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Opinion: Islam is the “most barbaric, myopic, ritualistic and violent religion on the planet”

Most people think only al-qaeda terrorists are guilty of worldwide terror, but after this week’s killing of the U.S. Consulate in Libya and three other Americans, 1,400 years of Muslim violence would prove otherwise. They killed and rioted over an inane parody movie mocking the prophet Mohammed. Fully 99 percent of them had not seen the movie. They rioted because Muslims lack the ability to act in a civilized manner.

With Alaska’s Higher Costs, Dividends Won’t Go Far

This is the day Alaskans crow about to their brethren in the Lower 48, trying to make them jealous that the government gives them money to just live here. But what your Alaskan friends may not tell you is that the yearly bounty barely makes a dent in the higher cost to live in the nation’s northernmost state — and this year’s checks won’t go far.