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Buchanan: GOP Risks Third Party Revolt with Romney Candidacy

By Martin Gould and Ashley Martella.  The GOP could face a revolt from within its tea party grassroots base if it nominates an establishment candidate without true conservative, anti-big government values, one of America’s leading conservative pundits tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview. Specifically, columnist and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan told Newsmax that […]

Romney Hasn’t Earned the GOP Nomination

By Aaron Goldstein (American Spectator):  Notwithstanding the fact that not a single ballot has been cast in any of the Republican primaries, there seems to be a concerted effort by the liberal media to bestow the GOP nomination upon former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. According to the Detroit Free Press, “Mitt Romney’s steady-as-she-goes campaign for […]

Fruit of the Arab Spring: Libyan anti-aircraft missiles, weapons flooding Sinai, likely Gaza Strip

By Leila Fadel.  Large caches of weapons from Libya are making their way across the Egyptian border and flooding black markets in Egypt’s already unstable Sinai Peninsula, according to current and former Egyptian military officials and arms traders in the Sinai. Egyptian security officials have intercepted surface-to-air missiles, most of them shoulder-launched, on the road […]

State Dept Considering 5,662 ‘Diversity Visa’ Applicants from ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’

By Elizabeth Harrington.  As part of its 2012 Diversity Visa program, the U.S. State Department is considering 5,662 applicants from countries deemed ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism’ – Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba. In 2011, the State Department awarded 2,427 Diversity Visas to people from Iran, Syria and Sudan. The annual program randomly awards 50,000 permanent […]