Absolute Insanity: Two Teachers Unions Back Bill Allow Adult Males to Shower With Young Girls

A bill that would allow adult biological males to shower or change alongside young girls has earned the endorsement of two prominent teachers unions in Massachusetts.

State legislators are considering a bill that would specifically open all public restrooms, shower facilities, and locker rooms to transgender people.

“An Act Relative to Gender Identity and Non-Discrimination” (H.B. 1577) would add “gender identity” to the state’s protected classes able to access all public facilities, such as private changing areas. Lawmakers specifically exempted “lawfully sex-segregated facilities” when it passed a 2011 ordinance granting transgender people protected legal status, but included school restroom facilities.

“The issue with the latest bill is not that it opens up opposite sex restrooms in the schools, because they’re already open in the schools at this point in Massachusetts,” Sean Ryan, director of communications for the pro-family watchdog group MassResistance, told LifeSiteNews.

“This pending legislation opens the floodgate to adults being able to victimize children in public facilities,” Ryan continued. “Erasing the distinction of sex and allowing men to use opposite-sex facilities is a predator’s dream.” (Read more from “Absolute Insanity: Two Teachers Unions Back Bill Allow Adult Males to Shower With Young Girls” HERE)

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  • c69101

    John Adams would be so proud of the cesspool called Massachusetts! (sarc)

  • liberty49

    This is ‘sic’! The devil must be dancing in the streets!

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      no hes dancing in the white house…in fact if ever there was a time in history where satan appeared on earth it would be now and he is hiding in the white house underneath a skin suit that looks exactly like hussein obama

      • Barbaree

        A picture of the obama look-alike devil in The Bible should be posted non-stop!!

        It’s time we separate into two school systems — Sane and Insane!

  • jimbo124816

    My high school English teacher, thought I would make a great teacher, and tried to talk me into applying to College.

    Should have listened to her. Just think of all the fun I missed.

  • Itsme!

    SIMPLE….they may allow it, but I would tell my child…NO SHOWERS!! You can sweat it out til you get home!!!

    • ONTIME

      I’d be more inclined to begin the movement to have the public schools clean up their act or close them down as unacceptable…

  • Ardvark

    People in that state and many others who follow this train of thought need a psych evaluation, that’s right the psychs seem to agree with this stupidity!

  • Paul

    I can see it now – every pervert out there will pretend to be transgender. Brilliant! Another example why we the people should control our destiny and not our government. Unbelievable.
    To use the great words of our savior – Lord forgive them for they know what they do. Amen.

  • CountryBoy

    These people are getting flat SICK…..

    I wonder if they have removed ALL of the Pervert LAWS off of the books….

  • 4freedom

    Typical anything goes progressive mentality.

    • Lynn McCrann

      I wonder if I claim to be mentally a rabbit will they build me a rabbit hutch to hide in? Gender is after all one’s perception of self and has nothing to do with physical no matter what the mentally ill say.

  • rcp11742

    The “Pervert” state of the world. I guess there are nothing but pedophiles running that place.

    • henryknox

      I believe many of the boys I went to high school with would have enjoyed showering with the girls.

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      if your a sick twisted america hating pedophile assachewshits is the place to be

  • Indeed it is and we can thank the 18th-century founders for it. “Transgender” conditioning is just one of thousands of consequences resulting from the rights culture created by the constitutional framers when they replaced Biblical responsibilities with Enlightenment rights.

    See blog article “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our blog and scroll down to title.

    • IVDAD

      Not the founders, those that followed. The only right life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Bill of Rights was protection from an oppressive Government. The Constitution was established to keep the Government in check, but has been ignored and bastardized by the Government and especially the Federal Courts.

      • IVDAD, thanks for responding.

        Yes, the founders.

        Hopefully, you’ll agree that there’s only one standard by which everything (including the Constitution) is to be ethically evaluated: By Yahweh’s unchanging morality as reflected in His Ten Commandments and their respective statues and judgments. When the Constitution is actually examined by this standard (instead of a bunch of dead politicians’ cherry-picked quotations), it’s found to be anything but biblically compatible. In fact, there’s hardly an Article or Amendment that’s not antithetical, if not seditious, to Yahweh’s sovereignty and morality.

        For evidence, see free online book “Bible Law vs. Constitution: The Christian Perspective,” in which every Article and Amendment is examined by the
        Bible. Click on my picture, then our website. Go to our Online Books page and click on the top entry.

        Then, find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of the 85-page “Primer” of the 565-page “BL vs. USC.”

  • Lynn McCrann

    What the heck is trans-gender anyway but a social construct catering to the following: transvestites, homosexual cross-dressers for which it was designed to cover as if a legitimate medical malady when in fact it is but
    a term meant to hide fetishism and sexual deviancy.
    On the doors of private areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, etc. do not use the signage of gender but what is actually applicable – GENITAL SEX.

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      barak hussein obowel disagrees his wife mr. moochelle the he/she told him to


    Moral Decay..depravity is fast becoming acceptable..we are acting like cult islam and a 3rd world country….

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well I do believe that our teachers have become a group of pedophiles. We must take back our schools as well as our country and rid ourselves of these kinds of teachers.


    Do you STILL need a reason to take your children out of public school and HOME SCHOOL THEM?


    Whenever you have any ‘protected class’ anywhere, someone else is losing some of their rights.

  • Kevin Miller

    Massachusetts learned their perversion from California,the Homocreep capitol in the Disunion! Mass. is Truly Competition for Cal and it certainly the Homocreep capitol of the East,but Cal has San Franfago!
    I think John and John Quincy,along with Calvin and even Clara Barton and Longfellow would ALL be Disgusted! This is NOT what they envisioned their home state to be.Alas,this is NOT what any of us pictured our Country to be!

  • majorx

    This is complete insanity. This breaks down the moral barriars between children and adults. This is the final straw in moral degradation and calls for a civil war between civilization and the moral corruption of the socialists/liberals.