Rev. Cruz: If Gay Marriage is ‘Civil Right,’ Gov’t Will Force Pastors to Obey ‘Unjust’ Law or ‘Obey God and Face Prison’ [+videos]

gay-cakeIf gay marriage is legally viewed as a “civil rights issue,” as may happen with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the subject in June, then it becomes a broader religious liberty concern, not just a marriage issue, said Reverend Rafael Cruz, adding that then pastors will have to choose between obeying an “unjust” law and obeying God and potentially going to prison.

Pastor Cruz, who is the father of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), made his remarks during an interview with conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly on her radio program “Eagle Forum Live.”

“We need to realize that the attack on marriage is more than just an attack on marriage, it actually goes to the heart of religious freedom,” said Pastor Cruz.

“Because, you see, what is going to come next — and this is part of the danger of what may happen out of the Supreme Court in June — is that if marriage of anybody-with-anybody becomes a civil rights issue,” he said, “then they are going to come to churches and force pastors to violate their religious convictions.”

[The below video is Pastor Cruz’s recent interview with Joe Miller]

“And so it is going to come to America to where a pastor is going to be faced with a decision: Do you obey a law that is not only unjust but violates your core principles, or do you obey God and face prison?” said Pastor Cruz. (Read more from “Rev. Cruz: If Gay Marriage is ‘Civil Right,’ Gov’t Will Force Pastors to Obey ‘Unjust’ Law or ‘Obey God and Face Prison’” HERE)

[Here’s another discussion about the religious liberty implications of the gay agenda]

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  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well the Civil war was fought over States rightss, and it looks like maybe it is time for another one.

  • More fallout from the rights culture created by the late 18th-century founders when they replaced God-expected Biblical responsibilities with optional Enlightenment rights.

    See blog article “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and scroll down to title.

  • jeffersonpayne

    The question here is:
    Does government acknowledge marriage, or define it?
    If government (that’s the institution politicians run, in case you’ve forgotten) has the power to define marriage, then marriage will become simply another bargaining chip in the buying & selling of power.
    In fact, marriage is something people do. We did it prior to the existence of the American government, & people will continue doing it after the fall of the American government.
    Government no more defines marriage than it “defines” where the sun comes up in the morning.
    These attempts to have government take over marriage are simply the replacement of the church by the government. Always a bad idea.