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Bill Kristol: “It ain’t over”

Out here, in the dark quiet of the winter suburban night, it’s startling to hear the harsh sounds piercing through the cold air from the direction of Washington, D.C. It takes a while to recognize the sound as the gnashing of thousands of D.C. GOP power brokers’ teeth. It was supposed to be over tonight!!! […]

Obama may give up classified data on US missile shield to Russia’s Putin

The Obama administration disclosed on Tuesday that it is considering sharing some classified U.S. data as part of an effort to allay Russian concerns about a controversial antimissile shield. The administration is continuing negotiations begun under former President George W. Bush on a defense technical cooperation agreement with Moscow that could include limited classified data, […]

German Press: Iran detonated a nuclear weapon in North Korea

Germany’s Die Welt newspaper reported Sunday that Iran held at least one nuclear weapons test in North Korea in 2010. The paper’s report is based on “Western intelligence agencies sources,” and says that the test, in fact, refutes US intelligence assessments suggesting there is no “hard evidence” that Iran is building nuclear weapons. The International […]

Center for Military Readiness blasts Marine Corps’ description of two males embracing & kissing as “typical”

A Marine official’s description of a photograph of two males hugging and kissing at a base in Hawaii as “typical” is making the United States military look ridiculous, charges the head of the Center for Military Readiness, which argues for making the military more of a fighting force and less a social experiment. The image […]

Washington Times: Sheriff Joe Arpaio says Obama’s birth certificate is a “forgery”

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday he suspects the birth certificate President Obama released last year is a “computer-generated forgery” — and also raised questions about the authenticity of the president’s Selective Service card. “Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents […]