A Humble Coal Miner Delivered Mic-Dropping Testimony at an EPA Hearing That Will Blow You Away

Photo Credit: Free Enterprise

Photo Credit: Free Enterprise

…After a week of thousands of people giving testimonials, shouting through megaphones, and yelling about how angry they are about the situation, it was one man who gave a soft and emotional speech which stood out above the rest.

Life-long coal miner Walter Parker came to the hearings to testify on behalf of himself and his family. Walter explains that if the EPA takes away his job, the only life he and his family have ever known will be destroyed.

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  • c69101

    Vote out all democrats, or, lose your livelihood also!

  • PatrioticInfidelInPA

    True statement from c69101. The Democrats used to be for jobs and the working man and women. Now, they are for the destruction of our market based economy, the destruction of free enterprise, and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Make no mistake, that is what Obama was trained to do and is doing. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Kent2012

    and we have hundreds of thousands of nitwits that believe in the climate change nonsense and support any action that is portrayed to them as “protecting the environment”, no thought as to what is “reality” because these people live in an information vacuum…..the current communist in the WH and his commie clowns in the EPA have targeted the coal industry/coal burning power producers….the end result will be colossal unemployment and another huge government bureaucracy that will be attempting to get windmills and solar panels to “power” America….They will have their work cut out for them….every time these wannabe power producers get and federal bucks, the companies fold while the democrats running them head for the south of France……no doubt waiting for their messiah to visit them on a golf tour…

    • Daninfla6th

      Great comment, Kent2012! 10 ^ votes worth!

  • Jason Mansfield

    Shake all the politicians up in a bag and they are al the same. We need statesmen not politicians.

  • shunts

    Where Democrats rule destruction prevails…These SOB’s do not care they are communists anymore.. if you want to get any kind of results elect Tea Party they evidently are the only ones who will fight for our country.. even the republicans are afraid of them because they know there will be NO more business as usual AS IT SHOULD BE…

  • Silverback

    Don’t the unions support the democrats and vice versa? You might want to look at your union “officials”. They will get a the gold mine and the rank and file will get the shaft, now that they have exploited you beyond profitability. The union works hand in hand with the EPA and big business. They are not your friends.

  • Di

    Good job.

  • AmiciLatinae

    The coal miners voted in block for Democrats. Maybe now they see Democrats are Communists and the little union members are easily expendable. This is a cold-blooded, hate-driven President. He delights in union workers’ pain. Next time union members vote they need to ask some hard questions – like, did Jesus say someone who supports abortion and homosexuality and murder by ignoring Veterans and who lies openly to people about important things like health care and luring foreign invaders by the millions over the borders would make a good ruler, or a bad one? The answers are in the Bible. Vote the Bible in the next election and you will notice you cannot vote Democrat and love Jesus.

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    They call it a success story because they want the total destruction of America, and this is but one part of it.

  • Linda

    One of the few times obummer has told the truth is when he told us our electric bills would necessarily sky rocket and he would shut down the coal mines. The idiots still voted for him .

    • henryknox

      So many choose not to listen even though he has told us many times who he really is. I place most of the blame on the people that voted for him. They can either claim ignorance or evil. I think enough information has been available that it is difficult for them to claim ignorance, therefore, I have concluded that most people that voted for him are EVIL.

  • cooganalaska

    Sorry to break it to you posters but the republicans are all about big centrally-controlled government just as much as the democrats. You have to go with Libertarian or someone like Ron Paul.

    • Well Done

      Yes, coog, we’re familiar with the Dem’s tactic of trying to divert GOP voters elsewhere. Most of the GOP=Dem comments are intended to do that also.

    • ijohnc1

      One thing you liberal communist’s do well is to divert the attention away from the issues at hand.
      It is the closure of the coal mines, made it simple for coongan
      “Simple things for a simple mind” …anon.

  • Daddy Kickass

    As nancy Pelosi would say, you should be happy that you will now have more free time to be happy doing things you like to do like hobbies and spending more time with your family.

  • BlueSpud

    Yet the dumbarse sits there with his union shirt on, supporting the very organization that sold him out. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • mike gunter

    It is sad but all these guys voted for obamma. So how can you feel sorry for people who wouldn’t listen to us and brought this on themselves ? They bought in to the lies of the Socialist Muslim Fraud liar.