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Decision time for the GOP

By Joe Miller.  The congressional super-committee, according to a story in the Washington Post, is creating an “identity crisis” within the Republican Party.  During the 2010 elections, Republicans promised to come to Washington D.C. and fight the proponents of big government, crony capitalism, and socialism.  Although some have stuck to their guns, most notably the […]

Will the GOP Establishment Blow It by Picking Romney?

(By Thomas Sowell):  Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said that a good catch phrase could stop thinking for 50 years. One of the often-repeated catch phrases of our time — “It’s the economy, stupid!” — has already stopped thinking in some quarters for a couple of decades. There is no question that the state of the […]

Is money’s deep role in politics the root of our woes?

(By Gergen/Zuckerman at CNN.com): This past Sunday’s “60 Minutes” and the latest issue of Newsweek bring back to the fore the complicated issue of money and politics. Both highlight a new book by Peter Schweizer, “Throw Them All Out,” which rails against what Schweizer calls “honest graft.” Schweizer charges that leaders from both houses of […]

Tea Party still hunting for its champion

By Michael Levenson & Matt Viser – Tea Party activists have time, energy, and a ready-made volunteer army to devote to the presidential campaign. Now, if they could only find a candidate. Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and, more recently, Herman Cain have captured the hearts of Tea Party activists and religious conservatives, but none has […]

Ron Paul thinks now is the time to make his move

By Kim Geiger.  Fresh off a $2 million-plus fundraising day, Ron Paul is planning an advertising blitz in four early voting states in an effort to build momentum for his 2012 presidential bid. The Texas congressman is a longshot for the GOP nomination. Paul’s support in the polls has hovered in the single digits and […]

Buchanan: GOP Risks Third Party Revolt with Romney Candidacy

By Martin Gould and Ashley Martella.  The GOP could face a revolt from within its tea party grassroots base if it nominates an establishment candidate without true conservative, anti-big government values, one of America’s leading conservative pundits tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview. Specifically, columnist and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan told Newsmax that […]

Romney Hasn’t Earned the GOP Nomination

By Aaron Goldstein (American Spectator):  Notwithstanding the fact that not a single ballot has been cast in any of the Republican primaries, there seems to be a concerted effort by the liberal media to bestow the GOP nomination upon former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. According to the Detroit Free Press, “Mitt Romney’s steady-as-she-goes campaign for […]