The Establishment’s Jihad Against Trump Intends Impeachment; Don’t Be Surprised if it Results in Civil War

The Establishment’s war against Trump has reached a fevered state. CNN has been producing stories on an almost daily basis claiming that the President has committed felonious offenses. The disgraced ex-head of the Deep State’s intelligence network, James Clapper, disgustingly claimed the authority of the Founders in attacking Trump for “assaulting” institutions of democracy. Pundits are abandoning him in droves. And Republicans of all stripes are attacking the supposed incompetency of the Trump Administration. Trump isn’t getting relief from any quarter.

It’s a set up for impeachment. And maybe civil war.

An exaggeration, you say? Not even close. The vomitous “fake news” regurgitated daily from the Establishment media – sometimes even Fox – is transparent to everyone. Whether it’s stories about how Trump unfairly got two scoops of ice cream or it’s reports on how the 2016 election was hijacked by the Russians, everyone knows a scam when they see it. And this garbage in the media is nowhere close to the quality of past propaganda like the Kennedy assassination or TWA 800. No, this is overt, over-the-top shysterism. Even a grade-schooler can see the gross bias.

It’s expected that the Deep State bureaucrats will regurgitate this crap. But when politicians of all stripes seem to adopt talking points drawn from this obviously fake narrative, the People start to contemplate that maybe, just maybe, their representatives are no longer working for them. Perhaps they’ve been leveraged by the Deep State like so many others who have abandon the People for the Establishment – like 90% of Republicans who were elected to reverse the size and scope of the federal government but continue to vote to fund it. The People lose faith in this type of “leadership,” especially when it’s tainted by corruption and pedophile scandals.

Why was Trump elected? Try single-digit approval ratings for Congress. Total disgust for the direction of government. A sense that globalists who don’t give a damn for the ‘average Joe’ are directing trade policy. Growing realization that the endless war policies of the neocons kill our best and brightest while transferring hundreds of billions to corrupt crony-capitalists. And increasing understanding that immigration policy is being used to enrich the multinational corporatists while leaving the working class poorer than ever.

Polling shows a nation more divided than any time in prior history, including the Civil War. It’s a struggle between those who value rugged individualism and natural rights versus those who see themselves as part of a globalist, communistic society where the “greater good” justifies all sorts of evil.

Will patriots stay silent in the face of this attempted coup? Many voted for Trump as a last resort, seeing one last effort to rescue the Republic. They’re sick of the perverted elites shoving their immorality down their throats. They’re tired of losing income and assets year after year. They’re done with being totally ignored when policy decisions are made in DC. And they can’t stand the thought of their nation being subverted to an international system that cares nothing for them and their families.

Let’s hope Trump outsmarts everyone and drains the swamp. But we’re sitting on a powder keg, perhaps an intended one that will, once and for all, destroy the nation’s foundation of liberty. Globalists will celebrate as the Great City on the Hill topples into the dustbin of history leaving a void only tyranny will fill. Or maybe – just maybe – the Tree of Liberty will be refreshed, giving our children an opportunity to live in freedom for another generation.