? Sometimes there is not much difference politically either.

  • v steve

    Is McConnell a Jew? Those words (crush them) are words Communist Jews use.

  • warpsix

    Even if we have to Repeal the 17th Amendment in order to fix the Senate, Because Today’s Senate doesn’t answer to the State. I can think of Plenty of old rino’s that need to be retired If the Name starts with a McC they need to Go!

  • gracentruth

    Ane I wonder why he was allowed at CPAC? And worse – he is endorsed by Rand Paul. Paul has become a RINO. Are they also crumbling? Down with McConnell – and don’t allow him retirement benefits from taxpayers’ dollars. Peace,

    • joespoint

      NO, Paul has not become a RINO. Yes, he is towing the line by endorsing McConnell, because he is getting serious pressure from the GOP. He is simply picking his battles and trying not to make waves where he doesn’t have to. I’m quite certain he is biting his lip anytime he has to do so, but make no mistake, he is not a RINO.

  • Stealth

    People of Kentucky…KICK THIS MORON OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

  • Tim

    I take that as “code word” for he knows the collapse is imminent. But he is to stupid to figure that out…..

  • ChillyinAlaska

    And they are going to do it with the help of their partners the DEMOCRATS, getting funding from unions and votes in primaries from democrats to try to put the TEA revolution down. Americans, don’t fall for this line of BS from the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS.

  • ALHL

    Wasn’t very smart of McConnell to say that! Doesn’t look as if anything is gonna take down the Tea Party plus WE the People.

  • reggiec

    I truly hope McConnell is wrong but:

    Why vote for a RINO

    Why to ALWAYS vote even if it might be for a RINO. On the
    flip side it is just as important for the GOP establishment to back any
    candidate that may have defeated an establishment incumbent in a primary even if they are not “moderate” enough for their ideology.

    Ok before anyone goes ballistic let me explain. It is extremely important what letter follows the name of a senator or a member of
    the House.

    The majority party in the Senate or the House determines who
    is Speaker of the House, who is the Senate Majority Leader and who heads the committees in those bodies. Those committees exert a huge influence on how a bill is written or amended or even if it gets out of committee. The leader of the Senate decides if a bill that was passed by the House is even brought up for a vote in the Senate. For an example, just recall how Senator Reid, the present Senator Majority Leader, has tabled bill after bill that was passed by
    the Republican controlled House.

    If you are a Conservative you may have to hold your nose
    occasionally but consider the following. Could a Ted Cruse or Rand Paul win in Maine? Susan Collins, one of the senators from Maine, is probably the most liberal Republican Senator but she has an “R” after her name and counts toward a majority and who gets to pick committee heads.

    My suggestion is to keep hammering away at getting the most
    conservative candidates elected as possible but realize that it may take some time for them to get into leadership positions. The more we can elect and move up the leadership ladder, the sooner people will realize that Conservative ideas are winners and the sooner we can get even more elected. In the meantime, the letter “R” following a name does count for something even if they are someone like Susan Collins.

    Pragmatism is sometimes more important than rigid ideology.
    *** Standing by to be vilified;

    • dharris23451

      I just want to say a rousing YAY for your post. It is really disheartening that conservatives stay home if they don’t have their Tea Party candidate on the ballot. All that does is give more votes to the Dems … (or just less votes for the Repub)
      Get out and vote for the R candidate … Things have taken a long time to get where they are, they aren’t going to turn around over night. All we can do is take one step at a time!!

  • dharris23451

    I so hope McConnell gets his a$$ handed to him …

  • ste8875

    He is talking like that because he is scared because he knows he is going to lose in November. He is trying to convince the people of that.

  • Janice May White

    Just another Rino. I don’t know if he is senile, but he sure is two faced. It is time for him to retire permanently.

  • James

    Well McConnell here is some breaking news for you. We don’t
    give a dam what you want, in fact we no longer give a dam about you. You are a useless piece of garbage that cannot control your own party members in the Senate let alone the TParty. It will be you that will be crushed when you find out that you are through as any kind of power broker in the party. We will choose whomever we wish and we will do it on the basis of what they have done. Not on the basis of their big mouth telling everyone what they will do. In other words, you have not a chance of a snow ball in hell of ever being picked again. You may have a big political machine and money, but we have the votes and that is what counts. The best thing you can do is shut up and get behind Rand Paul. He will be our candidate and your kinds are on their way out.

  • Leland Stanford

    What is Mitch is turned out of office. Would that crush him, the Rino in Chief.

  • Bob2002

    McConnell is a RINO at best and thus must be primaried this year. He has lost touch with the American people and has joined the Democrats in wasting our money. His efforts in funding ObamaCare is reason enough to vote against him. Come on Kentucky and get rid of this Democrat lite.