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Miller Speaks To Murkowski’s Reversal On TARP

Anchorage, Alaska — Joe Miller, candidate for the United States Senate from Alaska, believes Senator Lisa Murkowski is part of the big-government problem in Washington.  Murkowski, in a recent interview with the Anchorage Daily News, said she regrets her vote to bail out the big banks and Wall Street. Following the passage of TARP in […]

Murkowski Ducks Real Debates

US Senate candidate Joe Miller is requesting four debates with first-term incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. The proposed debates would include both town hall and formal style debate and cover issues including the national budget, defense, health care, illegal immigration, Alaska’s natural resources, and social topics. They would allow Senator Murkowski to defend her eight-year voting […]

Campaign Newsletter #3

Highlights: Joe Rides a Wave of National Press CoverageFoxnews.com July 3, 2010 “The message [Joe Miller] conveys…is straight from the Tea Party script: He fears the nation is veering toward…insolvency…. To Miller, Alaska’s senior senator [Lisa Murkowski] is complicit in the ballooning U.S. debt….” Joe Signs No Climate Tax PledgeHe calls calls Murkowski’s decision to […]

Miller Responds to Murkowski Endorsements

Anchorage Alaska–Joe Miller, candidate for United State Senate, believes many in Alaska’s Republican Party old guard have lost their way. Nothing exemplifies this more than the state legislators who stepped forward yesterday to endorse Senator Murkowski and her big spending, big government agenda. “They are symptomatic of the pervasive problems facing our Republican Party,” Miller […]

What The Nation Is Saying About Joe Miller

Anchorage Daily News: Senate candidate Miller explains views on federal spending   Rush Limbaugh: Senate RINOs Still Don’t Get It   American Thinker: How Bad Is Lisa Murkowski?   National Review: Fighting for Alaska   Associated Press:  “arguably the biggest political upset of the year”https://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100901/ap_on_re_us/us_alaska_senate_20   ABC News headline:  “Huge Victory for Tea Party”https://blogs.abcnews.com/thenote/2010/08/huge-victory-for-tea-party-as-sen-murkowski-concedes.html#tp CBS News:  “arguably America’s […]


Campaign Newsletter #2     Highlights: Tea Party Express Endorses Joe Joe Hits the Airwaves Joe Pledges to Repeal ObamaCare; Murkowski… Joe vs. Lisa Page Expanded Support Joe — Send a Message to Washington! Upcoming Events Endorsements From the Trail       Campaign Newsletter #1     Highlights: Sarah Palin Backs Joe Joe Receives […]

Miller Calls Murkowski’s Support of Climate Change Legislation “Exhibit ‘A’ for Why She Needs to Go”

Cap and Trade Holds Costs We Cannot Bear Earlier this week Senate Democrats and a select group of Republicans met with President Obama at the White House to work out a deal on cap-and-trade legislation. Senator Lisa Murkowski was among them. She has signaled during the past year a willingness to work with Democrats on cap-and-trade legislation. […]

Miller Announces 12 Point Plan For Dealing With The Nation’s Spending Crisis

Role of Federal Government a Major Difference Between Senate Candidates Anchorage, Alaska. June 28, 2010 — Today, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller unveiled his 12-point plan for dealing with our nation’s spending and debt crisis.  Miller believes that business as usual in Washington is driving our nation to the point of bankruptcy.  “Our country must […]

Miller Welcomes and Appreciates Tea Party’s Endorsement

I welcome and am deeply appreciative of the commitment that The Tea Party Express has made to play a very active role in this race.  The Tea Party movement embodies the ideals that birthed my decision to run: the belief that government is growing too large, and that we are on an unsustainable spending path […]

Miller Responds to Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s Endorsement

“I am thrilled that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has chosen to endorse my campaign for the United States Senate. We share the belief that our nation is at a crucial juncture. It is time for true change away from the long discredited notion that Big Government knows best and back towards our Constitutional moorings, […]