Obama Thinks You’re Stupid, that’s Why

Photo Credit: RedState The latest scandals from the White House have prompted speculation trying to determine why President Obama screws up so much. There is a simple answer.

Obamacare, a failed trillion dollar stimulus, sky-high food stamp usage, disability rolls soaring, our national debt mortgaging America’s future, our adversaries and enemies on the march. Obama has compiled quite a list of “accomplishment” as he fulfills one promise — to fundamentally transform America. Tragically, it has been a very damaging transformation.

Some ascribe these failures to Obama’s inability to manage the presidency, to lead; others to a work ethic problem; others to a lack of experience (only on the fictional West Wing TV show would academia be seen as qualifying one for the presidency) and a sparse record of ever accomplishing anything of significance other than being …Barack Obama.

All these failures have been justified, explained away or caused by lies (you can keep your insurance, doctor, and save $2500 on premiums; ObamaCare will add not a thin dime to the deficit; a red line that was Orwellian-erased when it became an embarrassment; Al Qaeda was on the run; Benghazi was caused by a video; there was not a “smidgen of corruption” at the IRS). The lies are too numerous to list (here is a partial list from last year of 252 examples of lies, law-breaking and corruption) and that list ever-expanding because, as Victor Davis Hanson wrote, a man who would lie about his mother’s death will “fudge” the truth about anything. And so he has and will, indeed must, continue to do so.

George Will wrote two years ago that “that “Barack Obama’s intellectual sociopathy — his often breezy and sometimes loutish indifference to truth — should no longer startle.” If journalists had only fulfilled their responsibilities as the fourth branch of government perhaps Obama’s career would have never led to the presidency, because his lying started at the very beginning of his national career. His memoir was riddled with inaccuracies. In a prime example of projection he repeatedly has warned Americans not to listen to his critics and opponents as they were trying to “bamboozle “people, while he bamboozled his way to the Oval Office.

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  • dranalog

    Doesn’t say much for the electorate, does it?

  • James

    That is why the Majority leader in the house lost his bid for reelection. Congress did nothing to stop Obama. We will vote for the man that did what he said and against the man that says what he will do.

  • sreynolds

    The fact that almost half the people (alive, and voted once ) voted for him 2012, proves that WE are stupid.. LMFAO

    • frawgeyz

      Your premise is correct if, you truly believe that there was honor at the polls. All things considered, do you really believe this?

      • sreynolds

        The fact that Obama and 95% of congress haven’t been hung for treason tells me that we are way dumbed down. I belive there was NO honor at the polls at all. I live in Baltimore and city school busses were driving around on election day with Obama signs and people on bull horns yelling out Obama support. tax money is NOT supposed to be spent on a particular party. Our government has become the biggest, most successful crime syndicate in the world. We may be too late to stop it…..

        • frawgeyz

          Good grief!!! This is almost surreal. I so agree with what you just said but I am amazed at the chaos and lawlessness that is allowed to continue.
          Jesus said well of this generation that this generation would call good evil and evil good.
          I sadly agree with you when you say that “we may be to late to stop it.” Evil once it becomes the norm never reverses itself my fellow American. My time is over and I have seen the best my once great country had to offer. When it is my time to move on I will say what my Dear Lord said, “daughters of Jerusalem (my dear America) weep not for me but for yourselves and your children.”
          May the Good Lord bless and keep you safe sreynolds.
          Is there any sanity at all in your state?

  • jdelaney3

    Cause and effect.

    Sadly, the pervasive self-delusion, apathy and willful ignorance gripping the country are the culprits. Obama and his Progressive minions are but symptoms of a dumbed-down, hopelessly unprincipled population. We’ve met the enemy within and it is US.

  • gracentruth

    The white kenyan’s handlers think we the sheeple slaves are stupid. Well? Isaiah 9:10. Peace,


    Education has failed in the US and BOB has thoroughly made the most of it, he has skirted the Constitution, rule of law, the congress and the SCOTUS, has made them look ineffective, slow and unreliable as governing bodies capable of doing their jobs and checking on the other branches…..He has penetrated the chink in the armor of a democracy and this Representative Republic…
    We are now about as capable of resisting tyranny as were the people in nazi Germany, we question little, no little of our rights and freedoms, cannot relate our heritage and history nor claim to have passed it on to our generations…..We have a government mismanaged, short on incentive and willing to “follow der orders” of BOB the fraud. They may sense what he is doing is not right, correct or American but the pay is good, the unions protect the workers and BOB will go away, they think.
    The border is a good place to look, those BP people swore to defend the border as BOB did but BOB is not willing, the BP people know he is wrong but will not rebel against BOB the fraud and do the right thing, protect the border in spite of BOB…Comprende’ amigos?

  • dogged

    “Obama thinks you’re stupid.” He probably concluded that, if the dumb masses would re-elect him after that disastrous first term, then they might swallow just about anything.

  • Daddy Kickass

    Tax paying Americans are not stupid. We have read Obama like a book from day one. The stupid Americans are the left wing loonies, loosers and freeloaders who kept the dick in office for the additional 4 years. The right wing loonies and loosers, often referred to as RINOS, supposedly elected officials in the government are gutless or afraid to do their jobs. I’m glad to see Eric Cantor get his azz kicked and I hope and pray some new blood from the TEA Party replace the other blood sucking bazturds.

  • Linda

    Well, he does have a point there. Were it not for the stupid people he would not be president.

  • Devi

    Obama is a mirror of the quick-fix, it’s-ok-to-lie-because-you-won’t-have-to-take-responsibility social media generation(s). When they look at him, they see themselves, and, of course, they like what they see.

  • Joe1938

    Re “he bamboozled his way to the Oval Office”; Ed Lasky does his audience a disservice by his display of ignorance, naivety, or lies, or all of these. Stone up Ed or do your homework…
    The Handlers
    Every comment blog, news article, discussion, conversation, etc, etc, pushes the retarded puppet name in everyone’s face. Obama this! Obama that! Obama lied! Yada, yada, yada! Retarded puppet is not smart enough to accomplish the carnage perpetrated on the United States of America. His handlers are responsible!

    FYI Folks; obamaCare, The retarded puppet, etc. are not our biggest problems. It seems that no one (even Ed Lasky) really knows why or how the retarded puppet and this administration got into the Whitehouse. Again folks FYI; A huge national-international machine pushed their retarded puppet into the Whitehouse and this socialist-communist-marxist-islamofascist-racist administration into power. This huge machine is the retarded puppet’s handlers.

    The retarded puppet and this radical administration is just one of the many tools of this huge machine that has been working for decades to destroy our American way of life and create their version of a one world government. Unfortunately the average American does not realize that we are saturated with the tools of this huge machine; The Socialist-communist-marxist, and now the islamofascist racist. Add to those tools, the average American voter who is economically and politically ignorant. Add to that, the 2 or 3 generations of our kids who have been dumbed down by public education to the point that they can not make intelligent decisions. Add to that, a gutless Congress. Add to that…. AAAAh, there is not enough room on this blog “to add to that”.