America is Among the Least Racist Countries in the World

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.25.17 AMWith all the recent race clang clanging on MSNBC and other cable news networks, now’s probably a good time to remind everyone that America is among the least racist countries in the world.

I know this statement will be shocking news to regular viewers of “PoliticsNation,” but it also has the quality of being true.

From 2010 to 2014, the World Values Survey asked residents in over 50 countries who they would not want as neighbors. Just over 5 percent of respondents in the United States said “people of a difference race.” That’s far more tolerant a response than citizens of most European, African and Asian countries gave. As a comparison, 15 percent of Germans, 41 percent of Indians and 22 percent of Japanese said they wouldn’t want to live next to “people of a different race.”

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  • lordhelmet

    Race is a political weapon of the left. Their long-loved tactic is to divide people on class, racial, and income lines, get them all riled up, and then create a villain to dehumanize and target. Socialists of ALL stripes; National Socialists, Soviet Socialists, Maoist Socialists, Castro Socialists, Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot Socialists, and US Obama Socialists have done this EVERY single time. The only differences are the targets and the dividing lines. With Obama it’s race and “the rich”. That’s why they must be stopped, by any means necessary.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    I am willing to chip in and send Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson on a one way trip to another country if they think we are so racist.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    I am willing to chip in and buy Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson a one way no return ticket to another country since they think we are so racist.