Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt: “Obama’s Destruction of the Republic Not Done Yet”; Sheriffs May Be the Last Bulwark Against Tyranny (+video)

On The Joe Miller Show this week, the Executive Director and Founder of Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt, discussed Obama’s “destruction of the Republic.” He also described the Boehner-Obama axis, and the strange upside of Boehner’s reelection as speaker.

Director Pratt suggested that there are a few other bright spots on the political horizon, too. He explained how there is positive legislation winding its way through the Congress. He suggested that despite the President’s vigorous opposition, nationwide concealed-carry legislation may actually be enacted this Congress.

With respect to Obama’s effort to ban some AR15 ammo, Mr. Pratt suggested that the Congress could block this effort by defunding the enforcing agency. Although he admits this could result in a government shutdown, Mr. Pratt says Republicans shouldn’t fear any shutdown, given GOP wins in the last cycle after a similar shutdown.

Finally, the last segment was likely the most controversial, with a discussion about how county sheriffs could be the last bulwark against federal tyranny. Larry Pratt observed that if the federal courts push, for example, their perceived authority against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, that Sheriff Joe has far more deputies than the court system has federal marshals. He also discussed what happened in Nevada, during the federal standoff with Cliven Bundy.

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  • liberty49

    We need to stand up for our Liberties today just as we stood up to the British! The Sheriffs are our last bastion of freedom and with all the military leaders who have been thrown under the bus because they would not pledge allegiance to Obama or agree to fire on fellow Americans, they may Lead us in another Revolution!

  • Silverback

    GOA and Larry Pratt are the true champions of the second amendment unlike the other group I could mention.