WATCH: Marine Calls For Obama’s Resignation On The Steps Of The White House

Sergeant Manny E. Vega, after the midterm election Tuesday night, takes the news to President Obama on the steps of the White House. Armed with a megaphone, Vega exercises his First Amendment right and calls out Obama–and does so for about an hour, according to Mad World News.

Vega, a Marine and now a member of the Patriot Militia, has spent nine years in the Marine Corps and has been deployed to Iraq three different times.

Sgt. Vega says Obama should just leave his office and pursue golfing instead of his presidency and repeatedly asks for his resignation. He even goes into a speech about Obama’s birth certificate, which he doesn’t believe to be authentic.

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  • Bert

    Good for him. That took courage.

  • rhw39

    That MARINE knows what he’s talking about, the truth.

  • c69101

    Good Man!

  • DonnaAngelStar

    Sgt. Vega is a brave man and we should all follow his lead. Obola is an usurper and needs to called out for the fraud he is, if congress would vet this man the way it should have in ’07. I’m sure Brennan and the CIA have covered that trail sufficiently by now and we may never know the truth.

  • James Mason

    If push comes to shove we’ll have the military on our side. Sometimes I think that’s all that prevents the left from announcing the constitution is suspended and they’re now in charge.

    • smrstrauss

      What actual facts do you have that the left (or the right for that matter) has the slightest desire to suspend the constitution?

  • wabby99

    The sad part is this man is standing alone. This is why this country is doomed. We don’t have enough brave patriots that are willing to stand up for our country. I am surprised he wasn’t shot.

  • Dempsey Coleman

    A true Patriot. Please GO OBUMER!!!!!