Obama Administration Sent Nearly 1 Million People Incorrect Tax Forms

By Fox News. The Obama administration revealed Friday that it sent about 800,000 HealthCare.gov customers a tax form containing the wrong information, and asked them to hold off on filing their 2014 taxes.

The self-inflicted bungle follows weeks of administration officials touting a successful enrollment season — one that saw far fewer technical glitches than the rocky launch in late 2013.

About 11.4 million people signed up this season. But the errors in tax information mean that nearly 1 million people may have to wait longer to get their tax refunds this year.

California, which is running its own insurance market, just announced a similar problem affecting about 100,000 people in that state.

For those using HealthCare.gov, the federal health department said on its blog on Friday that some people received a form that included faulty premium information. The blog said that information “needs to be corrected,” and new forms should be available by early March. (Read more about the incorrect tax forms HERE)


A Second Chance to Avoid a Second Tax Penalty Over Obamacare

By Margot Sanger-Katz. About six million people face a tax penalty this year for failing to sign up for health insurance last year. Now, many of those people will get an extra chance to enroll in coverage for this year and avoid a second penalty.

Sign-ups were supposed to close this month, but the Health and Human Services Department announced Friday that it would reopen the marketplaces in 37 states for six weeks in March and April. The goal is to make sure that people who are learning about the deadlines and tax penalties for the first time won’t be shut out of coverage — and forced to pay a penalty — for a second year.

Several states running their own marketplaces, including Washington and Vermont, have announced similar policies

The health law requires everyone who can afford insurance to obtain it — and charges people who don’t a fee. The fees that will be hitting people’s mailboxes for failing to get insurance last year will be relatively low — $95 a person or 1 percent of their income — but they rise next year. (Read more from this story HERE)

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  • georgev

    They are nothing but little demons running around causing chaos and damage within our beloved country.
    is there anything these demons can do right.

    • How is this Obama’s fault?

      • georgev

        It’s really simple Wesley.
        If I am the man in charge of a department I am responsible for the work that my employees do. Their success is my success.
        Their failure to perform is my responsibility.
        It’s called accountability and something this administration has no ability to maintain within it.

        • So 9/11 was Bush’s fault?

          • georgev

            Your just trying to bait me into saying something that I have not said.
            So for the sake of the argument let’s stick to facts.
            Military grade thermite was found all of the world trade centers site.
            How did it get there?
            Where is the wreckage from the pentagon?
            Did it vaporize?
            How did building 7 collapse fro a fire?
            In free fall fashion.
            You must admit these question provoke thought and demand answers and further investigation. The 911 report was far from complete.
            Can we agree with that?

          • Oh wow, so you’re a conspiracy theorist. I thought I was debating a right wing jerk, not an Alex Jones nut job.

            I’m out.

          • georgev

            Figures that when your faced with the facts you turn and run.
            You have no debate or no substance.
            Good bye.