Videos: Rick Santelli-GDP Numbers Are `Depressingly Weak,’ Slams Federal Reserve

In this first video, Rick Santelli responds to the Obama Administration’s suggestion that things are improving in the US economy.

Santelli’s stark assessment couldn’t be more different than Obama’s. He describes the manufacturing industry, other economic indicators as “depressingly weak”:

In this longer video, Santelli slams the Federal Reserve as being disconnected from reality, taking action that will do nothing for the economy.

This starts a little past the 5 minute mark if you want to jump forward:

Video: A Member of the 47% Speaks-`I’m Supporting Obama because of my Obamaphone!’

Pro-Obama protesters waving signs outside of a Romney event near Cleveland included this lady who explained that she was supporting Obama because he gave her, and everybody else in Cleveland, a free “Obama-phone.” I think we’ve found a member of the 47% that Romney will never win over:

GOP female politicians look more feminine than Democrats, study finds

Republican women politicians look more feminine than Democratic women, a study has found.

Two UCLA researchers compared faces and political stances of the U.S. House of Representatives – and also found volunteers could deduce the women’s political leanings through their pictures.

‘I suppose we could call it the Michele Bachmann effect,’ said Kerri Johnson, an assistant professor at UCLA in a statement – referring to the primped GOP congresswoman from Minnesota.

The researchers considered the faces of the 424 Representatives by feeding their pictures into a computer modeling program that measures the different features and how close they are to the average for either gender.

It considers more than 100 dimensions, including the jaw line, the placement of cheek bones, the shape of eyes, measurements across the face and the fullness of the lips.

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Ahmadinejad’s Men Go on NYC Shopping Spree, Occupy Two Full Floors at Luxurious Warwick Hotel

After stirring up controversy at the United Nations after unveiling his vision for a ‘new world order’, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad decided to spend some time socking up the Manhattan high-life.

But as the dictator made himself at home at the luxurious Warwick hotel, his hired underlings were rushing around town to snap up bargains and products they can’t get back home at discount stores.

Meanwhile, his fellow Iranian delegates were visiting American chains including the Payless shoe store, Costco, Walgreens and Duane Reade to stock up on shampoo, soap, vitamins and cheap clothing.

A man assigned to work with the Iranians told the Daily News: ‘Since they are under sanctions, they can’t get this stuff. Their money is weak compared to the dollar.’

Tough sanctions have been imposed on Iran as punishment for its failure to cooperate with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency to prove the peaceful nature of its drive to enrich uranium to levels that could be used to build a nuclear weapon.

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Video: Netanyahu’s anti-Iran UN Speech-`The Hour is Getting Late . . . Very Late’

Prime Minister Netanyahu lays out his case against a nuclear-armed Iran. No one could have said it better:

Video: Normalizing GPS Tracking-Nestle Plants Trackers in Candy Bars

In a European “contest,” Nestle has announced that it is placing GPS tracking devices in several candy bars that will activate some time after purchase, allowing Nestle to find the customer and award him or her over $15,000:

Democratic sugar daddy George Soros gives $1 million to Obama super PAC

The Left-wing billionaire George Soros is giving $1million to the ‘super PAC’ supporting President Obama.

His donation to Priorities USA Action came as the group, which has launched brutal attack ads against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, raised a record $10 million last month.

Mr Soros has contributed millions of dollars during previous presidential elections and his latest donation may indicate that Democratic donors are now embracing super PACs, which can raise and spend unlimited sums of cash but are not allowed to coordinate with the candidates.

According to the New York Times, Michael Vachon, an adviser to Mr Soros, made the announcement at a lunch on Thursday hosted by the Democracy Alliance, a group of liberal donors.

He will also give $500,000 to two super PACs backing congressional Democrats.

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US Taxpayers Spent an Enormous $1.4 billion on the Obama Family Last Year

By Alex Pappas. Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.

In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family.

Author Robert Keith Gray writes in “Presidential Perks Gone Royal” that Obama isn’t the only president to have taken advantage of the expensive trappings of his office. But the amount of money spent on the first family, he argues, has risen tremendously under the Obama administration and needs to be reined in.

Gray told The Daily Caller that the $1.4 billion spent on the Obama family last year is the “total cost of the presidency,” factoring the cost of the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever,” a 50 percent increase in the numbers of appointed czars and an Air Force One “running with the frequency of a scheduled air line.” Read more from this story HERE.

This makes Michelle Obama’s lie that Barack “has been struggling with us” all the more difficult to swallow, doesn’t it?

Video: MSNBC & CNN Pundit Arrested for Vandalism of Anti-Jihad Sign in NYC

In this video, Egyptian-American Mona Eltahawy, a former Reuters correspondent and pundit on MSNBC and CNN defaces a pro-Israel, anti-Jihad poster in a New York City subway.

She uses a can of pink spray paint and, when a passerby tries to stop her, Ms. Eltahawy proceeds to spray paint her, too.

Eventually, the NYPD shows up and takes her into custody.

Ms. Eltahawy then demands to know why she is being arrested. She’s handcuffed and taken away to the cheers of a few observers.

Her behavior should really come as no surprise given the Obama Administration’s recent attacks on free speech.