GOP Leadership Inexplicably Blocking Critical Religious Liberty Bills [+videos]

Ron Johnson APMake no mistake about it; the GOP establishment does not stand for marriage or even religious liberty in any meaningful way – so long as it requires fighting the radical sexual identity movement. And they only marginally stand for life. Case in point? Their effort to block conservatives from overturning the anti-religious bigotry on display at the D.C. City Council.

As we noted earlier this month, Republicans have the opportunity to stand for religious liberty by overturning two laws passed by the D.C. local government. They can do so with a simple majority in both the House and Senate. We are constantly being entreated to the incessant excuses for why Republicans lack the votes to accomplish anything. Here is a perfect opportunity to stand for life, traditional values, and just plain liberty without facing a Democrat filibuster. In fact, aside from budget reconciliation, this is the only major initiative that can be sent to Obama’s desk with a simple majority vote.

Yet, GOP leadership will have none of it.

What’s at stake?

In early March, pursuant to the 1974 Home Rule Act that granted D.C. a degree of autonomy in governing their affairs, the city council transmitted to Congress a pair of anti-religious-liberty bills for review. The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (RHNDA) would coerce all employers within the district to provide abortion-related coverage in their health insurance plans. The Human Rights Amendment Act would require all private schools in D.C., including religious schools, to provide a platform to individuals or groups who wish to promote activities on their campus contrary to the school’s beliefs, such as ‘gay pride’ or ‘transgender day’ events.

On the one hand, these bills could be dubbed as anti-life and anti-traditional values respectively, but they are more than that –they plainly represent anti-liberty. Most every Republican runs on traditional values and every Republican claims to support individual liberty. But GOP leaders are essentially running out the clock on conservative efforts to overturn these flagrant displays of anti-religious bigotry.

On March 18, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), along with Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), introduced a pair of joint resolutions to disapprove and nullify the D.C. laws – S. J. Res. 10 to disapprove of RHNDA and S. J. Res. 11 to disapprove of the Human Rights Amendment Act. Congress only has 30 legislative days to countermand the laws, and the parliamentarians have set that calendar date at May 4.

Accordingly, Republicans have a unique opportunity to force a privileged motion on the floor that is not subject to a filibuster nor can be amended. But time is of the essence. Furthermore, these resolutions of disapproval can only obtain privileged status if they are passed out of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and if the resolutions originate in the Senate first.

Sadly, the committee chairman, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has not scheduled a markup for either resolution all month, and there are only two weeks remaining. Nobody in leadership is willing to touch these bills with a ten foot pole. They have all offered a torrent of excuses as to why they lack the time to conduct a markup and half-day floor consideration of the resolutions. Evidently, confirming Loretta Lynch and passing the Corker ‘Democrat loin cloth Iran bill’ is of more importance, even though this is the only issue that has a definitive and pressing deadline – and can be sent to the president’s desk with just 51 votes.

Nobody ever assumed that Johnson would have the courage to stare down Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), his home state Democrat on the committee, with regards to the anti-religious bigotry of the sexual identity agenda, but the refusal to take up the pro-life bill is quite puzzling.

The situation in the House is only slightly better. Today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will mark up the resolution (H. J.Res. 43) to disapprove of the anti-life RHNDA. After dragging their feet for weeks, it looks like leadership will allow the bill to come to the floor, knowing that the Senate has no plans to pass it.

They have absolutely no plans to bring up the companion resolution (H. J. Res. 44) to disapprove of the anti-liberty law forcing the sexual identity movement’s agenda on Catholic schools.

What message does that convey to the D.C. City Council? They will now be emboldened to persecute the plethora of conservative groups with offices in D.C. by passing laws forcing them to violate their conscious.

If Republicans have no intention to fight for religious liberty – much less social conservatism – at a time when it is under unprecedented assault, they should just be honest and open about it. They should just amend the GOP platform to say: “Republicans will only push for life, marriage, and religious liberty to the extent Democrats are willing to cooperate.” That way, conservatives can work to create a party that will actually fight for basic tenets of the Bill of Rights. (See “GOP Leadership Blocking Timely Religious Liberty Bills”, originally posted HERE)

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  • Kathy

    Gov Huckabee alluded to this more than once as I recall. The republican party has gone the way of the world because that’s where the money is and we have allowed it as voters. Rubio’s remark about homosexual’s being born that way is a good example. There is absolutely no evidence of that but it makes it look cleaner so it’s proclaimed.

  • Keith

    You have misidentified the radicals, the radicals are the Christian Taliban trying to overturn the law of the land.

  • Godbob

    Why do (extremist) christians consistently self identify as victims to justify their desire to exclude others and deny freedoms? Seems they use same tactics as the muslim brotherhood.

    • Dan Pressler

      you mean Christians behead, rape, beat non-christians? WRONG!!. Christians just do not want to have to support/endorse things that are against their beliefs

      • Godbob

        Look at the history for all the evidence of wrongdoing Christianity has done in the name of their faith. Muslims claim the same thing, but that doesn’t stop Christians from invading their lands and imposing their will. Until Christians clean up their own behavior they really have no right to criticize others.

      • Godbob

        On second thought, I’ll embrace the idea of not having to participate in things I don’t believe in, by encouraging other atheists to shout down ANY public prayers, especially those on public property.

        You just activated an atheist.

        • Dan Pressler

          you will be acting like the muslims – shutting down anything you don’t agree with. Christians don’t want to be forced to participate in what the believe is wrong – while we think many things are wrong & will try to politely convince you we will not beat you, rape you or kill you for not agreeing with us.

          • Godbob

            So it’s not at all like protesting/preventing mosques getting built or preventing women from getting legal abortions? Yeah, nothing like Christian behavior.

          • Godbob

            Inquisition anyone?

          • Dan Pressler

            800+ years ago – we’ve changed – islam has been doing their thing since they were founded (about 800 AD)

          • Godbob

            christianity learned how to use their governments to destroy, that’s the only thing that changed.

  • There were no need of religious liberty bills (a violation of the First Commandment) to “protect Christians” in 17th-century Colonial America whose governments of, by, and for God were established upon His unchanging moral law, beginning with the First Commandment.

    See online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 11.

    • Guest

      <>Sarah >

  • Godbob

    Extremist Christians act the same as as racists, using their faith to justify their mistreatment of others. If the religious liberty bills were actually about religious liberty, they would protect ALL believers and not just business owners… That is how you can tell it has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with making religious people angry, so they vote for someone… Them the issue evaporates away and nothing is done. Christians get played by republicans again and again… When will you folks wake up?