Gallup CEO: I May ‘Suddenly Disappear’ For Telling Truth About Obama Unemployment Rate [+video]

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens. Years of unending news stories on U.S. government programs of surveillance, rendition and torture have apparently chilled the speech of even top business executives in the United States.

Yesterday, Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, an iconic U.S. company dating back to 1935, told CNBC that he was worried he might “suddenly disappear” and not make it home that evening if he disputed the accuracy of what the U.S. government is reporting as unemployed Americans.

The CNBC interview came one day after Clifton had penned a gutsy opinion piece on Gallup’s web site, defiantly calling the government’s 5.6 percent unemployment figure “The Big Lie” in the article’s headline. His appearance on CNBC was apparently to walk back the “lie” part of the title and reframe the jobs data as just hopelessly deceptive.

(Read more about what the Gallup CEO said HERE)


But Another Poll Shows Majority of US Approves of Obama on Unemployment

By Emily Swanson. Americans’ views of President Barack Obama have improved slightly in the past two months, and opinions are more positive about the direction of the country and the health of the economy, an Associated Press-GfK poll finds.

A slim majority now approves of the way Obama is handling unemployment, according to the poll, conducted before Friday’s release of a surprisingly strong jobs report.

Forty-seven percent of those surveyed approve of how Obama is doing his job, compared with 41 percent in December, and 51 percent approve of his handling of unemployment, compared with 44 percent before. (Read more from this story HERE)

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  • Daninfla6th

    Truth must ALWAYS be crucified, destroyed, killed, or at least discredited with more lies – according to the powers of this world. It seems that Mr. Clifton knows this very well.

  • mary smith

    This comes as no surprise – we have the most cunning and deceptive gov in our history! We should all be afraid!!

  • fatman45

    The sheople don’t believe it anyway. They are believing O-baaah-ma!

  • Nam1

    Get a grip Jim, you’ll be fine… The vast majority of Americans know the real numbers, the mindless believe the tripe.

    • Kent2012

      true trooper, but the unindicted, unpunished, often rewarded clintoney crime family is still active…billy “the traitor” and the ho are even hoping to retake the WH….there may be some new silverware and paintings that they will need for their mansions…oh and an intern or two…

      • Nam1

        God forbid… From one bad dream to another

  • aznative

    Amazing that anybody would lie or coverup anything in this administration. But it is MO. Look at all the scandals, the IRS, Benghazi, etc. even congress Boehner, McConnell, Reid, pelosi have gone along with the lies and many others who supposedly work for we the people (yeah right). Makes me think of a couple of analogies: the guy who was driving at a high rate of speed and told his friend “God is my co-pilot” and his friend stated “I got news for you he got out a long time ago”. Or what do you do when riding a dead horse – dismount. Our country is in real trouble. 30+ million are unemployed and it doesnt look like a bright future. After people use you until you aren’t worth anything anymore they get rid of you one way or another. Id think there are a lot of people in Washington sleeping with one eye open. As an American citizen I wonder what country this is and what would our founding fathers say and do?

  • aznative

    It is time for pink slips for this lying corrupt administration. Abolish and start over. All we need is America military to secure our borders. We’ve had enough. It is time to send a trillion pink slips to the IRS and this congress and administration.

  • dellonwoodard

    If Truth being told is truly required then being Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Stupid MUST BE a prerequisite for being a Democrat and an Obama Occult Supporter ! Just look at Congress for irrefutable PROOF !

  • Daddy Kickass

    Finally somebody with enough balls to speak out. Where have all the politicians who are supposed to be looking out for the people gone? They must have balls the size of a peanut.