Top Scientific Advisor to Pope is Atheist, GAIA Believer, Wants One World Government [+video]

A top scientific advisor to Pope Francis, Hans Schellnhuber, is an atheist and a Gaia believer says Dr. William Briggs, a Catholic climate scientist who was interviewed this week on The Joe Miller Show. And his Gaia beliefs aren’t superficial: he openly contends that the Earth is “self-aware” and “cognizant.”

Schellnhuber is also a hard-core advocate for one-world government, contending that the world needs a functioning international government with an “Earth Constitution” and “planetary court.” Disturbingly, the Pope’s recent encyclical also embraces international governance and controls to address man-made global warming, suggesting that Schellnhuber may be influencing official church policy.

Dr. Briggs suggests that the Pope may be getting played by environmental activists but admits that no one really knows given how carefully the Pope has kept his true views from the public eye. However, at an upcoming Vatican conference, only leftist climate scientists have been invited. The Pope has also invited a slew of very liberal political figures who have no background in science but could help advance the international climate change agenda.

Dr. Briggs also talks about the Pope’s socialistic leanings and his recent anti-capitalistic rantings. When discussing whether Pope Francis was bothered by the hammer and sickle crucifix that the Bolivian president presented him, Dr. Briggs noted that the Pope was already wearing a similar medallion.

Listen to this and more on the following interview:

  • AlterPforz

    The science advisor is probably gay to boot.

    • Nate

      Maybe a transsexual !

    • Linda

      a demon ?

  • CaptTurbo

    So … we have a Marxist Pope with an atheist adviser? What could go wrong?

  • SmithWinston6478

    Effeminate atheist Shellnhuber looks like Marshall Applewhite, the bug-eyed 8-ball who talked all those castrated San Diego cult-freaks into killing themselves for a spot on a spaceship to nirvana. The corporate catholic church wants obedient robots to follow their guru in Rome to socialist nirvana. He’s blowing catholic credibility entirely. The life and words of Christ are what to follow.

    “A good communist finds use for everything, and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot.”~ Vladimir Lenin

    • jdelaney3

      Well said, SW. And this from a practicing Catholic.

      Fortunately, however, the Church is much more than a Leftist-tainted, renegade Pope. When parish priests also succumb, then the Church really will be afflicted with a genuine foundational crisis.

    • Linda

      They certainly have a useful idiot in barack. h. oblamo

    • Linda

      They certainly have a useful idiot in barack. h. oblamo

  • gvhparkridge

    I wish the Pope would shut up, he is an embarassment to human beings

  • jdelaney3

    The world has gone M-A-D.

  • Linda

    Hell O the pope needs to seek advice from God, not a scientist. This is Anti-christ, not THE Anti-christ, but one of many. The “false prophet” , perhaps?

    • KDC

      Petris Romanus!

  • Linda

    Hell O the pope needs to seek advice from God, not a scientist. This is Anti-christ, not THE Anti-christ, but one of many. The “false prophet” , perhaps?

  • Is there ANY hope that there is a sufficient number of Cardinals in Rome who are truly apostolic Roman Catholics who can find a way to unseat this unholy choice to head one of the world’s great religions & which has traditionally been anti-Marxist? This sly bubble-head has got to go before humanity suffers ever greater jeopardy. His election was the last low blow to the Vatican by an evil cabal among its electorate.

    • Rachel

      The Catholic church, just like the United States of America, is breaking down because of the quickening metastatic spread of the cancer of progressivism. As a Catholic and an American, it breaks my heart to see it happening.

  • GeeGee

    The world’s leaders choosing sides?

  • Marian Atthelibrary

    The hammer and sickle crucifix was not accepted by the Pope, nor was the medallion of similar image. The Bolivian president put the medallion around the Pope’s neck and presented him with the offending crucifix. His response was to say, “That’s not right.” with obvious alarm in the video footage.

    Pope Francis left both offensive symbols in Bolivia when he left, and did not keep them. So all this fuss about the Marxist symbolism should really be directed at the Bolivian President for being a jack ass with out proper diplomatic manners, rather than this nonsense about the Pope being a Marxist.

    A good journalist would follow up on this story and state such facts rather than simply repeat what a thousand other hack journalists have published.

  • v steve

    Pope Francis a anti-Christ. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because the truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).

  • KDC

    It’s coming…

  • See the light

    The pope is just plain evil. Why in the H… does the catholic church need a science advisor? Maybe I missed it but has the pope ever said how Jesus is the only way to Heaven? I am so grateful that the Lord opened my eyes to the unbiblical teachings of the catholic church and lead me to get out of it!!

  • Josie


    Off Topic, But IMPORTANT!!!
    They are offering Windows 10 for FREE,
    “Artificial Intelligence” that captures every keystroke, every word spoken on your microphone.
    Research it before even thinking about downloading it!!!

  • edwitness

    Seems to me that Roman Catholics would get it by now. Seeing how the pope, who undoubtedly understands the R.C. religion as well as or better than any Catholic, has chosen Gaia worship over Jesus. That those who have a genuine faith in the savior, would now know that true faith in the Jesus of the Bible, is not compatible with an allegiance to Roman Catholicism.
    Along with this he has already commented that people don’t even need to know Jesus to be saved. When Jesus Himself said that “I am the wy the truth and the life. NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.” His predecessors have joined with every religion at the Vatican for prayer. When the Bible says specifically not to do this, saying “What union has light with darkness?” And “How can two walk together except they agree?” And to “Have no fellowship with the works of darkness.”
    It is certain that the popes have had agreement with all forms of idolatrous religions. This just being another in a long line of offenses to the God of the Bible. And your religion teaches you that he is your leader, appointed by God to lead you in the faith.
    If any remain in that idolatrous religion now they are admitting they are as idolatrous as their leader, the pope.
    But Jesus calls you out of her, saying “Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
    Trust in the true Christ today and flee the harlot.