The Case for Making English our Official Language

I’ve always thought it a fluke that the United States has no official language. Why didn’t the founding fathers specify an official language in the Constitution? They probably didn’t think of it, since they had other, more difficult issues to work on. Or maybe they did think of it, but concluded an official language was unnecessary because it was so obvious that the Constitution itself and the Declaration of Independence were in English, and all the business of the new government and all of its states were conducted in English.

Regardless of the reason, the failure to designate an official language has allowed language minorities to demand translations of official documents and taxpayer funded translators in U.S. courts and other government institutions. Under the Voting Rights Act language minorities among U.S. citizens are entitled to vote on ballots translated into their own languages other than English.

In other countries with more than one official language, like Canada and Belgium, all government documents must be published in both official languages and government translators provided at all official functions. But that has not quelled separatist sentiment from flaring up along language lines, and on-going battles over public signage and what language to teach to newcomers.

The bureaucracy and parliament of the European Union, with its 23 official languages, is sinking into financial quicksand as it tries to translate every parliamentary bill and draft regulation into each language.

In the U.S. with no official language, every language is equally official. What happens when law violators claim that they don’t have to obey laws not published in their own equally official language? Why should I have to respond to a traffic ticket not written in my language? Those claims have been made and upheld in courts in Canada and other countries with more than one official language.

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Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything

With no solution in sight for Europe and new fears of a global recession, investors dumped stocks and commodities and ran to the safety of U.S. Treasurys.

Treasury yields, as a result, slipped to historic lows with the 10-year yielding 1.75 percent and the 30-year at 2.86 percent.

The dollar was also a beneficiary of a massive fear trade that sent U.S. stocks sharply lower, on the heels of steep sell-offs in equities markets around the globe.

The worst performing stock market sectors mirrored the sell-off in global commodities markets, with materials down 4.6 percent and energy stocks down 4.1 percent.

Copper, hit by concerns of a Chinese slowdown, tumbled 7 percent to a 1-year low. Gold, usually a safety play, was sold into the maelstrom as investors raised cash. The euro [EUR=X 1.3469 -0.0108 (-0.8%) ], broke below 1.35, a recent bottom of its range. It was trading in the 1.346 area, an eight-month low against the dollar. The dollar index [.DXY 78.38 1.04 (+1.34%) ] was 1.4 percent higher.

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House Holds Hearing On Obama’s Job Killing Green Agenda

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing this morning titled “How Obama’s Green Energy Agenda Is Killing Jobs.” The oversight committee is headed by California Republican Darrell Issa. The committee has also published a 36-page document on Obama’s job killing green agenda.

In Issa’s preview statement prior to the hearing, he stated:
“Facing the worst recession since the Great Depression, President Obama has confronted this crisis by promoting green jobs as a major component of his recovery plan. He has said that these programs would create five million jobs within ten years. The President has also cited the efforts of other nations as the rationale to try to subsidize our way to energy independence.

“Unfortunately, the other nations who tried this experiment have struggled to recover. After three years and billions of spent taxpayer dollars later, the American people have received very little return on the President’s investment, and this country too, struggles to recover.

“A green jobs fueled recovery is a theory, and is yet unproven. Numerous elements of President Obama’s plan have been called into question. This activity includes a Bureau of Labor Statistics effort to legitimize the notion of questionably-designated green jobs by counting them as an official metric. It also includes the appearance of political favoritism in the distribution of green energy grants and loan guarantees.

“The Oversight and Government Reform Committee will also examine how President Obama’s green jobs agenda has been combined with a concerted policy and regulatory campaign impacting American carbon-based energy production companies and employees.

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Will Obama Just Quit?!

Veteran political analyst Dick Morris says he thinks Obama might “pull a Lyndon Johnson” and not run for re-election. It is a hard thing to believe but Morris’ article in The Hill newpaper this week makes the case. And I disagree.

Morris’ theory goes like this: the economy is in shambles because of (in Obama’s mind) “partisanship” and Obama must spend all his efforts to get the United States back on economic track. As evidenced by Michelle Obama’s dour expressions at the recent joint session of Congress (did you see those frowns? I did and found them very strange!) the Obama’s are not having fun as President and First Lady. Obama has not been polling well and his insistance on a sweeping liberal healthcare reform will cost the Democrats control of the Senate, meaning an Obama second term might face total Congressional control by Republicans. Thus, rather than take on the mighty tasks of fixing the economy AND running for re-election, for an office that would be dogged into the second term by rabid investigating Republicans, he punts now and leaves office with head held high. That is the theory.

I say it won’t happen. Obama is a supremely political person despite the First Lady’s public pouting. While the President is trending down in the polls, and the outlook is increasingly dangerous for him, his support is still very credible, in the 40% range, in the neighborhood of Hillary Clinton’s support during the last Presidential election. Though he can no longer claim to be the candidate of “hope,” especially to the 50% of unemployed high school graduate age young black men in every urban setting across America, he still has a strong voter base. They just might not have cars, insurance or gas money to all get to the polls for him next year.

Barack Obama is a Chicago politician and Chicago politicians don’t just give up. Jesse Jackson, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., most influentially, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin would not let Obama back away from his office – their own success (and largesse) depends too much on his Presidency. It was always a stretch to think that Barack Obama was elected on an image of “reform.” The reality is that Cook County is a petri dish for political corruption and back room deal making that has seen criminal indictments against four – yes four – living Governors of illinois, from both parties, the most recent being the incarceration of former Republican Governor George Ryan and the trial of Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich. Obama himself has not been tarred with actual claims of corruption, but his administration has, including claims of bribery involving the U.S. Senate vacancy appointment of former Senator Roland Burris as well as using White House political appointments as pay-offs for political favors. Whether Obama is personally corrupt or not, the environment in which he was “brought up” in politics was filled with corruption; and one would imagine that the job of “community organizer,” i.e., union lawyer, in the Chicago area, would not change the inputs much. Obama owes these folks in Cook County a great deal for backing him. And Barack Obama’s “machine” depends too much on him to be President – and fuel their fancies. Even if HE wanted out, THEY would not let him out.

So, unless Obama’s favorable ratings continue their decline in big statewide blue states like California to levels below the popularity of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I think he is in it for the long haul, one-term President or not.

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While GOP Dawdles Over Amnesty, Obama Transforms America

Immediately after Congress returned from its August vacation, U.S. Representative Steve King, R-IA, called for oversight hearings to investigate President Obama’s administrative amnesty. Obama’s unconstitutional measure, announced by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on August 19, will cancel at least 300,000 aliens’ deportation orders.

Two weeks later, public outrage escalated when Obama’s Uncle Onyango apparently became one of the new policy’s first beneficiaries. Onyango, arrested for drunken driving, had an outstanding deportation order against him issued nearly 20 years ago. During the intervening years, he had been working as a liquor store clerk — a job, by the way, Americans would do. King wants Onyango to testify.

Yet despite King’s repeated calls for a hearing, so far nothing is scheduled. To move forward, Darrell Issa, R-CA, the Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee has to get on board.

Issa, however, is preoccupied with another Obama scandal. He has launched a probe into what he views as an inappropriate and potentially illegal overlap between Obama’s official and political activities.

Under Issa’s direction, the committee as part of its most pointed inquiry into the White House and the Democratic National Committee’s money raising activities, recently sent a letter to White House counsel Kathy Ruemeller. The letter requested hundreds of internal documents relating to what Issa termed “an array of potentially illegal fundraising behavior.”

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Obama’s Predictable Scandals

The media finally conceded the Obama administration to be inexperienced and inept, reminiscent of the Carter administration — but, they maintained, not possibly involved in any corruption. Then suddenly scandals erupted on nearly every conceivable front: the crony-capitalist half-billion-dollar loan guarantee to a now bankrupt Solyndra; the Fast and Furious gun deal, in which, in lunatic fashion, the U.S. government sold deadly automatic weapons to Mexican drug-cartel killers; the administration’s pressure on a four-star general to fudge his testimony as a favor to a big campaign donor whose suspect company, LightSquared, was doing business with the Pentagon; and the politically inspired dropping of investigations by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.

The administration got itself into these messes because it customarily counts on a medieval notion of compartmentalized exemption. In the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama’s loud and welcomed hope-and-change promises to end insider influence, lobbying, and earmarks were essential to his well-crafted image of the outsider reformer. Once that liberal narrative was embraced by the media, few seemed to care whether the other, cynical Obama was the first candidate in the history of public financing of presidential campaigns to renounce the program — in order to maximize his campaign stash, much of it pouring in from firms like Goldman Sachs and BP.

The country shrugged at such contradictions: Surely such a saintly progressive had saintly reasons; or, if he didn’t, exemption must be given for a messianic figure to use questionable means to achieve his noble ends. Yet, according to PolitiFact, the fact-checking arm of the St. Petersburg Times, of the 17 grand promises candidate Obama made on ethics reform, he has so far kept only five.

That principle of liberal exemption from accountability explains much of both the fundamental and the trivial about the Obama administration. As a candidate, Obama railed against “Karl Rove politics.” Few seemed to notice that he had established a website (“Fight the Smears”) asking supporters to collect information on opponents, in a Nixonian effort at preemptive action to discourage opposition. The notorious and now-defunct JournoList followed. Currently we see that creepy tactic resurfacing a third time with the new website, which lists pictures and names, in the glaring red-and-black style of an intelligence dossier, of those who have criticized Obama — juxtaposed with supposed rebuttals and a puerile request for readers to snoop about and send in more names of those who dare to oppose the president.

“Civility” has followed the same tired script. Channeling the outrage over the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Obama in sonorous accents called for a new civility and a softer tone of public discourse — even though the man who shot Congresswoman Giffords was clearly sick and incited by neither left nor right political rhetoric. That the president, both in campaigns and in governance, had begged Latinos to “punish our enemies” and had called on supporters to “get in their faces” was irrelevant. The Congressional Black Caucus and the union bosses apparently understood that disconnect, as progressives called Tea Party types “son of bitches” who could go “straight to Hell” — the modern equivalents of the lynch mobs of the old segregated South. In the postmodernism of Obama, self-proclaimed underdogs and victims are not bound by protocols intended for their oppressors: Some illiberal targets clearly have to be demonized to thwart their demonic plans.

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Obama’s Fascist Economy

Barack Obama and his minions in the administration as well as many Democrats in the Congress are often described as Socialists, or in the extreme as Marxists. However, their actions and strategy are straight out of the fascist economic playbook. They have become the modern reincarnation of the fascist mindset, without the militarism of Italy and Germany, that dominated Europe in the 1920s and ’30s.

Over the past seventy years, the left and their allies in the media have succeeded in labeling fascism as a right-wing or conservative philosophy when it in reality was an offshoot of socialism. Socialism/Marxism seeks the total control of a society’s economy through complete state control of the means of production and income. Fascism seeks that same control, indirectly by the state domination of private ownership, as well as controlling individual income and wealth through taxation and regulation. Jonah Goldberg’s masterpiece Liberal Fascism convincingly demonstrates the progressive roots of fascism.

Per Sheldon Richman in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics:

As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalistic veneer. In its day (the 1920’s and 1930’s), fascism was seen as the happy medium between boom-and-bust-prone capitalism, with its alleged class conflict, wasteful competition, and profit-oriented egoism, and Marxism, with its violent socially divisive prosecution of the bourgeoisie.

Where socialism abolished all market relations outright, fascism left the appearance of market relations while planning all economic activities. Where socialism abolished money and prices; fascism controlled the monetary system and set all prices and wages politically. [Emphasis added.]

Under fascism, the state, through official agencies, controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture. Licensing was ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government permission. Levels of consumption were dictated by the state, and “excess” incomes had to be surrendered as taxes or “loans”.

To maintain high employment and minimize popular discontent, fascist governments also undertook massive public-works programs financed by steep taxes, borrowing and fiat money creation. [Emphasis added.]

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Green Corruption Goes Deep In Obama Administration

Michelle Malkin was on “Hannity” recently to discuss the corruption involved in the Solyndra solar panel company that took nearly half a billion in stimulus funds and went belly up recently.

Solyndra was Obama’s poster child for “green” jobs and technology and his administration rushed through the loan guarantee for the company.

Of course, we’re now learning that Solyndra was largely owned by Obama fundraiser George Kaiser, who has visited the White House 16 times. Isn’t that special?

But, wait, there’s more. Al Gore worshipper Cathy Zoi was Obama’s assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy while her husband was an executive at a company that received subsidies from the Obama administration. Zoi is now running a green hedge fund owned in large part by leftist one-worlder George Soros.

In addition, a group of Democrats have founded the U.S. Renewable Energy Group. It appears to be a beard for a Chinese company seeking to make wind turbines in China.

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Man announces intent to run against Boehner

WEST CHESTER TWP. — A Batavia resident announced Monday his intent to run against U.S. House Speaker John Boehner in the primary election for 8th Congressional District.

Lewis said if he wins the primary against Boehner, R-West Chester Twp., he will run as the Republican candidate in the general election.

Lewis, who resides in Clermont County, said he would move to the district if elected. His candidacy announcement was conducted in front of Boehner’s office on Cincinnati-Dayton Road.

Lewis said he’s running on a Tea Party platform. He wants “life for unborn babies who are being massacred by abortion, liberty against enslavement by socialism and justice for those wronged, especially babies,” he said.

Lewis, 26, said there are three new television advertisements — using images of aborted fetuses — on his website at Lewis is seeking donations to air the TV advertisements.

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Ralph Nader praises Sarah Palin

Ralph Nader hearts Sarah Palin?

We decided to call the longtime left crusader about a speech Palin gave in Iowa earlier this month, one which seemed to mark the transformation of Palin from a standard-issue movement conservative to something more independent and more reformist. And Nader told us he liked what he heard.

“I think she’s a lot smarter than most people credit her,” says Nader. “Judging by her comments, she is squarely in the camp of conservative populism, opposed to corporatism and its corporate state.”

Palin delivered the speech in question in Indianola, Iowa, on Sept. 3. As Anand Giridharadas later observed in the Times, the media responded primarily by “ignoring the ideas she unfurled and dwelling almost entirely on the will-she-won’t-she question of her presidential ambitions.”

Some of the rhetoric was familiar. Palin slammed the “far left,” praised the Tea Party, and denounced the idea of more government spending.

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