The Betrayal Papers: A National Security “Smoking Gun” of Obama’s Conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood

The first article of the Betrayal Papers asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood was not only influential in the United States government, but in fact dominated the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama. This article will name several key people who were or are in the Obama administration and who have various, documented associations with organizations which are directly tied to and/or funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and the State of Qatar (home to Brotherhood’s Spiritual Leader, Yusuf al-Qaradawi). These individuals have helped dictate national security policies that have crippled counterterrorism efforts at home and abroad. Three more “Betrayal Papers” in this five-part series will be published in the coming weeks.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Network of Civic Organizations: Apologists for Terror

In 1963, the first Muslim Brotherhood front group established itself in the United States and Canada: the Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA), a group based on college campuses in North America. Through this organizational foothold, the Brotherhood has recruited and indoctrinated generations of American and Canadian Muslims into an Islamic belief system that pits Islam against the world. In more than a few cases, Muslims who join MSA chapters at their colleges have taken this ideology to its logical extreme: terrorism.

For example, it was recently reported by the Canadian Military Association that eleven (11) of Canada’s highest profile terrorists were tied to the MSA.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA): The MSA, the first Muslim Brotherhood organization to gain a foothold in the United States, was founded in 1963. Many founding members were Muslim Brothers or had connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The three most significant founders of MSA were Hisham al Talib, Jamal Barzinji, and Ahmed Totanji, and all of whom were MB leaders of Iraqi descent. While a student at George Washington University, Hillary Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin was on the Executive Board of her MSA.

Since the early 1960s, the Muslim Brotherhood’s MSA has birthed a large number of purported “civic organizations,” which are anything but civil. We shall now name some of the groups, and establish the facts that link them to their parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): CAIR was founded by two individuals with close ties to a Hamas operative. Hamas, according to its own charter, is the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. In 2007, founder Omar Ahwad was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial. In November 2014, CAIR was designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

Muslim American Society (MAS): MAS was founded in 1992 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to MAS secretary-general Shaker Elsayed. MAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood, advocate for Sharia law in the United States. MAS identifies the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and Muslim Students Association (MSA) as organizations with the same goal: the “Islamic revival movement.” In November 2014, MAS was designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA): ISNA was created out of four Islamic organizations, including the Muslim Students Association. Its former president Mohamed Magid was appointed an advisor to DHS and the National Security Council by Barack Obama in 2011, and was a recent guest at the White House.

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC): MPAC was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically Hassan and Maher Hathout, both whom were acolytes of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna. MPAC supports the Tunisian Ennahda (Muslim Brotherhood) Party leader, Rachid Ghannouchi, whom they termed “one of the most important figures in modern Islamic political thought and theory.” Its current President is Salam Al-Marayati, who represented the US to the United Nations and UNESCO in 2010.

Additionally, a 1991 internal memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood specifically identifies CAIR, ISNA, and the MSA in “A list of our organizations and organizations of our friends.” (Note: CAIR’s organizational predecessor, the Islamic Association of Palestine, is named.)

Finally, CAIR and ISNA were named un-indicted co-conspirators which materially supported terrorism by a federal court, in connection with the infamous Holy Land Foundation trial, an alleged humanitarian charity for Palestine. An incorporating member of MAS, Dr. Jamal Badawi, was named an unindicted co-conspirator. MPAC and MSA members are on the record supporting the Holy Land Foundation against government terrorism charges.

This evidence begs some questions from the honest reader:

• If these are all independent organizations, why is it that each of them is so neatly tied to the same parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood?
• Why are most of them named by the Muslim Brotherhood in their own memorandum?
• Why were all involved, directly as unindicted co-conspirators or indirectly as ardent supporters of the accused, with the Holy Land Foundation trial?

It doesn’t take a super sleuth to realize that these organizations are in fact fronts and subsidiaries of one organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. All one has to do is glance at the published information on their backgrounds, and the fact reveals itself.

The Anschluss (“Annexation”) of Georgetown and the Brookings Institution

You know the sayings. Money makes the world go ’round, and Follow the money, and Money is the root of all evil. These are important to keep in mind when considering the influence that Qatari money has had on two institutions as American as apple pie: Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution.

In 2005, Georgetown University established a new campus for their prestigious School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar (SFS-Q). (It bears stating here that the State of Qatar was the driving Arab force behind the Arab Spring, which resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.) Today they have a faculty of more than 35 academics.

As part of Qatar’s Education City, Georgetown has had all SFS-Q campus development costs covered by the Qatar Foundation, a charity with noted links to terrorism. May this, perchance, have some influence over the education that Georgetown is giving to future American diplomats in Qatar? At the very least, it may explain some of the blatant anti-Semitic comments in Georgetown’s student newspaper.

The Brookings Institution is also heavily funded by Qatar. In 2013, they received $14.8 million; in 2012, $100,000; and in 2011, $2.9 million. This explains why Obama had Brookings Vice President (and purported diplomat) Martin Indyk, negotiating the ‘peace terms’ between Israel and Hamas. Today, Indyk is busy negotiating with an aggressive and nuclear-aspiring Iran.

Is it any wonder why Israel doesn’t trust this administration? By all reasonable logic, they are on the side of Qatar and Hamas, which is officially the Palestinian franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Obama Administration’s Agents

Given that these organizations function in a coordinated ideological manner, indeed they derive from the same root, it follows naturally that an individual associated with one organization would likely be associated with many, if not most of the others – not to mention the proxies of Georgetown and Brookings.

An experiment: Let’s choose seven Obama administration appointees with suspected ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Where to pluck these seven from? In December 2013, the Egyptian political magazine Rose El-Youssef, in an article titled Not Huma Abedin Alone, named six additional Obama appointees it claimed were operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. You can read an English translation of the article here. Let’s see if their claims stack up, based on the information above.

Here are the six named operatives (plus Human Abedin) and their titles in the Obama administration:

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security for Policy Development. 2009-2010.
Eboo Patel – Member of the President’s Advisory Council to the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. 2009-Present.
Huma Abedin – Personal Aide/Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 2009-2013.
Mohamed Magid – DHS Countering Violence and Extremism Working Group. 2011-Present.
Mohammed Elibiary – Senior Member of DHS’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. 2010-2014.
Rashad Hussain – U.S. Special Envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). 2010-Present. Deputy Associate Counsel to Barack Obama. 2009-2010.
Salam Al-Marayati – Administration representative to UNESCO and United Nations. 2010.

(Dates in administration are best efforts based on publicly available information.)

Now let’s compare their affiliations and associations, officially and less formally, across the above named organizations. We’ll also include the Department of Homeland Security, which earlier this week was praised by CAIR for identifying “right-wing sovereign citizen extremist groups,” not Islamic terrorism, as the prime terrorist threat facing the United States.

Green: Has worked or works in an official capacity for organization; is a named member of the organization.
Yellow: Has been associated with org., e.g., authored paper on their behalf; spoke on their behalf and/or at their events; proven personal relationship between the individual and organization’s leadership, etc.
Gray: No known or documented association.

No Coincidences

Notice the heavy concentration of green and yellow boxes, including for Georgetown and Brookings, in the table above. Notice the relatively few gray boxes. Individually these associations mean little; likewise, had this been just one random appointee in the entire administration, this story wouldn’t warrant the attention of the American public.

The intersection of individuals, organizations, Muslim Brotherhood money, and policy recommendations paint a picture of a carefully constructed conspiracy operating in plain sight. The Muslim Brotherhood has hijacked the American government and military and is using them as a tool to build a global Islamic Caliphate. The conspirators are changing the culture at home to accommodate sharia law and using law enforcement to demonize ordinary American citizens as national security threats.

These are Barack Hussein Obama’s appointees. This is Barack Hussein Obama’s administration and these are people chosen to advise him on national security and Islam.

From expunging DHS training materials of the threat posed by Islamic doctrine, to corrupting American foreign policy – the policy ramifications of these and similar appointments will be explored in the next articles.

* This analysis was completed after a careful survey of available press releases, news reports, and credible published information. They will be published in an upcoming report. Source is material regarding Obama’s conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood available upon request.

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes: Andrea Shea King, Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, Benjamin Smith, Bethany Blankley, Brent Parrish, Charles Ortel, Chris Nethery, Denise Simon, Dick Manasseri, Gary Kubiak, Gates of Vienna, Hannah Szenes, IQ al Rassooli, Jeff Bayard, Leslie Burt, Marcus Kohan, Mary Fanning, General Paul E. Vallely, Regina Thomson, Scott Smith, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Colonel Thomas Snodgrass, Trever Loudon, Wallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.

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  • Charles

    People ( Politicians and the media, including Fox) can say all they want to that they don’t believe O’Bumo is a muslim. How STUPID can they be? Everything he says and does points in that direction.
    He has in so many words admitted that himself.


      Exactly Charles, someone please tell us why it takes so long to finally expose what we in alternative news have known for
      the past couple of years. How much evidence do you
      need? Even Michelle Bachman tried to warn us back in 2012 and was ridiculed.

      Besides, don’t we have a super stealth spy agency with
      documentation on just about everyone that walks on the planet?

      That’s what makes it so ironic that even with the most
      sophisticated system ever contrived to spy on people, no-one can confirm this guy’s (POTUS) legitimacy. Wonder why?

      Oh, yeah forgot,…they work for him.

  • Could this be more obvious?
    Why don’t they impeach?
    Why don’t they arrest?
    Why don’t they prosecute?

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      Because being a black half breed it would cause problems. Like we don’t already have a mountain of problems because of that wannabe rag head.

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        They worry about civil unrest, but 0 and his cabal are out there trying to start fires to incite race riots. I say the republican leadership go ahead and do their jobs and let the cards fall where they may.

    • cnourse57

      Because although it takes just a majority vote in the House to Impeach, it takes a 2/3 majority (67 votes) in the Senate to convict and drive him out of office. Where are there 13 patriotic Democrats who would vote with the 54 Republicans to convict him? I don’t think there are anywhere enough. Impeachment alone is a minor slap on the wrist, and carries no penalties for Obama. But it would create huge penalties for the GOP for ousting the first “black” President. There probably would be race riots all over the country.

  • fed up

    When is congress going to do their job and put a stop to this Obama Muslim regime? We have done our part and given Republicans control of congress and yet the leadership will not do what is necessary to stop this movement to destroy our country. The country has made it clear that we want this lawless administration stopped and yet Boehner and McConnel are still going along with Obama agenda.

  • bobgreen2009

    Okay, so you are doing a great job of identifying the problem, Joe. Now what do you suggest we do about it? I’m old. I don’t own any tanks, jets, military personnel, etc. I’ve voted and we’ve got a Republican House and Senate that can’t even effectively block a full out illegal assault on immigration. What can be done to break this death lock hold of the unholy alliance of commies/muslims at the highest levels of our government that don’t play by any rules? Looking forward to any viable action items you put forth.

    • Rhonda Hunt

      Seeing how there really isn’t anything the average person can do to fight against this agenda without getting killed,we have to look in another place for relief,I know this will not be popular but there is no other way that I can see,and certainly no better way than this,Proverbs 16:7 says that when a man’s ways please the lord,he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him,and in that there is no peace to the wicked Isaiah 57:21 this should tell us what our problem is,our ways are not pleasing to Yahweh thus we have no peace,very few have any interest(even Believers)in obeying Yah’s Commandments,and are by definition wicked,that is the bottom line if we would just Judge our on selves by the word of God and be honest with ourselves,and then do the law as we have been instructed,then Yahweh will fight this battle for us,all of the praying we could ever do will not matter, until we come in Covenant with him and come to know him,as he will not hear the prayers of sinners John 9:31,Psalms 66:18,Proverbs 28:9,,wickedness is defined in Psalms 119:53 as those who forsake thy law,I am also to old and not in great health,to go fight a war,we must do what is right and trust in Yahweh,as he has allowed this evil to come upon us because we are Corrupt as a people and a nation and not pleasing to him,repentence is the only way we have to turn our nation around,if it is not already to late.—–Jim Hunt

  • gene613

    Oshitface perceives Islam as the “light unto the nations,”-what G-d called Israel and the Jews in the Bible. Oshitface wrote that NOTHING is as pleasing to him as hearing the Muslim call to prayer.The major influences in his life have been Muslims (his father,step father,sister and brothers0,Communists,”Frank” in his book ,was the head of the Communist Party in Hawaii.He was introduced to Oshitface when he was 9 years old by his “typically white”grandfather.We have listed Hamas as a terrorist organization,but Oshitface, with NO WORD FROM ANY REPUBLICAN has funded Hamas almost 2 billion dollars from the time its most recent war with Israel ended.The money would be enough to give every man,woman and child in Gaza $15000 each.Instead the money disappeared,as all the billions before,and instead of building houses,schools,roads,hospitals,the Arabs are building more tunnels to kidnap and murder Jews and purchased new missiles to replace the 4000 they shot into Israel for two weeks before the recent war began.Oshitface is now about to release Iran from ANY control by not investigating the military installations that have not been examined by the UN (the same UN that allowed the Muslims to store rockets and weapons in UN schools,fired them from school grounds at Israel and now condemn Israel for retaliating by sending its rockets to those locations from which it was being bombed). It is now the UN that has warned the agreement Oshitface wants to make would leave most of the centrifuges in Iran,enabling them to make as many nukes as they like within 3 months.Knowing that the world,but mainly Israel would object,Oshitface has blocked any details of the deal from reaching the Israelis(who would be one bomb away from extinction-again).

  • Russ

    good God! Of course this squatter in the WHITE HOUSE (just had to do that) is friggin muslum. I guess I’ll say it again, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it’s a friggin duck”!!! you don’t have to be a mental giant to figure that out. duh

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    “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” Get it right, news writer.

    • You read that article and pick THAT to comment on?

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    What entity or who can charge this traitor and arrest him?

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    As it is the president who is attempting to destroy the USA and is doing it, it does not surprise me that this faggot is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood who also are out to destroy the country. Good luck getting rid of him.

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