FBI’s Video of LaVoy Finicum Killing Raises More Questions Than It Answers

UPDATE: Over 24 hours after the incident in question, and after repeated demands by websites like Restoring Liberty, the FBI finally released a video of what allegedly happened during the LaVoy Finicum killing. However, neither audio nor video from the numerous officers on the ground was released. Here’s an enhanced video – from the FBI’s aerial recording – of the shooting:

As you watch the video, keep in mind that LaVoy Finicum wore his pistol on his right hip, as depicted here:


Attorney KrisAnne Hall: LaVoy Finnicum, “Summarily Executed”

KrisAnne Hall, the legal advisor for the Coalition of Western States, was interviewed today on The Joe Miller Show. Ms. Hall, who was just in Burns, Oregon this last week teaching several constitutional law courses, spoke with protesters present at the refuge. She also discussed what happened regarding LaVoy Finicum’s shooting with Ammon Bundy’s sister.

Ms. Hall states that no shots were fired by any of the protesters, but that there were multiple shots fired by federal agents at the protesters’ car. She characterized the stop as an “ambush.” Additionally, Ms. Hall states that LaVoy Finicum was “summarily executed.”

Ms. Hall asks, “Does the federal government have the right to execute these people” without due process? Listen to the full interview here:


LaVoy Finicum’s Daughter Says Her Dad Was Murdered

From LaVoy Finicum’s daughter’s (Thara Tenney’s) Facebook page:


Interview With Victoria Sharps Who Claims She Was Present in the Vehicle at the Time of the Shooting