Obama’s Attorney General Nominee in Boiling Water Over Banking Scandal

Her nomination is stalled, caught up in a deepening investigation in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The woman President Obama wants to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder as the nation’s top law enforcement officer could be facing legal troubles herself, the kind that might derail her hopes to head the Justice Department.

According to a lengthy and detailed report by Jerome Corsi at WND, Loretta Lynch is now being investigated by the very senate committee considering her nomination to become one of the most powerful officials in the Obama administration.

Listen to Dr. Corsi’s interview about the scandal on The Joe Miller Show:

At the heart of this reported Senate probe are allegations of money laundering by international banking giant HSBC and the role that Lynch, as a U.S. attorney in New York, may have played in the Obama administration’s decision not to prosecute HSBC and certain of its top officials.

The exclusive WND report states that the Senate Judiciary Committee has been working with a whistleblower, a former HSBC vice president, who is providing critical information about the financial institution’s alleged laundering of funds for Mexican drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists.

The staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee focused Wednesday on Cruz’s allegations, first reported by WND Feb. 6, that Lynch, acting then in her capacity as the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, engaged in a Department of Justice cover-up . . .

Ironically, when he nominated Lynch for the Justice post, President Obama praised her for prosecuting “drug lords and terrorists.” Now, claims the WND exclusive, Lynch could find herself in boiling hot water for not prosecuting powerful bankers allegedly involved with drug lords and terrorists. (Read more about the scandal involving the attorney general nominee HERE)

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  • mikecnj

    U mean she’s a thief ?
    how could such a thing be?

  • Kent2012

    we could hope for a really big pot so we could put nance pe$lutsi, hairiest reidy, and the democommie robots from the house and senate in there and let them simmer for a few months…..

  • ijohnc1

    Great choice to replace the bastard in the regime that is there now, she should fit right in with all those communist’s and republican RINO’s.
    Come republicans give her the job!

  • Dogman358

    IF this is true, she is over qualified to serve in Washington.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well I see that they replaced one crook with another one. They must keep true to Obama’s administration and have it all crooks.

  • The perfecting of a banana republic: A lawless president and a lawless attorney general.