Osama bin Laden Movie Produced by Obama Fundraiser Set to Air Nationally Two Days Before Election

A film dramatizing the death of Osama bin Laden is set to debut next month on the National Geographic Channel, two days before the US presidential election.

“Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden,” from The Weinstein Co. and Voltage Pictures, will air Sunday, Nov. 4, the channel said Thursday. President Barack Obama faces Republican challenger Mitt Romney at the polls two days later.

Weinstein co-chairman Harvey Weinstein is a prominent fundraiser for Obama’s re-election campaign, which has touted bin Laden’s death as an example of the president’s leadership.

National Geographic Channel chose the film’s debut date to help promote the start of its fall season, channel President Howard T. Owens said Thursday.

“Harvey obviously doesn’t schedule our network,” Owens said. He added that the channel is “not political. We are opportunistic from a programming perspective.”

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If Tax Cuts Expire, We’ll All Feel the Pinch (Not Just Trump)

Photo credit: AllenWestForCongress.comA typical middle-income family making $40,000 to $64,000 a year could see its taxes go up by $2,000 next year if lawmakers fail to renew a lengthy roster of tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, according to a new report Monday.

Taxpayers across the income spectrum would be hit with large tax hikes, the Tax Policy Center said in its study, with households in the top 1 percent income range seeing an average tax increase of more than $120,000, while a family making between $110,000 to $140,000 could see a tax hike in the $6,000 range.

Taxpayers across the income spectrum will get slammed with increases totaling more than $500 billion — a more than 20 percent increase — with nine out of 10 households being affected by the expiration of tax cuts enacted under both President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush.

The expiring provisions include Bush-era cuts on wage and investment income and cuts for married couples and families with children, among others. Also expiring is a 2 percentage-point temporary payroll tax cut championed by Obama.

The looming expiration of the large roster of tax cuts is one of the issues confronting voters in November, with the chief difference between Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney being the tax treatment of wealthier earners. Obama is calling for permitting rates on individual income exceeding $200,000 and family income over $250,000 to go back to Clinton-era rates of as much as 39.6 percent.

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Gore on Obama’s Terrible Debate Performance: “An Inconvenient Altitude”

Former Vice President Al Gore, no stranger to disappointing debate performances, took to the airwaves to offer his own inconvenient excuse for President Obama’s shaky effort Wednesday night in Denver: Gore blamed it on the altitude.

“I’m going to say something controversial here,” Gore said on his Current TV network’s post-debate analysis. “Obama arrived in Denver at 2:00 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started.
“Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust — I don’t know, maybe ….”

Gore’s rationale for Obama’s inexplicable muff elevated the alibis from the left – which already include complaints about left-leaning PBS moderator Jim Lehrer, as well as the format of the debate – to dizzying new heights.

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US Military: You May Be a Terrorist if You Use Facebook, Are Young, and Don’t Like “Mainstream Ideologies”

You’ve recently changed your “choices in entertainment.” You have “peculiar discussions.” You “complain about bias,” you’re “socially withdrawn” and you’re frustrated with “mainstream ideologies.” Your “Risk Factors for Radicalization” include “Social Networks” and “Youth.”

These are some other signs that one of your co-workers has become a terrorist, according to the U.S. military. He “shows a sudden shift from radical to ‘normal’ behavior to conceal radical behavior.” He “inquires about weapons of mass effects.” He “stores or collects mass weapons or hazardous materials.”

That was the assessment of a terrorism advisory organization inside the U.S. Army called the Asymmetric Warfare Group in 2011, acquired by Danger Room. Its concern about the warning signs of internal radicalization reflects how urgent the Army considers that threat after Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan shot and killed 13 people at Ford Hood in 2009. But its “indicators” of radicalization are vague enough to include both benign behaviors that lots of people safely exhibit and, on the other end of the spectrum, signs that someone is so obviously a terrorist they shouldn’t need to be pointed out. It’s hard to tell if the group is being politically correct or euphemistic.

Around the same time, the Asymmetric Warfare Group tried to understand a related problem that now threatens to undermine the U.S. war in Afghanistan: “insider threats” from Afghan troops who kill their U.S. mentors. In another chart, also acquired by Danger Room, an Afghan soldier or policeman ready to snap could be someone who “appears frustrated with partnered nations”; reads “questionable reading materials”; or who has “strange habits.” Admittedly, the U.S. military command isn’t sure what’s causing the insider attacks, but it’ll be difficult for an American soldier who doesn’t speak Pashto or Dari to identify “strange habits” among people from an unfamiliar culture.

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Presidential Debate Summed Up: My Kingdom for a Teleprompter (+video)

After months of being painted as a gaffe prone, aloof plutocrat, by millions of dollars in attack ads, a large percentage of the population had come to believe Mitt Romney was a heartless, CEO. A man who would steal the pennies off your dead mothers eyes if he got the chance.

But an animated, fully engaged, thoughtful Mitt Romney appeared on the debate stage last night, with shock and awe prepared for President Obama and millions of his followers on the left.

Mitt Romney was clearly in control and totally at ease at the debate as he spoke his truth and would not allow it to be twisted by President Obama.

At one point Romney, was quick to correct a misstatement by the President when he said: “Mr. President you are entitled to your own plane and the Whitehouse, but not to the facts. I am not going to cut education if I become President.”

Years of being in the business world clearly showed that Mitt Romney could debate and counter punch without a script or notes, he spoke directly at President Obama, as the President looked down, seemingly searching for words on the notepad in front of him.

President Obama rarely looked at Mitt Romney throughout the debate. Perhaps it was a technique to show disdain for Romney. But whatever the reason, it made President Obama look to be in a secondary position.


Upcoming Presidential and Vice Presidential debate schedule:

Vice Presidential debate October 11

Presidential debate October 16

Presidential debate October 22


To the trained eye it seemed President Obama came in unprepared to dig deeper into issues than some of the standard sound bytes and statements he has repeated in the past.

But, more importantly, it seemed President Obama was clearly not ready to have to defend his record and he was not accustomed to being questioned like he was. As President he has been shielded by a mostly compliant media and rarely asked a tough question. As President he has been able to dismiss tough questions and rarely, if ever, was a follow up given.

President Obamas failure to produce a budget in three years has shown he does not have skill to compromise and work out a deal. His rampant use of executive orders, and willfully not enforcing law he disagrees with, shows a willingness to bypass constitutional checks and balances in order to pursue political goals. This attitude reflect a regal one rather than a presidential one…and that’s what was on stage last night.

Last nights performance showed clearly President Obama is much more comfortable with a teleprompter in front of him, lecturing and giving flowery speeches.

One of the stark moments of the debate last night was when Obama claimed huge oil companies receive billions in tax subsidies. Romney was able to quickly correct that misstatement by saying most of those credits went to small oil companies for their exploration expenses. But then he put the sledgehammer down saying: (paraphrased) “You spent 90 billion on green energy companies that have almost all failed and coincidentally the people affiliated with them happen to be large donors to you.”

Romney finished it off with: Those 90 billion dollars you wasted on failed green energy companies equaled 50 years of the oil tax credit. Furthermore that 90 billion could have paid for the 2 million teachers you want to hire.”

The wailing and gnashing of teeth can be heard from the far left this morning. Comedian, misogynist and 1 million dollar donor to the Obama campaign, Bill Maher said: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obamas performance clearly shows he needs a teleprompter. He did however make a lot of good points; unfortunately they were all in Romney’s favor.”

Far left celebrity and activist Michael Moore summed up his feeling about Obamas performance last night when he said: “More performances like last night and Obama will be voting for Romney.”

Another extremely important debate is coming November 5, at Duke University. This debate will expose the agenda behind the war on our energy sector and why our nations wealth is being siphoned away by green energy schemes such as Solyndra, Fisker and a whole host of other names. Please visit this site for details Debate! McKibben vs. Epstein


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Mitt Romney Delivers Dynamic, Reaganesque Performance in First Debate

Republicans have good reason to be proud of Mitt Romney tonight. Though heavily derided throughout his campaign as a weak, flip-flopping conservative likely to flounder in the storm of a debate against President Obama, the Republican nominee delivered a solid, confident and dashing performance in tonight’s debate reminiscent of the days of Ronald Reagan.

Tonight’s first debate covered domestic fiscal policy, economics and public administration. Sharp contrasts, both in delivery bearing and ideas of the right and proper role of government were clearly defined.

President Obama – once the energetic, youthful and unstoppable Democrat of 2008 – was a different candidate tonight, looking tired, hesitant, easily agitated and on the defensive against both Romney and the moderator, Jim Lehrer. Romney, however, was in a rare form, maintaining a steady smile and not easily moved by his opponent.

Predictably, Obama had to defend the actions of his administration while Romney benefited from the challenger’s advantage of being an outsider looking in. Obama continued in his tendency to use the word “investment” to describe compulsory use of taxpayer dollars while Romney took a strict line and called for cuts in spending and brought the president back to 2007 when candidate Obama promised not to raise taxes in a recession.

Obama’s redirects were at best sluggish, slow and at times his tendency to look down to refer to his podium notes for protracted periods of time gave the impression that he was on the defensive, if not unable to keep up with Romney’s tempo.

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Video: Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama: “What Was He Doing?”

By Real Clear Politics. “Tonight wasn’t an MSNBC debate tonight, was it?” Chris Matthews said after the first Obama-Romney presidential debate concluded on Wednesday night.

“I don’t know what he was doing out there. He had his head down, he was enduring the debate rather than fighting it. Romney, on the other hand, came in with a campaign. He had a plan, he was going to dominate the time, he was going to be aggressive, he was going to push the moderator around, which he did effectively, he was going to relish the evening, enjoying it,” Matthews said.

“Here’s my question for Obama: I know he likes saying he doesn’t watch cable television but maybe he should start. Maybe he should start. I don’t know how he let Romney get away with the crap he throughout tonight about Social Security,” Matthews complained.

Matthews then demanded that President Obama start watching cable news, specifically his program.

“Where was Obama tonight? He should watch — well, not just Hardball, Rachel, he should watch you, he should watch the Reverend Al [Sharpton], he should watch Lawrence. He would learn something about this debate. There’s a hot debate going on in this country. You know where it’s been held? Here on this network is where we’re having the debate,” Matthews said. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s Chris Matthews meltdown on video:

Juan Williams on First Presidential Debate: “Massacre! Massacre!” (+video)

By Glenn Thrush. It had been nearly 1,400 days since Barack Obama strode onto a debate stage — and it showed in a major way Wednesday at the first presidential debate of 2012.

Obama, who has spent most of the past four years speaking to hand-picked interviewers or lecturing audiences required to remain mostly mute while he spoke, struggled to shake off the rust in a jostling debate environment that gave his opponent Mitt Romney parity, equal time — and a new lease on political life.

There were no game-changing gaffes and the debate was a substantive break from months of caustic negative campaigning on both sides, including lengthy discussions over deficit reduction and entitlement reform that seemed to yield hints of common ground — and also seemed to elevate both men.

Yet even that was inherently bad news for Obama, who had hoped to convince voters he was the only possible president onstage.

Romney’s aides and surrogates sprinted into the spin room to offer effusive assessments of their candidate’s performance, and Fox News contributor Juan Williams was caroling “Massacre! Massacre!” to himself as he bounded out of the men’s restroom. Obama’s team didn’t meet the press for a full 10 minutes — and one top Democrat, asked to say the best thing about the president’s performance, said Obama has been “just working to maintain cool and be reassuring” in an email to POLITICO. Read more from this story HERE.

According to Politico, here are Romney’s best five debate lines:

Also according to Politico, here are Obama’s best lines:

Video: Palin Rips Obama for Not Having “His Buddy, the Teleprompter” at Debate

Sarah Palin ripped Obama after Wednesday’s debate for not having his teleprompter with him:

Of course, Mrs. Palin’s hit on Obama was not without foundation. He’s had terrible experiences without a teleprompter before.

One of Obama’s worst was his horrible performance during a townhall meeting four years ago:

Blacks Abandoning the Democratic Party

For more than 50 years, the black community has been the wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. That may be changing. In spite of the overwhelmingly liberal voting patterns of black voters, they are an essentially conservative community. Americans of African descent are more pro-life and pro-family than the average white voter and as conservative on social issues as any white evangelical.

Democrats have managed to monopolize the black vote in spite of the vast chasm between the two on social issues. This philosophical difference has become more pronounced in the past 20 years, as liberals have embraced far-left progressivism. Their view of “social justice” embraces the killing of an unborn child right up to the moment before birth. Indeed, President Obama, the iconic representative of the far left, believes that even a child born alive should be left to die without medical treatment if the mother intended an abortion. He championed this Mengelean position as a state senator in Illinois.

I was raised to be an FDR Democrat because my father was a young man during the Depression and credited President Roosevelt with saving him from starvation. “The Republicans only care about rich people,” I was told. This was more than 40 years ago. In spite of my childhood indoctrination, as a young man newly committed to my Christian faith, I had a crisis of conscience in the late 1970s. Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank was pushing the homosexual agenda. How could I, as a Christian, be committed to a party led by Mr. Frank? In the end, I could not. My desire to be in a right relationship with God and my faith was greater than my desire to be approved by my father, my family or the black community. My wife and I, then Massachusetts residents, left the Democratic Party in 1980 and never looked back.

Democrats now have fully embraced an abortion policy that amounts to infanticide. They have also made the lesbian-homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda their vision for America. How have they managed to hold on to black Christians in spite of an agenda worthy of the Antichrist? They have shown a ruthless willingness to frighten black voters with outright lies about the plans of conservatives and Republicans. Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s “they gonna put y’all back in chains” was not a gaffe. It is part of the Democrats’ strategy of using fear to keep blacks as a captive audience. I always have believed that such lies could not distract black voters forever or keep them from noticing the increasingly anti-Christian radicalism of the Democratic Party.

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